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Red/Green Castle On Ready, Clock Activated, Stage Is Set, Next Week
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What we are witnessing is the great transition, the entire economic system is shifting, supply chains are changing, the push to remove and expose the [CB] is now in process. Trump and the patriots are helping as many business and people to get thru the transition, a big shift is coming, but in the end the economy is going to be amazing. The [DS] is pushing their agenda, the [V] has been neutralized but the MSM/[DS] and others can not deviate from the script. Trump and the patriots are using this to their benefit, why interfere with your enemy while they are destroying themselves. Trump mentions we are fighting an invisible enemy that is upon us. The stage is set, clock activated.

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Current News – 03.17.2020

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The global economy was rocking on a precipice – the coronavirus pushed it over

  • With America’s screeching to a halt, the intervention may need to be faster and even more extreme than the action taken during the financial crisis. In 2008, Congress passed the now-infamous $700 billion TARP package to bail out the banks. This time around, Trump is clearly hoping to make a statement by spending $850 billion – a larger number than TARP – to bail out Main Street.


 White House Will Send Checks To Americans Within 2 Weeks, Mnuchin Says

While the figure of $1000 checks has been mentioned  Mnuchin said the amount may be more.

Mnuchin also made other announcements regarding tax extensions and deferments, however he urged Americans due for refunds to file as soon as possible so they can get their returns processed and over-payments refunded quickly.

Politico reported Trump and Mnuchin will be consulting with Congress to seek to exempt high earners from the emergency checks.

“I think it’s clear we don’t need to send people who make $1 million a year checks,” Mnuchin said. “That’s one of the ideas that we like. We’re going to preview that today, and then we’ll be talking about details afterwards.”

President Donald Trump added that checks for everyone “may not be an accurate way of doing it because obviously some people shouldn’t be getting checks for $1,000.”

“We’ll have a pretty good idea by the end of the day what we’re gonna be doing,” he said.

Mnuchin: Individuals will be able to defer up to $1M in tax payments due to coronavirus

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday said that individuals will be able to defer up to $1 million in tax payments to the IRS for 90 days in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Gas Prices Could Hit 99 Cents In Some States Due To Coronavirus, Expert Says

  • Five states — Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana and Tennessee — have already dropped below $2.
  • The prices are falling in part due to a recent increase in production in Saudi Arabia and Russia. Markets worldwide have dropped partly because oil prices plunged as producers squabbled over production and supply.


Trump will ask Congress for more than $800 billion in economic stimulus: $500 bil in payroll tax cut, $250 bil in Small Business Association loans, $58 billion for the airlines, and a smattering of other items.


Report: Hunter Biden Trips Cost Taxpayers Nearly $200,000
  •  Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden cost taxpayers nearly $200,000 as he toured the globe during his father’s time in office.
  • According to, a database that collects and reports unclassified government expenditures, Biden’s trips cost taxpayers $193,696 for Secret Service protection. The Washington Free Beacon, which was first to report on the matter, noted;

That amount is nearly four times the recorded security bill of the four adult Trump children—combined.

  • Biden visited more than 10 countries during his father’s term, including China, Qatar, and South Africa, according to the database. Throughout his travels, Biden received multiple bills, which involved taxpayer payments to a “miscellaneous foreign contractor” or a “miscellaneous foreign awardee.”
  • Most obvious throughout the records in the database was Biden’s cost of Secret Service protection.


DOJ Files To Drop Charges Against Russian ‘Bot Farms’ That Fought Mueller Indictment

John Durham Charges Man with Threatening to Assault and Murder Adam Schiff

John H. Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and David Sundberg, Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, today announced that ROBERT M. PHELPS, 62, of Torrington, has been charged by federal criminal complaint with threatening to murder U.S. Representative Adam Schiff of California.

Phelps was arrested on March 13. Following his arrest, he appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge William I. Garfinkel in Bridgeport and was released on a $25,000 bond.

As alleged in court documents and statements made in court, on November 12, 2019, the office of U.S. Representative Adam Schiff received a threatening communication through a Meeting Request entry form on Congressman Schiff’s official website. The meeting request included the statement “…I want to kill you with my bare hands and smash your…face in.” In addition, in response to the preferred days of the week for the meeting request, Phelps wrote “Measure your Coffin day.”


False Flags

David Rothschild responded to Trump

Why States ‘Governing Themselves’ During The Coronavirus Outbreak Is A Good Thing

  • No, the federal government shouldn’t ‘take over the supply chain’ for medical equipment, and yes, states can in fact govern themselves.
  • Many reporters and pundits, for example, seem to think states are almost entirely dependent on the federal government in emergency situations like this.
  • But here’s the thing: the president of the United States doesn’t have the power to order these things. For as much as we might think of the federal government as all-powerful, it really isn’t. The founders wisely chose a federal republic for our form of government, which means sovereignty is divided between states and the federal government.
  • The powers of the federal government are limited and enumerated, while all powers not granted to the feds are reserved for the states, including emergency police powers of the kind we’re seeing states and localities use now. Local governments, as creations of the states, can exercise state police powers as well. 




Katie Hill Claims She ‘Almost Certainly’ Has Coronavirus 

  • Former California congresswoman Katie Hill claimed   that her doctor said she “almost certainly” has contracted the Coronavirus.
  • Hill resigned last November after nude photos of her with a younger female staffer were leaked to the media. She formerly represented California’s 25th district, and was the first openly bisexual member of Congress.
  • .


Austrian Archduke Karl von Habsburg, 59, becomes the first royal in the world to be diagnosed with coronavirus – but insists he is ‘fine’ and brands the illness ‘annoying’

  • Karl von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria is head of House of Habsburg-Lorraine 
  • Confirmed news to Austrian TV channel oe24 and described illness as ‘annoying’ 
  • Is self-isolating at home with a friend dropping groceries at door every two days 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?


It Begins – San Francisco Initiates Forced Quarantine of all Residents, All Hours, Effective Midnight…

  • San Francisco has skipped the interim mitigation efforts and has announced a forced quarantine of all residents inside their homes 24-hours-a-day for the next three weeks.

CALIFORNIA – [….] Mayor London Breed announced what she calls a “defining moment” in U.S. response to the pandemic. Beginning at 12 AM, all residents within the city can only leave home for doctor’s appointments or runs to the grocery store.

It’s the strictest new policy enacted in the nation, and matches the current rules in Italy … which has been the 2nd hardest-hit country in the world.

The Mayor says the rule will remain in effect for at least the next 3 weeks.



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What day is today?
How much more obvious can we make it?


Look what POTUS retweeted and what’s in the upper left corner. Hmmmm
Retweet ‘many’ for plausible deniability?
March (17) – message to?


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Next week.


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Next week.
USMC activated.
US (3). US Marine Corp Activated in 3 US Cities

Trump says he is ‘starting the process’ of having the military assist with coronavirus response

  • President Donald Trump said Tuesday that his administration was “starting the process” of having the US Army Corps of Engineers assist New York in its response to the coronavirus pandemic



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Clock activated.


Trump during his presser said “It wasn’t their fault that this thing was all of a sudden upon us.”

 Trump said: “We need to take down/get rid of this ENEMY, it’s an INVISIBLE ENEMY.” Enemy. NOT Virus!

Look to Twitter:
Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”
God bless.
How do you bring a country together?
How do you have the people of the US look at China instead of Russia?
How do you show the people that you are fighting for them?
How do you get the MSM on your side?
How do you shutdown the [DS] operation once the operation is complete
Trump retweeted

HUGE! New Study Reveals Taking Chloroquine Fights Off COVID-19 in 6 Days and Works as Preventative for Coronavirus Infection

  •  a new study revealed the anti-viral medication chloroquine is successful in fighting the coronavirus.

**  An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Laura invited Dr. Gregory Rigano, the co-author of the study to discuss the latest findings.
  • Dr. Rigano said their study found that those COVID-19 patients who took hydroxy-chloroquine were found free of the disease in 6 days.  The patients were testing negative for the coronavirus in six days!  
  • Dr. Rigano also said taking choroquine could act as a preventative.
  • This is a remarkable study!
  • Via The Ingraham Angle:


President Trump Looks Forward to ‘Big Celebration’ After Coronavirus

  • President Donald Trump told the nation   that he looked forward to a “big celebration” when the fight against the coronavirus outbreak ended in victory — even if it took until July, or August, or perhaps longer.