Silent Majority Wielded It’s Power, Purple Messages, [KC] Pleads Guilty – Episode 2253


Silent Majority Wielded It’s Power, Purple Messages, [KC] Pleads Guilty
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The [DS]/MSM players are trying to make the case that the economy lags behind our allies, this is very misleading. This was not a recession or depression where credit froze up and the market crashed, this was artificial. The economy is now recovering and we are seeing a V recovery. The [DS]/MSM are panicking like never before, Mueller arrest nobody that had to do with Russian collusion, but Barr already got a guilty plea on manipulating the FISA warrants, FISA is the start. The patent for the USPS blockchain was filed 1 year 7 months ago. The [DS]/MSM are now pushing their agenda, messages are sent, purple is the color, playbook known.

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Current News – 08.19.2020

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Fact Check: Bill Clinton Falsely Claims U.S. Economy Lags Behind Our Allies 
  • CLAIM: “Our unemployment rate is more than twice as high as South Korea’s, two-and-a-half times the United Kingdom’s, more than three times Japan’s. Donald Trump says we’re leading the world — well, we are the only major industrial economy to have its unemployment rate tripled,” former President Bill Clinton said in a video broadcast Tuesday night during the Democrat’s virtual national convention.
  • VERDICT: Misleading.
  • The U.S. unemployment rate did jump higher than that of our European and Asian allies. But that is because the U.S. has favored a more flexible and generally more effective economic policy response than Europe, South Korea has an export-focused economy, and Japan’s shrinking population and societal conventions all but prohibit layoffs.
  • It is highly misleading to claim the higher U.S. unemployment rate is a reflection of an alleged failure by Trump administration policies or to imply that this is evidence the U.S. economy is weaker than the U.K.’s, Japan’s, or South Korea’s.
  • The U.K., like many other European nations, has relied on a job protection scheme that has kept workers formally attached to their jobs even though many are not actually working or businesses cannot afford to keep them on.
  • The U.S., for its part, engaged in a massive fiscal expansion that has swiftly ended the economic contraction caused by the coronavirus. That included allowing workers to be laid off but paying most of those workers more in unemployment benefits than they earned on the job. That has limited the damage to the U.S. economy, kept household consumer spending afloat, and allowed many Americans who lost their jobs to keep paying their bills.
  1. In short, blaming higher unemployment on the Trump administration is highly misleading.






Mark Meadows: USPS Decision To Halt Service Changes Came From Board Of Governors — No Input From White House

Palm Beach County Confirms Video Showing Ballot Envelopes Displaying Party Affiliation
  • The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections confirmed that the ballot return envelopes in a viral video that appear to identify party affiliation of the voter are valid. Although, it claims different envelopes — which do not identify the party of the voter — are used in the general election.



Judge orders new election in New Jersey race Trump cited for mail-in voter fraud

  • Alex Mendez appeared to win the May 12 Patterson City Council special election, but the U.S. Postal Service said hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a Paterson mailbox and a Judge ordered a new election.




More than 200 charged with federal crimes, 1,000 arrested in Operation Legend, AG Barr announces



Geopolitical/Police State

California power troubles, rolling blackout threat draw ire over renewable energy transition

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who declared a statewide emergency  due to the heat and 30 large wildfires across the state, said California is in the “critical 48-hour period” with energy usage.
  • California has ordered rolling power outages for the first time since 2001 as a statewide heat wave strained its electrical system. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)



  •   that one of Xi’s most senior allies has called for a Maoist purge of China’s domestic-security apparatus, insisting last month that it is time to “turn the blade inwards and scrape the poison off the bone.”
  • Within one week of the call, party “enforcers” launched investigations into at least 21 police and judicial officials. Dozens more have been taken down in the weeks since. So far, the most high-profile figure to face charges is the police chief of Shanghai.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

Death Toll Rises To An Estimated 30 Victims Since ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’ Began

  • An estimated 30 people have died after supposedly “peaceful” protests erupted across the nation after George Floyd’s death on May 25.





If you want to know if POTUS is connected to Q, ask the question TO POTUS and ask the question without referring to anything else, or you’re not going to get a straight answer.

Why are they asking now? Do they want to get him on record prior to something???

  • Early this week the cause of a major security incident was revealed which occurred last Friday at an international airport in Polk County, Florida.
  • Lakeland Linder International Airport was scene of a sudden emergency evacuation when a contractor opened a shipping container to unexpectedly find a massive guided missile inside.

Military guided missile found sitting at civilian Florida airport. Image source: ABC Action News/WFTS Tampa Bay
  • Initial local news reports indicated that airport personnel had no idea how it ended up at a major civilian airport, only that the container also had parts of an aircraft inside and that the shipment belonged to Draken International, a US defense contractor based in the area which focuses on development of tactical fighter aircraft.
  • Though it’s not unheard of that shipping containers belonging to defense firms might have inert missiles in them, in this instance the missile had a “live” warhead, however was not armed.

  • The live missile is now being stored at MacDill Air Force Base.  

  •  Source:


BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…

  • …Courtesy of George Soros,
    the Clinton Crime Family,
    and the Obama Administration
  • The Purple Revolution Must Be Stopped Before It Really Gets Started
  • Truly, it was only a matter of time before a CIA color revolution was staged right in America’s own back yard.
  • Soros’s “Purple Revolution” brewing for Trump presidency
  • As a matter of historical fact, the US Department of State in collaboration with the CIA, DIA and NSA has carried out so many color revolutions around the globe over the past century


  • The biggest post-election story turned out to be the Purple Revolution that was officially started by presidential losers Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Both Clintons show up at the concession speech wearing a very deep purple—the traditional color of royalty.
  • Conclusion
  • This primary purpose of this Purple Revolution is to hijack and re-channel the organically grown, grassroots-driven energies of the legitimate Second American Revolution (SAR) that has occurred with the election of Donald Trump. 




Anonymous ID: pGukiFmX No.147591663
These crumbs are not meant to scare anyone but merely inform. Resistance will be dealt with swiftly. The core focus is removing entrenched and fortified bad actors within our federal govt (past and present) as well as others. Simply be diligent – phone numbers will be provided if you witness an uprising or other domestic violence (in addition to 911). Any military seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve. Watch for confirmations tomorrow.