Steele And Simpson Won’t Escape Indictment by Special Counsel John Durham


I think I’ve figured out why former top intelligence official Kash Patel has been saying in interviews the timeframe for a whole slew of Durham indictments dropping is “5 to 6 months”.

As everybody knows, Durham slipped the indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman just under the wire to beat the expiration of the 5 year statute of limitations.  Patel appears to be expecting Durham to drop new indictments just ahead of the five year expiration dates that will be coming up over the next five to six months.

Most of the overt acts to further the Russiagate criminal conspiracy – including multiple instances of Hillary Clinton’s private operatives lying about who they were working as they were handing off fake Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes to federal officials – were committed between late October 2016 and June of 2017.


That means the five year statute of limitations on some of those criminal acts will begin expiring between late October 2021 and April of 2022. From late October 2012 to early June 2022 is around six months.

If you study the timeline of SpyGate, many of the most serious crimes committed during the scandal begin in the 3 week period just before the November 2016 election all the way through late February of 2017.

As just one key example, the David Ignatius column in the Washington Post based on the illegal leak of the Flynn/Kislyak phone call transcripts was published on January 12, 2017. The criminal leaker of that classified information gave Ignatius the details between December 2016, when the series of phone calls occurred, and January 12, 2017, the date of the column’s publication.

If Special Counsel John Durham intends to charge anyone for that Flynn phone transcript leak, especially for any false statements  made to federal officials about it at the time, the statute of limitations starts expiring beginning in December 2021 through around June/July of 2022. We can conclusively document that John Durham began his investigation of that Flynn leak – and several other key SpyGate strategic leaks – in April of 2017. False statement cases related to leaking done between October 2016 through June/July of 2017 would have to be charged by June/July of 2022 at the latest before the 5 year statute of limitations expires. As for leaking classified intelligence, I’m told the statute of limitations on that is 10 years, but I have been unable to verify this myself.

Sussmann Was Far From The Only Clinton Operative Who Made False Statements to Federal Officials

Michael Sussman just got indicted for lying to federal officials about being a private operative working for the Hillary Clinton campaign when he approached them with the Alpha Bank hoax. Can we all agree on that? Everybody on the same page so far? Anybody wanna argue it?

You know WHO ELSE lied to federal officials back in 2016/2017 about being private operatives working for the Hillary Clinton campaign when they approached federal agencies to offer them THE STEELE DOSSIER? Huh? Do ya?

If you doubt that Steele or Simpson are going to be indicted, recall you just SAW somebody getting indicted for not being honest with the federal officials about whom they were working for when he approached them with the Alfa Bank hoax.

Who thinks that Fusion GPS’s Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson were honest with the federal officials they approached with their own fake Trump/Russia collusion hoax? Especially when it came to who they were working for? And when did all of Clinton’s private operatives efforts to hand off the Steele Dossier and the Alfa bank documents to federal agencies shift into high gear?

IF John Durham indicted Michael Sussmann for approaching the FBI and “Federal Agency-2” with a fake Trump/Russia hoax involving the Alfa Bank while lying about doing that as a paid operative of Hillary Clinton, what are the chances that Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS are also going to be indicted over their Steele Dossier shenanigans?

Well I’ll tell you. Their chances of being indicted for that are EXCELLENT.

Bruce Ohr is the former 3rd ranking federal official at the DOJ, and Kathleen Kavalec is a former federal official at the State Department. They are EXCELLENT note takers. They meet with both Steele and Simpson. And guys – THEY TOOK NOTES! VERY DETAILED NOTES!

Ohr held regular briefings with the Fusion GPS boys, sometimes meeting with Steele or Simpson separately, and sometimes with both together. Steele held a key meeting with Kavalec at the State Department, the one where he babbled to her about the Russians having a consulate in Miami. Kavelec wrote in her notes of this meeting with Steele that there is no Russian consulate in Miami.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Christopher Steele hid from Kavalec that he was a paid private operative working for the Hillary Clinton campaign when he approached her with his dossier allegations in October of 2016. It’s right there in Kavalec’s notes.  

Steele refuses to identify himself as being with either the DNC, the Clinton campaign or Fusion GPS. Instead, he gives Kavalec the name of his own private firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, to give the impression he’s making this approach on his own.

Only some of these notes by Ohr and Kavalec have been declassified and unredacted, but I’m pretty sure multiple times in the unredacted version of the notes that Durham has in his possession, both Steele and Simpson are insisting – just as Sussmann did – that they were not promoting the Steele Dossier and it’s allegations as paid operatives of Hillary Clinton. As Steele did in his meeting with Kavalec, they hid the name of their real client.

The elaborate and sophisticated dance that Steele and Simpson and others engaged in as they made their approaches to the federal agencies with the Steele Dossier is really something. They wanted to get the federal agencies to take the fake Dossier from them without their ever having admitted they were working for Hillary Clinton. There was even an elaborate scheme concocted after the 2016 election to have Senator John McCain go to James Comey to hand him a copy of the dossier so it could come to the FBI without Hillary or Fusion GPS’s fingerprints on it.

I wrote two very detailed columns about this intricate scheme to get the Steele Dossier into James Comey’s hands in December of 2016 via GOP Senator John McCain back in March of 2019.

McCain and David Kramer were willing middlemen in a scheme to suddenly hand off the Steele Dossier to Comey in December of 2016 following Trump’s surprise election win, so the media could publicize the fake dossier in a way that wouldn’t lead straight back to Hillary Clinton or Fusion GPS. Kramer even confessed in his testimony that this is why he and McCain were approached in the first place, because it would look ‘better’ if the dossier came to the FBI via a prominent Republican Senator rather than Democratic operatives.

At some point during their meetings with federal officials, this happened every time with Clinton’s dirty tricks squad: the issue of who they were working for would come up. It happened with Sussmann with James Baker at the FBI and with the officials he met with in Feb. 2017 at ‘Federal Agency-2’. It also happened several times when Steele and Simpson were having their own meetings with federal officials like Kathleen Kavalac, and like Sussmann, they lied about working for Hillary Clinton.

Steele’s suddenly out there trying to desperately rehabilitate his fake dossier by seeking a very high profile media interview with George Stephanopoulos. An interview in which Steele snidely says he’s not worried at all about being indicted by Durham  even as he’s stupidly claiming he believes the pee tape still exists and he’s standing by his dossier’s claim that Michael Cohen was in Prague.

It’s all a bluff, an attempt at positive media exposure as Steele takes advantage of Durham’s silence to promote his own self-defensive narrative that he’s just a hard-workin’ former spy trying to make a living and while his Dossier wasn’t 100% accurate, he still stands by much of what it claimed. But the Kathleen Kavalec notes – and likely other documentation in the hands of the Durham Special Counsel’s Office – show that Steele is lying. And not lying to reporters but to federal officials. The same thing that got Sussmann indicted.

So, this brave front Steele is adopting won’t stop Durham. Watch both him and Glenn Simpson get indicted anyway.