All Roads Lead To Obama, Muslim Brotherhood,Sleeper Cells, Countermeasures – Ep. 3182


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 All Roads Lead To Obama, Muslim Brotherhood,Sleeper Cells, Countermeasures
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Newsom is destroying CA, as he follows the [WEF] agenda the people are going to see that it is a failure. Germany and CA are imploding. The people are experiencing the economic lies that Biden continually puts out, in the end the people will realize that Biden lied about the economy and Trump told the truth. Game over. The [DS] pushed their next event, they are using this event in Israel to distract and push their 16 year plan to destroy America. But what is happening is that the people are seeing that the Biden administration has caused this problem through his actions. All roads are going to eventually lead to Obama, the narrative is building and the people will see soon. The patriot plan is coming full circle and the people will know who the true enemy really is, once they know, they will take back the country.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Law Requiring Big Businesses to Disclose Emissions 
  •  Large businesses in California will have to disclose a wide range of planet-warming emissions under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Saturday — the most sweeping mandate of its kind in the nation.
  • The law requires more than 5,300 companies that operate in California and make more than $1 billion in annual revenues to report both their direct and indirect emissions. That includes things like emissions from operating a building or store as well as those from activities like employee business travel and transporting their products.
  • But the California Chamber of Commerce, agricultural groups and oil giants that oppose the law say it will create new mandates for companies that don’t have the experience or expertise to accurately report their indirect emissions. They also say it is too soon to implement the requirements at a time when the federal government is weighing emissions disclosure rules for public companies.
  • The measure could create “duplicative” work if the federal standards are adopted, the chamber and other groups wrote in an alert opposing the bill.
  • In a statement Saturday, Chamber of Commerce president Jennifer Barrera said the law will be burdensome to businesses.



  •  productive economy continues to shrink. Another couple years and all we’ll have is gig-workers, waitresses, and government workers.

EJ ANTONI: Turns Out The IRS Is After You, After All 

  • When it was first revealed that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” provided funding for 87,000 new IRS agents, Biden administration officials told Americans not to worry. They promised at every turn that these agents would only be set upon those earning over $400,000 a year.
  • But the Act has done nothing to reduce inflation, so it’s hardly surprisingly to learn now that an army of IRS agents has the middle class in its crosshairs.
  • In a new report, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration admitted that the Treasury would not be able to accurately distinguish whether many taxpayers are above or below President Joe Biden’s $400,000 threshold. When the Inspector General recommended addressing this shortcoming, the IRS declined to do so, claiming it needs to have the “agility” to target anyone.
  • In fact, the IRS went so far as to reject any threshold for defining “high-income taxpayers,” calling such figures “static and overly prescriptive.” 
  • That’s a fancy way of saying that the opponents of the Inflation Reduction Act were right all along: an army of IRS agents is coming for the middle class. This directly violates President Joe Biden’s oft-repeated pledge that he would not raise taxes, nor increase audits, on those earning less than $400,000 a year.
  • Earlier this year, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was cornered into admitting that 90 percent of new audits would affect those earning less than $400,000. The new IG report confirms what Yellen was forced under oath to admit, and what many in Congress knew when they voted for the Inflation Reduction Act.




  •   they would bring their entire family. The United Nations is facilitating this, providing training, money, food, and when they get to the US they are given $2200 a month to live on. That is FAR MORE than most people get in the US on welfare and Social Security. They are also given FREE cell phones, for constant communication. Also notice, most ALL of them say they are going to a MAJOR CITY. Because, they have been PRE-ASSIGNED a territory. WE ARE BEING SILENTLY INVADED. Thank you for your amazing reporting

  •  efforts by the Committee and its Immigration Subcommittee, Biden’s DHS has finally caved and provided crucial data on the border crisis

New Data Reveal Biden Administration’s Failure to Remove Over 99% of Released Illegal Aliens, Fueling Border Crisis Concerns

  •  “The Biden Border Crisis: New Data and Testimony Show How the Biden Administration Opened the Southwest Border and Abandoned Interior Immigration Enforcement.” The report presents newly obtained data and information that reveal the Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has failed to remove more than 99 percent of illegal aliens, through immigration court proceedings, released into the country by the Biden Administration between January 20, 2021, and March 31, 2023, alone.After persistent demands by the Committee and its Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement for basic information about the state of the border crisis, DHS produced data exposing the alarming state of immigration enforcement. These new, nonpublic data show:
  • Between January 20, 2021, and March 31, 2023, there were over 5 million illegal alien encounters. Of these encounters, at least 2,464,424 had no confirmed departure from the United States.
  • During the same period, DHS released at least 2,148,738 illegal aliens into the United States.
  • Only 5,993 illegal aliens encountered at the southwest border and placed in removal proceedings before an immigration judge were actually removed from the United States during this time.
  • A mere six percent of illegal aliens released into the United States were even screened for fear of persecution for purposes of asylum.
  • As of March 2023, DHS had removed only 874 of the illegal aliens found to have a credible fear of persecution and whose claims were adjudicated on the merits and denied by an immigration judge. 
  • An additional 205,473 aliens were released into the country through illegal categorical parole programs.

Geopolitical/Police State

Knife Attacks At German Train Stations Have More Than Dubled Since 2019

  • The number of knife attacks recorded at train stations in Germany has more than doubled since 2019, and foreign nationals are greatly overrepresented when analyzing the ethnicity of suspects.
  • By Aug. 31 this year, the German Federal Police had already recorded 527 violent crimes in which a knife had been used at German train stations — the equivalent of more than two knife attacks a day on average.
  • Of the 788 offenses recorded this year, the federal police arrested 589 suspects of which 209 were foreign nationals. This means that 35 percent of suspects in knife-related crimes at German train stations are foreign, despite foreign nationals comprising 16 percent of the total population.
  • The most common nationalities of foreign suspects were Syrians, Poles, Moroccans, and Turks.


Iranian president says Tehran will spend the $6 billion released in prisoner exchange ‘wherever we need it’ – Sept. 12, 2023,

  • Biden administration officials have said that the funds, the proceeds of Iranian oil sales to South Korea, can only be spent on humanitarian purposes.
  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said his government will decide how it will spend $6 billion in previously frozen funds due to be released in a prisoner exchange agreement with the U.S., telling NBC News’ Lester Holt that the money will be spent “wherever we need it.”
  •  Source:
  • The captured $6 billion was held in a South Korean bank, the result of sanctions violations.  What the Biden/Blinken crew did, was move the money from South Korea to a bank in Qatar.
  •    Qatar is the financial center for Islamic extremist operations.  Qatar is the banking center for the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is the political umbrella for a host of Islamic extremist groups.
  •    Qatar has historically been the financial center and funding mechanism of the Muslim Brotherhood.  In many ways Qatar is to the U.S. State Dept, CIA and political elements of the Intelligence Community in the Middle East, as Ukraine is to those same entities in Europe.
  • Qatar is aligned with the Obama/Biden worldview of all things political.  The Obama/Biden worldview is not opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood.  As a consequence, the Obama/Biden worldview is in alignment with the Palestinian Authority.  In essence, in many ways of laundering money, Qatar is an Arabic version of Ukraine.
  • Without Qatar radical Islamic extremism could not exist.  Without Qatar the Muslim Brotherhood, the political arm of Islamic extremism, could not exist.  Qatar is the bank for all operational terrorist groups.
  • Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken sending the $6 Billion in sanctioned Iranian money to Qatar, is essentially like making a deposit into a bank that funds Islamic extremism, including Hamas.  The transfer gave Iran a $6 billion line of credit – or, put another way, was essentially a deposit into an Iranian escrow account.  Qatar can give Iran money, money from the nation state of Qatar, while still holding the $6 billion transferred from Biden/Blinken on their books.
  • The ideological interests behind the 2010/ ’11 “Arab Spring” uprising were the same ideological interests behind the 2020 “Black Lives Matter” protests/uprising.  Not merely similar people, but the exact same people.
  • The exact same group of U.S. people who were promoting the Mid-East Arab Spring in 2010/’11, are the same people who promoted the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.   The same politicians, the same media voices, the same newspapers, the same social media activists. Almost every participant, and their support for the uprising ’10 -vs- ’20 was identical, including the platforms deployed.


  • The Obama/Biden network and the BLM network are in sync.  Both networks support the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and the Palestinian position in the Middle East.  This is why they moved the $6 billion to Qatar.  This is also why those same aligned voices want the U.S. border wide open to infiltration. 


 can start a war. Pay attention.


Apr 22, 2018 1:31:31 AM EDT
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 3e4934 No. 1141069 
“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means.
The Ikhwan [Muslim BROTHERHOOD] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…
” https://


Feb 24, 2020 8:36:43 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b03e04 No. 8238822 


Listen carefully.
Think: re: why [no] arrests (justice) yet?
What if (almost) every critical position [sr] within the US GOV apparatus was infiltrated?
WHAT MUST BE DONE FIRST? THE SWAMP RUNS DEEP. +Sleepers Backgrounds are important.
List of ‘in the news now [names]‘ w/ known ties to Islam?
[assumptions correct – package well rec [known]]


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4884bc No.2613737
Anonymous ID: a407ce No.2613023



New Sara Carter on Somalia and Yemen
relevant to latest Q


How has POTUS been able to essentially destroy ISIS within the 1st year of his Presidency but HUSSEIN could not throughout entire term?
What is JB‘s background?
Muslim by faith?
What is Hussein‘s background?
Muslim by faith?
What is VJ‘s background?
Muslim by faith?
Why was the Hussein admin breaking down admin by faith?


SCENE OF TERROR IN GAZA: Israel Imposes Complete Siege on Gaza, Cuts Off Electricity, Fuel, Food, and Water Ahead of Ground Operation (VIDEOS)

  • Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a “complete siege” on Gaza on Monday. The blockade includes a ban on the admission of food, water, electricity, and fuel. This move is seen as Israel’s retaliation against Hamas following their largest attack on the country in decades.
  • On Saturday, Israel officially declared a state of war as of 06:30 a.m. local time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are grappling with an unprecedented level of aggression from Hamas, the militant group based in Gaza.
  • Approximately 3,000 rockets have been launched into Israeli territory, terrorists have infiltrated Israel’s borders, and civilians, including children and families, are under attack. The Israeli government has stated unequivocally that “Hamas will pay a heavy price for this inhumane attack against Israel.”


Below are more updates from the Israeli Air Force:












  •  Thousands more will die on both sides. But this time, the feeling in Israel is there is no other choice.
  • People forget that Israel initially gave Gaza its freedom when Yasar Arafat and the PLO were in charge. At that time, there was no blockade of Gaza and no settlements in Gaza. They were all ripped out by the Israelis.
  • Then Hamas took over Gosha by force, killing all the PLO representatives and declaring that even though they got Gaza as they wanted, they would not rest until Israel was destroyed and all the Jews were killed. Most of the Western world, despite propaganda cries, remembers these facts.
  • There is no oppression in Gaza. All they need do is accept Israel’s existence, and then the Blockade will be lifted. People also forget that Gaza’s biggest border is Egypt (land and sea). Egypt also imposes a blockade on Gaza because it was discovered that Hamas was planning terrorist actions in Egypt.
  • People should understand that it is not only Israel. Only last week, Israel opened the border with Gaza and allowed thousands of people from Gaza to cross into Israel every day to work and get very high salaries compared to what they make in Gaza. It now turns out that they used this opportunity to put sleeper cells with weapons in Israel. These people are now walking around Israel, killing civilians. People from Gaza will never be let into Israel again.
  • Just like Egypt doesn’t let them come to Egypt. There’s a big gap between Reality and propaganda. At the end of the day, the children of Gaza suffer. They are being brainwashed to hate, ensuring they will never have a future as professionals, doctors, engineers, and other academics, which they badly need to build their country.
  • These Israelites want peace. When Anwar Sadat agreed to peace with Israel, we gave him everything he wanted back. We Israelis are such suckers. Offer us peace, and we’ll give you everything. Joe, if you ask me, and you know very well that I’m not a radical, it seems that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Netanyahu’s government was about to be kicked out in the next election. And now everybody in Israel has become more extreme because of this.
  • Hamas just pushed the process back another 50 years. The West Bank is clearly a different story because Israel violated agreements with the Palestinians. The Palestinians were initially asked 2,500 settlers there. Many Israelis said accept the settlers and end it there. Now, you have almost half a million settlers, and half of the Israeli military command lives in the settlements and Israeli towns in the West Bank.
  • The Palestinians in the West Bank have a fair claim, in my opinion, according to the Oslo Accord. But if they had just accepted 2,500 settlers, they would not be dealing with 500k today. Somebody in the background wants to keep the Palestinian problem alive, which is the reason that the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza cannot get any Arab passport. Many Palestinians desire passports from Arab countries so they can leave the West Bank and Gaza.
  • The Arab League insists on keeping them refugees. On the flip side, Arabs living in Israel all have Israeli passports. They’re well-educated, have two kids on average per family, and are involved in all aspects of Israeli society. 50% of the doctors in the Israeli hospitals are Israeli Arabs.
  • Those Arabs don’t want to mix with the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza or the West Bank. In recent years, Israeli Arabs started joining the Israeli military. That is how good it’s been. Unfortunately, it seems like Hamas wants to kill everybody.

  • Right on schedule, any type of conflict or event, what does Biden do, he goes to the beach, rides his bike, has a barbaque and never has a press conference as the event is occurring. Trump is always first to make a statement while Biden is hiding, ask yourself why

Hamas using weapons given to Ukraine – ex-Russian president 

  • The weapons Kiev’s Western backers have actively supplied to Ukraine have found their way to Hamas militants and are now “being actively used in Israel,” former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said
  • “It will only get worse from here,” Medvedev warned, predicting that the world should “expect missiles, tanks, and even planes from Kiev on the black market soon.”


BREAKING: The Taliban Asks Iran for Free Passage to Assist Hamas in Gaza in War on Israel – After Joe Biden Armed Taliban with $80 Billion in US Weapons and Supplies 

  • Earlier today Hamas terrorists launched a major surprise attack on Israel. The Islamist group fired over 5,000 missiles inside Israel, crossed into southern Israel, captured innocent citizens and Israeli soldiers as prisoners, and launched numerous attacks across southern Israel.






  •  Public support for Ukraine had wained past the point of return. America First GOP ousted Speaker McCarthy over funding for Ukraine. The American People put their foot down.
  • The Deep State were struggling to maintain the lie, and desperately needed an off-ramp. Lo and behold, a week later, the terror in Israel unfolds. The horrific images incite an emotional response from the public, and poof, the Deep State have instantaneously rekindled the American public’s desire to fund war on the other side of the globe.
  • The Deep State don’t care which war-torn countries they funnel the money from, so long as the money flows. They will gladly use this catastrophe to their advance their geopolitical agenda.
  • Given the Deep State are the main benefactors of this situation, they are suspect #1.
  • Then if you follow the money, it leads back to US Deep State politicians. Obama’s Iran Deal.
  • All roads lead back to Obama.

Hamas Attack on Israel Could Shake Up House Speaker Race

  • The Hamas terror group’s brutal attack on Israel could shake up the race for Speaker of the House as some Republicans press for the immediate installation of a leader to address the growing international crisis.
  • The absence of a Speaker has hamstrung the House’s ability to quickly deal with the crisis, although President Joe Biden has not yet made a formal request to Congress and the Senate remains in its scheduled recess until early next week. House and Senate leaders have been briefed by the administration.
  • Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry (R-NC) is acting with limited authority based on rules adopted after 9/11.
  • McHenry has given little public indication of how he interprets his limited powers, although it is not expected he will move any substantive pieces of legislation under his current authority.
  • If Republican deliberations continue through the weekend, members calling for a temporary speaker will get louder and more emboldened.


Will this force the House to elect a Pro Temporeee

  • The leaders of Hamas do not live in Gaza, they live in Doha, Qatar….  So, it comes as no surprise the Qatari government, the official sponsors and finance operators of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is one subsidiary, will act as the negotiators for the release of captured Israeli hostages.
  • Of course, the Qatar negotiations will be for an exchange of Hamas prisoners in Israel, in exchange for Israeli women and children held hostage.  See how that works?


DOHA/GAZA (Reuters) -Qatari mediators have held urgent calls to try to negotiate freedom for Israeli women and children seized by the militant group and held in Gaza in exchange for the release of 36 Palestinian women and children from Israel’s prisons, a source briefed on the talks told Reuters.



Kash Patel: How Did the Biden Administration Miss WORLD WAR III? 

  • Instead of analyzing how the world’s supreme intelligence agencies and superpowers missed HAMAS’ attack on Israel, the media is sensationalizing its actuality. That’s the scary part, its not a miss, it’s a deliberate act of weaponization by the Biden administration of our national security apparatus.
  • The intelligence community, like our national command authority is directed by one thing, the Commander-in-Chief. Whether you grow its size is a red herring, when you reorient thousands of career individuals trained to detect prospects of war, you have less personnel and capacity detecting the threat environment. Its simple; there is only so much money, machines, and manning to direct against our enemies.
  • I know first hand during the Trump administration, our national intelligence priorities were foreign terrorist organizations, and defeating a nuclear Iran. We had specific cells and groups within the IC dedicated against  groups like HAMAS and Iran, they were top tier priorities. President Trump made this mission simple, defeating our enemies will always be the top priority in his national defense arsenal. We used all options, overt and covert.
  • The National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF), is the bulwark of our national security efforts. What is the NIPF? Simply defined, amongst a multi-tier threat analysis, each White House is charged with the duty of prioritizing the greatest threats to the United States and our allies. In the Trump administration, this was simple, AQ, ISIS, and foreign terrorist organizations were all top priorities. Each year the White House creates a new rack and stack within the NIPF, for example during Biden’s first year, climate change was the top priority. Don’t believe me, his DoD’s first CONOP (concept of operations, the mandate that moves the DoD’s rudder) was on climate change. Not terrorists, not the CCP, not Iran, and not the cartels (like we did during Trump’s term), but the weather. There’s your critical intelligence failure driven by Biden’s desire to weaponize intelligence for political narrative purposes. And it was intentional. That’s the difference between Trump and Biden. Now the world sees what happens when you do not.
  • Immediately after the Biden administration just weeks ago provided Iran with $6billion of funding, the fake news declared this an overarching win because they carried the false narrative that this was a victory for global security. The day after Iran received this stack of cash, they kicked out every single UN inspector that guarded against their production of nuclear weapons grade material.

  •  here’s another dose of reality, Jake Sullivan, the current national security advisor to the president, and author of the false Russia Gate Alfa Bank narrative, definitely declared just one week ago, the Middle East has never been more at peace. How’s that aging?
  • When you have corrupt Government Gangsters running our national security, this is the result. As a side note, since we sent 7 years worth of surface to air missile defense systems (just one example) to the Ukraine along with $120 billion, what happens when Israel calls on us for aid.
  • Worse yet, what happens when we find out hostages taken by HAMAS are American, or those killed were one of ours. Do you trust this administration with our national security? Perhaps Biden will again give another $6 billion to Iran on 9/11.







Feb 06, 2020 11:40:18 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 12fc95 No. 8057064 
More than selling of State Secrets.
More than selling of US security.
More than selling of MIL tech.
More than selling of C_A assets.
More than selling of NSA bulk data collection programs.
More than selling of Uranium.
More than selling of US Space NAT SEC programs & positions.
More than selling of US AID..
More than selling of SAPs CLAS 1-99 ………………
>Crimes against Humanity.
When you cannot destroy/defeat the United States of America by attacking head on, you change tactics and deploy a ‘KILL FROM WITHIN’ [internal] operation.
>Division of Citizenry
>Border Collapse
[Install ‘like-minded’ leaders in key positions of US Gov]
How many people [removed] from the FBI had IRANIAN family backgrounds?
The Silent War Continues…..


Nov 07, 2018 11:47:49 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 435 
..or in response to CHAOS associated with protests and mob action,” Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Run for President as an Independent 
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Monday he will run as an independent instead of challenging President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.
  • “I’m here to declare myself an independent candidate for president of the United States,” Kennedy told supporters at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Trump reverses course, won’t travel to DC ahead of House speaker election

  • Former President Donald Trump has decided against visiting Washington, D.C., on Tuesday as House Republicans meet prior to holding a vote for a new speaker.
  • Last week, Trump was considering making the trip to the nation’s capital following a contentious vote to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). 
  • However, a source familiar confirmed Monday that Trump is no longer planning to visit the Capitol on Tuesday, when the Republican conference is set to have a candidate forum. On Monday evening, the conference is holding a closed-door, members-only discussion regarding the speaker race. Phones are not allowed, according to a report, and members will not be allowed to have staff accompany them.



Nov 20, 2018 9:42:33 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 6e0a05 No. 3978190 
[D]ec 5 D5 Nothing can stop what is coming.
This election was not about fixing the economy, trade, BORDERs, military, protecting our children etc. all so another corrupt politician or ‘insider’ can simply undo it [band-aid].
This was not simply another 4-year election, but, a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov’t.
Panic in DC.


5 thoughts on “All Roads Lead To Obama, Muslim Brotherhood,Sleeper Cells, Countermeasures – Ep. 3182

  • October 9, 2023 at 10:24 pm

    In principle, immorality enables and feeds evil. “There is no hour nor day, when evil may not enter upon the land – there is no bar against it – except for a large resolute breed of men.” ~ Walt Whitman

    Note: Aleister Crowley, the BLACK PROPHET of America, was sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s hero. His clones have infected America and `bitten’ many.

    The COVID Operation – a softening up measure, in preparation for infiltration and invasion. Nazis + Muslim Brotherhood + Hamas + MS-13 + Drug Cartels + WEF + Climate Cult + Banking Cartel + Sundry Corrupt & Compromised individuals and assets. Protracted Warfare / Psychological + Biological + Info + Water + Energy + Military / Conventional & Non-Conventional + Occultic / Black, White Magic, i.e., an Engineering of Perspective / War of Optics / Deception & Perception = Flip-Sides of the same coin.

  • October 10, 2023 at 11:48 am

    Does the Administration know what Hamas is planning? Duh. The Administration is funding and directing Hamas… oh, not fooking loopy Joe (he can’t even tie a shoe string) its oBonzo. And all his henchmen

  • October 10, 2023 at 2:25 pm

    What is really going on? Preparation for the end of this system of things which is coming quickly. The world is inching slowly closer and closer to nuclear war, and Almighty Jehovah God (Psalms 83:18) WILL NOT permit that to happen. He created this earth to exist forever AND to be inhabited by us, His children; the Bible specifically details these facts for us. We are told, in the Bible, that the end of this ‘system of things (which is demonic), will come because if He did not act then life would no longer be possible on our earth. Think on this; there are now nuclear shells that will burn right thru a tank. The contamination from the shell will make the area contaminated by its use uninhabited for 4,000 years. What do you think a nuclear war would do WORLD WIDE? The faithful slave appointed by Jesus (our NOW ruling king) has told us that the end is very close. If you have read this far, now you know why that is so. If you have questions, please ask, or email me at [email protected] OR [email protected]. I can also give you directions to a FREE online Bible study course that you can use when it is convenient to you. If you have questions about the Bible, I can answer them. Any help I can provide is always freely given as is commanded in the Bible.
    There is a guarantee in the Bible about those who are NOT doing the work that Jesus commanded be done (Matt 28:18-20); John 3:36: The one who exercises faith in the Son has everlasting life; the one who disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him. — To exercise faith in the son means to obey him. Why did Adam die? Same rule still applies. Obey God, or die, and when He appointed Jesus as our present day ruler (Matt 28:18), well, I am sure you can connect those dots.
    Now think about it. We obey. Well, how would it work if Jehovah God permitted the disobedient ones to advance into the new world with us? Would that work out well? Sooner or later those with no wish to obey must be eliminated or peace will never exist on this earth. Better to do it NOW rather than later after more wars, suffering and death.

  • October 10, 2023 at 4:49 pm

    Everything that was mentioned as we don’t know if there are ‘evil illegals’ that have come across the southern border is ABSOLUTELY TRUE as to infiltrating the United States. The border would NOT be open as it is for the very first time in many decades UNLESS there was a ‘plan’ in place to take advantage of this opportunity to subvert America. This will lead directly, along with other ongoing wars etc., into the Great Tribulation which ends this “system of things.”

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