Panic Has Set In, [DS] Exposes Their True Intentions For All To See, Trap Set – Episode 2235


Panic Has Set In, [DS] Exposes Their True Intentions For All To See, Trap Set
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The economy is rebounding, the powers at be are trying to make sense of what is going on with the gold market. This is panic. The [CB] is ripping itself apart and Trump and his administration are now transitioning everything away from the [CB] economy. The [DS]/MSM narrative for the first event is now falling apart and they are trying to stop the truth from coming out. The trap is now set and all [DS] parties just fell right into it. AG Barr testified in front of congress today and it was a disaster for the Ds. They did not let him answer any questions, but from what they were saying and their actions it shows that they are panicking. BB released nuggets of info today, Boom..

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Current News – 07.28.2020

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  • Mainstream media is continually wrong about the relationship between gold and the dollar.

  • Myth 1: Money Slipping Away
  • Money does not “slip away”. It is impossible for money to flow out of stocks into gold or bonds or from bonds to stocks or any other combination.
  • An individual can choose to dump stocks for gold but in aggregate, for every buyer there is a seller so there is no net flow. Rather there are repricing events.
  • Here’s another example. A “For Sale” sign on one house in a neighborhood can impact the price of every home, even before a sale is made. There is no flow, but the houses were all repriced.
  • Myth 2: Inverse Relationship
  • Gold does not have a traditional inverse relationship with the dollar. This subject came up today in a pair of Tweets.

Gold vs US Dollar Index 2019-12-16

With the US dollar right where it is now, gold has been at $450, $380, $1080, and $1480.”

  • Gold vs US Dollar Index July 27, 2020
  • The lead chart reflects the price of gold vs the US dollar index on July 27.
  • The horizontal dashed line is the US dollar index at 93.7, When the solid blue line touches the dashed blue line the dollar index at that time is 93.7.
  • Price of Gold vs Dollar Index at 93.7
  • July 27, 2020: $1931
  • Mid 2016: $750
  • Mid 2003: $370
  • Repeat after me: The US dollar has little to do with the price of gold.
  • Myth 3: Jewelry Demand is Important
  • That comment shows huge ignorance about the true demand for gold as well as the price driver for gold.
  • What About Jewelry?
  • According to the World Gold Council, demand for Gold jewelry in 2019 fell 6 percent overall to 2,107 tons. How did the price of gold react?
  • Gold vs Jewelry Demand

  • Marginal Utility?
  • The subject of marginal utility of gold and jewelry came up in a Twitter discussion on May 30.
  • Jewelry demand is actually a contrary indicator (people buy more when price is down).
  • Supply of Gold
  • Nonsensical analysis of gold demand happens because people do not understand the the supply of gold nor the driver for the demand.
  • Misunderstanding the Supply of Bitcoin and Gold Leads to Silly Projections
  • I covered the topic recently in Misunderstanding the Supply of Bitcoin and Gold Leads to Silly Projections
  • People confuse jewelry buying with the demand for gold and bitcoin mining with supply of Bitcoin.
  • Contrary to popular myth, the supply Bitcoin goes up every day. This is why halving the mining rate of Bitcoin did nothing for the price.
  • Misconceptions About Gold
  • The best explantionation of the demand for gold comes from Pater Tenebrarum at the Acting Man blog. He was my teacher in Austrian economics.
  • Tenebrarum wrote Misconceptions about Gold as a guest post on my blog in June of 2007 under the pseudonym Trotsky, a name he regrets. Gold was $650 at the time.

One can further illustrate gold’s unique nature as money with a study of gold prices vs. jewelry demand. If record fabrication demand for gold (jewelry) must be good for the price of gold, then a historic high in jewelry demand should in theory coincide with a high gold price.

However, record high jewelry demand in 1999 – 2000 in actual fact coincided with a 20 year bear market low in the gold price – the exact opposite of what traditional commodity supply/demand analysis would suggest.

We can therefore conclude that there must be a source of gold demand that is of far greater importance than the jewelry and industrial demand components, and that demand constitutes the true driver of the price of gold in terms of fiat money.

Indeed, there is. This demand component is called ‘monetary demand’. Monetary demand and the supply of gold is actually best described as the ‘degree of reluctance of the current owners of gold to part with their gold at current prices’ since, as mentioned above, some 160,000 tons are owned by somebody already.

  • Monetary Demand is the True Price Driver
  • Someone must hold every ounce of gold ever mined. Similarly, someone most hold every Bitcoin ever mined.
  • Diminishing new supply is meaningless in both. Demand for the total supply is what matters.
  • Gold rises and falls based on monetary demand. If one views Bitcoin as a competing currency, the same claim can be made but speculation clearly plays a larger role for Bitcoin and it has additional problems with potential central bank or government regulation.
  • Gold vs Faith in Central Banks

  • I need to update that chart but it tells the right story.
  • Gold’s monetary demand is a function of faith in central banks. When ECB president Mario Draghi promised to do “Whatever it Takes” to save the Euro faith in central banks was temporarily restored.
  • That faith continued until the Fed’s talk of “normalization” dies on the vine. And now?
  • If you think the Fed has things under control you left your thinking cap on Mars.


The “coin shortage” is artificial. Yet another glimpse into [their] plan to make all our currency digital (and more worthless than it already is).


Can’t Make This Up! First Presidential Debate Will Be at Cleveland Clinic… In Case Senile Joe Needs a Jolt

  • After consultation with Dr. Mark Fox, St. Joseph County deputy health officer, and with the unanimous support of the Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees, Father Jenkins made what he called “this difficult decision because the necessary health precautions would have greatly diminished the educational value of hosting the debate on our campus.”
  • The debate will now take place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and will be co-hosted by the Cleveland Clinic.
  • The institutions cheered the news today.
  • Of course, this gives Joe Biden a distinct advantage in case he gets lost in the hall or needs some meds to perk him up.


Lawyers For Ghislaine Maxwell Trying To Keep X-Rated Evidence From Going Public

  • Ghislaine Maxwell, defense attorneys are trying to keep from public view sensitive evidence ahead of her trial — “including any nude photos and sexualized videos that will be marked ‘highly confidential,’ according to court documents,

In a proposed protective order filed Monday, Maxwell’s attorneys detailed the discovery materials they believe should be kept out of public view and filed under seal in the Manhattan federal court case. This included the “highly confidential” information, which they said should not be “disseminated, transmitted, or otherwise copied.”

“Highly Confidential Information contains nude, partially-nude, or otherwise sexualized images, videos, or other depictions of individuals,” the court papers state.

  • “The government’s proposed restriction is therefore ‘broader than necessary’ to protect the privacy interests of these individuals who have already chosen to self-identify, and will hinder the defense’s ability to conduct further factual investigation, prepare witnesses for trial, and advocate on Ms. Maxwell’s behalf,” her attorneys wrote.
  • A judge last week ruled that a slew of other documents that Maxwell was trying to keep hidden should be made public within a week.
  • Judge Loretta Preska said that 80 documents — which will run to hundreds of pages — should shed light

Geopolitical/Police State


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

Pharmaceutical officials refuse to meet with Trump following rule lowering drug prices 

  • Drug industry lobbyists refused to attend a scheduled White House meeting with President Trump Tuesday to discuss his new rule limiting drug prices, forcing the White House to cancel the session.
  • Drug companies have criticized the move to tie certain drug costs to overseas pricing, which is known as the “most favored nations” rule. Some were surprised by the inclusion of the plan in Trump’s announcement, sources told Politico.


Why did Trump tweet this right before he and everyone else started to tweet about HCQ

Trump mentioned HCQ in March for a reason, it was a setup

Did you see what just happened
1. Trump mentions HCQ in March on purpose
2. He knew the MSM would attack it and lie to the people with fake studies
3. He let the MSM spread the lies, he allowed Fauci,Gov,Mayors push the narrative
4. Meanwhile, Dr’s, Countries & organizations were testing HCQ, the results are conclusive it works
5. The [DS]/MSM thought they were in control, they won the battle against HCQ
6. They were wrong, Trump led them down this path on purpose, sometimes you must show the people
7. People will now learn that the lockdowns were not necessary.
8. The shutdown of the economy was not necessary
9. The destruction of personal businesses and lives was not necessary
10. There was always a cure, but the people will learn that HCQ acts like a vaccine
11. It’s time to hold people accountable, who was responsible for spreading fear and fake information, we know who
12. The [DS]/MSM worst nightmare just can true
Fauci was already out on the MSM defending his position and the MSM is still reporting that HCQ is dangerous

Dr. Fauci has a financial interest in other therapies.

MSM/Fauci and others are now on the defensive and they are trying to control the narrative

STUNNING! Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. After He Posts Viral Video on Successful HCQ Treatment for COVID-19

  • Tech censorship and leftist intolerance if the biggest threat today to America’s future.
  •   Twitter censored President Trump for posting video of Dr. Stella Immanuel discussing her success with hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus patients.
    Dr. Stella Immanuel said   that she has personally treated over 350 patients with COVID-19 with Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax and they have all recovered.
  • Twitter then took the video down!


  • And Twitter also suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s for posting a viral video of medical doctors talking about Hydroxychloroquine.
  • Via Andrew Surabian.
  • They also suspended Sidney Powell twitter account 
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BREAKING: Antifa Throws What Appears To Be a Bomb At Federal Courthouse (VIDEO)

  • An Antifa militant in Portland threw what appears to be an improvised explosive device at the federal courthouse in Portland on Monday evening.
  • Rioters have been attacking the building for over 60 days.



Poll: 77% Of Americans Concerned About Spike In Urban Crime — Blame Protests And Unemployment

  • Seventy-seven percent of Americans are concerned about the spike in crime occurring in cities across the U.S.,
  • At the same time they see an increase of violence and crime and are concerned that prosecutors are not prosecuting the crimes — they blame the protests and the high unemployment when asked what is responsible for the spike in violence,


BRUTAL! Jim Jordan Opens AG Barr Hearing with DEVASTATING VIDEO on Leftist Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets of America (VIDEO) 

  • Next up was Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.
    Jordan was ON FIRE!
  • Rep. Jordan opened his remarks reminding the American public that Barack Obama spied on the opposition party and candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election and beyond.
  • This was a historic opening by Rep. Jim Jordan.
    Jordan hit Democrats on their illegal set-up on General Flynn.
    Jordan hammered fired FBI Chief James Comey.
    Jordan then defended AG Bill Barr for calling out the Obama Deep State spying on President Trump.
  • Jim Jordan: “I want to thank you for defending law enforcement.”
  • Jim Jordan then played video of the continuing violence and leftist rioting on the streets across America.
  • This was DEVASTATING!


The Most Important Part of Today: Violence against Federal Courts has to stop. Can we hear something like that?

“I’ll follow the law” “That’s very disappointing” Arizona Dem Rep owned himself.

John Durham

John Huber

John Bash

John Ratcliffe


AG Bill Barr Outlines the Scope of USAO John Bash “Unmasking” Investigation….

  • During a questioning session by Rep. Jim Jordan, AG Bill Barr outlines a secondary, parallel, investigation ongoing by U.S. Attorney John Bash [@01:40 of video].  In his response AG Barr notes the breakout investigation assigned to Bash to review the unlawful unmasking of Donald Trump campaign officials.
  • Worth noting AG Barr explains the unmasking investigation is not limited to the post election period, transition and incoming administration.  The investigation extends further back in the government surveillance of Trump associates in the 2015/2016 campaign. That unmasking could, likely does, include the use of the FBI-NSA database where ‘unmasking’ is an analogous term with”minimization”.