• Republicans are banking on public congressional hearings to spotlight the violence carried out by left-wing Antifa radicals in the face of what they see as denial by national media, Democrats and the Biden administration.
  • Mr. Turner told Mr. Wray: “You’re confirming that there is no organization or entity named Antifa that perpetuates violence against United States government by attacking United States government federal buildings or violence against the people of the United States government.”
  • Mr. Wray answered: “There are certainly local and regional nodes, individuals who self-identify with Antifa who commit violent attacks, citing that as their motivation. And we have a number of predicated investigations into such individuals. Antifa is a real thing. It is not fiction. It’s a concern.”
  • “Does Antifa have any coordinated or organized training for self-professed members of Antifa?” Mr. Turner asked.
  • “We have seen individual instances in small regional nodes of people coming together to train in some cases,” the FBI director said. “I guess the distinction I’m trying to draw, and maybe that’s why we’re sort of talking past each other is that there’s not some big national structure that is responsible for the violence.”
  • He added, “I think the financing issue is something we continue to investigate, but there’s nothing that I can share at this time with the committee on that.”

Source: washingtontimes.com

Wray contradicts Biden on antifa, saying it’s not just an idea — and it’s a real threat

  • FBI Director Christopher Wray contradicted Joe Biden’s previous comments about antifa, with the bureau chief arguing the radical leftist group is not just an “idea” but rather a real threat the FBI is investigating.