• Masks are mandatory everywhere outside the home except for when exercising. Authorized workers must carry a New South Wales essential workers permit and present their papers at each checkpoint during travel or transit.
  • ♦ Moving slightly north to the Queensland Directorate, they are proud to announce a new COVID Quarantine Camp being built to the West of Brisbane in a place near Toowoomba.
  • The nearest hospital is two hours away, but that didn’t stop Queensland’s Comrade Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk from signing a lease on the remote area to build a 1,000 bed involuntary quarantine camp for persons who test positive for COVID-19.
Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

South Australia Trials App To Monitor Quarantine Compliance Through Facial Recognition and Geolocation

  • South Australia is trialing a smartphone app that will use facial recognition and geolocation to help authorities monitor people during home quarantine.
  • Around 50 South Australian residents have installed the new Home Quarantine SA app as part of the trial which will assist the government in monitoring compliance with the state’s mandatory isolation requirements.
  • Individuals will be sent random location checks which they will be required to respond to within a 15-minute time frame to prove they are at their registered quarantine address by showing their face alongside current geolocation data.

Source:  caldronpool.com


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