Trump Trapped The J6 Unselect Committee, Panic Sets In, Sting Of The Century – Ep. 2805


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Trump Trapped The J6 Unselect Committee, Panic Sets In, Sting Of The Century
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As the Fed continues to raise rates the economic system is beginning to fall apart. The housing market is now tumbling to a two year low. The July 4th message the WH put up last year has now destroyed their credibility. The [CB] prepares the GND, the people are now entering an economic crossroads, decisions will be made on what they observe. The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, appear weak while you are strong. The [FF] in Texas is now falling apart, tick tock.  They fell right into another patriot trap. Under the law Trump gets equal time to the J6 Unselect committee. Panic has now set in for the corrupt politicians. Trump says he has tapes that the election was rigged, will he produce them.  He once again says they have all the information, sting of the century.



US Existing Home Sales Tumble To 2-Year Low In May, NAR Warns ‘Worse To Come’

  •  May’s housing data deluge is about to kick off with what analysts expect to be a 3.7% MoM drop in existing home sales. In fact – and rather surprisingly – home sales ‘only’ fell 3.4% MoM in May (April data was revised slightly lower)…

Source: Bloomberg

This is the 4th straight monthly decline (and 5th drop in the last 6 months) in existing home sales and the lowest SAAR since June 2020…

And bear in mind, this is May’s data – before mortgage rates really started to accelerate higher.



BIDEN ECONOMY: Average American 4th of July Cookout Up 17% This Year Over 2021

  • The Biden Administration is not making false claims this year about how a 4th of July cookout is down in 2021 $0.16 from last year.  Reports show that the average cost of a meal this year is up 17% from the real cost of a cookout in 2021. 

The price is more than 17 percent from last year’s total of $65.46.

  • A


 Canada Completes Construction of Manufacturing Facility to Make Food from Bugs

  • I’m not sure how everyone feels about this new effort to make bugs into food for humans, but everything about it seems weird.   A Canadian company is now celebrating the opening of a manufacturing facility in Ontario what will generate 9,000 metric tons of crickets for people to eat.
  • Aspire’s new plant will reportedly produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every year for human and pet consumption. That’s about two billion insects to be distributed annually across Canada and throughout the United States.
  • Aspire also reports that it already has orders for the next two years.



Harris Teeter And Kroger Vow To Stop Selling Pro-America Can Koozies

  • Kroger and Harris Teeter bent the knee after a whiny complaint on Twitter.
  • The two popular grocery store chains were asked by a woman with barely more than 4,000 followers on Twitter why they were selling pro-America can koozies featuring guns and celebrating freedom, and were asked to “please remove them.”  


Instead of telling the woman to get lost and stop complaining about such a minor situation, both companies bent the knee and immediately vowed to stop selling the koozies!



  • As soon as I saw these pathetic and weak responses, I got Kroger and Harris Teeter on the phone to ask what the companies found offensive about the Bill of Rights and freedom.
  • So far, I haven’t gotten an answer from either, but I will keep you updated if they grow the guts to face the music and respond.

EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell touted her connection to Bill Clinton and how she helped launch his Global Initiative to prove her ‘desire to do good in the world,’ as she seeks a lower sentence for trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein

  • Ghislaine Maxwell pointed to her work for Bill Clinton’s philanthropic endeavors as she argued she should serve just four years in jail at her sentencing next Monday
  • The 77-page filing references Maxwell’s ‘history of philanthropy, charitable work, and helping others namely her work with the Clinton Global Initiative’
  • Pre-sentencing filing sent by Maxwell’s lawyers claim she should spend far less time behind bars than the 50 year stretch she’s currently facing
  • Paints Maxwell, 60, as a victim of pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, and says her life has already been ruined by the disgrace of her conviction
  • Says inmate at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center had been offered cash to strangle Maxwell in her sleep
  • Maxwell was convicted of trafficking and sexually abusing underage girls last December 


Geopolitical/Police State

  •  Local journalists were able to view CCTV video from inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, showing heavily armed police were in the building with at least one ballistic shield only 19 minutes after the school shooter entered the building.
  • In a very disturbing update to the story.  KVUE has outlined a new timeline with the details from the CCTV system, showing the police had all the resources they needed to deal with the shooter, yet they stood down for an additional 58 minutes and waited.




  • The timeline of events shows that the Uvalde shooter was inside the school for nearly 80 minutes before law enforcement stopped his attack.

  •   The police officers were fully armed and capable of taking on the mass shooter, as their training at the school instructed them to do. There were reportedly 19 police officers at the scene who waited for over an hour for a janitor to give them a key. This surveillance video is just further indication that the police officers have no excuse for failing to act.


 Texas DPS Director CONFIRMS Uvalde officers never even checked to see if the doors to the classrooms were locked

Journalists and parents kicked out of Uvalde City Council meeting on school shooting

Reporters were trying to witness a hearing with testimony about the shooting and to see surveillance footage from inside the school on the day of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Tex.

Reporters were asked to leave a meeting at the Uvalde City Hall on Monday night after they were told that the Texas legislators who were present, along with law enforcement, were “intimidated” by the presence of reporters. A chaplain and parents were also asked to leave, prevented from hearing testimony about the May 24 shooting at Robb Elementary that stole the lives of 19 children and two teachers.

Twitter Unanimously Approves Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Purchase Bid

Elon Musk Says 3 Issues Must be Resolved Before Twitter Buyout Can Move Ahead – Experts Say Zero Chance Deal Closes as Currently Structured

  • Elon Musk says there are 3 outstanding items that must be addressed before his offer to buyout Twitter can be completed. 
  • The 3 items are:
  • 1. The main item is the actual number of bots reported by the social platform.  The company says its less than 5% while Musk and others expect it is much higher.  This has to be addressed.
  • 2. Financing is an issue.  Musk shared that a large percent of the purchase would be in loans that apparently are still in the making.
  • 3. The Twitter stockholders would have to approve the deal.  This is no small task as well.
  • We’ll see what happens but at least one expert we communicated with said the current deal has zero percent chance of closing with its current structure.  The expected deadline for the deal is July or August.  We’ll see what happens next. 


  • The media is beginning to question the Democrats more openly because the public has become more educated than the media for years now. They no longer control the public narrative.
  • There are very important reasons Biden tried to implement a ministry of truth and his government fact checkers.
  • -> The #TRUTH is setting everyone free. 

“Night Of Rage” Flyers Spotted In DC Ahead Of Roe v. Wade

  • National Reviews’ Ramesh Ponnuru tweeted a picture of a flyer slapped on the side of what appears to be a concrete base of a light pole on the side of a street in D.C. The flyer reads:

  •   Source:

I expect the SC to wait for the last minute to release a decision, this will most likley be right before July 4, right before they go on vacation

In “Stunning Blow”, Macron Loses Absolute Majority As Far Right, Left Surge 

  • French President Emmanuel Macron was projected to suffer a “stunning blow” as Le Monde put it, by losing his absolute majority after major election gains by a newly formed left-wing alliance and a historic breakthrough for the far right, crippling his hopes of major reform in his second term.
  • The run-off election was decisive for Macron’s second-term agenda following his re-election in April, with the 44-year-old needing a majority to secure promised tax cuts and welfare reform and raise the retirement age. His Ensemble! coalition was on course to be the biggest party in the next National Assembly, but with 234 seats, well short of the 289 seats needed for a majority, according to initial results by Ipsos-Sopra Steria for France Télévisions, Radio France, France 24-RFI-MCD and LCP Assemblée Nationale.


So, did the [DS] steal the Election For Macron, its starting to seem that way

 Because now Le Pen and the nationalists are going to be directing the national conversation in france

BREAKING: Israeli Prime Minister Bennett’s Office Says Government To Be Disbanded, Nation To Go To New Elections

  • Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office announced Monday that his weakened coalition would be disbanded, and the country would head to new elections in the fall.





  • The US Army has introduced Critical Race Theory to West Point cadets,
  • The “woke” lessons ask cadets about whiteness while encouraging them to apply Critical Race Theory to their answers, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch  
  • The more than 600 documents were only handed over to Judicial Watch after the conservative organization sued the Department of Defense.
  • “Our military is under attack – from within,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release.
  • “These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point.”
  • The slide also claims whiteness “is a location of structural advantage, of race privilege,” is “a standpoint or place from which white people look at themselves and the rest of society” and “refers to a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed.”
  • Another slide addresses affirmative action and asks “Do you think Affirmative Action creates an environment for ‘reverse discrimination? Use CRT to support your answer.”
  • A slide also poses the question “how would you apply a tenant of CRT to this idea,” referring to the difference between desegregation and integration.
  • In another slide, under Critical Race Theory, it states, “racism is ordinary” and “White Americans have primarily benefited from civil rights legislation.”
  • An additional slide has a graphic that states “Modern Slavery in the USA” with accompanying statements that say black people are less likely than white people to have a college education, receive recommended medical screenings, receive a bank approval for a mortgage or get promoted at a job.
  • It also states black people are more likely than white people to live in poverty, be homicide victims or be incarcerated.



  •   Isn’t this exactly what they want to do in the US


AG Merrick Garland visits Ukraine to meet with top prosecutor leading war crimes inquiry 

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland made an unannounced visit to Ukraine Tuesday for a meeting with Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova to discuss the continuing effort to identify and apprehend suspected war criminals, according to a Justice Department official.
  • Earlier this year, the attorney general pledged U.S. support for an international campaign to hold war criminals accountable for atrocities being documented by Ukrainian authorities.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

  • The Supreme Court has rejected Bayer’s appeal to shut down thousands of lawsuits claiming that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer.
  • The justices on Tuesday left in place a $25 million judgment in favor of Edwin Hardeman, a California man who says he developed cancer from using Roundup for decades to treat poison oak, overgrowth and weeds on his San Francisco Bay Area property. Hardeman’s lawsuit had served as a test case for thousands of similar lawsuits.
  • The high court’s action comes amid a series of court fights over Roundup that have pointed in different directions.



CDC Insists ‘Severe Reactions’ to COVID Vaccines Are Rare, But New Survey Proves That Is an Absolute Lie

  •  Steve Kirsch detailed the key findings from the survey on his substack on Monday.

The survey showed the following, Kirsch notes:

  1. 20% of the respondents reported they were vaccine injured
  2. The 20% number is remarkable because there was no pre-screening question and only 77.3% of Americans received at least one dose. That means that if you were vaccinated there is a 26% chance that you were injured (computed as 20.46/77.3). Wow.
  3. 30% of the households have a vaccine injured person
  4. 45% of the extended families have a vaccine injured person
  5. In 87% of the cases where there was a vaccine injury, there was either a doctor visit(s) or hospital stay(s) or both.
  6. 54% of the injured are still impacted today.
  7. 45% of the vaccine injured said it would shorten their lifespan
  8. 41% of the injured are unable to hold a job.
  9. Only 17% said their injury was a minor annoyance.
  • The poll results indicate that “40M Americans over 18 are COVID vaccine injured, 20M seriously,” Kirsch warns. “This may explain why there are staffing shortages everywhere, from pilots to pharmacists.”
  • The rate of vaccine injury gathered in the survey is comparable to the number of vaccine-related injuries reported by VAERS, he contends.


Bombshell Oxford Study: Less than 6% of “Approved” Medical Drugs Are Backed by “High-Quality Evidence” to Support Their Benefits – “Harms” are Significantly Underreported Across the Board

  • According to a newly released study by the University of Oxford, a jaw-dropping 94% of recently approved medications are not supported by high-quality evidence that demonstrates their benefits. What’s more, just like with the experimental Covid-19 ‘vaccines,’ side effects and adverse reactions to these drugs are being severely underreported across the board.
  • When looking at medical drugs that have been approved since 2008 under the Cochrane reviews – a “leading” international journal and database that is endorsed by over 100 organizations worldwide, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -researchers determined that just 87 of the 1,567 medications (6%) had clinical data that met the “high-quality” standard.
  • From the Oxford study:

“Of 1567 eligible interventions, 87 (5.6%) had high quality evidence on first-listed primary outcomes, positive, statistically significant results and were rated by review authors as beneficial.” 

  • Nearly 10% of the approved medications were found to have “significant evidence of harm.”
  • From the study:

Harms were measured for 577 (36.8%) interventions, 127 of which (8.1%) had statistically significant evidence of harm.”


Study CDC Cited In Arguing For COVID-19 Vaccines For Babies Being Updated

  • A non-peer-reviewed study that U.S. government scientists cited in asserting COVID-19 is a leading cause of death for children is being updated after inaccuracies were detected.
  • The preprint paper, published in May, says that COVID-19 has been the fifth-leading cause of death during the pandemic for children aged 1 to 5. The authors, primarily British scientists, also concluded that COVID-19 has been a top cause of death for all children.
  • “Our findings underscore the importance of continued vaccination campaigns for [children ≥5 years] in the US and for effective Covid-19 vaccines for under 5 year olds,” they wrote.
  • But the paper has flaws, Seth Flaxman, a professor in Oxford University’s Department of Computer Science, and one of the authors, acknowledged on Twitter on June 19.
  • “We have received some feedback and criticism along several dimensions. We are planning to update the preprint to take into account some of this feedback,” he said.
  • The study was cited in three separate presentations across two meetings during the week of June 12 as government officials and expert advisers weighed whether to authorize and recommend vaccines for young children.
  • Dr. Katherine Fleming-Dutra, a CDC official, twice cited the study while presenting data on how COVID-19 has affected children while speaking to government advisory panels.


Governor Ron DeSantis To Sign Bill Declaring Religious Services ‘Essential’ Even In Emergency Declarations 

  • Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is making another bold move for the residents of his state, signing a bill that bars the state from prohibiting religious services during any emergency declaration. 
  • The bill would work to protect religious groups, such as churches, and allow the continuation of public gatherings within the organization, even during events such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic under certain circumstances. 
  • Senate Bill 254, which passed through the state senate in January, states that an emergency declaration “may not directly or indirectly prohibit a religious institution from conducting regular religious services or activities.”


  • They brought their evil upon us with their COVID-19 crimes against humanity. Big pharma made mad profits with meds that further harmed the people.
  • We have another boomerang.
  • Few knew of meds that cured cancer. But now, due to their C19 push and suppression of the cures, we found the meds that cured their virus. People are now aware of; Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, Fenbendazole. All of which are curing cancer for people. Info becoming mainstream. Awakening.
  • Re-read drops. Down she goes.


House Democrat Chief of Staff Caught Repeatedly Defacing Poster Outside Office of Marjorie Taylor Greene; Biden DOJ Refuses to Prosecute


  • Capitol Police installed a security camera that caught a suspect a suspect putting stickers bearing religious sayings on the poster and were able to determine the alleged suspect was the chief of staff for Democrat Congressman Jake Auchincloss (MA), Timothy Hysom, 51, who previously worked for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Capitol Police issued an arrest warrant for Hysom, but the Biden admin controlled U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia refused to prosecute Hysom.



Donald Trump Has Demanded Equal Time With the J6 Committee…

  • Donald Trump has now very loudly and very publicly begun to demand equal time via the very same Fake News Media outlets that have been devoting countless hours to the J6 Committee’s hearings.


    Karma Patriot” is an excellent researcher that I have encountered on Telegram who has shared her findings with me and many others at We The Media.

    She pointed out that both Donald J. Trump – with an Executive Order< seemed to have prepared the ground for demanding equal time with the J6 Committee.

    You can read about the EO Trump signed here. And read the full text of the EO here.

    You can read the letter that Barr sent to then-Vice President Mike Pence on the proposed Section 230 reform here.

    You can see all the proposed reforms that then-Attorney General William Barr proposed for Section 230 detailed in red lettering – by going here.

    Here’s the relevant section of Trump’s EO on Section 230:

    it means when it’s proven that TV networks and online news services defamed Trump and others by selectively editing or removing or restricting access to content, they are directly engaging in editorial conduct. It’s acting as a biased gatekeeper. Legally, that media entity loses it’s limited liability shield under the law and is then open to being **civilly sued for damages and/or equal time**.

    You can legally sue people for defaming you and get damages, as the Sandmann case proved, and as I believe James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are in the process of demonstrating in their defamation cases against the New York Times, CNN and Twitter.


    There’s no question that Democrats have been defaming Trump and many others with selectively edited videos and one-sided presentations for going on 2 years now, a fake narrative that has now culminated in the ongoing televised travesty of the J6 Committee hearings.

    The J6 Committee was illegally formed and therefore none of the subpoenas it’s been issuing for over a year have any real legal force.

    Because the J6 Committee was not formed in accordance with the House’s own rules, that should mean all the subpoena’s it’s been issuing aren’t real. This is a large part of the case that former Trump advisors Peter Navarro and Stephen Bannon will be making in their trials after being referred to the DOJ by the J6 Committee for contempt of Congress. Both were indicted and will be going to trial later this year.


    Now that Trump is demanding equal time, don’t be surprised if he files a civil lawsuit demanding equal time with the J6 Committee’s televised hearings to make his own case to the nation. And the FCC and the federal court find he has a legitimate case.

    The shocked face you make when you realize you done been trapped…


    Despite the fact Biden rescinded Trump’s EO back on May 14.2021, I haven’t seen any evidence that all the new **regulations** and **revisions** to Section 230 made by Barr and the Trump DOJ were all stripped out and reversed.

    Far from it.

    In fact, a slew of new FCC revisions on political programming took effect on March 14th of this year. These new revisions were first announced the previous month, on February 10.


    You can find this yourself in the Federal Register right here.


    Note the date Trump publicly put it on the record that he is demanding equal time with the political J6 Committee:

    Here’s the part you really want to pay attention to:

     under these new revised FCC rules that took effect in March, the fact that Donald Trump has been **acting** like he’s campaigning for a political office means he’s now **covered by these revised regulations**.

    Trump puts out official press releases from his official political fundraising website, where he announces the frequent political rallies he’s been holding, where he endorses political candidates for office, rallies during which even the dumbest critic must admit Trump is delivering political campaign speeches.

    He doesn’t **need** to officially declare he’s running when he’s been acting like he’s running for more than six months at this point, and that’s good enough for the revised FCC rules.

     Karma Patriot said

    The man is brilliant.

    This has got to be what he’s been planning all along.

    You know why TRUMP has yet to say he’s running again in 2024?

    Bc he doesn’t HAVE TO say or announce anything.

    Only requirement is “evidence that the person claiming to be a candidate has engaged to a substantial degree in activities commonly associated with political campaigning”.

    ~campaign speeches (rallies)

    ~distributing campaign literature (book)

    ~issuing PRESS RELEASES (TruthSocial) [and I’d add his official fundraising website to that]

    ~maintaining campaign committee (band)

    ~establishing CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS (Mar-A-Lago)

      the FCC very well could rule that the networks that broadcast hours of these J6 hearings for free can’t just summarily turn down Trump’s offer to buy time to give his rebuttal.

    FAIRNESS would demand that Trump be allowed to address the same national audience that the J6 Committee just spent several weeks making it’s own one-side case to.

    And if Joe Biden and Democrats leap to take frantic and furious action to try to strip out all these new FCC revisions that were literally just put into place, everyone would see exactly why they were doing it. And then the lawsuits would hit.



EXCLUSIVE: Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters 


  • Unknown to the public until now, the First Amendment Demonstrations report also reveals that an undisclosed number of “plainclothes” MPD ESU “members” were embedded into the crowd to “document the actions of the demonstrators and MPD’s response to any civil disobedience or criminal activity.”
  • It is unclear who the MPD ESU “members” were. However, they are never referred to as “officers” or “police.” Of the 37 “Specialized Units” listed as part of the MPD, an ESU is not among them. In order for other security personnel to recognize embedded ESU members among the protesters, they wore a specific “bracelet on their left wrist identifying them as MPD personnel,” the report stated.
Photo of bracelet worn my plainclothes members of the Metrolpilitan Police Department's Electronic Surveillance Unit, embedded in the crowds on January 6, 2021.



  • ·Well, the “crazed” (I’m leading in all the polls!) Democrats are coming at me on all fronts. Even after years of beating them back on their lame-brained and fully debunked schemes of Russia, Russia, Russia,TWO Fake Impeachments, the NO COLLUSION Mueller Report and, to top it all, illegally spying on my campaign (& me!), including while I was in the Oval Office, they are now playing the ridiculous Insurrection Card – Same “sick” people each time. I guess it must be “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
  • Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of political Thugs, who have criminalized Justice to a level never seen before in our Country, going after the people who illegally SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN? Why aren’t they calling Nancy Pelosi, or the D.C. Mayor, who are IN CHARGE OF SECURITY, to ask why they turned down 10,000-20,000 National Guard Troops, or Soldiers, prior to January 6? Why won’t they discuss the massive voter fraud and irregularities that took place in the Election, the reason Jan 6 happened?
    I’m proud to have been there!
     TRUMP WON !!! 
  • Wow! Look at the Great State of Texas and their powerful Republican Party Platform on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud. After much research and study, they disavow the national result for President. Such courage, but that’s why Texas is Texas!!! They know that a Country cannot survive without Free and Fair Elections (and STRONG BORDERS!).


4 thoughts on “Trump Trapped The J6 Unselect Committee, Panic Sets In, Sting Of The Century – Ep. 2805

  • June 22, 2022 at 12:39 am

    I was losing hope untile this info came to my attention. I now have new found hope for our great country and it’s Constitution.
    God Bless America, Donald J. Trump, and all the great citizens who want to Make America Great Again
    and stronger than ever. Thank you Mr. President!

  • June 22, 2022 at 8:43 am

    Mortgage and rent prices make no sense: using the standard rule of needing 3x one’s housing cost as a base income (I own my own home and, in the past, have both rented and paid on other mortgages; based on experience, this is a good rule) the average income would have to be over 70,000 a year. News flash, 20 – 25 an hour does not get ya there. So who is buying these homes? It ain’t individuals, or families. If the people can’t afford to buy, they sure as hell can’t afford the rents… it makes no sense.
    Reading the rest of this report and weighing all the evidence; is there anyone out there who seriously believes the two sides can ‘live together’ at this point? Looks to me like two separate cultures, two separate sets of values and beliefs. Two separate nations.

  • June 22, 2022 at 7:27 pm

    Dave, accurate slow and methodical is causing our nation to suffer, actually killing some. If. The SCOTUS FLIPS THE ELECTION BACK TO TRUMP based on all the fraud evidence collected, it would take years to recover, if possible, so what’s the goal? let the economy crash under Joe, let China take Taiwan, let inflation crush most Americans, let border crises remain, allow another pandemic under Fauci dictate our existence? I hope not! if he does all of this, he becomes complicit too unless he is absolutely ready in every facet of our society upon his return to heal the nation, his base may look elsewhere in Nov. I think he needs to publish his future America recovery plan A. Seal the border, B. deport all illegals, C. Move off the CB system, D. Put his DOJ AFTER THE NIH, CDC and big pharma, E. Re open our Oil industry, E. Kill the green new deal, F. Stop all unnecessary spending, G. Any monies under Joe not spent to be recovered, H. Remove the IRS, FBI, CIA, AGENCIES, I. REMOVE ALL CRT TRAINING IN FEDERAL GOV’T, SCHOOLS make it a crime to push. J. Get the Bible back into our schools with a one-hour daily reading lesson, quiz the class on what was said and by who. K. Put the 10 commandments back in the courts as a standard. L. Recall the public law 97-280. and put it in front of THE SCOTUS BUILDING this is their standard to go by. Many more thing could be cited, Households of America must repent and return back to God.

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