• Former 2020 Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh recently said that he thinks that Donald Trump‘s most radicalized supporters would likely turn violent if the former president is indicted following the January 6 hearings.
  • “There is a percentage of Trump’s followers who would become violent,” Walsh, once a supporter and now a vocal critic of the former president, said in a lengthy conversation with Salon.
  • “There would be a major uptick in violence from the right around this country if Donald Trump was indicted,” Walsh, a former U.S. representative from Illinois turned radio talk show host, said. “He is their cult leader. They would see it as ‘the Deep State’ going after their leader. There would be major violence.”
  • Walsh, who also recently launched a podcast, said he has noticed a recent “uptick in the hate” he hears from MAGA (Make America Great Again) supporters who called into this show after the January 6 hearings began.

Source: newsweek.com