How Do You Control The Narrative? Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed,Trap Set – Ep. 2929


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How Do You Control The Narrative? Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed,Trap Set
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The push to bring us into the Green New Deal is not working, the people are not buying what they are selling, people see the lies, all their predictions never came true.The economy is falling apart, layoffs are happening and now the FTX scandal is bringing attention the [CB]. The [DS] has been trapped by Trump, Trump made the announcement they he will be running for President, the Rhinos came out of the woodwork, now the [DOJ]/[DS] are pushing to stop Trump from running in the 2024 election. They have now assigned a special counsel to push their agenda. This witch hunt will fail, just like the other witch hunt. The people are not going to take, the [DS] is trying to make the MAGA supporters angry, they want a civil war, playbook known, countermeasures are in place.



  • CNN prepares layoffs amid network’s financial, ratings woes
  • CNN prepares layoffs amid network’s financial, ratings woes – Real America’s Voice News
  • Real America’s Voice News is your one stop news and entertainment network.

  • JUST IN – Biden admin asks the U.S. Supreme Court to rescue $500B student debt handout.
  • White House to ask Supreme Court to rescue $500B student debt handout
  • Breaking news from around the world.



Disgraced FTX Founder Donated To Six RINOs Who Voted To Impeach Trump

  • As most are well aware by now, the disgraced founder of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried was the Democrat party’s second-largest donor just behind George Soros.
  • As reported by The Gateway Pundit, in the 2020 presidential election, Bankman-Fried dished millions to the Biden campaign and followed it up by handing out over $40 million dollars to democrats in the 2022 primaries and midterms.
  • Forbes reported last year that Bankman-Fried also donated to six RINOs who voted to impeach President Trump.


Forbes reported :b

Since July, Bankman-Fried has made $5,800 contributions, the maximum individuals can give directly to Congressional campaigns, to the committees of Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Richard Burr, the North Carolina Republican who announced plans to retire at the end of his term in 2023.

As previously reported, Bankman-Fried’s balance sheet contained an asset worth over $7 million called “TrumpLose.”

CEO of Citadel Ken Griffin, has also taken a look at the FTX’s balance sheet and pointed out Sam Bankman-Fried’s “TRUMPLOSE” investment coupled with being the second largest Democrat donor was “ugly.”

  • The House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing next month to investigate the collapse of top crypto exchange FTX, lawmakers announced Wednesday.
  • Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), the top lawmakers on the committee, said in a statement that they expect disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to appear before Congress.


Bombshell court filing claims Bahamas GOVERNMENT ordered fallen crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to hack FTX systems and transfer assets to the island nation AFTER he filed for bankruptcy

  • Sam Bankman-Fried was allegedly directed by Bahamas regulators to gain unauthorized access to his collapsed crypto platform after quitting as CEO
  • FTX made the bombshell claims in an emergency legal filing in the US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware on Thursday 
  • Bankman-Fried was accused of ‘hacking’ FTX systems to transfer digital assets to Bahamas government while he was ‘effectively in custody’
  • SEC chair Gary Gensler is now under scrutiny over his failure to prevent the implosion of FTX  
  • The crypto platform’s new CEO John J. Ray III, a veteran lawyer guiding the company through its bankruptcy, said the situation at FTX was ‘unprecedented’
  • ‘In connection with investigating a hack on Sunday, November 13, Mr. Bankman-Fried and [FTX co-founder Gary] Wang, stated in recorded and verified texts that ‘Bahamas regulators’ instructed that certain post-petition transfers of Debtor assets be made by Mr. Wang and Mr. Bankman-Fried (who the Debtors understand were both effectively in the custody of Bahamas authorities) and that such assets were ‘custodied on FireBlocks under control of Bahamian gov’t,’ the filing states.
  • ‘The Debtors thus have credible evidence that the Bahamian government is responsible for directing unauthorized access to the Debtors’ systems for the purpose of obtaining digital assets of the Debtors—that took place after the commencement of these cases.’

FTX, which is based in the Bahamas due to is relaxed tax laws, collapsed on November 11 in a scandal that has cost its investors more than $11billion.


BREAKING: Dozens of documents relating to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates will be UNSEALED after judge rules the public interest outweighs right to privacy

  • Judge Loretta Preska on Friday ordered dozens of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s associates to be unsealed  
  • The bombshell papers are part of a defamation case that victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought against the financier’s madam and facilitator, Ghislaine Maxwell
  • The judge Preska overrode objections from Tom Pritzker, the billionaire executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels
  • In his submission to the court, Pritzker claimed it would ‘wrongfully harm (his) privacy and reputation’ if material related to him was made public 
  • Dozens of documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein‘s associates, including a billionaire businessman, will be made public after a judge ruled the public interest outweighs the right to privacy.


 The D.A. case against two small Trump entities has fallen apart. Even the Media is saying so. There has never been a “Fringe Benefits” case such as this brought before. Did a long time executive pay tax on the use of a company car, or a company apartment, or payments (not even taken by us as a tax deduction!) for the education of his grandchildren? For this, he gets handcuffs and jail? The highly paid accounting firm should have routinely picked these things up – we relied on them. VERY UNFAIR!
…Many people, perhaps most, don’t pay tax on the use of a company car or company apartment. Whether they know or not, that’s just the way it is. It’s called “standards and practices,” referring, I presume, to the standards and practices of large numbers of people within the Country. Out of fairness, it has a legal meaning. It should be a point in the Manhattan D.A. case. Did the former D.A. Pay tax on the use of his car? In the meantime, Violent Crime in New York has reached an ALL TIME HIGH!

Geopolitical/Police State


Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147443190
Why do D’s want to control the black pop?
Why do they intentionally keep poor and in need?
Why do D’s project racism on a daily basis against R’s?
Why do black elected officials do the crazy talk on behalf of D’s?
How do D’s cover the historical facts of forming the confederacy, KKK, and oppose all things pro black re: legislation?
What happens if D’s lose the slave grip on the black pop?
Why do D’s, through the funding of the CIA, prop up and install Hollywood/media assets?
Does this fall within Operation Mockingbird?
What were the historical advantages D’s gained by having MSM and famous people peddling narrative?
Who exposed the pedo network within H wood?
You can’t answer the above but will laugh once disclose details.
The network which controls this false narrative which in turns keeps the black pop under control is being dismantled.
False local and national black leaders will be exposed next as shills for the D party.
Follow the money.
Maxine W has a $4mm home and cash assets in excess of $6mm.
How is that possible? One example.
All of these questions help to paint the full picture.

Concealed carry permit holders surge past 22 million, report says
  •  A new and authoritative report put the number of permits held by Americans at 22.01 million. That number was a 2.3% surge over last year, according to John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center.”
  • Bedard reported it was the first such report on the issue since the Supreme Court overturned New York’s plan that it would issue concealed handgun permits if it wanted to.
  • And nearly half the states allow citizens to carry guns with them without any permits required at all, the report said.
  • “As more and more states decide not to require permits, the number of people who can legally carry a handgun will increasingly outpace the number of permit holders. The number of people who carry permitted concealed handguns is clearly related to the cost of getting permission. When there is no cost whatsoever, concealed carry becomes very popular,” the report, obtained by Bedard, explained.


False Flags

  • Twenty-two state attorneys general are asking the Biden administration to end it’s “draconian vaccine mandate” for U.S. health care providers because it is causing critical shortages of health care workers and is justified with outdated data and science.



Gregg Phillips: Catherine Engelbrecht Was Kept in Solitary Confinement for 4 Days With “Plate glass window” Allowing Her To Be Watched While She Showered and Used Bathroom [VIDEO]

  • s.
  • Catherine explained how she was placed in solitary confinement, which consisted of an 8 X 10 cinder block cell with a raised cement platform with a 2″ “mattress thing” placed on top and a light that was constantly on, which prevented her from being able to sleep. She also said she had no privacy as her bathroom facilities were in plain view of anyone standing outside.
  • Gregg Phillips elaborated on their situation in the federal prison, telling us that he was strip searched and how they were placed in handcuffs and ankle irons. They also were chained around their waists for most of the first day as they were being processed. In the short clip below, Phillips also explains how Engelbrecht was forced to use the bathroom and shower with a plate of glass on her wall that made all of her activities viewable to anyone standing outside of her cell.
  • If this disgusting violation of Catherine’s privacy doesn’t infuriate every American simply because she’s fighting back against voter fraud in the United States, then something is seriously wrong with our nation.
  • Phillips said the warden “understood the gravity of our situation” and was very good to them, adding that the prison where they were locked up was the same kind of prison where Jeffrey Epstein was being held.


  • BRAZIL  Tonight, truckers prepare for a strike tomorrow. Shutdowns and blockages are expected to occur on at least 9 different interstate roads.

Stop the Steal: Truckers and Indios Back Bolsonaro, Start Shutting Down Brazil

  • As the Brazilian people continue massive protests against the stolen elections, the pro-Communist Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes has gone full fascist, moving to shut down bank accounts of pro-democracy trucking companies and arrest parents who bring their children to proetsts.
  • Like in Canada and the USA, truckers in Brazil are freedom-loving patriots who support President Bolsonaro and want to stop the Communist takeover of their country by CCP-owned, convicted embezzler Lula da Silva.
  • Bolsonaro fought to support the trucking industry and keep Diesel prices low – so much that Diesel prices actually DECLINED in Brazil over the last months while Joe Biden’s failed policies were sending gas prices through the roof in the USA.



BREAKING: Democrat Adam Frisch Concedes to Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – Does Not Want Recount for Some Reason

  • Democrat Adam Frisch conceded to Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on Friday.
  • Frisch said he called Boebert and conceded.


  • Afederal appeals court has removed a lower court’s hold on Texas’ election integrity law, scoring another win for measures that seek to validate the identity of voters before they cast ballots.
  • The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded last month that a lawsuit challenging the law could not go forward because the groups who brought it did not have legal standing. It follows a decision in Georgia a few weeks earlier declaring that state’s voter ID law was constitutional.
  • The Texas measure was passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2021. It required registered voters who list their address as a commercial P.O. Box, or any other non-physical location, to provide proper documentation of a physical residency.
  • The Texas League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Voto Latino sued various county election officials in federal court, seeking to block enforcement of several provisions of the law.

  • The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would potentially make mail-in ballots for federal elections traceable.
  • “This bill would require that any ballot mailed in a federal election include a postal service barcode on the envelop that is unique to the individual ballot,” said Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), the current chairwoman of the committee, who had introduced the bill.
  • “We can now track packages around the world, they have a barcode you can track it as a consumer,” she continued. “This would allow an individual to track their own ballot. This commonsense requirement would enable boards of elections to confirm when a ballot was sent and give voters confidence that their votes have been casted and counted.”


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Most are OWNED by China, so I don’t blame them!

Jack Posobiec@JackPosobiec

  • ·Oh no the WALL STREET BILLIONAIRES don’t support Trump – that will definitely make people stop supporting him for sure!

Election Over, Washington Post Quietly Reports Construct of FBI Top Secret Narrative Around Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Was False

Developing: AG Garland to name Special Counsel to Investigate Trump

“Attorney General Merrick Garland will appoint a special counsel to determine whether former President Donald Trump should face charges stemming from Justice Department probes, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

  •  s.
  • Updates as they come through:
  1. AG Garland named former federal prosecutor Jack Smith as Special Counsel. Smith most recently worked at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. From 2010 to 2015, Smith served as Chief of the Public Integrity Section of the US Department of Justice, where he oversaw complex public corruption cases across the US. Further information on Smith can be found here.
  2. The scope of Smith’s appointment includes January 6 and the ongoing classified/national security documents investigation. As to January 6, Smith is tasked to “conduct the ongoing investigation into
  • As to January 6, Smith is tasked to “conduct the ongoing investigation into whether any person or entity violated the law in connection with efforts to interfere with the lawful transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election or the certification of the Electoral College vote held on or about January 6, 2021.”
  • With respect to the Mar-a-Lago raid, Smith “is further authorized to conduct that investigation . . . and any matters that arise or may arise directly from that investigation.”

Here is the appointing document:



“Based on recent developments… including the former President’s announcement that he is a candidate for President in the next election.. I have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel.”


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/15/2019 13:38:28  ID: 0a9027

8kun/qresearch: 7355985

What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook?
Enjoy the show!


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/20/2018 21:42:33  ID: 6e0a05

8chan/qresearch: 3978190
[D]ec 5
Nothing can stop what is coming.
This election was not about fixing the economy, trade, borders, military, protecting our children etc. all so another corrupt politician or ‘insider’ can simply undo it [band-aid].
This was not simply another 4-year election, but, a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov’t.
Panic in DC.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/20/2019 12:24:02  ID: 145f29

8kun/qresearch: 7358318
What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH [magnitude] re: [D] party corruption?
What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH re: [FAKE NEWS] coordination w: [D] party to conceal, shelter, and protect those criminally responsible?
Define ‘Projection’.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/20/2019 13:18:53  ID: 145f29

8kun/qresearch: 7358338

All assets [F + D] being deployed.
[Some] who once supported POTUS [sleepers] have/will turn [puppets & puppet masters].
Control of narrative = control of public opinion
Control of public opinion = power


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/20/2019 14:54:49  ID: 0a9027

8kun/qresearch: 7358376
Control of narrative = control of public opinion
Control of public opinion = power
How do you control the narrative?
Information warfare.

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