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Mortgages, existing and new home sales are shot up. The economy is moving forward and getting stronger. Read more
Trump administration is now pushing the payroll tax cut proposal, but the corrupt politicians are pushing back. Read more
The economy is starting to boom again, gold and silver are rising quickly and the ratio has begun too close.  Read more
The jobless rates are now down in 42 states and only up in 5 states. The economy is ready to Read more
The economic system is now starting to look like a V recovery, more and more people are going back to Read more
The economy is coming back like never before, mortgage apps up from last year. Manufacturing rebounds in June, the entire Read more
The MSM is doing everything they can to explain how the economy is going to fail. Read more
Trump and the patriots are now turning up the heat, the IRS is now canceling stimulus checks that were sent Read more
Trump and the patriots have now restarted the economy, the MSM has been trying to convince people that we will Read more
Trump and his team are using all the weapons against the [CB]/MSM. As the Fed continues to push stimulus everyone Read more