• A Republican memo released late Monday to GOP lawmakers outlined critical issues with  the Democrats impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump and blasted Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff for a “one-sided, partisan, and fundamentally unfair hearing,” process.
  • Critical Points From Republican Memo
  1. Fact finding is unclassified. The closed door hearings are purely so Rep. Schiff can control information flow.
  2. Schiff has already fabricated evidence in the past and leaked to the media. He is doing it again with the impeachment inquiry.
  3. Democratic closed door hearings are misleading the public.
  4. Democrats have placed a gag order on Republican members present during the hearings.
  5. Schiff has denied Republicans ‘fundamental fairness and minority rights.’
  6. Schiff directed witnesses ‘called by Democrats not to answer Republican questions.’
  7. Schiff withheld deposition transcripts.
  8. Schiff broke with precedent and offered ‘no due process protections for the President.’