• Noem announced Adam’s retirement Monday morning, four days after the Republican governor condemned the transgender health summit.
  • “Gov. Kristi Noem is reviewing all Department of Health contracts and immediately terminated a contract with The Transformation Project,” Ian Fury, Noem’s chief of communications, told The Daily Signal on Friday. “The contract was signed without Gov. Noem’s prior knowledge or approval.” 

Source: dailysignal.com

  • You can’t learn much from tax returns, but it is illegal to release them if they are not yours!

As Trump-Era Policy “Title 42” Ends in Two Days, Destruction to America Looms (VIDEO)
  • President Donald J. Trump:
  • “By abolishing what remains of Title 42, Biden is willfully and deliberately triggering a cataclysm of illegal immigration like the world has never seen before…
  • Congress must immediately take three crucial actions.”