Playbook Known,Trap Set, Trump Meets With Barr ,Wait For It – Episode 2022

Playbook Known,Trap Set, Trump Meets With Barr ,Wait For It
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Trump let everyone know that the stock market has hit another all time high, this make it 21 times this year, it’s amazing what happens when you introduce the drug into the economy. Farmers have now regained access to China. China deal is very close. Pelosi will use the passing of the USMCA to help the impeachment fail. The Fed sends a warning to congress, or was it Trump that sent the warning. The [DS] fake impeachment just fell apart. The disgruntled employee was not a witness, she heard nothing, saw nothing and had no information. All of this was exposed to the people, she also made a case to investigate the HB and JB. Schiff was portrayed badly as he continually shut down the minority. The patriots knew all of this, this has been planned from the beginning and they have been leading them down this path, perfectly planned. Q confirms all of this and tells us to prepare for what is coming. Trump meets with Barr, it’s happening.

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Current News – 11.15.2019

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White House economic adviser: US, China ‘getting close’ on trade agreement

  •   trade agreement between China and the United States is growing closer to being finalized,
  • Kudlow told the audience at a Council on Foreign Relations event that the two sides are “getting close,” to a deal, saying that the countries have been recently engaged in “very constructive” talks.


Pelosi Likely to Follow-up December Impeachment Vote with USMCA Ratification…

  • Nancy Pelosi will bring the USMCA to a vote timed with the impeachment vote. This plan allows democrats to try and dilute the political nature of the impeachment scheme by referencing the Trump administration USMCA vote as an example of Democrats not being political. This is how they scheme.

…’See, we’re not politically motivated, we’re giving the same president we are impeaching a win; because this trade deal is in the best interest of America.  Just like the impeachment of this corrupt president is in the best interest of America’….


Federal Reserve Chair: Our Massive Federal Budget Deficits Are Unsustainable

  • The chairman of the Federal Reserve issued an ominous warning to lawmakers  that the federal budget is on “an unsustainable path,” with growing debt and deficits continually unchecked.
  • “Over time, this outlook could reduce fiscal policymakers’ willingness or ability to support economic activity during a downturn. In addition, I remain concerned that the high and rising federal debt can in the longer term restrain private investment and thereby reduce productivity and overall growth.”
  • Powell’s warnings come as the federal debt and deficits reach all-time highs, with the national debt now soaring above $23 trillion and the deficit reaching nearly $1 trillion in the 2019 fiscal year. The Congressional Budget Office has forecasted the deficit to surpass the $1 trillion mark next year.


The White House is reportedly exploring the idea of cutting middle income tax rates to 15 percent. 

The White House is reportedly exploring the idea of cutting middle income tax rates to 15 percent:


The [DS] fake impeachment has just completely backfired, the patriots knew about the plan, Q confirms this with a post, this was setup by the patriots, the evidence, the facts are on the patriots side and as the [DS] continues to parade these people out, its going to get worse and worse for the [DS] and better and better for Trump, the question is will they realize this and stop the public hearing and only allow the MSM to push only the parts they want out to the public, but if they do this, this will backfire and the MSM will be exposed and the [DS] will be exposed and they have trapped themselves. Q prepares us for what is coming, we will talk about this a little later in this report, but first Rep Tlaib is being investigated

House Ethics Committee Releases Emails Revealing Rep. Tlaib Requested and Took Money From Her Campaign, Possibly Violating Federal Law

  • The House Committee on Ethics Investigation has released emails proving that Rep. Rashida Tlaib demanded money for personal use from her campaign funds and photos of checks paid to her from that money totaling $45,000.
  • While demanding and receiving the funds, Rep. Tlaib may have violated federal law.
  • The committee has an ongoing ethics probe into the payments from the campaign to Tlaib during her campaign in 2018 and it is now being expanded based on a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).
  • The emails reveal Rep. Tlaib desperately asking her campaign manager Andy Goddeeris and several others for money.
  • In an email on April 4, Tlaib wrote to Goddeeris and others saying that she was “struggling financially” and that she was “thinking the campaign could loan me money, but Ryan said that the committee could actually pay me. I was thinking a one time payment of 5k.”

  • Her campaign manager responded that he wanted to “do what’s necessary” if it’s “legally permissible.”
  • “If it’s legally permissible I want to do what’s necessary so that this campaign doesn’t dig you a hole you’re struggling to get out of,” Goddeeris responded. “I think I have a better solution [than a loan] I would like to discuss. But I am 100% committed that you get the money you need to stay focused.”
  • In another email later that month, Tlaib wrote, “I am just not going to make it through the campaign without a stipend.”
  • “With the loss of a second income to lean back on,” she wrote. “I am requesting $2,000 per two weeks but not exceeding $12,000. The cost of living stipend is going towards much needed expenses due to campaigning that includes car maintenance, child care and other necessities. Please let me know if I can proceed.”
  • “Well, I’ll be damned – it turns out that a salary is, in fact, permissible under very limited circumstances,” campaign consultant Ryan Lomonaco wrote to Tlaib, though he warned that the media would eventually notice.
  • In August, Tlaib texted her future chief of staff Ryan Anderson at 6:38 a.m. with another request for money.
  • “Sorry for the early text but do you think the campaign can still pay me a stipend until the general. Trying to get out of debt,” Tlaib wrote.
  • The documents also included photographs of 15 checks made out to Tlaib from her campaign.


The [DS] continued with their fake impeachment today and Trump and the patriots timed the release of the first phone call with Zelensky perfectly 

BREAKING: Trump White House Releases Transcript of President Trump’s First Call with Ukrainain President Zelensky 

  • It is another nothing-burger.
    The [DS] wants Americans to impeach President Trump for these perfect calls to the reformist Ukrainian president.


why did the President wait to release the first call, because timing is everything, he released right before Yovanovitch testified, why? To show what she was saying was false and she made it up.

So the [DS] fake impeachment is a fail, so what are they doing, they are looking for words that will resonate with the American people and they are trying them out, this is how you know they have no evidence, facts and its complete propaganda

Yovanovitch testified, Nunes asked the most important question of the day and it the hearing should have stopped right after this, take a listen


As  Yovanovitch was complaining about being fired, about how policies were changing, basically complaining about her new boss, the President, Trump tweeted out about Yovanovitch,

OMG! It’s Getting CRAZY!… Democrats Start Reading Off Trump’s Live Tweets During Schiff Show Trial! (VIDEO) 

  • -> Adam Schiff interrupts testimony and started reading off President Trump’s mean tweets during fired Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony!

  • This was insane!
    Schiff then threatens to use President Trump’s mean tweets to charge the US President with threatening the disgruntled employee, remember she is not a witness she never witnessed anything

here are the tweets

  1. Trump was responding to her job performance, why she was fired, which he is allowed to do
  2. Schiff decided to read it to the disgruntled employee, but Trump was threatening anyone, he was talking about her job performance, 

This was a big fail on Schiffs part, 

Oh by the way – Obama Fired All Bush Appointed Ambassadors In 2008

Plus how can Trumps tweet be obstruction of justice, weren’t we told that this was not a criminal proceeding.

Now Brennan realizes that this is not going as planned and the fake impeachment is not working, the American people are not buying it, he is panicking and showing emotion


Then we have HRC, she decided to tweet out the following

Attorney Robert Barnes nuked Hillary Clinton.

The [DS] is struggling, AS, NP are in trouble, it is not going there way, even the MSM reporters are having a tough time with it, the witnesses are not witnesses, they no nothing, they are disgruntled employees and they do not like their new boss, thats it, 

Take a listen


Now Jim Jordan is asking why all the transcripts are not released, specifically Tim Morrison, he was on the July 25 call with Trump and who has spoken to Trump, so why are they not allowing the transcript released. Because if this is released he will dispute Adam Schiff’s entire narrative.

It is definitely getting to Joe Biden, he tweeted out the following 

I wonder if Trump and the patriots have been holding the taxes back for a reason, do think this is part of the plan to be used later to trap them, of course it is.  

IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team

  • President Donald Trump met with Attorney General William Barr   in the Oval Office.
  • Reporters snapped photos of Barr and Trump during their animated meeting in the White House.


Geopolitical/Police State


Federal Judge Rules Woman Born in New Jersey Who Joined ISIS is NOT an American Citizen 

  • A federal judge has ruled that a 25-year-old woman born in New Jersey who later traveled to Syria and joined ISIS is not an American citizen.
  • Hoda Muthana had attempted to drum up sympathy and force the US to facilitate travel back to the nation where she was born for her and her two year old child.
  • U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Reggie Walton determined that since the terrorist-tied woman was born to a Tunisian father with diplomatic status she was not a citizen. Her father previously represented Yemen in the United Nations. 

“Federal regulations and international law state that children of foreign diplomats born in the US are not subject to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees birthright citizenship, because they are born under the jurisdiction of another country.

Walton also ruled that Muthana’s father could not provide financial support to his daughter and grandson, who was born in territory under ISIS control and whom he has never met, without being subject to charges of providing material support to terrorism.” 


Cyber Attacks

False Flags


Q dropped more bread, I believe Q is going over all of this because the IG FISA is about to drop and then the declass, Q wants everyone to understand who have the order and approved the spying on Trump, Cruz and probably others. 

AUS, IT, UK co-op DOJ (Barr, Durham, CLAS 1-4) –
Australia, Italy and UK  they are now cooperating with AG Barr and Durham   The investigation is centered around how intelligence was used and collected.  These include Human intelligence and signal intelligence
Non_FVEY official chan [US senior person(s) req given sensitive nature of ‘target’ re: presidential nominee(s) – POTUS + Cruz [CLAS 1-4]] –
 the intelligence that started Spygate did not come through normal Five Eyes, so what does this mean, backchannels were probably used, most likely the CIA . The DS targeted who, Trump, Ted CRuz and others 
Who gave the order(s)?
Who signed?
The person that gave the order was President Obama, did Obama try to hide this fact, yes, where do most of the DS presidents hide their documents, most likely in their libraries that they build  
Papered per normal NATSEC?
Comms to/from F + Domestic?
Most of the time these people  had face to face meetings, why, to avoid  detection
F2F 1-4 US person(s) initiate scope memo.
US AMB 1 & 2 NSA unmask req.
US Ambassadors requested unmasking  
NSA > US AMB 1 & 2 > AUS, IT, UK – NSA, US Ambassador request Unmasking in AUS, IT, UK, 
[special order per DIR [CLAS 1-9] AUTH unmask per US AMB]
Since each unmasking requires approval, there would be a paper trail, somebody need to sign off, this is the trail that Durham is most likely following, take a listen to Admiral Rogers, he will explain how it all works. 
C_A domestic assist w/ rogue FBI to avoid US law [non_op domestic]?
C_A cannot spy domestically, how did they go around this, they used rogue FBI agents. 
C_A HUMINT domestic placement > T campaign [1-3 jumps primary target], T WH spy_insertion NATSEC C, personal advisor(s), cabinet?
Certain individuals were planted in the Trump Campaign to allow for the FISA surveillance, Obama, Brennan and others were able to spy on Trump and others. 
C_A organized under DNI?
2010 – 2017 [Clapper] [bulk]
James Clapper from 2010 – 2017 was the head of DNI
2017 – 2019 [Coats] [sleeper/prevent [black op] release of incriminating docs]
Dan Coats was a sleeper. He was not working with Trump he was working against him,  he prevented the release of documents, hid documents that would implicate Obama.  Coats is now gone, Trump gave Barr full authority, he now has the power to declassify anything he wants. 

What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook?📁


noun (1)

\ ˈtrap  \

Definition of trap

 (Entry 1 of 4)

1a device for taking game or other animalsespecially one that holds by springing shut suddenly
2asomething by which one is caught or stopped unawaresalso a position or situation from which it is difficult or impossible to escape
ba football play in which a defensive player is allowed to cross the line of scrimmage and then is blocked from the side while the ballcarrier advances through the spot vacated by the defensive player
cthe act or an instance of trapping the ball in soccer
da defensive maneuver in basketball in which two defenders converge quickly on the ball handler to steal the ball or force a bad pass
3aa device for hurling clay pigeons into the air
ca piece of leather or section of interwoven leather straps between the thumb and index finger of a baseball glove that forms an extension of the pocket

Enjoy the show!

POTUS knows his opponent’s playbook, therefore, the impeachment hoax is a trap. (One of many.)

DEVASTATING! Rep. Stefanik Gets Democrats’ Top Witness to Admit That Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden’s Corruption Was a Problem (VIDEO) 

  • Stefanik blew up the Democrat narrative today after she got the ambassador to admit the Obama administration knew about Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play scandal in Ukraine. 
  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch admitted under questioning from Republican counsel that she had been briefed about the fact that Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board, but did nothing about it.


Replying to 

Do you believe in coincidences?
Mathematically impossible?
Date ‘public’ became aware?
Date ‘anons’ became aware?
Do you think we are targeted and attacked by the largest media co’s in the world because we’re a LARP?
Logical thinking.

Are the world’s largest media companies and Silicon Valley trying to silence Q because he’s a LARP or because he’s a threat?

Future Proves Past “Whistle Blower Traps”

“Whistle Blower Traps”
[Mar 4 2018]
‘Trap’ keyword select provided…..
Whole or (parts) – break/break
You have more than you know.
Future proves past.

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