•   Any time there was reason to make the case public, “the election” was always “being brought up.”
  • “In early 2020, it was the [primaries],” the whistleblower continued. “I think that Iowa was the very first one where we weren’t sure what we were allowed to do or we weren’t — it was always wait and see.”
  • Then while his team was preparing to issue search warrants — for scouring physical residences to look for evidence of a subject’s attempt to file tax returns — before going overt, the higher-ups shut them down, the whistleblower said. In early September 2020, the DOJ Tax Division and the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office halted “overt activities or any activities that could be overt whatsoever.”
  • Then on Oct. 20, 2020, just days after the New York Post broke the first bombshell laptop story and only two weeks before the election, the whistleblower’s team was prepping to do a covert walk-by to confirm the address of Hunter Biden’s residence for a search. But no. A DOJ tax attorney — it appears to be Mark Daly (who has no problem prosecuting tax evasion of non-Bidens), but the transcript is a bit ambiguous — said, in the whistleblower’s telling: “Tax does not approve. This will be on hold until further notice.”
  • The Democrat regime interfered in the election, plain and simple. Local officials did so by unlawfully changing rules at the last minute. Big Tech did so by hiding damaging information on their preferred candidates and censoring conservatives. Billionaire activists did so by pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into government offices in the blue areas of swing states to run get-out-the-vote operations. The media did it by lying to voters, day in and day out.
  • But the regime’s deep-state footsoldiers are perhaps the most egregious offenders. Their censorship and legal malpractice to shield the Biden family were in-kind campaign contributions to the now-president — who likely wouldn’t hold that title without their help.

Source: thefederalist.com