• Fed Governor Christopher Waller appeared on CNBC to announce we have reached peak inflation,  
  • The rate of inflation will drop once the statistical year-over-year comparisons reach the same moment in the prior year.  The fed will raise interest rates in May and then use the June inflation rate decline as a false talking point to highlight how their policy is working.  They wait for May, because they need to wait for the calendar, nothing else.  Inflation is measured as the percentage of change from the prior year.  By waiting until the inflation is measured against the first wave of rising prices, it will give the illusion of a decline in inflation.
  • So that’s why they waited.  But here’s the worse part….
  • All of bankers know the shift from ‘dirty energy’, coal, oil, natural gas, will create inflation.  All of the bankers know there is no economic bridge within the plan to shift from oil to their unicorn dust.  All of the bankers know that shutting down oil exploration as a matter of western unified policy will, as a factual matter, destroy the economic systems that rely on energy….. which is to say everything.
  • All of these bankers know the severity of the inflation crisis this energy shift creates.   None of them do not know.
  •  .

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com


Another Dem mistake! Threatened price controls won’t curb Biden-flation

  • Now the Biden administration complains that producers are taking advantage of product shortages and supply-chain constraints by jacking up their prices. He wants to penalize the meat packers for the high beef prices, the poultry industry for the rising expense of a chicken dinner, the drug companies for the high cost of pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas industry for recording record profits while gas prices soar.
  • He wants the Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory agencies to impose price ceilings to be monitored by an army of federal price-control police.
  • This is economic amnesia. We tried all these government manipulations in the 1960s and 1970s. The ruinous price regulations on industry made inflation worse. Back then we had Soviet-style central planners imposing price limits on everything: long-distance phone calls, oil and gas, airlines, rail service, trucking and banking services.
  • This was supposed to protect consumers, but by making it illegal for prices to rise, we got hit with empty shelves, shortages and gas lines.
  • The price ceilings became de facto price floors. Inflation shot up from 5% to 8% to 10% by 1980.

Source: nypost.com

  • Walgreens announced that it has begun to ration baby formula amid the supply chain crisis. The rule will go into effect for all 9,021 locations. Customers may only purchase three infant and toddler formulas per visit due to “increased demand and various supplier issues.”

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Goldman Quietly Sells Billions In Stocks For The Third Quarter In A Row

Source: zerohedge.com

JPMorgan Stashing Away Hundreds Of Millions In Fear Of ‘Powerful Forces’ Shaking US Economy 

  • JPMorgan Chase stashed away hundreds of millions of dollars in cash amid growing fears that the U.S. economy will enter a recession, The Wall Street Journal reported.
  • JPMorgan Chase put aside $900 million in cash in preparation for an economic downturn, The Wall Street Journal reported.


  • “Those are very powerful forces, and those things are going to collide at one point,” Dimon said during a media conference call, according to CNBCadding that a recession is “absolutely” a possibility.

source: dailycaller.com


The Collapse of Corporate Media & Citizen Free Press

  • One way that we can measure the collapse of the corporate media business in America is to compare their audience numbers to independent media outlets with tiny budgets and very few staff. In the case of Citizen Free Press, we’re talking about only one man typing headlines on a site with no ads and no budget — and it’s now the 5th largest news service (according to web traffic) in the US.
  • That sounds impossible of course — but it’s true.
  • That’s right: Citizen Free Press gets more traffic than the Wall Street Journal and Politico. That’s twice as much traffic as ABC News. That’s 50% more traffic than NBC News.
  •  . Did you know that Gateway Pundit gets more traffic than CBS News? Did you know that Breitbart gets more traffic than NBC News? Did you know that Zero Hedge gets more traffic than ABC News? The legacy broadcast networks are in deep trouble — particularly with the move in TV from cable to streaming service.

source:  emeralddb3.substack.com


Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia, Durham finds

  • ‘Tech Executive-1 and his associates exploited this arrangement by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.’

Source: foxnews.com


Geopolitical/Police State



 If the offer is accepted the employees will most likely walk out and go on strike, one way to drain the swamp, if the board doesn’t take the offer Elon will dump his stock, this won’t end well for twitter






Not ‘Prudent’ – Macron Reject’s Biden’s Claim of Russian Genocide in Ukraine 
  • French President Emmanuel Macron has rebuked US President Joe Biden’s accusation that Russian leader Vladimir Put is committing genocide in Ukraine, implying such claims are not ‘prudent’.


Source: breitbart.com


False Flags

Delta Airlines Will Treat Covid-19 as Seasonal Virus – Drops $200 Surcharge for Unvaccinated Employees

  • We have dropped as of this month the additional insurance surcharge given the fact that we really do believe that the pandemic has moved to a seasonal virus,” Bastian said.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Dr. Fauci Praises China, Says: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated” (VIDEO)

  • Fauci praised Communist China’s COVID pandemic strategy and discussed the reason for lockdowns — to get everyone vaccinated with experimental vaccines.

Dr. Fauci: “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up you won’t have a surge of infections.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


President Trump Crushes Former US Attorney Who Did Nothing to Stop 2020 Election Fraud in Pennsylvania

  • President Trump dropped a lethal blow to the campaign of former US Attorney “who did absolutely nothing on the massive Election Fraud that took place in Philadelphia and throughout the commonwealth”.


Here is the President’s statement:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com