Public Is Learning The Truth,Trump Was Right About Everything,Castle Cleaning In Progress – Ep. 2962


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Public Is Learning The Truth,Trump Was Right About Everything,Castle Cleaning In Progress
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The 2022 year was a complete disaster. [JB] is trying to convince the people that inflation is down, fuel prices are down, but they are down from [JB] highs. The GND is falling apart, Elon Musk all EV does not qualify for 7500 credit, this tells you that the GND is political and not going to benefit the people. The [CB] are accumulating gold. The [DS] is feeling pain every single day. The pain is going to get worse as time goes on. The public is learning the truth and the Fauci files are about to come out. Everything that is happening shows the fake news, other government agencies lied to the American people and Trump told the truth. The swamp is now being drained, optics are good. The drip of information is about to turn into a flood of information.



Joe Biden Cheers Historic Year: Record Crime, Record Inflation, Record Illegal Immigration, Record Gas Prices, Worst Stock/Bond/Equity Losses Since 1871

Joe forgot to mention a few historic moments from 2022.

The House GOP Judiciary Committee helped him out.

2022 was truly a historic year for America.

The highest gas prices in US history.

  • Record crime on our streets. There were over one million stolen cars in 2022 alone.
  • Inflation was out of control at a 40-year high in 2022.

  • Illegal immigration broke all records. Over 5 million illegal aliens have crossed over the open southern border into the United States in Joe Biden’s first two years in office.
  • And the US stock market had its worst year since 2008.


Judge Temporarily Blocks California Law Forcing Restaurant Chains to Raise Fast-Food Wages

  • A judge has temporarily blocked California from implementing a new law that would raise wages for fast food workers.
  • Under the new law, minimum wage increases would be capped at $22 an hour for workers at chains with more than 100 restaurants. The statewide minimum wage is currently $15.50.
  • According to KTLA, “state and county elections officials are still verifying whether the referendum proposal received enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, a determination expected by the end of January. If that happens, the law would be halted from taking effect until voters weigh in.”
  • “California bureaucrats, at the behest of special interests, are taking an unprecedented step to violate their Constitution and the will of more than one million voters who asked for the Fast Food Council to be stopped via the referendum process,” Matt Haller, chief executive officer and president of the International Franchise Association, said in a statement.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • One America News Network@OAN


U.S. Court of Appeals Rule MAGA Hat Is Free Speech

  • Middle school teacher Eric Dodge started to wear his MAGA hat to school meetings in 2019 but principal  Caroline Garrett threatened disciplinary actions against Dodge if he continued to wear the hat
  • The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in the case Dodge v. Evergreen School District decided a Washington middle school teacher was exercising his free speech rights while wearing his red MAGA hat at school training sessions.
  •  A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said there was no evidence that the teacher, Eric Dodge, had caused any actual disruption by bringing the hat supporting former President Donald Trump to teacher-only trainings at his Vancouver, Washington, school.
  •  .


  • 9 Republicans issued a statement late last night, that they will not be supporting Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. He has been in a leadership role for 14yrs and they aren’t confident that he will keep his promises going forward. They are not willing to accept a Speaker, leading by Nancy Pelosi’s example.
  • Representatives – Scott Perry, Paul Gosar, Andy Ogals, Anna Paulina Luna, Eli Crane, Chip Roy, Dan Bishop, Andy Harris, Andrew Clyde
  • Just a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time. Thank you Ted!

Ted Nugent@tednugent

POLL: Voters Want Republicans To Release Tax Returns Of Democrats Who Voted To Release Trump’s

  • A majority of voters want the tax returns of these Democrats to be released, according to a new poll.
  • You know what they say about payback.
  • Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Voters Say GOP Should Release Federal Tax Returns of Democrats Who Voted to Release Trump’s

Most voters believe that Republican lawmakers should pursue the release of tax returns of Democrats who voted to release former President Donald Trump’s, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday found.

While the survey found that most, 63 percent, approve of Democrat members of the House Ways and Means Committee releasing six years of Trump’s tax returns, most want the same to happen to the Democrats who made that happen.

The survey said:

Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives next year. Should Republicans in Congress release the federal tax returns of the Democrats who voted to release Trump’s tax returns?

Most, 54 percent, said “yes,” followed by 31 percent who said “no” and 16 percent who remain unsure.

Republicans should do this.


Let’s see Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns. And Biden’s.




Democrats must be made to experience what they inflict on others.

Cross posted from American Lookout.


  • The REAL Insurrection is what’s going on at our Souther Border. Criminals and Drugs are pouring into our Country at levels never seen, or even thought of, before. Our Country is being poisoned to death. The Democrats know it, and the RINOS refuse to do anything about it. It is a great Human, and American, TRAGEDY. God Bless the USA!!!
  • Interesting.

Virgin Islands Attorney General Loses Her Job Days After Suing JPMorgan Chase in Connection with the Jeffrey Epstein Probe

  • The Virgin Islands top prosecutor who reached a more than $105 million settlement with Jeffrey Epstein’s estate has lost her job days after suing JPMorgan Chase in connection with her probe. 
  • The federal lawsuit, filed in New York, accused the bank of having “facilitated, sustained, and concealed” Epstein’s human trafficking network.
  • On Dec. 27, then-Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a blistering and heavily redacted 30-page lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase.
  • “JP Morgan turned a blind eye to evidence of human trafficking over more than a decade because of Epstein’s own financial footprint, and because of the deals and clients that Epstein brought and promised to bring to the bank,” the lawsuit alleged. “These decisions were advocated and approved at the senior levels of JP Morgan, including by the former chief executive of its asset management division and investment bank, whose inappropriate relationship with Epstein should have been evident to the bank. Indeed, it was only after Epstein’s death that JP Morgan belatedly complied with federal banking regulations regarding Epstein’s accounts.”


Biden arrives in US Virgin Islands to relax between holidays


Geopolitical/Police State

  • Facebook has lost over 80 Billion Dollars in Value since “deplatforming” President Donald J. Trump. Also, it has gotten very BORING and UNINTERESTING. That stupid, unnecessary, and probably illegal move is now considered a major business mistake. I agree!
  • Wow!!! So while Trump Hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) RATINGS are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (“they’re toast”), Fox News Ratings are also way down because they never say “Trump” or TRUTH, never talk about the Rigged Presidential Election, and is a Fake Polling Network. Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their Ratings will continue to sink. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
  • So Trump came out with Truth Social at the beginning of the year. Elon bought Twitter, Elon fired the majority of People “working” at Twitter. Other Social Media Platforms went through massive layoffs. The Corporate Media also had massive layoffs, nobody watches anyways. Their Propaganda Machine is imploding before our eyes, because nobody believes their lies anymore, it’s happening Worldwide and this is just the beginning.


H.R. McMaster: ‘I Think Xi Jingping Is Preparing the Chinese People for War’ 
  • During an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster predicted China under Xi Jinping would move on Taiwan, adding that he viewed the Chinese dictator as preparing his people “for war.”
  • “It’s a grave threat,” McMaster said. “I think Xi Jinping means what he says, right? I think we have to be careful not to mirror image, not to fall into the same traps as we did with Vladimir Putin of confirmation bias and optimism bias. Xi Jinping has made quite clear in his statements that he’s going to make, from his perspective, China whole again by subsuming Taiwan. And the preparations are underway. So I think what is important is what – what Michele said, deterrence. But good old-fashioned deterrence by denial. I mean, hard power matters. And I think we are underinvested in defense in the United States. China has become increasingly aggressive, not only from an economic and financial perspective and a diplomacy perspective but physically with its military.
  • “And what’s really disturbing is I think Xi Jinping is preparing the Chinese people for war,” he continued.  


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

Controversial California Laws Take Effect January 1st – Including Punishing Doctors For COVID “Misinformation”

  • One law would allow for doctors to face discipline for COVID “misinformation” — this includes information on if vaccines are effective.
  • Another law would seal the criminal records of at least 225,000 Californians. 
  • A third law would allow nurse practitioners to perform first-trimester abortions without doctors’ supervision.
  • Loitering for the intent to engage in prostitution will also be decriminalized.
  • These laws will take effect on January 1st.

The Epoch Times reported:

This law allows doctors to face discipline for spreading so-called misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19—including information about vaccine effectiveness and other treatments—and categorizes such as unprofessional conduct.

Physicians and surgeons are regulated by the Medical Board. Under current law, the board is required to act against any licensed doctor who is charged with unprofessional conduct.

At least 225,000 Californians with prior convictions or arrests will be able to have their records automatically sealed from criminal background checks due to this new law.

While the records will be automatically sealed once people complete their sentence and go four years without new arrests, others will now be able to petition a judge to have theirs sealed.

No wonder everyone is fleeing California! 

  • The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity



Adam Kinzinger Lies About Ray Epps Again, and We Should Probably Figure out Why

  • The January 6 committee recently ended with a whimper after a year of pomp and circumstance. Despite much manipulation of information by its members, the committee’s report garnered all of about eight hours of headline news before quickly burning out.
  • Yet, for some reason, Adam Kinzinger rushed to social media on Sunday morning to defend Epps.


  • It’s worth noting that this is the second time that Kinzinger has gone to bat for Epps. He did so in January 2022, actually painting the man who helped incite the riot at the Capitol as a sympathetic figure. It was one of the weirder moments of the entire January 6th saga. More importantly, though, Kinzinger is lying, and he’s lying in a way that is very easily exposed.


  • House Republicans gathered a trove of text and email messages showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was directly involved in the creation and editing of the Capitol security plan that failed during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot and that security officials later declared they had been “denied again and again” the resources needed to protect one of the nation’s most important homes of democracy.
  • The report concludes the Capitol was left vulnerable on Jan. 6 as a result of failures by the Democratic leadership in the House and law enforcement leaders in the Capitol Police who allowed concerns about the “optics” of having armed officers and National Guardsmen visible to the public to override the need for enhanced security.
  • Source:
  • Unselect Committee doesn’t explain Ray Epps, Sullivan, or the “other” ringleaders. Gee, I wonder why?
  • DineshDSouza@DineshDSouza
On January 6, 2021 Ray Epps texted his nephew to say, “I WAS IN THE FRONT WITH A FEW OTHERS. I ALSO ORCHESTRATED IT.” See the relevant section and also link to full transcript below
  • Very likely.
  • The Fake News totally misread the subpoenas Smith sent to 5 states attorneys general.
  • Smith sent subpoenas to the State AG’s of Wisconsin, AZ, GA, MI and PA. The 5 key election theft states.
  • How was this explained?
  • Fake News said “Smith is gathering evidence of Trump as President trying to FORCE these AG’s to overturn the 2020 election results!”
  • In fact Smith is using documents from the Mar A Lago raid that were ‘seized’ from Trump to seek election theft evidence.
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the Radical Left Democrats, Marxist Lunatics, China loving Coco Chow and her Obedient Husband, Mitch, and Clueless RINOS, who are working so hard to DESTROY our once great Country. More importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Incredible, Brave, and Strong American Patriots who Built, Love, and Cherish America. The REAL leaders of our Country will always remain FAITHFUL and LOYAL to you. The USA will be back, Bigger & Better & Stronger than ever before. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
  • “TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING” One of most often used current phrases or statements. Wow, such a magnificent compliment. Thank you!


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Truth and facts will prevail.
The public will learn the truth.


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Castle clean.

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