•  the White House is staying out in front of this story, Joe Biden was interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Hur (pictured below left) about the classified documents located in his Delaware home, beach house and office in Pennsylvania.  The documents stem from the time when Joe Biden was a senator and vice-president.
  • The interview was conducted at the White House on Sunday and Monday and was done voluntarily, the administration added. So they didn’t raid Bidens homes
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  • The timeline doesn’t make sense.  What was the FBI and John Lausch doing for two months?   Something is not adding up.
  • If the FBI began investigating on November 9th, and USAO Lausch began investigating on November 14th, then why were Joe Biden’s lawyers informing Laush of additional classified documents found in Delaware on December 20th?   Why did the FBI and Lausch not find them?
  • Why were Joe Biden’s Lawyers informing USAO Lausch, on January 12th, about the third batch of classified documents?  Again, where was the FBI and John Lausch?
  • Also, you don’t appoint a Special Counsel on the day it is announced.  There had to be some discussion with Robert Hur in the lead up to the announcement.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com