It’s What You Don’t See, Durham Is Not The Only Game In Town, Make America Great Again – Ep. 2795


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The Fed needs to raise rates again, the [CB] is using the same playbook, which means other [CB] will follow the leader, the ECB announced they are raising rates. Gas prices hit over $5 for the first time ever. The crisis is building and the bill to audit the Fed gains momentum. The [DS] is pushing everything they have, all assets are deployed, they know if they lose the midterms they lose the war. Everything they are now doing is going to have the opposite effect, it will boomerang on them. Durham is not the only game in town, other missions are happening behind the scenes. It’s time to America Great Again and expose the corruption, treason and sedition. The people need to see the truth, but it has to be done right according to the rule of law.



  • The ECB expects a further hike at the September meeting, but said the scale of that increment would depend on the evolving trajectory of the medium-term inflation outlook.
  • For now, the interest rates on the main refinancing operations, marginal lending facility and deposit facility remain unchanged at 0.00%, 0.25% and -0.50%, respectively.


‘Shrinkflation’ hits consumers worldwide – AP

  • Companies say they are forced to downsize their products due to rising commodity, energy and labor costs
  • Global manufacturers have been quietly shrinking their products without lowering prices, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. So-called “shrinkflation,” occurs when companies pass their costs on to customers, and the news agency claims it’s accelerating worldwide.


  • Everbowl, a fast-paced superfood chain, just accepted its first franchise fees paid in bitcoin.
  • The company announced this offering earlier this year while also allowing corporate employees to be paid in bitcoin.
  • Prior to paying its corporate employees in bitcoin, Everbowl converted its cash reserves into bitcoin.
  • California-based superfood franchise Everbowl just had its first franchisee pay fees in bitcoin, according to a press release from the company.
  • Josh Smith, an Everbowl franchise owner building out two stores in Ohio, was the first person to take advantage of Everbowl’s previously announced offering allowing owners within the franchise to pay in bitcoin.
  • “Allowing prospective franchisees to pay their franchise fees with bitcoin gives our franchisees a measure of flexibility by allowing them to put their digital assets to work,” founder and CEO Jeff Fenster stated.


Bitcoin Bank Sues the Federal Reserve 

  • Leading Bitcoin bank, Custodia, has sued the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, in order to force a decision on Custodia’s application for a master account.
  • Custodia charges that their application has been “unlawfully” detained for 19 months; in contrast, the Federal Reserve’s own paperwork states that a response is expected to take just five to seven days.
  • Custodia Bank was founded by Morgan Stanley alum Caitlin Long. Long generated interest quickly, drawing in $37 million in a Series A funding round from investors including Binance.US, Coinbase Ventures, and Morgan Creek Digital.
  • If Custodia Bank is granted a master account, it will be the first Bitcoin bank to receive one. The bank says a master account is “vital” to its mission, and in forcing a response from the Federal Reserve, Custodia has opened a case that could deeply impact the future of banking.
  • “Through this lawsuit, Custodia seeks to ensure that its Federal Reserve master account application receives the fair dealing and due process guaranteed to it by both federal statute and the U.S. Constitution,” said Custodia Bank spokesperson Nathan Miller in a statement. “Custodia has satisfied every rule applicable to it, and has gone beyond by applying to become a Fed member bank.”


Thomas Massie’s Audit the Fed Bill Gains More Traction

  • On June 8, 2022, Arkansas Congressman Rick Crawford became a co-sponsor of HR 24.
  • Massie tweeted, “Thank you to @RepRickCrawford for cosponsoring my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 24. The American people benefit when we work to increase government transparency.”
  • Massie has embraced this sound money mantle, which appears to be gaining more traction as inflation reaches alarming rates.
  • Massie’s bill is a good first step in exposing the Fed and defanging it in the long term.



Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Vindicated as Fact 

  •   youth blood-sucking is official “fact” because the gatekeeping corporate media now acknowledges it.
  • Via The Telegraph:

“As macabre as it sounds, science is beginning to discover that ‘youth transplants’ really can slow down the ageing process.

The fountain of youth, it seems, is youth itself.”

  • “Youth transplants” is a euphemism for sucking out the vital fluids of baby/child “donors” and injecting them into aging recipients:

“Although nobody is suggesting we siphon the bodily fluids of youngsters into our elderly… infusing cerebrospinal fluid of young mice into old mice improves brain function, a breakthrough.”

  • So, “nobody is suggesting” medically extracting cerebrospinal fluid from babies/children and injecting it into old (presumably well-paying) clients… except that’s precisely what they’re studying the feasibility of doing.

  • Where do you suppose that “teenage blood plasma” was sourced from? The wealthy children of DC elites, or some poor farmer’s daughter in a Guatemalan village, or the Compton streets, or some Appalachian township?

  • Now that hiding this type of research from public inquiry won’t be logistically feasible much longer as it’s adopted at larger scale, the job becomes to normalize it.
  • —————


  • Nigerian police have raided an alleged “baby farm” where teenage mothers were forced to give up their newborns for sale to human traffickers.
  • Thirty-two pregnant girls were rescued from a maternity home run by a trafficking ring in the southern city of Aba, police said.
  • The girls, mostly of school age, were allegedly locked up at the Cross Foundation clinic so they could produce babies to be sold for illegal adoption or for use in ritual witchcraft.
  • Babies are sold for up to $6,400 each, depending on the sex, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons says. Teenagers with unplanned pregnancies are sometimes lured to clinics and then forced to hand over their babies.

    The children are often put up for illegal adoption or, in some parts of the country, killed as part of witchcraft rituals because they are thought to make charms more powerful.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • The Department of Homeland Security‘s ill-fated disinformation board would have been part of an effort to work with private social-media platforms to police their content, two senators revealed Wednesday, citing new documents provided to them by a whistleblower.
  • The documents also suggested the board would play the role of policy cop at Homeland Security, with input on disinformation budgets and a role in how the department engages with “private sector stakeholders.”
  • The documents they released included a 2021 memo for Mr. Mayorkas suggesting the creation of the disinformation board, a January 2022 memo with a charter establishing the board, and a schedule from April describing one of the board leader’s meetings with Twitter executives.


  •   Senator Josh Hawley has discovered emails showing all suspicions were accurate.
  • Senator Hawley appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night to discuss. WATCH:
  • Email below…



  • WASHINGTON POST – After a weeks-long impasse, Twitter’s board plans to comply with Elon Musk’s demands for internal data by offering access to its full “firehose,” the massive stream of data comprising more than 500 million tweets posted each day,  
  • The firehose could be provided as soon as this week, the person said. Currently some two dozen companies pay for access to the trove, which comprises not only a real-time record of tweets but the devices they tweet from, as well as information about the accounts that tweet.
  • […] Twitter’s leaders are skeptical of Musk’s ability to use the fire hose to find previously undetected information: The data stream has been available for years to some two dozen companies, which pay Twitter for the ability to analyze it to find patterns and insights in the daily conversation.  

Elon Musk Receives a “Firehose” of Data from Twitter – Responds That It’s Not that Big – Let’s See What He Finds

JUST IN: House Approves Sweeping Gun Control Legislation That Bans High-Capacity Magazines, Raises ‘Assault Rifle’ Purchase Age to 21

  • The House of Representatives on Wednesday evening approved sweeping gun control legislation that bans high-capacity magazines and raises the age to purchase an ‘assault rifle’ to 21.
  • The House passed the gun legislation 223-204 – 5 Republicans voted “yea” – 2 Democrats voted “nay.”
  • The measure, dubbed the “Protecting Our Kids Act,” is expected to die in the senate.
  • CNBC reported:



10 Republicans voted in favor, according to

Brian Fitzpatrick – PA
Anthony Gonzalez – OH
Chris Jacobs – NY
John Katko – NY
Adam Kinzinger – IL
Nicole Malliotakis – NY
Maria Salazar – FL
Christopher Smith – NJ
Michael Turner – OH
Fred Upton – MI

  • Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, the Salt Lake City Police Department and the Salt Lake City Police Foundation will host a gun turn-in event on Saturday June 11, 2022.The Salt Lake City Police Foundation generously sponsored this event and will be providing gift cards to community members who are willing to turn-in their firearms.


Didn’t’ they try this with the death jab

  • You don’t think they want “Disinformation Governance” boards so they can identify who should be “red flagged” do you?



Q !2jsTvXXmXs 05/08/2018 19:44:19  ID:

8chan/patriotsfight: 68

Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
Suicide watch.
The deal kept Iran quiet.
The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.
Bigger than people can imagine.
Treason is 1/10th.
Ask yourself, why are they panicking?
Ask yourself, why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?
Trips to the WH?
What are they hiding?
Why is HRC in NZ?
Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
Why is that relevant?
Suicide watch.

False Flags

  • A bill signed into law by Gov. Mike Parson Tuesday will shield healthcare providers from losing their medical licenses when prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, two medications that have not been shown to be effective in treating COVID-19.
  • The bill stipulates that the act of “lawfully” dispensing or prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for human use cannot be cited as grounds for disciplinary action by the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts or Board of Pharmacy.
  • Additionally, a pharmacist cannot contact the prescribing physician to dispute the efficacy of the medications, “unless the physician or patient inquires of the pharmacist” themselves about their effectiveness.



BREAKING: FBI Raids Home of Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley for Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan. 6 – On Day of Jan 6 Kangaroo Hearings

  • Ryan Kelly attended the January 6 rally in Washington DC. Now he must be punished.
    The FBI stormed his home this morning.
  • Ryan Kelly is one of the few remaining Republicans running for Governor of Michigan against tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
  • Democrats kicked the two leading candidates out of the race. And today the FBI raided the home of the remaining candidate Ryan Kelley.
  • WOOD TV reported:

Ryan Kelley, one of the Republican candidates for Michigan governor, has been arrested on charges in the January 6th riot, the FBI confirmed to News 8.



  • The Unselect Committee didn’t spend one minute studying the reason that people went to Washington, D.C., in massive numbers, far greater than the Fake News Media is willing to report, or that the Unselects are willing to even mention, because January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again. It was about an Election that was Rigged and Stolen, and a Country that was about to go to HELL..& look at our Country now!
  • The Unselect Committee of political Thugs, essentially the same group who brought you the now fully debunked and discredited RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX (and many others!), refused to study and report on the massive amount of irrefutable evidence, much of it recently produced, that shows the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. They want NOTHING to do with that topic because they cannot win on the facts. CANCEL & DENY, call it “THE BIG LIE,” is all they can do. Corrupt Politicians!
  • The Unselect Committee has now learned that I, as President, suggested & offered up to 20,000 National Guard, or troops, be deployed in D.C. because it was felt that the crowd was going to be very large. Crazy Nancy Pelosi turned down the offer, she didn’t like the way it looked. Likewise, the Mayor of D.C. Had they taken up the offer, there would have been no January 6th. The Unselects have ruled Pelosi “off limits, no questions.” The hearing is another political HOAX to counter Inflation etc.
Internal Capitol Police Report Reveals Security Failures on Pelosi’s Watch  
  • An internal Capitol Police report on the January 6 incident revealed extensive security failures on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) watch.
  • Dated June 4, the report shows sweeping mistakes from the department that include delayed mobilization of specialized civil disturbance units and the dismantling of an intelligence unit that tracked threats on social media, y Just the News.

    The report specifically reveals the Capitol Police had received intelligence reports from agencies like the FBI warning that violence could occur on January 6. But those intelligence reports were not properly embodied into an operational plan before January 6.

    “The assessment for 1/6 contained a BLUF [bottom line up front] that did not express the severity of the threat or the fact that USCP [U.S. Capitol Police] actually had knowledge of a plan in place,” the report reads. “The statement that protesters may be armed was included, but it was never expressed with the urgency that they planned to overtake the Capitol and target Members of Congress.”

     As Pelosi failed at her task of protecting the Capitol, Trump had taken action to secure the area. Former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller testified before Congress in 2021 that Donald Trump authorized National Guard Troops to secure the area around the Capitol.

    “Do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights,” Miller testified Trump told him.



Young Man Who Targeted Kavanaugh Wanted to ‘Give His Life Purpose’ — Why That’s a Big Problem
  •    the suspect was upset about the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, or how he had a handgun despite being against the Second Amendment, there’s a larger theme at work here.
  • One should consider that this man, the Uvalde shooter, and the Buffalo shooter, were all young men. 


HAPPENING NOW: Angry Leftist Protesters Gather Outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s Home After Earlier Assassination Attempt — Chanting “Take Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries”

  •   protesters gathered outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home on Wednesday night chanting, “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.”
  • The protests took place tonight when hours earlier a California man was arrested in the assassination attempt of Supreme Court Justice Brett


Think about what just happened. The [DS] wanted an assassination of a Supreme Court Justice. If this happened what was the next move, nominate someone to replace Kavanaugh. The criminal syndicate is desperate, they are trying everything to regain power. This will fail.  

House Democrats Block Bill to Provide More Security For Supreme Court Justices Despite Foiled Plot to Kill Kavanaugh

  • House Democrats  blocked a bill to provide more security for Supreme Court justices and their families.
  • “This passed unanimously in the Senate, yet Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring it up for a vote—despite today’s foiled plot to kill Justice Kavanaugh. Shameful.” GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) said on Wednesday.




Now why would they do that??


Fox News: National Guard To Be Deployed For Abortion Decision 

  • A report says the National Guard will be deployed in and around Washington, DC soon to deal with potential violence surrounding the Roe v. Wade abortion case.


then it was removed 

Two Utah Moms File Open Records Requests on Election Records – State Lt. Gov. Tips Off Reporter, Blocks Them from Access, and Feds Are Called In

  •  , two mothers had serious concerns about the 2020 election. The two friends decided to team up and bring some transparency to Utah elections and their elected bureaucrats. Jennifer Orten and Sophie Anderson have put up an amazing fight for records, in a very short amount of time. 
  • Jen filed GRAMA requests with all 29 counties to secure those record before deleted. She asked for ballot images, cast vote records, tabulator data, drop box videos, and a copy of “Project” backup database. None of these contain private voter information. The “Project” database was a wish item for Jen. These are the election configurations and settings typically provided to auditors. This request sent officials off the deep end. The Lt. Governor was notified within hours of Jen’s filings. Records requests can have some parts denied and others approved. Not in this case.
  • That afternoon Lt. Gov. Henderson contacted all 29 of the counties demanding they NOT provide ANY election records to Jennifer. Henderson coordinated all the counties to user her “template” response and deny the GRAMA request. Henderson then threatened to sue any County who provided election data, and sue if their denial to Jen wasn’t fast enough. 

  • Days earlier Henderson admitted to the Tribune she ratted out Utah citizens to an FBI task force. These were honest volunteers canvassing the voter rolls for election integrity. She wanted it stopped. Coincidentally, 48 hours after Jen’s GRAMA filings two men visited her home. They roamed the property for 20 minutes while Jen was inside with her terrified children. Orten says “One man stayed out front on the grass and kept looking back and forth the whole time. The other was peering in different windows and on the porch. He walked the perimeter of our house very carefully”.

  • Note: Jennifer recently won an appeal to obtain a few GRAMA requests for free. The public interest outweighed the need to charge her any fees. Salt Lake County sued to prevent the release, said it creates a dangerous precedent. These people at Salt Lake County are flat out scoundrels. The left has taken advantage of the courteous nature of Utah families and their faith for way to long. Look for “Utah Part 2” in the coming days. There’s more to discuss.
  • The Express.UK has a poll  [DATA HERE] showing U.S. sentiment toward the Ukraine crisis.  “More Americans believe that it would be better for them for Biden to be removed (56 percent) than Putin (43 percent).” Also, “Russia is also only seen as the fourth biggest international threat (14 percent) compared to China (45 percent), Iran (20 percent) and North Korea (17 percent).”

  • The entire poll is devastating for the Biden administration – SEE MORE HERE


Trump Endorsement Bounces Back in Another Perfect Streak 
  • Trump’s endorsement record at 116-7 in 2022.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: cfa2e1 No.9684383
CIA Director _early 2017 – April 2018?
External Advisory Board (CIA) members during this time?
Was Bill Barr a member of the board?
What advantages might exist to incoming AG Barr re: member of external advisory board (CIA)?
What advantages might exist to Sec of State re: former Dir of CIA?
It must be right.
It must be according to the law.
It must be proven.
It’s what you don’t see.
Durham is not the only game in town.

4 thoughts on “It’s What You Don’t See, Durham Is Not The Only Game In Town, Make America Great Again – Ep. 2795

  • June 9, 2022 at 7:37 pm

    Ah yes, ‘evil’ V. Putin… the man who stopped the Rothchild syndicate from taking over Russia’s banks (he also blocked the West from the general looting of the country that was occurring during the 1990s and has built up a damned fine military as well). That is why he is vilified in the MSM.

  • June 9, 2022 at 9:18 pm

    Devolution is in place? Then why is it, that Jovan Pulitzer, Patrick Byrne, and others say that theory is complete bullshit? Are you saying THEY are Black Hats?

  • June 9, 2022 at 10:07 pm


    Wondering if it might be a good thing to expose Lin Wood who is discouraging people from voting. He quotes Bible verses and posts things like ‘we cannot fight an invisible enemy’ to imply we cannot fight. He removed me from chats because I suggested he stop bashing Gen. Flynn. Seems motivated to deceive patriots.

  • June 9, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    Heard Alan Derschowitz this morning say that 2020 election was a fair and legal election with ZERO fraud. Whether anyone likes it or not Joe Biden fairly won the election and all the Fraud nonsense is just that. He said the 2000 Mules movie did absolutely nothing to prove any fraud.

    He said that if he used the 2000 Mules accusations in a Trial, he would easily be disproven by not only the Opposition, but by the Judge. In fact, the Judge would never let some theoretical evidence into their court to begin with.

    Glad he’s not my lawyer.

    Have you seen the Amazon tracking system? They are now showing you deliveries on GPS and where the truck is on its way to your property. Funny, they show them turning the corner, and BOOM, the truck is at your curbside!! Theoretical!!

    Then he says the following didn’t happen…
    1. No spikes of Ballots at 10pm, 11pm, 12am, 2am, 4am that were sometimes 100,000 to 0 for Biden.
    When the whole night, Trump is leading 70%-30%, suddenly 100,000 to 0?? Not even 5%??
    2. Unheard of Measures taken to conceal ballot counting from Observers.
    3. Ballots received 24 hours “after” voting hours and polls have closed.
    4. No chain of custody for Millions of ballots.
    5. Ballots being received from vehicles not on the “Authorized Transport Certificate” suck as the Postal Service.
    6. Thousands of ballots found in “Dumping” locations still in Mail Bags.
    7. Ballots received with “Receipt Stamps” dated 48 hours after Cut-Off time. They were brazen enough to ignore when ballots were received in Trunks of cars.

    This doesn’t even get into registered voters vs votes cast sometimes exceeded 110%, in some large counties that’s 200,000 ballots… just ignored! Yeah Raffenspuss and Kremp!!

    Nor does it touch on the Science of Geo Location of Phones. Somehow he thinks Tom-Tom, MapQuest, GoogleMaps, and Garmin are Magically Delicious and the little Fairy tells them where to go!!

    As I said… Glad he’s not my Lawyer. Sadly, he teaches Law!!

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