Scavino Sends Message: Red Wave, 11.3 Was The Beginning, All Will Fall In Line – Ep. 2908


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Scavino Sends Message: Red Wave, 11.3 Was The Beginning, All Will Fall In Line
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The Biden admin are having a difficult time explaining the economy, the reporters are not believing what they are saying and if they are saying this then the people are definitely not buying what they are selling. The climate agenda is completely falling apart. The people in Russia are now buying gold. The [DS] is panicking, the people are not with them, they are now thinking logically. [HRC] is panicking over the 2022 midterm elections, they see their power slipping through their fingers. Scavino sends a message, the red wave is coming and the [DS] doesn’t stand a chance. The rest of the corrupt individuals will fall in line in the end. The patriots are in control .



Biden’s Climate Policies Aren’t Convincing Most Americans To Go Green, Poll Finds 

  • A majority of Americans are unwilling to purchase an EV or install solar panels in their home despite the Biden administration’s push to provide financial incentivizes for green energy technologies, an Associated Press poll found.
  • The Democrats’ $386 billion climate bill, which President Joe Biden signed into law in August, will spend $161 billion on “clean electricity” tax credits and $36 billion on EV tax credits. Despite this, a majority of Americans are unwilling to purchase electric cars or solar panels, according to an AP and University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center poll published Tuesday 
  • Roughly 69% of those polled said that they were not very likely to buy an electric car and only 9% said that they were extremely likely to buy an EV. A majority of respondents (64%) also indicated that they were unwilling to purchase solar panels and only one out of every ten people surveyed claimed that they were very likely to do so.


Russian banks run low on gold amid surging demand – Vedomosti

  • The abolition of purchase tax has sparked wide interest in the precious metal, experts say
  • Banks in Russia are facing a shortage of gold bars after demand for the precious metal increased sharply, Vedomosti newspaper reported
  • Meanwhile, refineries are developing infrastructure to work with individuals, but it takes time to establish business processes, analysts from Moscow Credit Bank have said.



Adidas Severs All Ties With Kanye West 

  • Adidas officially cut ties with Kanye West  as a result of his recent anti-Semitic rhetoric,
  • Adidas said the relationship ended because the organization “does not tolerate antisemitism,” according to The Guardian. This announcement comes just days after the organization issued a statement declaring that its agreement with West was “under review.”
  • The company has ceased the production of all Yeezy products and will no longer pay West for his contributions to the brand, citing his “hateful and dangerous” commentary, according to The Guardian.


  • Pressure was mounting for Adidas to join the ranks of Balenciaga, GAP and JPMorgan Chase, all of which severed ties with the rapper and business mogul after his spate of inflammatory statements, according to The Guardian.


  •  Kanye is now saying they have blackmail on most people in his position(influencers), and they can’t speak or they will go to prison. Also that they can’t vote for the people that they want to vote for(Trump). He says his gangster friends kept him from doing the initiations.
  • “They legally can not speak or they will go to prison”
  • As he fully understands, writer Bob Woodward never got my permission to release tapes of my various interviews with him.Those tapes were allowed only for purposes of making sure that he got my quotes & statements correct for “the WRITTEN WORD,” in other words, for his, nevertheless, highly inaccurate book.The tapes are much better than the book, at least if they were not bludgeoned to death by him to make me look as bad as possible, but he & his publisher had NO right to use my “VOICE” or them!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatted for 6th Time Last Night

  • “Swatting” is the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.
  • This is a dangerous prank used by the American left against their political opponents. It is very dangerous because it could lead to a violent confrontation if the police are not aware of the situation.

Last night Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted for the sixth time since August.

The wicked American left really wants her dead.


  • Go back and watch the presser.
    I counted how many times “PRC” and “CCP” were mentioned by each of the 4 speakers. Here is the tally.
  • AG Garland-
  • PRC: 13
    CCP: 0
  • DAG Monaco-
  • PRC: 6
    CCP: 0
  • FBI Director Wray-
  • PRC: 1
    CCP: 6
  • AAG Olsen-
  • PRC: 2
    CCP: 0
  • One would think the FBI and the DOJ would be on the same page with their messaging around who’s responsible for threats to our National Security.
  • Why are the DOJ officials afraid to say CCP? And why is Wray not?

Live | The U.S. Department of Justice

Live webcasts from the U.S. Department of Justice

  • Yesterday’s DOJ/FBI press conference was a clear ploy to make it seem like they actually enforce laws outside of targeting the MAGA movement
  • It also makes me think they’re trying to “get ahead” of a flood of information coming out about Chinese interference in our elections that they ignored (Konnech) and the clear Biden crime family corruption that will continue to be unearthed in a GOP congress
  • We are not fooled
  • The DOJ needs to be stripped down to the bones and rebuilt from the ground up

  • Sheriff’s Officers in Florida rescued eight women who were forced into sex trafficking by smugglers who illegally brought them into the U.S.
  • Officers with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office rescued eight women who were forced into sex trafficking in Florida by smugglers who illegally brought them into the U.S. through the southern border. They also arrested their alleged smuggler and trafficker, Rosalia Leonard Garcia, 29, and Amet Maqueira, 35.


Geopolitical/Police State

  • Now that the deal is on the brink of happening, the impending scenario of working under a Twitter owner who actually believes in free speech is posing a massive reality check for coddled millennials who have spent years in college insulated from people with different beliefs and values.
  • Even more sobering is that Elon Musk reportedly plans to axe 75% of the Twitter thought police who have served as the digital vanguard for the Democratic Party and left-wing progressives for years.
  • On late Monday, Time procured a copy of a missive from Woke Twitter employees to Elon Musk and the Board of Directors ahead of the takeover deal finally closing.
  •  .We, the workers at Twitter, will not be intimidated. We recommit to supporting the communities, organizations, and businesses who rely on Twitter. We will not stop serving the public conversation.We call on Twitter management and Elon Musk to cease these negligent layoff threats. As workers, we deserve concrete commitments so we can continue to preserve the integrity of our platform.We demand of current and future leadership:Respect: We demand leadership to respect the platform and the workers who maintain it by committing to preserving the current headcount.Safety: We demand that leadership does not discriminate against workers on the basis of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. We also demand safety for workers on visas, who will be forced to leave the country they work in if they are laid off.Protection: We demand Elon Musk explicitly commit to preserve our benefits, those both listed in the merger agreement and not (e.g. remote work). We demand leadership to establish and ensure fair severance policies for all workers before and after any change in ownership.Dignity: We demand transparent, prompt and thoughtful communication around our working conditions. We demand to be treated with dignity, and to not be treated as mere pawns in a game played by billionaires.Sincerely,Twitter workers
  • In summary, the Twitter workers are demanding to keep their jobs, even if their worldview does not align with the incoming owner’s values, because Elon Musk somehow owes it to them.
  • It’s clear where Twitter’s culture of censorship, left-wing group think, and entitlement is emanating from. Elon Musk intends to put a stop to it, and that justifiably has “Woke” employees freaking out.


“A Globalist If I Ever Saw One – I Believe Conservatives Are Doomed” – Nigel Farage Blasts New UK PM Rishi Sunak (VIDEO)    

  • Former UKIP party leader and GB News commentator Nigel Farage blasted the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as “our first former Goldman Sachs employee” and “a Globalist if I ever saw one”.



Give War a Chance! House Democrat Progressive Caucus Withdraws Letter to Biden Calling for Peace Negotiations with Russia Over Ukraine 

  • After “furious” pushback by members of their own party including several signers, the House Democrat Congressional Progressive Caucus withdrew a letter sent to Joe Biden just yesterday that called for peace negotiations with Russia over the war on Ukraine. The CPC shamelessly blamed caucus staff for releasing the letter and cited House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent statement about a Republican controlled Congress in 2023 not giving a “blank check” to Ukraine as the reason for the withdrawal because it appeared the CPC was allying with the Republicans against Biden.
  • The letter, signed by thirty House progressives under the leadership of caucus chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), was first reported by the Washington Post Monday. Coming just two weeks before the midterm elections, the letter sent off shock waves in Washington as the first break in the Democrats with Biden over his all-in support for Ukraine.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

White House dodges blame for historic drops in student math and reading scores 

  • The White House danced around a new report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress on Monday showing significant drops in math and reading scores among students over the past two years.
  • The “nation’s report card” found that no state saw math or reading score increases over the time frame, and Peggy Carr, the commissioner of the National Center of Education Statistics, claimed, “The results show the profound toll on student learning during the pandemic, as the size and scope of the declines are the largest ever in mathematics.”


  • WHEN President Trump talks about “fast trial and death penalties” for drug dealers “who have killed so many”, do you think he is referring to the street-corner variety, or the CDC/FDA/MSM variety?

Missed Insurance Filing Has Exposed How Much Harvard Is Paying To Defend Race-Based Admissions

  • Harvard has spent over $27 million defending its race-based admission policy, according to an insurance filing.
  • The insurance filing became public after Harvard failed to file a timely formal claim with one of its insurance companies.
  • Now, the insurance company and Harvard are battling over $15 million of that cost.
  • New York Times reported:

TRENDING: WHAT? Election-Denier Hillary Clinton Says “Right-Wing Extremists” Have a Plan to “Literally Steal the Next Presidential Election”


Days after Students for Fair Admissions sued Harvard in 2014, arguing that its practice of taking account of race in its undergraduate admissions decisions was unlawful and harmed Asian American applicants, the university formally notified its primary insurance carrier to seek payment of its defense costs. That policy had a $25 million limit, after Harvard paid $2.5 million.


  • Why doesn’t Harvard lower the cost for students instead of spending millions defending this policy?



Charlie Crist’s Former Colleagues Endorse DeSantis In Letter 

  • A group of Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s former colleagues unanimously endorsed sitting Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, 
  • “The undersigned represent former colleagues and staff of Charlie Crist. Together, we have known Charlie in virtually all phases of his career and public life,” the letter, which was signed by 37 former colleagues,



  • In the video below, Becky Hobbs admitted to a Democrat strategy of funding Republican candidates who they thought would be easier to beat in a general election and admitted to registering as a Republican with her husband “to vote against Mark Kelly.” They believed it would help Kelly in his November general election.
  • She also said they did this “to vote against [former Maricopa County Sheriff] Joe Arpaio.”
  • The Gateway Pundit recently reported that James O’Keefe released a teaser video where he revealed this video would drop this Monday along with another exposé on Mark Kelly. The Mark Kelly undercover sting video is expected to air later this week.
  • NEW  Google is manipulating search results to harm Republicans in critical Senate races, according to Media Research Center. 
  • MRC calls on Google to “stop its war on democracy” and “provide algorithmic transparency” after findings revealed campaign sites for 10 Republicans among 12 tight races were found significantly lower in results compared to opponents’ sites in organic search.
  • Seven Republican candidate’s sites were reportedly hidden from the 1st page of Google search results. (Fox News)

FACTS DON’T LIE: Dems Push Big LIE About Conservative Causing “Violence and Disruption” Around Upcoming Election—So Far, a MI Pro-Life Door-Knocker Has Been Shot and Marco Rubio Election Volunteer Violently Attacked and Beaten [VIDEO]

  • 100 Percent Fed Up reports – We recently reported about an 84-yr-old woman in Michigan who was shot by a homeowner while she was knocking on doors to educate voters about the dangerous abortion til the moment of birth Proposal 3 that’s on the ballot in Michigan’s upcoming November election.
  • Last night, it was reported by FL Senator Marco Rubio that one of his volunteers had been taken by ambulance to the hospital after he was attacked and brutally beaten in a neighborhood while knocking on doors.


Conservatives are outraged over the uptick in violence against innocent Americans for simply expressing their support for Republicans.



Hillary Clinton Says Republicans Have ‘Plan To Literally Steal’ Next Election

  •  Hillary Clinton said in a video posted to Twitter that Republicans “have a plan” to steal the 2024 presidential election.
  • Clinton warned voters that while the focus may be on the upcoming midterms, voters need to look ahead to 2024.
  • “I know we’re all focused on the 2022 midterm elections, and they are incredibly important, but we also have to look ahead because, you know what, our opponents certainly are.”
  • “Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election, and they’re not making a secret of it.”


  • HIllary Clinton seems extremely concerned about how much power individual states are retaining. It’s almost like Trump’s original promise to bring power out of DC and back to the people is literally happening right now.

Brian Cates commentary:


After TWO STRAIGHT YEARS of insisting US election systems are the best in the world & 2020 was the most safe & secure election EVAH [because they STOLE IT], guess what they’re gonna say now that they see his EPIC & HISTORICAL ass-kicking coming for them?

They’re gonna say…THIS!

Panic, fear, they are falling right into the trap

[email protected]

  • Australian Parliament Member Fiona Simpson says it’s “extremely alarming” that U.S. election software CEO Eugene Yu has been arrested.
  • “Eugene Yu tried to sue me for raising issues about Konnech…”
  • “I believe these legal maneuvers by Mr. Yu are attempts to bully and gag an elected representative and our continue to demand greater transparency and accountability as well as security of our election system.”

@truethevote @greggphillips @DineshDSouza

BREAKING: Audit Results of Primary Election in Torrance County, New Mexico Show Differences Between Hand Counts and SOS Records of Up to 25% 

  • An audit of the primary results in Torrance County, New Mexico uncovered numerous material items from the election.
  • CD Media reports:
  • Torrance County, NM recently held an audit of their primary election and the results showed a stunning 25% difference between machine and hand count results.Torrance is a small county but the significance is huge for the 2022 general election on Nov 8.
  • Attorney David Clements shared more on his Telegram page:
  • The errors appeared to be in the Republican block of votes!
  • Erin Clements, an engineer and the wife of David Clements was also involved in the audit.  She shared the following:
  • The Clements family is doing all it can to bring free and fair elections back to the states. 
  • New Mexico was out of control in 2020!
  • BREAKING: Audit Results of Primary Election in Torrance County, New Mexico Show Differences Between Hand Counts and SOS Records…
  • An audit of the primary results in Torrance County, New Mexico uncovered numerous material items from the election. CD Media reports: Torrance County, NM recently held an audit of their primary election…

The Gateway Pundit

Carl Bernstein says ‘proof is there already’ for DOJ to indict Trump

  • Longtime journalist Carl Bernstein on Monday said that he believes there is already enough evidence present for the Department of Justice to indict former President Trump for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol. 
  • During an appearance on “CNN Tonight with Jake Tapper,” Bernstein was asked if he thinks there is enough evidence for authorities to indict Trump, noting reporting by his former colleague, Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, on Trump’s presidency and the slew of public hearings conducted by the House select committee investigating the insurrection.



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Follow up to last post.
Return to comments re: Pelosi and John M (some of us refuse to say his last name for a reason).
This all has meaning – everything stated. Big picture stuff – few positions allow for this direct knowledge.Proof to begin 11.3.
We all sincerely appreciate the work you do. Keep up the good fight. The flow of information is vital.
God bless.

Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147448408
Any person making statements they will not be seeking re-election was put in submission. For the betterment of the country not all will be prosecuted and all will do as told. You will see more of this occur (not normal yet disregarded) and even on the D side.