• However, during cross examination today, Drew Wicker admitted the kitchen remodel never took place, and the actual details of the home remodel being done by Paxton was taking place *after* the office “whistleblowers” went to the FBI with their ungrounded claims.   Paxton’s attorney Tony Buzbee showed Drew Wicker pictures of the kitchen taken three years ago and also taken last month.  There was never any remodel work completed.  This is the central point of the alleged bribery. WATCH:
  • The prosecutors tried to deny the pictures were correctly dated or real, and then Tony Buzbee says let’s drive over there and look at the kitchen your honor. 😂🤣😂
  • The baseline of this entire impeachment has become a joke.  A bunch of Bush aligned prosecutors, and staff from Texas, manufactured a case of rumor and innuendo against Attorney General Ken Paxton simply because Paxton defeated George P. Bush, their preferred candidate.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

contact these elected representatives offices and tell them you support the attorney general, a man who was overwhelmingly re-elected by double digits by over 4 million Texans, even after every allegation against him was made public:

1. Bryan Hughes (512) 463-0101

2. Mayes Middleton (512) 463-0111

3. Drew Springer (512) 463-0130

4. Phil King (512) 463-0110

5. Charles Perry (512) 463-0128

6. Brian Birdwell (512) 463-0122

7. Pete Flores (512) 463-0124

8. Kevin Sparks (512) 463-0131

9. Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105

10. Kelly Hancock (512) 463-0109 Repeat, be respectful.

These are potentially the AG’s greatest allies for acquittal.