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Who’s The Conductor?What Role Can The Military Play?Think Stages, Indictments, Boomerang
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The [WEF] green new deal is continuing to fail. They are still pushing but the EV manufactures are going bankrupt. Companies are moving away from the ESG scoring system. The economy is breaking down and the people are seeing countries ramp up on gold and other resources. The patriots are now showing the people the criminal syndicate. This has been planned from the very beginning, Trump is the conductor. The military and the military intelligence is playing their role. The plan is being done in stages to wake people up and trap and expose the [DS] in the process. All the indictments that they are throwing at Trump will boomerang on the them in the end.



The Collapse of the EV SPACs: Another One Goes Bankrupt, Others on the Verge

  • EV maker Proterra, which makes mostly a few electric buses a year – when giant competitors make many thousands – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, 25 months after having gone public via merger with a SPAC. It once had a market cap of nearly $4 billion.


  • Nikola [NKLA], at $2.20 today, has collapsed by 97% from its high in June 2020 when the merger with a SPAC was approved. The outfit embodies the scandalous nature of these things that went to such heights during the era of consensual hallucination and then thankfully collapsed.

Canoo [GOEV], SPAC merger completed in December 2020. $0.56 now. From peak: -97.5%.

Fisker [FSR], SPAC merger October 2020, preceded by Fisker Automotive which made the Fisker Karma. Now $5.93. From peak: -81%.

Lucid Motors [LCID], SPAC merger announced in February 2021. Now $7.19. From peak: -89%.

Workhorse [WKHS], SPAC merger in October 22, 2020. Now $1.10. From peak: 97%.

Faraday Future [FFIE] SPAC merger in July 22, 2021. Tuesday special, $0.27. From peak -99%.

Lion Electric [LEV], a Canadian company, SPAC merger November 2020, now $2.32, from peak: -93%


source: wolfstree.com

Biden: I Wanted ‘to Stop All Drilling’ on the Coasts and Gulf, Got Blocked by Courts 
  • During an interview with The Weather Channel that is set to air on Wednesday, a portion of which aired on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said that he “wanted to stop all drilling on the East Coast and the West Coast and in the Gulf” but was blocked by the courts from doing so.
  • Weather Channel Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams asked, “Let’s talk Gen Z, because they’re going to play a big role in the next presidential election, and many of them are angry about the 7,000 oil and gas permits you approved since you’ve been in office. You promised no new drilling on federal land or offshore. Can you tell Gen Z that you haven’t broken your promise?”
  • Biden responded, “Yes, because the courts overruled me. The courts said I couldn’t do it. I wanted to stop all drilling on the East Coast and the West Coast and in the Gulf. But I lost in court.”

Source: breitbart.com

  • S&P Global, one of the largest independent credit ratings firms in the world, has discontinued its practice of providing ‘Woke’ ESG ratings for corporate borrowers.
  • Recently, S&P shifted its stance, deciding that textual descriptions, rather than scores, would represent their evaluation of a company’s ESG considerations.
  • This change sets S&P apart from its competitor, Moody’s, which continues to rate ESG using the one-to-five scale.

Source: beckernews.com

Coinbase Reports $53,000,000,000 Drop in Retail and Institutional Crypto Trading Volume

  • Top US crypto exchange Coinbase witnessed a staggering $53 billion drop across retail and institutional trading volume in the second quarter of 2023.
  • In a new shareholder letter, the company notes it processed $14 billion in consumer trading volume and $78 billion in institutional volume, for a total of $92 billion. 
  • The figure represents a decrease of 36.5% from the previous quarter as Coinbase recorded $145 billion in total volume in Q1 with retail traders accounting for $21 billion and institutions contributing $124 billion.
  • It’s also down from the $217 billion in total trading volume Coinbase processed in the second quarter of 2022, a decrease of more than 57%.

Source: dailyhodl.com


America First Legal Files Lawsuit Against Target Over “Misleading Statements to Shareholders”

  • America First Legal has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Target over “misleading statements to shareholders about monitoring political/social risks, resulting in a $12B loss due to its recent promotion of queer/transgender propaganda to children.”
  • America First Legal, which is led by former Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, claims that management “only cared whether its leftists ‘stakeholders’ were satisfied” in reference to 2022/2023 Proxy Statements that ensured the Board was “monitoring social and political issues”.

From their Press Release:

Also, Target’s management has adopted “supplier diversity” targets, including a majority of collections to be made by “LGBTQIA+ creators and brands” in 2022, and engaged in the odious and illegal practice of race-based hiring by adopting a plan to increase its “representation of Black team members across the Company by 20 percent.”

America First Legal also published a Twitter thread that can be viewed here.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

The Bud Light boycott inspires Native Americans trying to reclaim their brand

  • The Washington football team’s decision to abandon its name was very controversial. The brand commanded a great deal of respect and had a fanatically loyal following. But in today’s world, the woke cadre is always the one screaming most loudly and, certainly, most hysterically. So, the “Redskins” name that had galvanized fans since 1937 was dropped in favor of the boring “Commanders.”
  • Among those objecting most loudly to the change were…Native Americans. They felt disrespected to see dropped so cavalierly a designation that respected their historic prowess. Indeed, some still feel so strongly that they’re proposing the same kind of boycott that has brought Bud Light to its knees.
  • The boycott threat appears in a letter that NAGA sent to the team’s ownership. This is part of a “Reclaim the Name” campaign which has, at its back, a petition with over 60,000 signatures. That is not an insignificant number.
  •  “In terms of changing the name Redskins, the Native American community was never asked how they felt about it,” [NAGA’s President of Global Impact Campaigns, Healy] Baumgardner said. “Once again, we are met by closed doors and no open dialogue with the Commanders leadership or the executives.”


Source: americanthinker.com

  • bag of cocaine found in the West Wing last month reportedly may have belonged to someone in the “Biden family orbit” — and the president allegedly knows who it is.
  • Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating made the shocking claim, citing three security sources, in a report published Sunday — even texting a number linked to President Biden in a bid to sniff out the culprit.
  • The Post has not been able to independently confirm the Soldier of Fortune report and the Secret Service has vehemently denied it.

Source: nypost.com

Burisma Was Told To Remove Picture Of Joe Biden And Devon Archer From Its Website, Emails Show

  • Hunter Biden and his business associates told Ukrainian energy firm Burisma to remove a picture of then-Vice President Joe Biden and Burisma board member Devon Archer from its website, emails from the Hunter Biden laptop archive show.
  • In May 2014, then-VP Biden’s counsel Demetra Lambros told Eric Schwerin, a business associate at Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, to have Burisma remove an image of Joe Biden and Archer from its website, according to emails from Biden’s laptop archive.


  • “Hey, guys,” Schwerin said in a May 13, 2014 email to Hunter Biden and Archer. “There is apparently a photo of Devon and the VP on Burisma’s website (I can’t see it – the website isn’t working very well right now) but Demetra (VP Counsel) called and asked that we tell Burisma they need to take it down (legally they aren’t comfortable with the VP’s picture being up on the site as what seems like an endorsement).”  
  • Schwerin was referencing then-VP Biden’s counsel Demetra Lambros, whom President Biden appointed in June 2021 to serve as Chair of the President’s Commission on White House fellowships. She previously worked with Biden in 1996 as General Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee under then-Democratic Delaware Sen. Joe Biden’s chairmanship.
  • “Thanks Eric,” Archer responded. “Hunter got the call and it’s down. Was put up without authorization.  Just on a Board call now and will call you this afternoon.”
  • “Looks like it may have been taken down…finally got on the site,” Schwerin said.
  • “Cool,” Schwerin followed up. “Thanks – I’ll let them know in case they haven’t seen it.”

Source: dailycaller.com

Mitch McConnell Urges House Republicans to Oppose Joe Biden Impeachment 

  • Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged House Republicans NOT to impeach Joe Biden for his multi-million dollar foreign bribery and pay-for-play schemes.

Breitbart.com reported:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has urged House Republicans to avoid impeaching President Joe Biden.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Hochul: NY Migrant Problem ‘Because of the Border Situation’ — We Want Money in Ukraine Package and Work Permits

Source: breitbart.com


State of Emergency Declared in Sanctuary State Massachusetts Due to Surge in Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

  • Massachusetts Democrat Governor, Maura Healey, declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, responding to an unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants in the sanctuary state. The move comes as the state grapples with a rising number of families in state-funded shelters and other emergency accommodations.
  • As per recent data, almost 5,600 families, including infants, young children, and pregnant women, are residing in state-funded shelters, hotels, dormitories, and other emergency facilities. This figure is up by 80% compared to last year, accounting for over 20,000 individuals and counting.
  •  i
Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Geopolitical/Police State


Biden Admin Has Sent $2.35 Billion to Taliban Since Disastrous Afghanistan Withdraw 

  • The Biden administration has given Taliban-controlled Afghanistan more than $2.3 billion since its chaotic exit from the country two years ago, a new report claims.
  • A report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that was released a week ago found that since the American military left Kabul with 13 U.S. service members killed and with billions of dollars in equipment left behind, money has continued to flow in.
  • SIGAR released its findings in a report dated July 30 and noted that a significant amount of taxpayers’ funds had been given to the country since late 2021.
  • The funds were allocated for and disbursed to numerous aid organizations for the reconstruction of the country.
  • “The U.S. government has appropriated more than $2.35 billion in [fiscal year] 2022 and [fiscal year] 2023 funding for Afghanistan reconstruction programming since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021,” the report stated.
  • Not only has the country been given billions, more funds are ready to be disbursed for additional projects, SIGAR’s report stated.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • Poland will send 2,000 troops to the Belarus border to support the Border Guard, Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wasik told state-run news agency PAP on Wednesday.

Source: jpost.com

  •   identity, a national language, a national culture that rests on the foundation of orthodox Christianity. That makes Russia the enemy of the globalists.
  • What have the globalists done to us? They flooded our countries with non Europeans with a specific goal of diluting us, destroying our national identity, eliminating our culture.
  • Expunging any remaining power that Christianity may wield culturally inside the west and they want to do that to Russia. They want to do that to Russia because Russia has enormous resources, mineral, agricultural, oil, gas and rare metals.
  • If you can remove Putin, you can strip of its resources and enrich yourselves. That’s why Russia has to go. Russia is holding out.”

Cyber Attacks

False Flags

Kids Almost Never Transmitted COVID In Schools; Major New Study Finds

  • Children almost never passed Covid infections in school, a study published Friday reveals.
  • In fall 2021, in four Massachusetts school districts with 18,000 children, researchers found 44 potential cases of in-school transmission.
  • You read that right.
  • 18,000 students. 34 schools. Four months. And 44 Covid infections – including no infections of teachers or other staff members.
  • In reality, schools were among the safest possible places for students and teachers during Covid, this study suggests.
  • The study, which ran in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Health Forum,  

 Source: zerohedge.com

  • The jury has reached a verdict in the trial of investigative journalist Andy Ngo v. Rose City Antifa and its alleged affiliated members, in which they found both defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter not liable in the civil case brought against them.Ngo filed a complaint in Portland, Oregon in 2020, claiming assault and other injuries over alleged acts of violence carried out by members of Antifa, which began in 2019.

    During closing statements, defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as both a progressive and an “anti-fascist,” she strongly declared, “I am Antifa” and insisted upon making herself an “I am Antifa” t-shirt, which she said she would wear after the trial.  

    However, as she argued before the jurors, Ms. Burrows admitted that the”“black clad people” that had physically beaten Ngo were, in fact, “terrorists.”

    Defendants Elizabeth Renee Richter (L) and John Colin Hacker (R)

    The defense attorney went on to say that journalist Andy Ngo has dirty hands. She indicated that Ngo is a “doxxer” as well because he uploads publicly available mugshots of Antifa-affiliated individuals that have committed crimes on his Twitter account, which has over one million followers.



Source: thepostmillenial.com


  • The Biden Department of Justice has ordered an independent journalist to turn over all video he shot at and near the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
  • Steve Baker said he was served a subpoena, signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Eve, demanding he show up in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 16 to turn over his material.
    Steve Baker told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in March: ‘I was eventually I believe targeted, not because I was there as a journalist, but because that my story did not comport with the approved narrative.’
  • Baker was given the alternative of surrendering his video to the FBI in his home state of North Carolina, but  he plans to appear in person in D.C.

Source: worldtribune.com


So Pence said he didn’t have the authority, Trump kept saying yes he did and this scared the [DS] players so they decided they better change the law so the VP doesn’t have this authority.

Now Pence is admitting that he had the authority and Trump knew he did, why change now?

  1. Mission accomplished with setting up the [DS] for the 2024 election
  2. Since the [DS] is going after Trump with election fraud, and they are saying Trump knew what he was saying is fake, it’s time to turn the tables on the [DS], how do we know this.

Trump Attorney Says Pence’s Testimony Could Prove Trump’s Innocence in Jan. 6 Case

  • Former President Donald Trump’s attorney said  that he welcomes former Vice President Mike Pence’s testimony and expects it could be key in proving Mr. Trump’s innocence in a case over whether the former president committed crimes in connection with efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 election.
  • Attorney John Lauro said  Pence’s court testimony could be crucial in exonerating the former president of any wrongdoing in the so-called Jan. 6 case.
  • In the case, special counsel Jack Smith has charged Mr. Trump with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, one count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding—the certification of the electoral vote—and conspiracy against the rights of citizens.
  • Mr. Trump, the Republican frontrunner in the 2024 presidential election, has pleaded not guilty and has alleged that the case is a form of election interference meant to thwart his White House bid.

Source: theepochtimes.com

Isn’t odd how the election interference info is coming out the same time the indict Trump on election fraud

Fake ballots in Michigan

  • Muskegon, MI City Clerk Ann Meisch is a hero. She noticed something odd about a woman dropping over 8,000 completed voter forms at the city clerk’s office and did something about it. She made a phone call to the Muskegon Police Department and asked them to investigate.

Then, according to an article by the Gateway Pundit…

“On 10/21/20 First Lieutenant Mike Anderson was contacted by Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office. According to the MI State Police report, Mr. Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG. An investigative task force was formed, and an investigation was initiated.”

Meisch, who has worked in city clerk offices for 33 years, noticed that “in her opinion a quantity of the voter registration forms were highly suspicious and possibly fraudulent… numerous forms appeared to have been completed by the same writer and upon initial examination, addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent.”

“The MI State Police investigator assigned to the case spoke with the female suspect who explained that she was being paid $1150/week “to find un-registered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot.”

Information was sent to the FBI, which did nothing. “The FBI failed to follow-up on the alleged election crimes according to Michigan election investigator Phil O’Halloran… the Election Integrity Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.”

The Michigan State Police continued to investigate and issued a report that detailed a widespread and well-funded effort to create fake registrations and absentee ballot forms. It “names ‘GBI Strategies‘ as the organization engaged in what O’Halloran claims is widespread, systemic voter fraud. The Tennessee group is heavily connected to the Biden campaign and various Democrat campaign committees.”

“…the organization used rental cars around the state as part of its deployments, naming several of the field locations for their operations. On election night, a suspicious 3:30 AM van delivering the Biden Ballot Dump in Detroit at the facility formerly known as the TCF Center was accompanied by a vehicle registered to a rental car company.”

The information is documented in a video that is surprisingly still found on YouTube.

“Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, who is a former Secretary of State, told the Gateway Pundit: “My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.” These ballot applications, if turned back in, would cause a live ballot to then be sent to that address by the clerk. Both the ballot applications and the live ballots were not seriously checked for a ‘signature match’ because Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson purposefully advised clerks to illegally assume and presume the signatures were a match.”


Source: americanthinker.com

  • GBI Strategies LLC is a left-wing campaign consulting company run by Gary Bell with a mailing address in Alexandria, Virginia.  A quick online search also shows that GBI Strategies, LLC is located in Tennessee.  Gary Bell has a limited presence online.  He keeps a low profile despite his impressive resume.
  • According to Compmo Group Gary Bell manages over 70 “organizing operations” in 20 states and lends logistical and consulting support to another 7 states.
  • Bell brags about managing 70 different campaigns and worksites simultaneously. Bell also brags about doing “IE’s” or “Independent Expenditure” campaigns for groups whose spending on campaign-related actions would not otherwise be disclosed or publicly available.
  • Bell appears to be part of the campaign-world ‘deep state’ on the left: the ones actually getting left-wing candidates into office.
  •   Gary Bell has links to a wide variety of far-left political groups, including the DSCC, DNC, Black PAC, IBEW and SEIU to name a few.



  • FEC filings show that the far-left Black PAC organizations paid GBI Strategies $11,254,919 in 2020.
  • Committee: Black PAC
    Payee: GBI Strategies LLC
    Candidate: Joseph R. Biden Jr.
    Address: 5809 Fifer Dr. Alexandria, VA, 22303
    Purpose: Canvassing
    Year-To-Date: $11,254,919
  • So Black PAC paid GBI Strategies LLC $11 million to canvas for the 2020 Joe Biden presidential campaign?
  • AND GBI Strategies was also working with the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


REPORT: Biden Losing Ground With Working Class, Blacks and Latino Voters  

  • Joe Biden is reportedly losing his footing with working class voters, as well as black and Latino voters.
  •   These voters know that the Democrat party does not care what happens to them. It’s why these voters became a core part of the Trump coalition.
  • Black and Latino voters turning away from Biden, on the other hand, has got to have alarm bells going off at the DNC.



Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 30e575 No.1133862
Anonymous ID: 03b5fb No.1133796


They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed.
Lost now (awakening).
They keep them enslaved.
What did Hussein do for the black community?

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: GOP Has Turned into a Terrorist ‘Religious Cult’ Called ‘MAGA’

  • MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “Deadline” that the Republican Party was now a terrorist religious cult called “MAGA.”
  •   Republicans are not a party, they are a dime store front for a terrorist organization at this point called MAGA, you basically see that the Republicans over and over and over again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Source: breitbart.com



  • The “J6” committee has failed to turn over numerous documents into the House record pertaining to the security failures that led to the Capitol riots. The now-defunct House Democrat-run committee refused to index the documents, omitted records related to January 6 security failures, neglected to include particular witness depositions, and wiped out communications with the Biden White House, according to the House Republican Majority.
  • Under Democratic leadership, the “J6” committee included only two “Never Trump” members from the GOP. It did not allow Donald Trump or his legal team to defend themselves. It was not so much an “investigation” as a kangaroo court with a predetermined narrative to vilify Donald Trump, blame him for the events of January 6, and to recommend an indictment to the Department of Justice.
  • Now, there is another black mark on the J6 committee’s record indicating that its entire modus operandi was political in nature. This committee, as stated by Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration to Fox News Digital, has not shown proof of its inquiry into the Capitol Hill security lapses on the riot’s day.

Source: beckernews.com 

Special counsel obtained search warrant for Twitter to turn over info on Trump’s account, docs say 


  • Special counsel Jack Smith’s team obtained a search warrant in January for records related to former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, and a judge levied a $350,000 fine on the company for a delay in complying, according to court documents released Wednesday.
  • The details were included in a decision from the federal appeals court in Washington rejecting Twitter’s claim that a lower court judge was wrong to hold the company in contempt and impose the sanction.
  • The filing says Smith obtained a search warrant directing twitter to produce “data and records” related to Trump’s Twitter account as well as a nondisclosure agreement prohibiting Twitter from disclosing the search warrant. The filing says the court “found probable cause to search the Twitter account for evidence of criminal offenses.”

Source: apnews.com

  • Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account @RealDonaldTrump in July according to newly unsealed court filings.
  • X, formerly known as Twitter, was fined $350,000 because it delayed producing the subpoenaed records.
  • The search warrant was so secret that Trump didn’t even know Jack Smith issued a subpoena for the records.
  • Biden’s corrupt Justice Department obtained a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from informing Trump about Jack Smith’s subpoena.
  • Over the course of the months-long legal battle, X argued that the nondisclosure order violated the First Amendment and Stored Communications Act.
  • The Justice Department argued Trump would put the so-called ongoing investigation in jeopardy.
  • According to CNN, the DC Circuit Court Appeals said the court found that there were “reasonable grounds to believe” that Trump would ‘jeopardize the ongoing investigation’ if he knew about the search warrant. 
  • The DOJ finally amended the nondisclosure order and allowed X to “notify the former President of the existence and contents of the warrant,” CNN reported.
  • Trump’s counsel responded to Jack Smith’s request for a protective order (gag order) and addressed First Amendment issues.
  • “In a trial about First Amendment rights, the government seeks to restrict Frist Amendment right. Worse, it does so against its administration’s primary political opponent, during an election season in which the administration, prominent party members, and media allies have campaigned on the indictment and proliferated its false allegations,” Trump’s counsel wrote.
  • Jack Smith responded late Monday night in a competing motion and absurdly claimed the gag order is necessary because Trump wants to “litigate this case in the media, to the detriment of litigating this case in the courtroom.”
  • This is rich coming from the same guy who released a scathing, politically charged statement against Trump after the latest indictment.
  • Jack Smith is the one litigating this case in the media by illegally leaking to CNN, WaPo, New York Times and other Biden Regime-friendly propaganda outlets.

Trump retruthed


Nov 11, 2019 8:56:17 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No. 7353050 
INDICTMENTs coming. [2019]
The Indictments are Coming 11/25/19 Great Awakening Update | First Love ...


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: d4a218 No.1986553
Anonymous ID: df8832 No.1986489
Looking at the numbers, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down or wrapping up either.
Think stages.
What role can MIL INTEL play?
What role can NSA play?


Fears Russians are behind massive cyberattack that saw hackers access the names and addresses of tens of millions of voters on Britain’s electoral register 

  • More than 40million voters may have had their data stolen after a raid on the Electoral Commission in the biggest data breach in UK history
  • Sir David  cited Russia because of the record of its military intelligence and civilian agents in interfering with Western elections.’
  • While investigations into the cyberattack are continuing, evidence has been identified suggesting Russian involvement, although there is no evidence of a link to the Kremlin, The Times reported.
  • The commission admitted it still did not ‘know conclusively what files may or may not have been accessed’ and what data was downloaded or copied. The criminals were able to view electoral registers with the names and addresses of at least 40million people registered to vote between 2014 and 2022.

Source: dailymail.co.uk