You Attack Those You Fear The Most, You Are Witnessing The Collapse Of The [DS] – Ep. 3336


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You Attack Those You Fear The Most, You Are Witnessing The Collapse Of The [DS]
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UPS exposes the truth. Shipping is declining, revenue down. People are not shipping/buying like they use to. Stores are closing and people have spent thousands because of inflation. Trump warns Biden, keep on the this path and you will destroy America. The [DS] is now trapped. There is no place to go but forward. War is coming and those who have infiltrated our country are being exposed for the world to see. The Universities have been infiltrated and Trump is using this to wake up the liberal Jews. We are witnessing the collapse of the [DS]. Remember it’s all about the 2024 election, taking back the country from the criminal syndicate.



Biden Blocks New Alaska Oil and Gas Leases to Save Polar Bears, Caribou, Blocks Key Mining Road


  •  fact, the US alone pumps 45% of the output produced by the entire OPEC combined. Furthermore, the US now produces nearly 4 TIMES as much oil as Brazil. Truly remarkable.

Swiss Bitcoiners Renew Efforts To Orange-Pill The Country’s Central Bank

  • Several Swiss-based Bitcoiners are renewing attempts to get the Swiss National Bank to hold Bitcoin in its reserves by holding a referendum to change the country’s constitution — but they will need to convince more than 100,000 locals to sign a petition first.
  • Adding Bitcoin to the central bank’s reserves would help protect the country’s “sovereignty and neutrality” in an increasingly uncertain world, said Yves Bennaïm, founder and chairman of 2B4CH, a nonprofit think tank leading the charge.


  • However, 100,000 signatures from Swiss nationals are needed within 18 months for a referendum to be held on issues brought about by Swiss nationals or groups — a threshold that plagued 2B4CH’s first attempt in October 2021.
  • Switzerland boasts a population of 8.77 million, meaning about 1.15% of locals will need to sign the petition.

Source: Remo Uherek

  • “By including Bitcoin in its reserves, Switzerland would mark its independence from the European Central Bank. Such a step would strengthen our neutrality,” said Luzius Meisser, president of the Bitcoin- tional Bank to invest in Bitcoin.


  •   those limits, there was hell to pay. Biden has let it go. Watch them now pick apart the U.S. It will be an open field day. Don’t let this happen Crooked Joe. Wake up and smell the roses!


Report: Mike Johnson Apologized to Joe Biden for Eye Rolls During SOTU
  • House Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly apologized to President Joe Biden for rolling his eyes at the president’s angry State of the Union address in March.
  • Johnson’s office did not deny his apology when Breitbart News asked for comment.
  • The apology is the latest revelation that suggests Johnson’s sympathies lie with the establishment and Washington, DC, elites, rather than with the voters who elected him to Congress and the Republican conference.


  (for all intents and purposes) a Democrat Speaker.” New Analysis & Commentary from @EmeraldRobinson

BREAKING: Murder trial for Arizona rancher who allegedly shot trespassing illegal immigrant to death ends in mistrial due to hung jury

  • George Kelly, 75, was charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault over the killing of Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, a 48-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico.
  • The trial for an Arizona cattle rancher who faced murder charges after being accused of fatally shooting an illegal immigrant who trespassed on his private property has ended in a mistrial after a hung jury.The mistrial coms after jurors were sent home over the weekend after failing to come to a verdict on Friday. Deliberations resumed on Monday, but again they failed to reach a verdict

Geopolitical/Police State

TikTok Announces Crackdown on “Conspiracy Theories” Involving the Government and Secret Societies 

  •  As of May 17, TikTok will start implementing new rules affecting content appearing on the app’s For You feed (FYF), and the changes are prompted by concerns about so-called “harmful speech” and “misinformation.”
  • FYF is vital for the visibility of content, since it opens and plays videos automatically when the app is launched, something TikTok refers to as its “personalized recommendation system.”
  • A post on the company’s site titled, “For You feed Eligibility Standards,” reveals that content that is deemed as health or news “misinformation” will be censored from this tab more stringently going forward.
  • Then there’s the blog post’s “explanation” that some types of content “may be fine if seen occasionally, but problematic if viewed in clusters.” 
  • What this actually means is control of users’ exposure to content at its finest: “We will interrupt repetitive content patterns to ensure it is not viewed too often,” TikTok said.
  • When it comes to hate speech, “outlawed” is now even “some content” that is deemed to be making insinuations or indirect statements about protected groups – such that “may implicitly demean” them.
  • Dangerous activities and challenges are also banned from FYF – apparently only if they lead to “moderate physical harm.” And if you’d like your videos of people “wearing only nipple covers or underwear that does not cover the majority of the buttocks” to be featured, well, you’re also out of luck.
  • Other than disappearing from FYF, users who repeatedly post speech offending to TikTok’s new rules content will get deranked in the app’s search.
  • The second seeks to remove “unverified claims about an election, such as a premature claim that all ballots have been counted or tallied; statements that significantly misrepresent authoritative civic information, such as a false claim about the text of a parliamentary bill.”



Iran-Linked Iraq Militia Says It Is Resuming Attacks On US Forces 

  • The Iraqi militant group Kataib Hezbollah – which has close ties with Iran claimed responsibility, and more importantly announced that it is resuming attacks on US bases in the region.
  • Reuters described that “Two security sources and a senior army officer said a rocket launcher fixed on the back of a small truck had been parked in Zummar border town with Syria.”

The Guardian notes further of the timing of this fresh attack:



North Korean leader Kim leads rocket drills that simulate a nuclear counterattack against enemies

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised salvo launches of the country’s “super-large” multiple rocket launchers that simulated a nuclear counterattack against enemy targets, state media said Tuesday, adding to tests and threats that have raised tensions in the region.
  • Analysts say North Korea’s large-sized artillery rockets blur the boundary between artillery systems and ballistic missiles because they can create their own thrust and are guided during delivery. The North has described some of these systems, including the 600mm multiple rocket launchers that were tested Monday, as capable of delivering tactical nuclear warheads.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

A Minnesota state senator was arrested early Monday on suspicion of first-degree burglary — hundreds of miles from her home turf.

Nicole Mitchell, a 49-year-old first-term Democrat who reps the Twin Cities suburbs of Woodbury and Maplewood, was taken into custody after a homeowner called police in Detroit Lakes — 220 miles to the northwest — to report an intruder, according to local reports.

Obama’s Passover Message Adds Palestinians Into the Story; Omits Hostages
  • Former President Barack Obama used a Passover message on Monday to work Palestinians into the Jewish holiday, calling for empathy for those suffering in “Israel and Gaza,” and for solidarity with “people of all religions.”
  • Obama’s equivocation obscured the fact that Palestinian terrorists continue to hold 133 Israeli hostages. He failed, in fact, to mention the hostages, instead saying that people should “remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.” He also failed to mention the ongoing wave of antisemitism on college campuses and in Democrat-run cities, saying that “people of all religions … deserve to feel safe and secure” wherever they are.
  • Obama also botched the meaning of the Passover holiday, which is not about “resilience, redemption, and renewal,” but specifically about freedom — the freedom of the Israelite slaves who were liberated in the Exodus from Egypt.
  • Like “hostages” and “antisemitism,” the word “freedom” did not appear in Obama’s message. He also neglected the fact that for many Jews, the freedom of the hostages, many of whom are slaves, is a major Passover theme this year.


Ben Bergquam Reports: Columbia Professors Come Out in Force to Support of Anti-Israel Protesters – Refuse to Condemn Hamas Killers – DISTURBING VIDEO



Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel, Protests Spread to Yale, UMichigan, NYU and Across America

  • Several days of protests, assaults on Jewish students, and chaos at Columbia University in New York City have now spread to other American college campuses. Columbia has since suspended two Palestinian groups, and a local rabbi has encouraged Jewish students to flee the campus.
  • Now, roughly 45 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested for ‘trespassing’ at Yale University, according to the New Haven Police Department. All were being released on mere promises to appear in court later, meaning they were released with zero bond to ensure they will reappear in court.

  • Protests have spread
     nationwide to the following campuses, where some are taking the form of ‘tent city’ encampment protests:
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University
  • Harvard University
  • New York University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Cal Poly (California Polytechnic)
  • Tufts University
  • Emerson College
  • The New School (NY)
  • The University of Michigan
  • University of Maryland
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • University of Southern California
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Washington University in St. Louis


Biden Sees Very Fine People on Both Sides of Campus Antisemitism

  • President Joe Biden condemned antisemitism on college campuses on Monday — but equivocated, saying that he also condemned those who did not understand the Palestinians’ point of view.
  • “I condemn the antisemitic protests, that’s why I set up a program to deal with that,” Biden told reporters in Virginia. “I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians and their — how they’re doing.”



Trump Pins Blame For Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests On Biden: ‘Disgrace To Our Country’

  •  Trump blamed President Joe Biden for pro-Hamas protests at universities across the country in remarks shortly before a Tuesday court hearing.
  • “What’s going on at the college level and the colleges Columbia, NYU University, this is a disgrace. And it’s really on Biden,” Trump said. “He has the wrong signal. He has the wrong tone. He’s got the wrong words. He doesn’t know who he’s backing. And it’s a mess.”
  • “What’s going on is a disgrace to our country and it’s all Biden’s fault, and everybody knows that he’s got no message, he’s got no compassion,” Trump added. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can’t put two sentences together, frankly. He is the worst president in the history of our country. And again, what’s going on is a disgrace and that’s interesting outside for great Americans, people who want to come down and they want to protest at the court and they want to protest peacefully.”



  • A majority of them say he’s doing good or excellent work handling issues related to Israel and the Middle East.

  CalTech and *𝐃𝐎𝐙𝐄𝐍𝐒* of others also reinstated standardization (test scores).


Trump impeachment manager gets sued for $20 million

  • One of the far-left Democrats who orchestrated a failed impeachment campaign against President Trump, and now has been adamant in defense of Joe Biden on impeachment investigation claims of influence peddling and corruption, has been sued for defaming a congressional witness.
  • The complaint by onetime Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski was filed against Jamie Raskin, in his individual capacity, in U.S. District Court in Maryland.
  • The lawsuit seeks $20 million in “compensatory, special and punitive” damages, plus costs, plus any other “relief as the court deems justice.”
  •  .
  • Raskin repeatedly has tried to undermine the testimony of congressional witnesses who are critical of Biden, and specifically attacked Bobulinski, the filing explains,


  • The ‘whistleblower’ who sparked Donald Trump’s first impeachment was deeply involved in the political maneuverings behind Biden-family business schemes in Ukraine that Trump wanted probed, newly obtained emails from former Vice President Joe Biden’s office reveal.
  • But four years earlier, while working as a national security analyst attached to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s office, Ciaramella was a close adviser when Biden threatened to cut off U.S. aid to Ukraine unless it fired its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings. At the time, the corruption-riddled energy giant was paying Biden’s son Hunter millions of dollars.
  • “It now seems there was material evidence that would have been used at the impeachment trial [to exonerate Trump],” said George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, who has testified as an expert witness in the ongoing Biden impeachment inquiry. “Trump was alleging there was a conflict of interest with the Bidens, and the evidence could have challenged Biden’s account and established his son’s interest in the Shokin firing.”
  • Ciaramella’s role – including high-level discussions with top Biden aides and Ukrainian prosecutors – is only now coming to light thanks to the recent release of White House emails and photos from the National Archives.
  • The emails show Ciaramella expressed shock – “Yikes” is what he wrote – at Biden’s move to withhold the $1 billion in aid from Kyiv, which represented a sudden shift in U.S. policy. They also show he was drawn into White House communications over how to control adverse publicity from Hunter taking a lucrative seat on Burisma’s board.
  • Yet there is no evidence Ciaramella raised alarms about the questionable Biden business activities he witnessed firsthand, which is in sharp contrast to 2019. In that instance, he was galvanized into action after being told by White House colleague Alexander Vindman of an “improper” phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the call, Trump solicited Zelensky’s help in investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden’s role in the company.
  • Some former congressional investigators say Ciaramella effectively helped cover up a scandal far worse than what Trump was impeached over. What’s more, he failed to disclose that he had a potential conflict of interest stemming from his connection to the matter Trump asked Zelensky to probe when he lodged his complaint against Trump. RealClearInvestigations was the first to identify the then-33-year-old Ciaramella as the anonymous impeachment “whistleblower,” something major media continue to keep under tight wraps.Ciaramella worked under CIA Director John Brennan when President Obama made Biden his point man on Ukraine in 2014, the same year Burisma hired Hunter. 




  •  of 2023 just weeks after this former DOJ operative was hired at the NYC DA’s office These political indictments are electoral interference from a man who stole the White House in 2020 with a rigged election


Cyber attack on water-control systems 

  • Their online video demonstrating manipulation of the town’s water-control systems has sparked alarm and raised questions about cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


JUST IN: SCOTUS Denies Kari Lake and Mark Finchem’s Lawsuit to Ban Voting Machines Without Comment

  • The United States Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a lawsuit by former Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and former Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem to ban the use of hackable electronic voting machines.



Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Plans for You to Not See Donald Trump on Platforms Before Election
  • In a significant shift from its previous approach to elections, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is distancing itself from politics, which could have a profound impact on the 2024 U.S. presidential election. An analysis of posts by the Trump and Biden campaigns show both have faced a 60 percent drop in engagement between 2020 and 2024 on Facebook.
  • The company has reduced the visibility of politics-focused posts and accounts, imposed stricter rules on political advertisers, and limited the targeting system that politicians have long relied on to reach potential voters. The impact of these changes has been felt by both the Biden and Trump campaigns, with a Post review finding a 60 percent decline in their average engagement per Facebook post between March 2020 and March 2024, and double-digit declines on Instagram.


  • Voter ID can and should be used to prove we live where we say we live, as that location determines our ‘jurisdiction.’
  • The debate over voter ID typically centers on the need to prove we are who we say we are when we vote, which is obviously very important. But voter ID can and should also be used to prove we live where we say we live.
  • This is critical because the ballots we receive when we vote are based on where we actually live — where our “habitation is fixed” as is the case in my home state of Georgia. That location determines our “jurisdiction,” which is our county and/or municipality. It also determines our voting precinct, our city and county election contests, and the school board, judicial, county commission, state House, state Senate, and congressional district races that appear on our ballots.
  • Why Does All This Matter?



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You attack those you fear the most.
Nothing can stop what is coming.


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>>1169241 Hostage no more. Q
>>1169294 POTUS deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.
We are in this together.
No fame.
This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.