• Is it possible North Korea is correct in claiming victory over Covid by simply letting nature take its course?


  • Primary source reports from average North Koreans living in primitive conditions indicate herd immunity has been achieved without vaccines, mask mandates and the punishing lockdown policies used by would-be socialist regimes in what was once the freewheeling West.
  • Interviews with North Koreans conducted by Asia Press indicate that residents  believe herd immunity is a result of virtually everyone having contracted the virus.
  • North Korea rejected millions of doses of AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines offered by the WHO-led COVAX program, a global Covid-19 vaccine distribution mechanism which requires transparent distribution and monitoring.

Source: worldtribune.com

Poll: Americans’ Trust in Public Education Reaches 2nd All-Time Low 
  • American satisfaction with the country’s K-12 education system has reached its second all-time low, according to a Gallup poll.
  • Only 42 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with the system, which is the lowest number in two decades and the second-lowest rating in Gallup’s tracking of the question.
  • This number is in contrasnews.gallup.com/…/americans-satisfaction-education-low-side.aspxt to 51 percent in 2019, which was a near-record high. Gallup said the satisfaction has been “dropping slightly each year since.”
  • Twenty-three percent of Americans are “completely dissatisfied” with the education system and 32 percent are “somewhat dissatisfied,” showing a total of 55 percent overall dissatisfaction. Only nine percent are “completely satisfied.”

Source: breitbart.com