How About A Nice Game Of Chess? Check, Checkmate, Time To Show The World The Truth – Ep. 2972


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How About A Nice Game Of Chess? Check, Checkmate, Time To Show The World The Truth
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The WEF is panicking, each year they hold a meeting they have soldiers with guns to protect the criminals who attend. Why would they need something like this? The GND is failing, the gas stove ban is failing and the earth is cooling. The debt ceiling is approaching, let’s see what happens. The [DS] is now scrambling, they know its just a matter of time before the information comes out about Biden, he is now a liability, they have started the process of removing him. Trump knew the entire time. It is time to tell the world the truth. This is one gigantic chess match, the [DS] has lost and their are only a couple of move left, checkmate. Sometimes the people need to see it to believe it. The criminals are being exposed.



‘Gas Stove-ing’ America: After Failing to Sell a Crisis, the Media Blames Conservatives and Hilariously Burn Themselves
  • Citing studies of a questionable nature (one sealed off a kitchen to measure gas levels, canceling out ventilation) the focus on these ovens seemed to be a cause for eliminating the use of propane and other forms of gas. The Wall Street Journal notes that even the EPA discounted the threat of gas stoves.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency says “gas stoves (and gas fireplace inserts) do not require EPA certification. Whether designed to burn natural gas or propane, they burn very cleanly, emitting very little pollution.” It adds that “many cooking appliances and the process of cooking itself can increase levels of indoor PM [particulate matter].”

  • Another study they referenced undercuts the primary threat claim, that asthma and other alleged health risks are elevated by these gas stoves. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood concluded that there is “no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.


If Democrats successfully ban gas stoves, restaurants everywhere will fail

Yellen says US is projected to hit debt ceiling on Jan. 19

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the U.S. is projected to reach its roughly $31.4 trillion borrowing limit in less than a week.
  • An estimate from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation shows the nation’s debt climbing above $31 trillion and within striking range of the limit set more than a year ago.
  • Yellen shared the estimate in a letter to Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Friday. She also warned the department would soon have to begin taking “extraordinary measures” to stave off a default to buy time for Congress to find a bipartisan solution.


White House calls for debt ceiling hike ‘without conditions’

  • The White House on Friday called for the debt limit to be raised without conditions, laying down a marker ahead of what is likely to be a bruising fight with House Republicans in the coming months.



Kevin Spacey denies seven more sexual offences

  • The Hollywood star faced the charges at Southwark Crown Court  , having previously denied five other allegations.
  • Among the accusations against the Hollywood star, 63, are sexual touching, touching over clothing, and forcing the complainant’s hand against his privates over clothing.
  • The new charges comprise three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, on unspecified dates between 2001 and 2005.


The Failing FAA Continues Without a Senate Confirmed Administrator Because Biden’s Pick is Wrapped in Corruption

  • Biden’s FAA is still rudderless because Biden continues to push a candidate that has little air experience and’s covered in corruption. 
  •  Biden’s FAA candidate is buried in corruption but Biden won’t reach out to someone else for the job.
  • With Biden under the gun is now the best time to promote another crook in the Biden Administration?
  • Joe Biden’s pick to head the FAA is Denver International Airport Chief Executive Phil Washington.   has faced criticism from Republicans after he was named in a search warrant that tied him to corruption allegations at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


Former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Picked to Replace Ben Sasse in US Senate

  • Former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts was selected to replace Never-Trump jacka$$ Ben Sasse in the US Senate on Thursday.


  • Of course not! Kevin and Matt are working very well together. Two great guys, but get rid of China Mitch!

Washington Times@washtimes

  • EXCLUSIVE: Leader of GOP rebellion predicts they won’t try to oust Speaker McCarthy
  • EXCLUSIVE: Leader of GOP rebellion predicts they won’t try to oust Speaker McCarthy

    Rep. Matt Gaetz said now that House Speaker Kevin McCarty has won the chamber’s top job, it’s unlikely that he or the other GOP rebels will try to eject him, despite new rules making it much easier to…

The Gray Lady’s Hunter whitewash: How the New York Times sugarcoated the Bidens’ dodgy business deals, shared bank accounts and whistleblowers in its 5,300-word ‘investigation’ into the troubled First Son

  • The New York Times published a report  examining the investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings 
  • The publication painted Hunter in a positive light and left out key details 
  • US Attorney David Weiss is believed to be considering charges related to $30,000 in tax deductions, which Hunter claimed for business expenses 
  • Hunter could also face charges over his October 2018 purchase of a .38 caliber handgun after he claimed he was not on drugs at the time of purchase 
  • We examine what the ‘paper of record’ got wrong, the shady dealings it minimized and things it missed completely 


How Democrat Adam Schiff abused his power to demand I be kicked off Twitter simply due to a personal vendetta

Why would a congressional leader sworn to protect the Constitution and First Amendment want to muzzle a veteran journalist?

Trump Organization Fined $1.6 Million over Criminal Tax Fraud Scheme
  • A fine was the only penalty available penalty against the Trump Organization  , as Breitbart News reported.
  •  .
  • Judge Juan Manuel Merchan imposed the maximum amount allowed by law, double the taxes a small group of executives avoided on benefits including rent-free apartments in Trump buildings, luxury cars and private school tuition, AP repor
  • The Trump Corp. and The Trump Payroll Corp., two subsidiaries of the Trump Organization, were both named in the decision.
  • The company now has 14 days to pay.
  • Trump himself was not on trial. He denied any knowledge of his executives evading taxes illegally. In a statement released after sentencing, the Trump Organization said it did nothing wrong and would appeal.


BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy says he would consider expunging Trump’s impeachments

  •  “I would understand why members would want to bring that forward,” McCarthy said of those lawmakers who might like to expunge former President Trump’s impeachment votes, both of which were undertaken on false premises.Addressing a reporter’s question on the matter, he said “But I understand why individuals want to do it, and we’d look at it,” he said, per The Hill.


Geopolitical/Police State


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

  • The Biden administration has suffered another major court defeat for its federal Covid vaccine mandates.
  • A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a ban that would have forced workers in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee who contract with the federal government to get the jabs. The court affirmed the ban in three states and blocked enforcement of the federal vaccine mandate for workers who contract with the federal government.
  • The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s ruling that said the vaccine mandate was unconstitutional.
  • The Biden vaccine mandates were unconstitutional from the beginning. It has taken over a year for the courts to remedy the injustice, and for far too many Americans, the damage is already done.

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Questions CDC on Why It Expected Hundreds of Safety Signals for COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is now wondering why the CDC expected so many signals after vaccination.
  • In a Jan. 10 letter  , Johnson demanded the CDC explain how it determined what is and is not an “unexpected safety signal.”
  • “The American people have a right to know the extent to which your agency was aware of and tracked COVID-19 vaccine adverse events. Your lack of transparency is unacceptable. Without immediately providing complete and reliable information about COVID-19 vaccine adverse events, you are obstructing Congressional oversight and leaving the public in the dark,” added Johnson, who was stonewalled when he requested the monitoring results.
  • A CDC spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email that it received the senator’s letter. “A reply is forthcoming,” the spokesperson said, declining to comment further.

  • False Statements
  •   shows CDC analysts found hundreds of adverse events met the threshold for a safety signal.
  • That included severe conditions such as blood clotting and even death.



  • Hey #NightShift– they found classified docs in Biden’s cabinets.. literally kitchen cabinets, not the locked garage with the Vette, but where his cereal bowls are. Dont take my word for it, take his:
  • Ummm i didnt inhale… VPs cannot under the law declassify docs, especially ones that have been in the wild for 7 years… #FWK
    Where are the FBI raids???
  • Additionally, the appointment order seems to limit the investigation to only records discovered in two locations,



  • @Kash calls it immediately – SC Hur is a Government Gangster, a corrupt swamp creature. This special counsel stinks.
  • The roadmap for the next two years is clear, Kash lays it out in #GovernmentGangsters
  • Take a front row seat and witness history.

Kash Patel@Kash

The freaking hammer :

Kash Patel on Biden classified docs: ‘These documents have been on the move for seven years’

Former Department of Defense chief of staff Kash Patel weighs in on the discovery of classified documents tied to Joe Biden in three different locations on ‘Kudlow.’

The whole point of the special counsel is to block congressional oversight

AG Merrick Garland Timeline Does Not Align with DOJ Claims and Joe Biden Lawyers

  • During a press conference today, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert K Hur as Special Counsel to investigate the Joe Biden classified documents that were removed from the White House during President Obama’s term in office (2009 through January 2017). The timeline given by AG Garland does not match up with prior DOJ statements and lawyers representing Joe Biden. 

The timeline as described by AG Merrick Garland:

  • ♦ Nov 4, 2022 – National Archives notifies DOJ of classified documents located at Penn-Biden Center
    ♦ Nov 9, 2022 – Garland instructs FBI to conduct assessment of classified documents and investigate
    ♦ Nov 14, 2022 – Garland instructs USAO Laush to conduct investigation of events and documents
    ♦ Dec 20, 2022 – Biden Lawyers tell USAO Laush of additional classified documents in Delaware
    ♦ Jan 5, 2023 – USAO Lausch briefs AG Garland and recommends a special counsel be appointed
    ♦ Jan 12, 2023 – Biden Lawyers inform Lausch/Garland additional documents found in Delaware
    ♦ Jan 12, 2023 – Garland appoints Special Counsel Robert Hur
  • If the FBI began investigating on November 9th, and USAO Lausch began investigating on November 14th, then why was it Joe Biden lawyers informing Laush of additional classified documents found in Delaware on December 20th?   Why did the FBI and Lausch not find them?




  • Deep State: We don’t want Biden running in 2024. Too old and stupid. But he wants to run so how do we stop him?
  • Obama: Indict him for those stolen Ukraine files
  • Deep State: Ok but what about Trump?
  • Obama: Do the same for Trump – 2 birds with 1 stone
  • Deep State: Say no more


  • ·For those that don’t get it.
  • Trump and the Right said he didn’t conspire with Russia or interfere in the election. The Left didn’t believe it.
  • The Left only accepted it when Mueller/Rosenstein said it, because the Left were conditioned to like them.
  • Trump and the Right say Biden is criminal. The Left refuse to accept it.
  • Do we think the Left will accept Biden is a criminal if Garland says it?
  • Do you smell what I’m stepping in?
  • If Garland indicts Biden, the Left can’t say shit.

  • Importantly, I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is. NOW WE CAN FIX IT!


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