•  , The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project has identified what could be a relatively small cache of documents that could help Congress get to the heart of the issue in just a matter of months.  the National Archives has revealed to the Heritage Oversight Project through a narrowly targeted Freedom of Information Act request that it possesses 731 documents relevant to the creation of these alias email accounts and potentially who authorized their use.
  • The Oversight Project’s targeted FOIA request and its discovery of this smaller cache of documents could provide congressional investigators with new leads and witnesses in a more expedient manner. In essence, rather than waiting for 82,000 pages of documentation to be released over a period of years, in a matter of months, these 731 core documents could provide names of witnesses whom Congress could then call to testify about the matter.
  • The FOIA request as filed sought documents pertaining to the setup and creation of pseudonym emails linked to Biden when he was vice president, as well as all “policies, directives, legal opinions, or presidential findings regarding the usage of pseudonyms, cover plans, or alias accounts” by the Executive Office of the President, from 2009 to the present.

Source: dailysignal.com