The Storm Has Been Initiated, [DS] Reports A Storm Is Approaching, Buckle Up – Ep. 2938


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The Storm Has Been Initiated, [DS] Reports A Storm Is Approaching, Buckle Up
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The [CB]/Biden admin is continually showing the people that they are doing everything against the constitution. The student loan appeal was shot down again. The railroad union is angry with Biden, it is all falling apart for the puppet masters.The world is moving away from the [CBDC]. The [DS] is using everything against Trump but it is failing. This is an information war and they are losing. They are about to push chaos in the US just to get Trump from running for President. All of this is going to be used against them. The [DS] is now pushing the idea that a quiet storm is approaching, buckle up its about to get very bumpy.



Federal Court Denies Biden Admin’s Plea To Overturn Ruling That Blocked Student Loan Program

  • A federal court of appeals denied the Biden administration’s request to overturn an earlier court ruling that blocked its student loan forgiveness program.On Wednesday, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals turned down the Biden administration’s request to overturn a ruling by a Texas federal judge, who blocked the student loan forgiveness plan, calling it “unconstitutional.” 


SCOTUS to hear arguments for Biden loan forgiveness plan in February; plan to be blocked until then

‘Biden Blew It’: Unions Turn On POTUS After He Moves To Avert Railroad Strike 

  • After President Joe Biden this week urged Congress to prevent rail worker unions from striking, unions turned against the president, accusing him of betraying his commitment to stand by labor.
  • “Joe Biden blew it,” Railroad Workers United treasurer Hugh Sawyer said Tuesday. “He had the opportunity to prove his labor-friendly pedigree to millions of workers by simply asking Congress for legislation to end the threat of a national strike on terms more favorable to workers. Sadly, he could not bring himself to advocate for a lousy handful of sick days.”
  • Biden’s conflict with unions comes after he promised them during his 2020 campaign that he would be the “strongest labor president you’ve ever had.”
  • The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes, a Teamsters rail workers’ affiliate, said it was “deeply disappointed” that the president would not back the union’s strike to fight for paid sick days. A national strike could cost the United States $2 billion per day, according to the Association of American Railroads.


BIDEN ECONOMY: ADP Jobs Numbers Released and They’re Horrible – 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Gone

  • The Biden economy is a mess and it’s getting worse.  Now even the far-left media can’t hide the mess. 
  • Today’s job numbers from ADP were horrible.

The brakes came on abruptly for the private job market in November.

…Companies added just 127,000 positions for the month, a steep reduction from the 239,000 the firm reported for October and well below the Dow Jones estimate for 190,000. It also was the lowest total since January 2021.

This doesn’t bode well for either the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies attempting to stem inflation and stave off a deep recession, nor encouraging for the job market going forward. The big number to take from the ADP report?

100,00 manufacturing jobs gone

  • The bigger problem is that this is not the end of this.  It may be the beginning. 


State of Florida Removes $2 Billion from BlackRock In Anti-ESG Divestment-“Using Our Cash to Fund BlackRock’s Social-Engineering Project Isn’t Something Florida Ever Signed Up For” 

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a favored strategy by woke companies focused on making the world “a better place.”
  • Forbes describes the criteria for the ESG strategy as:
  • Environment. What kind of impact does a company have on the environment? This can include a company’s carbon footprint, toxic chemicals involved in its manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts that make up its supply chain.

  • Social. How does the company improve its social impact, both within the company and in the broader community? Social factors include everything from LGBTQ+ equality, racial diversity in both the executive suite and staff overall, and inclusion programs and hiring practices. It even looks at how a company advocates for social good in the wider world, beyond its limited sphere of business.

  • Governance. How does the company’s board and management drive positive change? Governance includes everything from issues surrounding executive pay to diversity in leadership as well as how well that leadership responds to and interacts with shareholders.

  • BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation and the world’s largest asset manager.
  • The company has embraced ESG and encourages portfolio companies to disclose their ESG data including carbon emissions and board diversity, among other criteria.
  • BlackRock’s woke strategy seems ironic considering their heavy investments with global polluter and the human rights crushing CCP run China.
  • Last December,William Hild, Executive Director of Consumers’ Research, sent a letter to the governors of the 10 states with the top 10 state pension

From Reuters:

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer said on Thursday his department would pull $2 billion worth of its assets managed by BlackRock Inc (BLK.N), the biggest such divestment by a state opposed to the asset manager’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) policies.


Fed Chair Jerome Powell Signals Slower Interest Rate Hike In December

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated   that the central bank would opt for a less drastic hike the next time it increases interest rates.
  • The Fed chair delivered over 15 minutes of prepared remarks at an event held by the Brookings Institution, a prominent DC think tank, before taking questions from a Brookings scholar. Powell said he believes it makes sense for the central bank to begin moderating its interest rate increases and that the Fed could roll out this new policy at its December meeting, The Wall Street Journal reported.


IMF Chief Says US Must Keep Raising Interest Rates Because “They Owe It” To The World

  • The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, has cautioned against the Federal Reserve slowing down with its interest rate hikes as it attempts to tame soaring inflation.
  • Georgieva said that the Central Bank “has no option but to stay the course” until the cost of living significantly declines.

“They owe it to the U.S. economy, they owe it to the world economy, because what happens in the United States if inflation does not get under control can have also spillover impacts for the rest of the world,” Georgieva said.



  • Brazil’s Congress today passed a bill that would regulate the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment throughout the country, potentially providing a boost toward the adoption of digital assets in the South American nation.
  • Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies approved a new regulatory framework—signed under code PL 4401/2021—that will include digital currencies and frequent traveler rewards from airlines (the popular “miles”) in the definition of “payment agreements” under the supervision of the country’s central bank.
  • The bill, which still requires the signature of the president, would give legal status to payments made in cryptocurrencies for goods and services—but would not grant them the status of legal tender.
  • What this means is that banks, if they chose, could soon begin offering crypto payment services, facilitating the use of crypto for buying and selling ordinary goods, in the same way that consumers currently use credit cards or other similar services.
  • Some banks in Brazil are already today experimenting with crypto custody, such as the Brazilian subsidiary of the Spanish banking giant Santander, which has plans to begin offering crypto trading services as well. Other banks like Itaú, one of Brazil’s largest private banks, plans to launch its own asset tokenization platform. None, however, have yet developed a service to process payments in crypto.



Epstein estate settles sex trafficking case in U.S. Virgin Islands for $105 million

  • U.S. Virgin Islands officials and the estate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein have agreed to settle accusations of sex trafficking for $105 million, the island chain’s Department of Justice announced Thursday.
  • Epstein’s estate, along with 10 Epstein-affiliated entities, and fellow defendants and estate co-executors Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn will pay $105 million as well as half of the proceeds from the sale of Little St. James, an island where Epstein resided and is alleged to have committed sex crimes.
  • An additional $450,000 will be spent to repair damage on Great St. James, another Epstein-owned island, where the financier “razed the remains of centuries’-old historical structures of enslaved workers to make room for his development,” according to the VIDOJ.


EXCLUSIVE: When Jeffrey met Bubba: Epstein lobbied Bill Clinton to change trade laws on behalf of Victoria’s Secret boss Les Wexner – but ended up forging bond with former president, visiting the White House 17 times and flying him on Lolita Express

  • Jeffrey Epstein tried to lobby then-President Bill Clinton to change US trade laws in 1994 in an effort to save clothing company The Limited $1.2billion
  • The Limited, whose brands then included the lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret, and was owned by former Epstein associate Leslie Wexner 
  • Epstein’s efforts did not succeed, however, the financier visited the White House 17 times to see Clinton and the pair forged a bond
  • Clinton flew at least 26 times on the pedophile’s jet – known as the ‘Lolita Express’ – where Epstein shuttled underage girls for sex  
  • obtained letters that were put in a file by the Clinton White House marked ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ and given to the National Archives 



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HRC = Alice
SA = Wonderland
Re_read drops re: SA
Have faith.
For God & Country.
  • Mother’s and families of victims of Violent Crime, which is breaking all Records in NYC, are furious that the criminals who killed their loved ones haven’t been given a trial in many years, while millions of dollars, & years of work, has been spent on a ridiculous Fringe Benefits Case, the likes of which has never been prosecuted before in our County’s history. It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time. The D.A.s Office should focus on Murders & Violent Crime, not “Bullshit!”
  • The Manhattan D.A.’s Office has not tried a Murder Case since 2015, despite the fact that Violent Crime in NYC is at an all time high. That’s 6 years ago and yet, after years of investigation, millions of dollars spent, and the costly and laborious inspection of almost 10,000,000 pages of documents, we are in the second week of a “Fringe Benefits” Case over an Executive’s use of a company car, a company apartment, and his grandchildren’s education. No such case has ever been tried before. Sad!

DEVELOPING: Democrat-Led House Committee Now Has 6 Years of Trump’s Tax Returns After Long Legal Battle

  • The Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee received six years of President Trump’s federal tax returns.
  • The Supreme Court last week refused to intervene after Trump filed an emergency appeal with the high court.
  • “No Congress has ever wielded its legislative powers to demand a President’s tax returns,” Trump argued to the Supreme Court in his emergency application.
  • The tax returns will not be immediately made public but expect selective leaks to WaPo and NY Times.

CNN reported:



Geopolitical/Police State


Goodbye YOUTUBE! Twitter will increase video file size limit to 40GB and duration limit to two hours for Twitter Blue subscribers



  • Creative Director for Balenciaga became the ambassador for Ukraine Recovery program designed to help temporarily displaced people.
    So the guy who rubber stamped the bdsm child photos was helping Ukraine with their homeless?
    Does that include children?
    What could possibly go wrong?

  • The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Robert P. Storch to serve as inspector general in the Defense Department. The 92-3 vote made him the first non-acting Pentagon IG since Obama-appointee Jon Rymer stepped down in January 2016.
  • The Project on Government Oversight advocacy group called the confirmation “great news.”
  •  Source:
Lawsuit Filed to Halt Oregon’s Stringent Upcoming Gun Controls
  • The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) has filed a lawsuit to stop the stringent controls contained in Ballot Measure 114 (BM 114) from taking effect.
  •  “a local sheriff and a gun store owner [are asking] the court to declare the law unconstitutional and issue an injunction to prevent it from going into effect next week.”
  • BM 114 requires Oregon residents to acquire a permit before being allowed to legally purchase a firearm. The cost of the permit is $65.
  • BM 114 also contains a ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds.


False Flags

Lifting of lockdowns in major Chinese cities signals shift in COVID stance after wave of protests

  • Less than 24 hours after violent protests in Guangzhou, authorities in the sprawling port city – as well as Chongqing, Zhengzhou, and the capital Beijing – announce they are easing COVID restrictions.
  • Major Chinese cities have started to lift COVID lockdowns and ease restrictions following widespread protests over stringent zero-COVID policies.
  • Less than 24 hours after violent protests in Guangzhou, officials in at least seven districts of the sprawling port city north of Hong Kong announced they were lifting lockdowns.


House Republicans Demand NIH Not Destroy Docs On COVID-19 Origins

  • House Republicans sent a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Wednesday, demanding that the body not destroy any materials concerning the origins of COVID-19, and urging further transparency of the NIH’s knowledge of the origins.
  • The Committee on Energy and Commerce sent 12 letters to the NIH between March 18, 2021, through October 31, 2022, asking for information regarding the origins of COVID-19 and NIH’s grant to EcoHealth Alliance, among other topics, the letter states.
  • The committee’s 12 letters have gone “largely unanswered,” according to the letter, and the Wednesday letter urges the NIH to respond to the “longstanding” requests “immediately, but no later than December 16, 2022.”



MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS Call for Army to Save Democracy from Corrupt Communist Lula 

  • Protestors are calling for the Military to invoke Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution
  • Millions of Brazilians continue to protest the stolen elections and call for the military to step in and protect democracy, even as the rainy season begins with torrential downpours. Convicted Communist criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will be certified Dec. 12 and inaugurated Jan. 1, the corrupt far-left Electoral Court said. President Jair Bolsonaro will meet with protestors and “will not let them down,” says his party leader. A former Judge called for the arrest of corrupt Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

  • “The people of Brazil do not want to be led by convicted criminal”
  • We are in Day 29 of mass protest in Brazil, a democratic country, with free elections, and we’re talking not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions (of protestors) And what looks to be, when all is said and done, will be tens of millions,” investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand told Tucker Carlson on Monday. “This is possibly the largest democratic protest in human history, and the global media is crickets on this. It is being memory-holed in real-time.”
  • Even in the districts where Lula da Silva “supposedly has a stronghold, say, the Amazon, with indigenous peoples – they’re marching on Brasilia. Every city in the country is filled with protestors. Now the question is, what is to be done when you have a judiciary that is not comprised of impartial, non-partisan judges, but political appointees who are working to skew an electoral outcome.”


  • Wisconsin law requires local election managers track military voters on a list, and Brandtjen said many clerks did not do that.
  • There are new questions about the 2020 election after the latest numbers from the 2022 election.
  • Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, on Tuesday said this year’s military voting numbers show something happened between the two elections.
  • “We have learned that the number of active military members voting in the 2022 election dropped by over 83% since the 2020 election!” Brandtjen said in a statement.
  • She received three fake military ballots ahead of Election Day. Those ballots, it turned out, came from a Milwaukee election manager.
  • “When Milwaukee deputy election clerk Kim Zapata created three military members out of thin air and sent requests for legitimate ballots to my home address, the vulnerability of the military ballot process was exposed,” Brandtken added.
  • Brandtjen said there were nearly 10,000 military votes in the 2020 election, and not even 2,000 in the 2022 election.


  • Elon on 11/28: The Twitter Files will be published so the public can see what was *really* going on
  • Elon on 11/30: Twitter interfered in our elections
  • What if this goes beyond domestic interference by Big Tech?
  • What if he shows foreign countries interfered?
  • RINO Karl Rove is a Fox News loser, a pompous fool with bad political instincts. In other words, he loses a lot. Only good at taking peoples money, and wasting it. I was 12 and 0 against him in Senate Endorsements, not something I’m proud of, but something people, especially candidates, should know!
  • Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
  • RINO Karl Rove, a man with a losing record the likes of which few political operatives would be able to get away with, including his loss to me in 2016, fights so hard and so stupidly, but is constantly on Fox News and the once great Wall Street Journal, explaining how things should be done – and he doesn’t have a clue. People can’t stand him, a clone of even more unpopular Paul Ryan, who sadly runs Fox News, now on a very bad path. Rove is a DINIER of DINIERS, which makes him a fool. WATCH!
  • ….Also 12-0 in Senate Endorsements against the Broken Old Crow, Mitch McConnell, who has, by the way, a 6 % Approval Rating – Not exactly great news for the Republican Party!

  • The story in AP, written by the untalented and very unreliable Jill Colvin, who I unfortunately got to know at the White House, is Fake News. We have very strong security, especially with the extremely talented Secret Service Agents on premises, but when I know someone, as I did Ye, we’re not going to have my guests strip searched, thrown against walls, and otherwise physically beaten. The anonymous sources don’t exist. Stories to the contrary are FAKE NEWS!
  • ·Everyone is obsessed with who goes to Mar-a-Lago to see Trump, but no one is asking who goes to Joe Biden‘s house on the weekends.
  • The White House has a visitor’s log, but Joe’s house in Delaware doesn’t and he’s there 25% of the time.
  • Are Hunter’s business partners visiting with 10% for the big guy?

  •   “The Lead,” former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe argued that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s speech, in the wake of top Oath Keepers’ conviction for seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, is a direct message to other people who were involved in carrying out, organizing, or inciting the attack.


  • The DHS bulletin, a summary of the “terrorism threat” in the U.S., suggested that there is an increased potential for “threat actors” to exploit events over the holiday through violence. The advisory pointed to the recent shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub, Club Q, in which five people were fatally shot, and the home invasion and assault on Paul Pelosi as events that received praise from online hate communities and contributed to the heightened threat environment.
Psaki: AG Garland Is a ‘Quiet Storm’ Building January 6 Case with ‘Complete Badass’ Special Counsel

  • MSNBC political commentator and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday on “Morning Joe” that Attorney General Merrick Garland was a “quiet storm” building January 6 cases with “complete badass” special counsel Jack Smith.

Partial transcript as follows:



  • “Donald Trump is the only prominent Republican who has acknowledged the extraordinary level of corruption in the United States, and it is the beneficiaries of that corruption who may fear him the most.”
  • Who Is in the Best Position to Restore American Greatness in 2024? › American Greatness
  • Ever since Donald Trump once again announced his candidacy for president there has been a chorus of voices from former supporters, many of whom respectfully acknowledge his accomplishments…


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 12/03/2018 13:02:17  ID: b8622e

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The public is about to learn that the DOJ, FBI, + other US/Foreign assets have been actively working behind the scenes in one of the largest criminal investigations in modern day history.
DECLAS > Purpose > illuminate the ‘TRUTH’ > People
Transparency is the only way forward [CONTROLLED MEDIA – ‘Enemy of the People’].


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Anonymous 12/03/2018 17:37:53 ID:fde811
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Okay. Is the plot moving forward? I think we all understand the characters and conflict at this point. Time for the plot twist? Declas, FINALLY?
The President of the United States initiated and confirmed the order when he stated “The Calm Before the Storm.”
When was the statement made?
When did “Q” go active?
Watch the News.
Watch the FBI.
Watch the DOJ.

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