• Since the chaotic 2020 election and coincident expansion of mail-in balloting, America’s corrupt media have gone full throttle to convince the country that this unsupervised system is 1,000 percent safe and never produces fraud. The same consensus also accuses Americans concerned about the risks associated with mass mail-in voting of being conspiracy theorists and so-called “election deniers.”
  • Within the past week, however, several legacy publications have released stories tacitly admitting that the process is not as secure or reliable as they regularly claim.
  • On Saturday, NBC News —  published an article raising alarm bells about the effect postal delivery delays could have on mail-in voting during the 2024 election. The outlet cited recent remarks from Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, who expressed concern that the ongoing problem could have repercussions for the country’s fall elections.
  •   CBS News ran an investigative piece detailing the growing problem of mail theft, titled: “Amid surging mail theft, post offices failing to secure universal keys.” According to the outlet, mail theft has “skyrocketed” in recent years, “from fewer than 60,000 complaints in 2018 to more than 250,000 in 2023.”
  • CBS further discovered that the U.S. Postal Service has failed to take necessary steps to “secure millions of universal ‘arrow keys’ that open bulk mailboxes in apartment buildings and neighborhoods coast to coast.”
  • “A CBS News review of thousands of pages of audits, court records and agency documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show postal workers and supervisors not tracking the keys, not locking them up and not reporting them missing,” the report reads.

Source: thefederalist.com

  • Are the planning to use the post office for the delay of the election? It seems they are setting this up