Patriot Moves Are Forcing The [DS] Into A State Of Desperation, Exposed, Trapped – Ep. 3242


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Patriot Moves Are Forcing The [DS] Into A State Of Desperation, Exposed, Trapped
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The people around the world are not backing down, they will continue to rise up, this will spread and the [WEF]/[CB] will not be able to stop it. The people are now asking why is the economy so bad, how did this happen, the people will hold those who destroyed the economy accountable. The patriots are making moves that are forcing the [DS] to expose themselves. The people must see the system and who the treasonous people really are. The only way to do this is to show them. [JB] is being exposed as a dictator. The more desperate the [DS] becomes the more they are exposed to the people be acting out. Soon the [DS] will no longer follow any type of law and by doing this it will expose who they really are. The people will in the end vote to take back the country.



Biden’s Border Crisis Triggers Chaos Across America’s $28.5 Billion Food Export Market

  • Bloomberg reports more than 40 US food companies and associations have penned a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, requesting the federal government to immediately reopen the El Paso and Eagle Pass international rail crossings.
  • Both rail crossings were closed earlier this week by the US Customs and Border Protection because of President Biden’s disastrous open southern border crisis, which led to tens of thousands of migrants, if not more, using freight trains to traverse Mexico north to the US.
  • “The crossing closures are causing exports to be lost,” the coalition said in the letter obtained by Bloomberg.
  • The letter, signed by the National Grain and Feed Association and the National Corn Growers Association, said the $28.5 billion market for US agricultural exports could be severely disrupted if a prolonged shutdown of the border is seen.
  • They said a logjam has formed on rail networks in at least six states due to the border crossing shutdowns.
  • “We have also heard of customers in Mexico telling US suppliers they will begin to look to other countries if the US cannot provide a resilient and reliable supply chain,” the letter said.
  • The letter warned: “Each day the crossings are closed we estimate almost 1 million bushels of grain exports are potentially lost along with export potential for many other agricultural products.”


Car Ownership Costs In America Are Skyrocketing

Used Car Prices Are Still Elevated in 2023

Unsurprisingly, the biggest increases are logged in the price of new and used vehicles, up 22% and 40% respectively.

Pandemic supply chain disruptions led to bottlenecks on vehicle deliveries, dramatically pushing up used vehicle prices in turn.

  • However, car ownership costs only continue to increase after the vehicle is acquired. Insurance costs are now nearly 30% higher compared to 2020, along with maintenance and repair. If a part has to be replaced, that’s another 20% price increase. Even parking and tolls are up 12%.


Biden Exaggerates Big Time in Boast About Defying Supreme Court on Student Loan Forgiveness 

  • President Joe Biden made a claim   that even his own people probably aren’t able to translate.
  • “I went to the Supreme Court to eliminate student debt that was out there,” he said, in video shared by RNC Research to X. “And guess what? Supreme Court ruled against me, but I still 136 million people[‘s] debt relieved.”
  • There are so many problems with that statement, even as short as it is.


  • Let’s start with the fact that Biden didn’t go “to the Supreme Court” to do anything at all. He attempted an unconstitutional action to shift the burden of about $400 billion in student debt away from the people who incurred it and onto the shoulders of the American taxpayer. 
  • He wouldn’t describe it that way, of course — liberals like to pretend that “debt relief” just makes that debt disappear into the ether. It does no such thing, of course — debt must be repaid by someone. If not by the people who actually owe it, that by people who you don’t.
  • What actually happened was the Biden tried to pull an unconstitutional fast one, and didn’t go to the Supreme Court but was taken there against his will by a lawsuit that he ended up losing.
  • His next statement seemed to be a little more problematic, as he essentially dismissed the ultimate arbiter of United States law as a minor annoyance when it came to getting his goals accomplished.
  • But the real issue with Biden’s comments is what he claimed to have accomplished.
  • “I still 136 million people[‘s] debt relieved,” you will recall he said.
  • Um, no. He didn’t. Not even close.
  • On the one hand, there are only about 40 million people in the country who even have any student debt, according to the Washington Examiner.
  • On the other hand, Biden’s own White House said in a statement only two weeks ago that the administration had brought “debt relief” to only 3.6 million of those, or about 9 percent of all student loan holders in the country.
  • On the third hand — you’re going to have to lend me one of yours, I guess — the total amount of debt “relieved” has been $132 billion — which would appear, perhaps, to be the source of the “136” number Biden cited as a number of people, not a dollar amount, but … I don’t know.



Secret Service Opens Investigation Against ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star John Schneider for Calling Joe Biden “Guilty of Treason” and “Should be Publicly Hung”

  • The Secret Service has opened a probe into comments made by John Schneider, a former star of the television show ‘Dukes of Hazzard,’ after he suggested on platform X that Joe Biden is “guilty of treason” and “should be publicly hung.” Schneider also targeted Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in his statement.
  •  White House resident Joe Biden wrote on X attacking former President Trump.
  • “Trump poses many threats to our country: The right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s standing in the world. But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy. If we lose that, we lose everything,” Biden wrote.


Below are some of the responses:








Trump Seeks to Delay E. Jean Carroll Defamation Trial, Open Door to Take Fight to Supreme Court


  • Trump’s attorney asked the appeals court to give the former president 90 days to stay the trial and give him the option to take the fight to the US Supreme Court.
  • “The requested stays are necessary and appropriate to give President Trump an opportunity to fully litigate his entitlement to present an immunity defense in the underlying proceedings, including pursuing the appeal in the Supreme Court if necessary,” Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba wrote, according to ABC News.
  • A federal appeals court in September denied Trump’s request to stay a defamation suit filed by E Jean Carroll.


  •  nongovernmental organizations since January 20, 2021?
  • •How do NGOs purchase or reimburse your airlines for tickets of non-resident aliens? Are you now receiving, or have you ever received any incentive for reimbursement, including money, credit, or other benefits from the federal government in exchange for the transport of non-resident aliens?
  • •Has the TSA notified you of what forms of identification are acceptable for nonresident aliens to clear airport security and board your flights? If so, what are they? Should be easy to answer, Delta!


Texas Border Wide Open as Sector Shutters Stations for Catch and Release
  • The overwhelming surge of migrants crossing the Rio Grande forced the busiest border sector in Texas to close Border Patrol stations so personnel may be reassigned to migrant processing and transportation duties. According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source, the announcement came on Friday, ordering managers to cease operations at stations in Carrizo Springs, Comstock, Uvalde, and Brackettville, Texas.
  • The move will leave more than ten thousand square miles within the sector without any Border Patrol presence. In recent weeks, the Biden administration shuttered the Eagle Pass Bridge I Port of Entry and the railroad bridge linking Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras, Mexico, to reassign personnel to address the continuing migrant surge. The railroad line was shut to slow the flow of migrants as that is the primary mode of transportation for the groups of migrants, sometimes in the thousands, to reach the U.S. border from the interior of Mexico.


Melugin: African Illegals at Border Carry Instructions to Get to Philly Center (VIDEO)



  • Bill Melugin went on to ask the illegals where they were from. They answered Mali, Senegal, and Guinea.
  • The illegals have “zero fear of deportation,” Melugin said. “All expect release.”



  • An illegal from Guinea told Bill Melugin he has plans to go to Philadelphia. The illegal pulled out a piece of paper with an address of a local community center written on it.




Republican Rep. Tim Burchett claims conservative congressmen are blackmailed after getting drunk with ‘attractive’ stranger and ending up ‘naked in a motel room’

  • In the wild new interview Burchett, R-Tenn., echoed comments made by former Rep. Madison Cawthorn that left him essentially blackmailed by his own party
  • Burchett explained that ‘powerful people’ who ‘write the big checks’ are behind blackmailing schemes to protect their portfolios
  • ‘They know what to get at,’ Burchett said. ‘You know, if it’s women, drugs, booze, it’ll find you’
  • GOP Rep. Tim Burchett claimed ‘good conservatives‘ are voting for ‘crazy stuff’ in Congress because there are sex tapes on them and they are being blackmailed.
  •   ‘Here’s how it works:’
  • ‘You’re visiting, you’re out of the country or out of town or you’re in a motel or at a bar in DC and, whatever you’re into – women, men, whatever — comes up and they’re very attractive and they’re laughing at your jokes. And you’re buying them a drink. Next thing you know, you’re in the motel room with them naked. 

    ‘Next thing you know, you know you’re about to make a key vote. And what happens? Some well-dressed person comes out and whispers in your ear, “Hey, man, there’s tapes out on you.” Or, “Were you in a motel room or whatever with whoever?” And then you’re like, “Oh,” and [they] said, “you really ought not be voting for this thing.”’



Geopolitical/Police State


The Biden Administration’s Sinister Deal With Venezuela  

  • On the surface it appears President Joe Biden inked a sweet deal with Venezuela’s tyrant leader, Nicolas Maduro, on Wednesday. Caracas will release 10 Americans and 20 members of Venezuela’s opposition in exchange for a single scumbag businessman.
  • Thirty for one is not bad as far as hostage negotiations go, but the math tells only part of the story. Just ask the Israelis who traded 1,072 terrorists for the freedom of Gilad Shalit in 2011.
  • The Biden deal will free a dangerous man at a dangerous time. Alex Saab is an operative for Hezbollah’s external security organization, known as Islamic Jihad. A jury convicted him in May of receiving training from Hezbollah and making false statements, and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
  • According to the Justice Department, Saab surveilled sites in New York City as possible targets for terrorist attacks, focusing on “the structural weaknesses of locations … in order to determine how a future attack could cause the most destruction.”
  • In addition to providing photos back to his bosses in Lebanon, Saab sent technical information on the structures of potential targets including Rockefeller Center, the United Nations, and Times Square. He attempted to murder a man he believed to be an Israeli spy, only to find his handgun would not fire.



Hillary Clinton Uses Meeting with Israeli Hostage Families to Attack Netanyahu
  •  Hillary Clinton used a meeting with the families of Israeli hostages Thursday to attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, prompting criticism that it was a “revolting, disgusting” thing for her to do.
  • As the Israeli news website Ynet reported:

Clinton also urged relatives of the hostages to put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to those present at the meeting, she told the families that Netanyahu is only busy with “politics and personal political survival,” and that Knesset seats are of more interest to this government than the hostages.
“As long as the hostages are not the main and primary target for Israel, then everything that I or President Biden say or do is of little value,” Clinton told them, according to participants in the meeting.




Cyber Attacks

False Flags

CDC director sends holiday warning: Stay home if you’re sick

  • We continue to see a lot of respiratory illness right now. Flu, COVID and RSV are spreading in most of the country,” Mandy Cohen said in a Friday video posted to the CDC’s account on X, formerly known as Twitter.
  • “And as we gather with family and friends this time of year, I want to give you a few reminders,” Cohen continued. “I know it’s hard, but if you’re feeling sick, please stay home. Avoid spreading germs to others, especially your loved ones who are at higher risk of getting very sick. Also, get tested, so you know what you have and can get treatment.”
  • On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified a variant of the coronavirus, JN.1, as a “variant of interest.” However, it also said the variant wasn’t a large threat to public health.
  • The WHO still warned that as winter arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, the variant “could increase the burden of respiratory infections in many countries.” The CDC has also said JN.1 is probably more transmissible but, like the WHO, said the general public health hazard is low.


All they have now is promoting fear, they want to keep you afraid to live.

Report: NYPD Overtime Pay for Officers in Crime-Ridden Subways Jumps from $4M to $155M
  • Overtime pay for more New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers in the city’s subways reportedly jumped significantly between 2022 and 2023.
  • City records apparently show an increase from $4 million to a whopping $155 million, the Gothamist reported Thursday.
  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks, joined by New York City Mayor Eric Adams (R) and the newly appointed ATF Director Steve Dettelbah, as she delivers remarks about their joint effort to combat gun violence at the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) office on August 24, 2022, in New York City (John Lamparski/Getty Images).

The outlet continued:

The new spending was part of a push by Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul to reduce crime and crack down on New Yorkers sleeping in the transit system – in part by flooding the subways with uniformed NYPD officers working overtime shifts.




  • The Supreme Court did not pretend and was curt in their retort: “The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.”
  • Special Counsel Jack Smith argued in his petition to the court, the speedy resolution of Trump’s claim of presidential immunity is of an urgent national interest.  The motive was/is a transparent speedy timeline effort to influence the 2024 GOP presidential primary race.  The court, heck, the entire world can see it.
  • Arguments on the presidential immunity issue, within the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, are set for January 9, 2024.  The decision of the 3-judge panel will come thereafter. Depending on the outcome, Donald Trump can then ask for a full panel appellate court review.  If the Circuit Court appeal results in a non-favorable outcome, the next step is the Supreme Court.
  • Meanwhile, the DC trial of Donald Trump is frozen awaiting a determination on the original issue of presidential immunity.



  •   that upholds denial of presidential immunity from prosecution, Trump’s team will file cert petition at SCOTUS. But term ends in June and time is running out. This is in addition to SCOTUS granting cert in 1512c2 matter–which represents half of Smith’s DC indictment against Trump.
  • Those oral arguments could be held in March or April. Legal observers will get a sense of which direction the court will take during that proceeding. If it appears a majority of the court disagrees with DOJ’s application/interpretation of 1512c2, it’s doom for Smith. Now for classified docs case.
  • Judge Cannon, skeptical of Smith’s assurances the DC trial would not overlap with May 20 trial in FLA, set a status hearing for March 1. In addition, she also suspended all pretrial deadlines in a very litigious matter (strict rules related to defendants’ access to classified evidence).
  • So what does Smith do now? His hands are tied until immunity issue is resolved. What does he tell Judge Cannon? Will he forsake a very risky case in DC and move to proceed first on classified docs trial? Cannon won’t let him push that very far, either. No good options for Smith–which is very good news.

POLL: Joe Biden Now Underwater on All Key Issues for 2024 Election 

  • Joe Biden is headed into 2024 under 50 percent on pretty much every key issue for next year’s election, according to new polling from Harvard/Harris.
  • Biden gets failing grades on the economy, terrorism, immigration and the border. Name the issue, and people are not happy about his handling of it.
  • Conservatives are right to view polls with some skepticism, but this has got to have Democrats concerned.
  • Breitbart News reports:





  • Former President Donald Trump on Friday dropped hints about who he would pick to lead the Pentagon if he wins a second term. And the names are familiar ones.
  • Speaking with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday, Trump singled out Christopher Miller, the former Green Beret who served as acting defense secretary for the last two months of Trump’s first term, when asked who he would pick.
  • “We had Miller at the end who did a very good job,” Trump told Hewitt, host of the nationally syndicated “Hugh Hewitt Show” and a contributing columnist for the Washington Post. “I thought he was really good. I thought he was very good.”
  • Hewitt mentioned five other names who could serve as Trump’s defense secretary: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former national security adviser Robert O’Brien and Reps. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) and Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.).
  • “That’s a good list to start off with,” Trump said, before bringing up Miller.

Joe Biden Pressured Merrick Garland to Prosecute Donald Trump, Resurfaced NYT Report Says  
  • President Joe Biden pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland in 2022 to prosecute former President Donald Trump, a resurfaced New York Times report says.
  • The report, which reemerged Thursday on X, appears to be attracting attention because of the recent legal attacks against Trump:
  • Colorado – Prohibiting Trump from Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot
  • New York – “Stormy Daniels” (state)
  • Miami – “Documents” (federal)
  • Washington, D.C. – “January 6” (federal)
  • Fulton County, Georgia (state)


Joy Behar Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Trump and the Colorado Ballot

  • Joy Behar of ‘the View’ let the cat out of the bag on the Colorado move to take Trump off the ballot.
  • In a tweet that , she basically said that the left has to use the law to go after Trump. You know, to defend democracy or something like that.

FOX News reports:


See Joy’s tweet below:


There are lots of great responses, like these:





  •  But because I’m running for President based on my principles, they’re saying it’s in “bad faith.” Our system is beyond corrupt.

  • Nearly 20 state attorneys general filed a legal brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday opposing Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request that the high court expeditiously rule on whether former President Donald Trump is immune from prosecution.
  • “[T]he special counsel is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to jump into the fray. But he gives no reason why the public interest demands a rushed trial, which suggests the real reason is to swing the presidential election,” Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a statement. “The Court should not play along. As our brief points out, in asking for this extraordinary remedy, without giving any reason for why it is warranted, the special counsel’s petition itself is strong evidence of a political prosecution designed to decide the 2024 election.”
  •  “The campaign will be conducted in a courtroom, essentially,” said Dick Wadhams, a former Colorado Republican Party chair and longtime party strategist. “And that’s worked out well for [Trump] for the past year. They probably are banking on that to continue.”
  • Already this week, both Trump and the Colorado Republican Party have said they would appeal to the Supreme Court the state high court’s bombshell decision disqualifying Trump from the ballot because he incited an insurrection on Jan. 6.


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump·

I wasn’t campaigning, the Election was over. I was doing my duty as President to expose and further investigate a Rigged and Stolen Election. It was my obligation to do so, and the proof found is voluminous and irrefutable. Therefore, among other reasons, of course I am entitled to IMMUNITY. ADDITIONALLY, I DID NOTHING WRONG. Stop the Witch Hunt NOW!



First American takes IT systems offline after cyberattack

  • First American Financial Corporation, the second-largest title insurance company in the United States, took some of its systems offline today to contain the impact of a cyberattack.
  • “First American has experienced a cybersecurity incident,” the company said in a statement published on a website dedicated to the cyberattack. Its official website was taken offline before this article was published.
  • “In response, we have taken certain systems offline and are working to return to normal business operations as soon as possible.”
  • As a title insurance specialist, the California-based company reported a total revenue of $7.6 billion last year and has over 21,000 employees, according to Fortune.

  • Many commentators, like “Great Reset” whistleblower Eva Vlaardingerbroek, believe the film is an exercise in “predictive programming.” What Vlaardingerbroek means by “predictive programming” is that certain movies, books, or government reports intentionally convey messages intended to prepare or “program” the public for future events.
  • In other words, “Leave the World Behind” is a sick way for the elites in the tech and finance world to prime the public for an imminent cyberattack that they just so happen to benefit from.
  • One of the best examples people point to of predictive programming is the lead-up to Covid. In 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation collaborated to create a “pandemic tabletop exercise” called Event 201.
  • Event 201 predicted “a new coronavirus” and stressed that to prepare for this future pandemic threat, “Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation.”
  • A few months later, Covid hysteria hit the headlines, and the U.S. federal government, and international organizations like the United Nations, colluded with tech companies to control the narrative around the pandemic. Three years later, government-directed tech censorship continues.
  • Likewise, in 2020, The World Economic Forum hosted a cyberattack simulation on the global financial system. That same year, the WEF and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace released a report warning that the global financial system is vulnerable to “cyber threats.”
  • Like with Event 201, the WEF-Carnegie report proposes that, in the event of a cyberattack, “social media companies should swiftly amplify communications by central banks” so that central banks may “debunk fake information and calm the markets.”
  • Furthermore, the report calls for the convergence of intelligence agencies and banks. We saw a taste of this after Jan. 6, 2021, when Bank of America (a member of the WEF-Carnegie Cyber Policy Initiative) shared private information with U.S. law enforcement agencies to go after the protesters.