They Never Thought The FBI, Hunter,Joe Biden Would Be Exposed..,How Do You Legally… – Ep. 2993


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They Never Thought The FBI, Hunter,Joe Biden Would Be Exposed..,How Do You Legally...
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Banks are beginning to collapse, people are taking their money out of the system. Woke companies are having a difficult time. Biden is destroying the economy and Trump is giving solutions on how to save the country and reverse it all. The [DS] never expected for [HRC] to lose, they never expected that their treasonous acts would be exposed. The evidence is coming out, how to you legally insert the evidence. Trump and the patriots have trapped the [DS] and they have run out of ammunition, they are using the old playbook and it is not working. The old playbook has been debunked now they are in trouble.



Credit Suisse Craters After “Staggering” Bank Run And Warning Of Continued Losses


There was some other tangential news reported by the bank, including:

  • The bank also confirmed a Bloomberg scoop by saying that it will slash its bonus pool by half compared with last year, raising questions about its ability to retain staff. It also unveiled a “transformation award” for a limited number of staff that’s one response to those concerns.
  • Additionally, the investment banking carve-out of Credit Suisse First Boston – yes, Credit Suisse is so ashamed of its name it hopes to gradually transition into the bank it bought two decades ago – is taking shape, with the absorption of Klein’s boutique firm in a deal valued at $210 million and an intention to publicly list or spin off the unit by the end of 2024. And on costs, Credit Suisse has managed to cut 4% of staff, inching towards the 17% or 9,000 total job cuts they plan by 2025.


Disney’s Woke Streaming Services Still Losing More than $1 Billion a Quarter as Bob Iger Tries to Rein in Spending

Poll: Most Americans Are Paying More for Groceries, Expect to Pay Even More 
  • The majority of American adults say that they are sending more groceries compared to a year ago, and most also expect to pay more than they already do.
  • The latest Rasmussen Reports poll found that 85 percent of 1,000 American adult respondents say they are currently paying more for groceries than they were a year ago.  
  • However, the percentage of respondents who say they currently pay more for groceries than they were a year ago is slightly down from last August. At the time, 89 percent said they were paying more.
  • The current poll also found that a majority (57 percent) believe they are going to spend a higher amount on groceries a year from now.


  • “I have a vision that will give young Americans a chance to find real meaning and work once again…building the backbone of America that is powerful, prosperous, productive, vigorous, modern, independent, and free.
  • We will be great again as a country under the next Trump administration. The return of American jobs and the American dream will be powered by the return of American energy.”


BREAKING: John Fetterman rushed to hospital, currently undergoing tests

  • “Initial tests did not show evidence of a new stoke, but doctors are running more tests and John is remaining overnight for observation.”
  • Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman was rushed to hospital Wednesday night after “feeling lightheaded.”Fetterman previously suffered a stroke on May 13 2022, days before Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary, but still managed to win the race. He is reportedly undergoing tests at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC.


RATINGS BOMB: Viewership For Biden SOTU Address Down 29 Percent From Last Year – Lowest Audience in 30 Years

  • Viewership for the speech was down 29% from last year’s SOTU address, making it one of the least watched state of the union speeches in the last 30 years.
  • Is anyone surprised that people don’t want to hear Biden’s lies and slurred rants?

  • Biden’s SOTU Speech was, at 27,000,000, the Lowest Rated such Speech in history. I was close to 50,000,000 people watching. So how did Biden get 81,000,000 in the 2020 Presidential “Election?” I’ll tell you how—It was RIGGED!!!
  • Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, has made the panel’s first official requests for documents from President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his brother, James Biden, over foreign business pursuits.
  •  , Comer informed Hunter and James Biden, as well as their then-business manager, that he is seeking documents and communications from the Bidens as part of his committee’s probe into to any possible involvement by the president in their financial conduct, in particular in foreign business deals “with individuals who were connected to the Chinese Communist Party.” Comer accused them in his letter of receiving “significant amounts of money from foreign companies without providing any known legitimate services.”


  • Jamie Raskin has a complete meltdown while proclaiming that the Durham investigation was a flop.
  • “After 4 years and millions of dollars spent, the Durham investigation closed as a total flop without unearthing anything like the deep state conspiracy that republicans have been denouncing for years!”
  • If you look closely, Raskin is literally foaming at the mouth. Pure panic.
  • Hey Jamie:
    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!


  • Tulsi Gabbard – “They are trying to control what We the People see and say under the so-called guise of misinformation. They appoint themselves as the sole authority of truth in information to deem anyone in their way a threat. They say they’re doing this for us, to protect us, but in reality they think we’re too stupid to think for ourselves”
  • UNBELIEVABLE: Former Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan says the Sinaloa Cartel’s annual profit from human trafficking has risen from $500 Million to $13 BILLION!
  • This is a direct result of the Biden Administration turning our Southern Border into a turnstile.

Geopolitical/Police State

AirBnb is now implementing social credit 

  • These assholes are going to win if ESG happens.
  • Environmental, Social, Governance.
  • It goes hand-in-hand with ‘stakeholder capitalism’ where they determine that people not even involved in a company are stakeholders because the environment.
  • It’s just more leftist pilpul and backdoor communism.


HERE IT COMES: German State-Sponsored Media Building Worldwide Project Against “Increasing Disinformation”

  • The German state-sponsored news outlet ZDF is working with state-sponsored news outlets from Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium to “develop online-based solutions to enable civic engagement and democratic discourse in digital space away from hate comments and increasing disinformation.”
  • That means censorship.
  • ZDF reported:

Together with public broadcasters from Canada (CBC), Switzerland (SRG SSR) and Belgium (RTBF), ZDF wants to develop online-based solutions to enable civic engagement and democratic discourse in digital space away from hate comments and increasing disinformation .


The four broadcasting companies are conducting the research project in cooperation with the non-profit organization New_ Public, which has extensive experience and expertise in non-profit-oriented digital communication. Co-founder Eli Pariser is known in Germany as the author of the book “The Filter Bubble: How We Are Being Disenfranchised on the Internet”. Parisian and co-founder Deepti Doshi, together with the New_Public team, design interdisciplinary digital spaces to strengthen democratic civic coexistence.


  • During the 1930s, the German state-controlled media also colluded with western media outlets.
  • A major example of this was the Associated Press.
  • In return for access to Germany, The Associated Press agreed to not publish anything “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home”.
  • The Guardian reported (March 2016):

  The New York-based agency ceded control of its output by signing up to the so-called Schriftleitergesetz (editor’s law), promising not to publish any material “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home”.

This law required AP to hire reporters who also worked for the Nazi party’s propaganda division. One of the four photographers employed by the Associated Press in the 1930s, Franz Roth, was a member of the SS paramilitary unit’s propaganda division, whose photographs were personally chosen by Hitler. AP has removed Roth’s pictures from its website since Scharnberg published her findings, though thumbnails remain viewable due to “software issues”.


  • Yeah, because the Trump campaign asking Twitter to remove a vile Chrissy Teigen tweet is totally the same as Twitter suppressing the Hunter laptop story which proves treasonous crimes by Presidential candidate Joe Biden one month before the election   
  • bAcKfiReD
  • Fake News is already struggling to put out an even partially believable narrative, and these Congressional hearings just started! It’s only going to get better and better  

Strange as the hearing was going on major platforms Twitter FaceBook Instagram had issues.

“The Woke Stasi Felt the Heat Today” – Elon Musk Sheds No Tears as Fired Twitter Execs Face Congressional Drubbing  

  • Republican members were prepared, brought in the evidence, and executed brilliantly at the hearing.
  • Democrats sounded like self-absorbed liars who support the denial of God-given human rights.
  • Twitter’s top former censors were on the hot seat all day as they appeared before a Republican-led House Oversight Committee to answer questions about their outrageous and targeted censorship of conservatives. Republican lawmakers like badass Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-GA), Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), Rep. Paulina Luna (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) scored knockout blow after knockout blow as they exposed the former Twitter execs for colluding with the FBI and private-public groups in restricting free speech and silencing Americans in a clear violation to the US Constitution.
  • Following the pummeling Twitter owner Elon Musk weighed in on the public struggle section.
  • Elon Musk: “The Woke Stasi felt the heat today 🔥”

Elon then added this…



A STAR IS BORN! Rep. Anna Paulina Luna TORCHES Yoel Roth – Exposes Democrat-Big Tech-Government Collusion and Former TWITTER EXECS ARE LEFT SPEECHLESS!

 Possibly the most explosive questioning today came from MAGA-STAR freshman Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. The beautiful Florida Representative brought the receipts and exposed the former Twitter brass and their network of tyrants who are behind the censorship of American conservatives.

  • Paulina’s questioning was exceptional. She exposed the hidden network operating in the background that is destroying free speech in America. The network includes DHS, CISA, DFITF, EIP, CIS and others. And Luna brought proof that Yoel Roth was using the private software cloud JIRA to communicate with the FBI and government officials to silence conservative speech.  Roth had no where to run and hide.
  • This evidence left the panel SPEECHLESS! These horrible people NEVER thought they would be exposed and held accountable for their highly unethical and likely criminal conduct.


 They never thought she would lose
Nobody was ever suppose to know how govt worked with social media platforms
Panic everywhere
The [DS] has lost control of information

  • I’ve seen a lot in the Twitter executive’s Congressional testimony
  • 1) Perjury – lying under oath
  • 2) Illegal interaction with govt entities
  • 3) Election interference!
  • 4) Collusion w/ Govt officials & pressure to censor conservatives
  • Will they face any consequences at all?
  • Finally we have people with courage stepping forward! The Election was Rigged and Stolen, in so many ways – A mockery of our fully weaponized “Justice” system.


  • NEW: @RepClayHiggins tells Twitter execs to prepare to be arrested for criminal interference in the 2020 election



Feb 08, 2020 10:17:53 PM EST
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The bottom half was instructed (99% good).
The first will send a shock wave.


US says Chinese military behind vast aerial spy program that has targeted 40 countries with high-altitude balloons

  •  China’s military is likely behind a huge aerial spy program that has targeted more than 40 countries on five continents with high-altitude surveillance balloons similar to one the U.S. shot down over the Atlantic Ocean coast last weekend, the Biden administration said Thursday.
  •  The official said an analysis of the balloon debris is “inconsistent” with China’s explanation that it was a weather balloon that went off course. The U.S. is reaching out to countries that have also been targeted, the official said, to discuss the scope of the Chinese surveillance program.


China Spy Balloon That Biden Allowed to Float Over Military Installations Was Capable of Collecting Communications Signals

  • The China spy balloon that Joe Biden allowed to traverse across the continental US had the capability of collecting communications signals.
  • The balloon was equipped with antennas and solar panels large enough to produce power to operate “multiple active intelligence collection sensors,” the NY Times reported.
  • The company (unidentified) that constructed the spy balloon has direct ties to the People’s Liberation Army.
  • The New York Times reported:


  • For the U.S. to deliberately attack the Nord Stream gas pipeline, that is a direct act of war against a sovereign country, Russia.
  • The coverup of this story is going to make the coverup of all prior Obama/Biden stories pale in comparison.


  • On Thursday, Republican representative Matt Gaetz is introducing a resolution that will call on the Biden White House to end military and financial aid to Ukraine.
  • The resolution will also urge all nations involved with the ongoing war to search for a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia.
  • Gaetz and 10 co-sponsors called on the U.S. to “end its military and financial aid to Ukraine and urges all combatants to reach a peace agreement.”

Fox News reports:


False Flags

NEW – WHO’s Tedros says we “must prepare” for a potential H5N1 human bird flu pandemic.

“Fit and Healthy People are Dropping Down with Heart Issues” – Fed-Up Aussie Journalist Says He’s ‘Done with COVID Vaccines’ on Live TV (VIDEO)

  • Popular Australian television presenter and journalist for the Nine Network, Karl Stefanovic, has shocked his viewers after he publicly criticized the latest recommendations for a fifth booster shot of the Covid vaccine on live TV.
  •  , the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) released new recommendations for Covid-19 booster shots for all adult Australians. People above the age of 30 are recommended to get the fifth jab, while those between the ages of 18 and 29 should get the fourth jab.
  • During Wednesday’s episode of Nine Network’s breakfast program Today, fully vaccinated Stefanovic said that the shot could lead to “heart issues.”
  • “As you know, I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots. I’ve just decided that I’ve had covert a couple of times, and I’m done with the vaccines,” Stefanovic said. Stefanovic was part of an advertisement for Australia’s vaccination campaign.

Watch the video below:

  • Stefanovic is more worried of having complications if he has another dose of the COVID vaccine than getting the COVID.


Voters Most Concerned About Crime And Public Safety In Chicago Mayoral Race: POLL

  • Likely Chicago voters ranked crime and public safety their foremost issue in the upcoming mayoral election, with most expressing worries for their own safety, according to a Chicago Sun-Times, WBEZ, Telemundo Chicago and NBC5-commissioned poll.
  • Roughly 47% of 625 likely election voters cited crime and public safety as the most important issue in determining their vote, and 50% argued crime reduction should have a higher priority than criminal justice system reform in Chicago while 37% said the opposite, the Jan. 31 to Feb. 3 survey indicated. Nearly 35% and 28% respectively claimed they felt “not too safe” and “not safe” from gun violence and crime in the city. . Poll respondents also criticized Chicago authorities meant to address criminal activity, with approximately 65% reporting law enforcement-community relations are generally negative and 67% voicing disapproval with how the criminal justice system there handles people arrested for violent crimes like carjacking and armed robbery,



  • Secretary of Defense Chris Miller defended the events of J6 this morning on MSNBC:
  • “It wasn’t a war because the armed forces of the United States don’t fight their fellow citizens, except during the civil war…
  • It wasn’t a war. These people were exercising their constitutional right.
  • I was absolutely concerned about misutilization of the National Guard. Remember… the NG was flying helicopters down the street to harass rightfully constitutionally protected demonstrators.”


·“Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”


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Amazing. They are literally opening the door for you to drop all the information as evidence in a court of law.
They fall for it every single time.
How do you ‘legally’ …….

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