Joe Biden Doesn’t Bat For Team America


Like a lot of people around the world, I’ve been watching the absolute fiasco unfolding in Afghanistan for the past week in growing frustration and anger.

Although the Biden administration is resolutely trying to argue about this and cast the blame at former President Donald J. Trump, it has become clear the entire Afghanistan withdrawal was completely botched by this White House.  Stories continue to leak about Biden overruling both military and intelligence advisors who warned him in the strongest language that he was going about this retreat from Afghanistan in a backwards fashion.

A devastating video quickly went viral from an interview Biden gave just last month where he snidely told a reporter who asked if during the Afghan withdrawal, we would see a repeat of the famous image of an American helicopter lifting off from the room of the American embassy in Saigon during the collapse of South Vietnam.  Barely able to contain his contempt at even being asked this question, Biden confidently asserted this:

“The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese Army, they’re not. They’re not remotely comparable  in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” 

As the days have gone by since the Taliban quickly overran the country following the complete collapse of the U.S.-trained local Afghan forces, the situation has only become worse.

While the world saw German, French and British forces leave the Hamid Karzai airport to go find and evacuate their citizens, the U.S. State Department contented itself with putting out a **statement** advising trapped American citizens to make their own way to the airport even though the U.S. government cannot guarantee they will make it.

How in God’s name has our country ended up in this situation?

Americans Kept Looking The Other Way In The Face of Open and Blatant Corruption

Well, there is an answer. But it’s going to be an extremely painful one for a lot of people to look at because they have been hiding from the truth about the Biden family – and whole lot of other people among our elite class – for a very long time.

Once you figure out the guy who went to China with his drug addict son and openly came back with a $1.5 billion dollar “business deal” in his pocket isn’t really batting for Team America, you’ll understand what’s been going on.

Too many people have been in denial for too many years. They keep telling themselves “No way would he dare to so openly do something like take a massive bribe from the Chinese Communist Party right out there where we could all see it.”

Well, HE DID.  And why wouldn’t he? HE ALWAYS GOT AWAY WITH IT. Just like the Clintons, the Obama’s, the Bush’s, the Romney’s, the McCain’s and ever other slimy corrupt family among the American elite political class.

All Joe Biden had to do when some mainstream media reporter dared ask him about these blatant bribes was snarl something nasty and the message was crystal clear, and the subject was dropped.

Joe Biden has always been unbelievably arrogant about his family’s corruption.  Not even bothering to hide it as his son and brother racked up billion dollar deals and lucrative no-show jobs overseas.

Biden and his crime family should have been driven out of politics years ago for their open and arrogant corruption. But they weren’t.  And now many of our fellow Americans could end up paying for it with their lives.

And every single person who enabled and covered up for the Bidens so Joe could get into the White House and put our country in a totally unnecessary crisis like this needs to be exposed and removed from any position of power or responsibility right along with him.

It is looking right now as if many Americans are at best going to be held hostage; at worst some are going to die in Afghanistan because Biden was in such a freaking hurry to hand it over to the Taliban so the CCP could start strip mining all the minerals.

No, the Media Is **NOT** Going To Save Biden From This

THERE IS NO COVERING THIS UP. It’s too massive. It’s too big. How would the mainstream media even **begin** to try covering up this catastrophic fiasco?

How would you even begin trying to hide American hostages and executions in Afghanistan?  They obviously can’t.

Now, the Biden team did try some stupid vaccine booster change-of-subject speech on Wednesday and then quickly retreated and cancelled plans for Biden to go back to Delaware when it became clear they were getting roasted even by their media allies for trying that.

There were rumors that the Biden team actually expected the American public to grow quickly bored with the Afghanistan crisis so that by Wednesday they’d be ready for that important change-of-subject speech by Biden.  If so, they quickly found out just how badly they had miscalculated and were forced into an immediate retreat.

Then in a laughable sign of how lost this present administration is, Biden’s trip to Delaware was suddenly back on again on Saturday…before it was announced that it was once again cancelled.

A serious crisis with thousands of American lives in jeopardy is underway and this team in the White House can’t even make up it’s mind whether Joe Biden is going to Delaware or not.

An administration that can’t even function is going to be replaced one way or another.

Whatever happens next, whoever ends up in charge, this is the end at last for Joe Biden and his slimy family. They will not survive this politically. His presidency is for all intents and purposes over even before the first year is up.

The only real question is: does his entire administration go down with him?