Patel Patriot – Devolution – on Comfy Sunday with Zak Paine & Craig Mason

One thought on “Patel Patriot – Devolution – on Comfy Sunday with Zak Paine & Craig Mason

  • August 9, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    Deborah Pietsch told General Flynn that allot of people are sitting on the bench and sort of confused/demoralized about ‘trusting the plan’ to which General Flynn essentially says (this is sort of my interpretation) that there is no master Q plan.

    Fast-forward to 15:30 (encourage you to listen to Gen Flynn)

    She then told General Flynn that allot of people told her that he (Flynn) could or would not say or acknowledge anything about the Q-plan because everything is top secret / classified

    General Flynn point blank said that was total non-sense and that he would not be sitting up there answering questions if he could not speak about anything

    Flynn almost sounded like he was annoyed because he’s tired of being asked that question, prob tired of the nonsense.

    Out of frustration he said “so trust the plan, I don’t know what the plan is!”

    then he said “you know what the plan is!? The plan is for everyone to get their rear-ends off the couch and do something about it rather then waiting around for some plan that does not exist to happen (that’s more or less what he said)

    This is my point, have faith in God; he has a plan & everything will fall into place. If anyone tries to tell you when, how, how long, etc…they probably have no clue what they are talking about and/or smoking allot of HOPIUM.

    I prefer opium over hopium because it gives you an incredible buzz. Hopium just makes you feel like a bad hangover when shit don’t happen like you thought it would happen.

    One thing is for sure, good will win in the end but it will probably be a bumpy ride in between so buckle up…AND WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER AND TO WIN IT


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