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Trip Confirmed, Stay Tuned & Watch, 5 Down, 5 To Go
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The world is about to hit a point where they can no longer take it. Winter is approaching and the people around the world realize that the economic system is falling apart and it includes energy, but they know this is done on purpose. The people are seeing the plan of the [CB], the ability to shut accounts if they don’t like the politics of the person. Scare event is now in motion. Pelosi landed in Taiwan, trip confirmed, stay tuned and watch. The offensive is moving forward, 5 down and 5 to go. The agenda of the [DS] has fallen apart, as the scare event approaches the people will start waking up, the people will come together and reject the [DS]. The entire event will be botched by the [DS].



Majority of Britons Expect Cost of Living Crisis to Cause Energy Poverty Deaths, Riots 
  • A majority of Britons fear the energy and cost of living crisis will end with people unable to heat their homes in winter dying and riots on the streets.
  • Polling commissioned by the More in Common group — whose director Luke Tryl said the results should be “a wake-up call to our next Prime Minister” that “people want help now” — found that some almost nine-tenths of Britons believe the crisis will impact their day to day lives. Shockingly, around three-quarters believe there will be deaths this winter as people find themselves unable to afford their heating bills and succumb to the cold.
  • Eighty per cent believe people will resort to shoplifting to keep their heads above water, 70 per cent believe people will simply refuse to pay their bills, and over half — 51 per cent — believe things will degrade to the point that their are riots in the streets, The Sun reports.



EU, UK Fold? Delay Cutting Off Russia From Oil Insurance Market

  • The EU and the UK have slowed efforts to have Russia shut off from the most important maritime insurance market amid concerns that a full insurance ban would limit global oil supply and push oil prices even higher, the Financial Times reports, citing UK and EU officials.
  • The UK was set to join an EU insurance ban after the UK and the European Union agreed in May to jointly shut off Russia’s access to oil cargo insurance. Under those plans, Russia would be effectively shut out of more than 90% of the global oil shipment insurance market.  
  • The insurance ban was to be a much bigger deal than the actual EU embargo on Russian oil imports, as it would cripple Russia’s ability to export crude anywhere in the world, analysts said at the time.
  • However, the UK has yet to introduce such restrictions on maritime insurance, FT notes. The UK participation with the scheme is crucial because London and the UK are home to many of the world’s biggest maritime insurers.

“There is no current UK ban affecting global shipments of Russian oil,” Patrick Davison, underwriting director of the Lloyd’s Market Association, told the FT.



Ron DeSantis: ‘Florida Has Put WOKE Banking on Notice’
  •   Tina Descovich, Co-Founder of @Moms4Liberty, shared that PayPal locked their account and withheld funds with no warning or justification,” DeSantis explained on Monday following last week’s press conference, where Descovich spoke.
  • “Days after our event, their funds were released,” DeSantis announced on Monday, declaring that “Florida has put WOKE banking on notice”:


  • DeSantis’s announcement follows last week’s press conference, in which he detailed additional actions his administration plans to take to combat corporations imposing “woke ideology on the economy.”
  • “Whether it’s Wall Street Banks, whether it’s massive major asset managers, whether it’s Big Tech companies and what you’ve seen as you’ve seen a rise of something called ESG — environment, social governance where they will grade different companies based on how they’re performing on those metrics,” DeSantis said during the press conference.



Herschel Walker Responds To MSNBC Guest Who Called Him The GOP’s ‘Negro’

  • Herschel Walker, the Republican running against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, responded Monday to racially charged remarks made by a MSNBC guest over the weekend.
  • “A lot of people have been asking me to say something about the man on MSNBC that called me the N-word,” Walker said in a video posted on Twitter. “Here’s what I got to say about that. Shame on MSNBC and shame on him. I’m going to pray for both of them, because they need Jesus.”


  • “When I saw what he said, it reminded me of the differences between myself and my opponent,” Walker said. “Senator Warnock is a left-wing crazy that believes America is fundamentally a bad country full of racist people. They want to divide us, turn us against each other.”


Exclusive: Matt Gaetz Plans Creation of a Select Committee to Probe into Biden Family 
  • House Republicans are gearing up to investigate the Biden family business with the possible creation of a select committee after the GOP likely reclaims the House in midterm elections, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
  • A select committee is a type of temporary committee created to conduct investigations or consider other measures on a specific topic. According to Gaetz, the committee would be formed of members with expertise from the Foreign Affairs Committee, Financial Services, Oversight Committee, and Judiciary Committee. “There have already been discussions among members about what different committees need to contribute to a select committee to look into Hunter Biden,” Gaetz explained.


Anti-Trump dossier source says ‘anti-Russian bias’ could prevent a fair trial 

  • The alleged main Russian source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier has claimed anti-Russian bias could stop him from getting a fair trial.
  • Igor Danchenko’s lawyer, Danny Onorato, raised the issue during a pretrial hearing on Monday. The lawyer backed up the claim, noting there are a number of Ukrainian flags around Alexandria, Virginia, amid Russia’s invasion, which started in February.
  • The attorney suggested the defense team may try to find a way to address that issue in the questionnaire for jurors during the selection process in the trial, brought by special counsel John Durham.


  • Durham didn’t file to make an appearance in the Sussmann case.
  • That was handled by 3 junior members of the Durham SCO team.
  • Algor, Keitly and DeFillipis.
  • It’s a huge signal that Durham is the FIRST prosecutor to file with the federal court that he’s going to be appearing to make arguments in court in the Danchenko trial.

What is his expertise FARA, money laundering, RICO, economic espionage, cyber crime, and more. 

ICE Captures High-Ranking MS-13 Leader In Maryland

  •  Deportation officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Baltimore Task Force Unit arrested a high-ranking member of the notorious MS-13 street gang in Annapolis, June 15. ERO Baltimore’s Fugitive Operations and the FBI assisted with the apprehension.
  • Jose Mojica Aldana, a native and citizen of El Salvador, was arrested near his residence. Mojica Aldana entered the United States without being inspected, admitted, or paroled by an immigration officer.
  • “This is a significant arrest and a substantial hit to MS-13 



  •  Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was always hiding in the same Afghanistan-Pakistan area where Osama Bin Laden was hiding out, was very old ten years ago in 2012 when he established the Libyan branch of al-Qaeda.  [SEE CTH Archives] This guy is ancient by now.
  • Ayman al-Zawahiri was #2 to Bin Laden and elevated to #1 after his death.  Ayman has a younger brother named Mohammed al-Zawahiri who was the Muslim Brotherhood organizer of the uprising in Egypt, and very likely the person who helped coordinate the 9/11/2012 protest on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that happened on the same day as the attack in Benghazi.


  • According to media reporting, the CIA is claiming to have killed Ayman al-Zawahiri last weekend and Joe Biden is going to give a congratulatory speech about it tonight at 7:30pm ET. ?  Ayman al-Zawahiri was seriously old if he was still actually alive.
  • The Wiki age on this guy is nonsense.  He was way older than 71.
  • Here is a picture of Ayman (with Bin Laden) long before 9/11/01.

Here is the most recent picture of Ayman, attributed to 2021.



  •  no official outline from the Pentagon or White House on this “successful counterterrorism strike“?  Despite a primetime presidential address, the White House has no announcement, no official statement, nothing, on their website.  Additionally, Biden leads off saying the attack was on Saturday, the Taliban waited 48-hours to denounce a U.S. drone strike?  Think about it.  Doesn’t add up.  More sketchy.


  • “Whether he died of natural causes in 2020. Or was blown up on his balcony in 2022, at this point….
  • What difference does it make?”
    – HRC



  • Notice the clear distinction between China as a whole, and China under control of the CCP.
  • Just as Russia recognize the evil in Ukraine is not a result of America as a whole, but rather America under control of the DNC Globalists.
  • The Deep State is not a phenomenon unique to America. They sought to infiltrate EVERYTHING.
  • Thankfully, it appears Trump, Putin, and Xi recognize the difference.

#Taiwan #Pelosi #China #Pompeo

Lisa Mei Crowley @lisamei62

  • Pelosi landed in Taiwan on 2 Aug at 10:20? Interesting delta and timestamp.
  • Why is Crazy Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan. Always causing trouble. Nothing she does turns out well (Two failed Impeachments, loss of House, etc.). WATCH!


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.311


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 06/04/2020 19:49:59  ID: 866b8a

8kun/qresearch: 9473673

RED1: POTUS twitter removal
RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]
RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.
RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1

False Flags

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

  • In the days leading up to the mandate, transportation officials were frantically looking for a rationale for it. They came up short.
  • recently released court documents—which capture the decision-making behind the travel mandate—indicate that, far from following the science, the prime minister and his Cabinet were focused on politics.
  • Among other things, the court documents indicate:
    • No one in the COVID Recovery unit, including Jennifer Little, the director-general, had any formal education in epidemiology, medicine or public health.
    • Little, who has an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Toronto, testified that there were 20 people in the unit. When Presvelos asked her whether anyone in the unit had any professional experience in public health, she said there was one person, Monique St.-Laurent. According to St.-Laurent’s LinkedIn profile, she appears to be a civil servant who briefly worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada. St.-Laurent is not a doctor, Little said.


  • Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) on Monday declared a state of emergency over monkeypox in order to “expand the resources” needed to combat the current outbreak.





  • 5 DOWN, 5 TO GO! 

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  • August 2, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    More goat-rodeo… al Qaeda was formed out of the CIA Afghanistan Russian resistance (they worked for us) then they ‘did 9-11’, before becoming ISIS (the other CIA project) and we are supposed to believe the latest BS from the WH? CIA killing off their own sub-contractors… sounds similar to a Clinton machine action; same team/clowns.
    Meanwhile, the crazy drunkard pokes the dragon, so that Americans can rally around the flag, ‘unify with biden’, and vote for the damos… nice trick, hey? Interesting, the time stamp corresponding like that.

  • August 2, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    How are they going to investagte after the midterms, all the evidance will be deleted lawfuly in 1 month

  • August 3, 2022 at 1:10 am

    I am watching all the elections and my greatest concern is AZ and low and behold hopefully it will not be stolen from Kari Lake! The American people are BEYOND stupid! Their whole focus is on their abortion rights…God is watching and seeing how man has turned on Him. I have always held true to my beliefs and that God is in charge, and He is, but they have turned their back on Him. 🥲 I will NEVER give up I will fight to the end! I am 75 years young and I have a lot to fight for! GOD bless America the Land that I love! Thank you for ALL that you do and for your love of America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏❤️

  • August 3, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Looking for updates to my new email address and not sure where to update, so here I am. Thanks.

    • August 3, 2022 at 9:16 am

      Never mind…I found it! Sorry.

  • August 3, 2022 at 3:16 pm

    A guy who most likely was already dead is supposedly killed to give a “win” to Diaper Joe. (like Obama). Meanwhile oil keeps getting dumped in a desperate attempt not to get crushed in November. Forget that he instituted policies that caused oil to jump 20% from day he stole the election until the day he was sworn in. Win or lose, they will drive oil to $150 in the near future.

  • August 3, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    One additional comment as to timing of DJT return. Coming back after we win midterms would be easier with Congress in line, BUT: 1) Wouldn’t you rather have Trump in office to oversee the elections? we already know they used the EXACT same logarithm in primary in CO to beat Tina Peters, and are slow counting against Joe Kent in WA PRIMARY! They are cheating on both sides of the aisle! I am aware the radical Left base would energize some against reinstated Trump; but how energized would our side be and how many independents would vote (D) with proof they committed Treason? Oh yeah, there is also the fact that most of the Left side of the aisle would be spending Election Day in Gitmo! Food for thought.

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