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The rates cuts are getting ready to take effect, we will most likely see housing, stock markets improve, the recession Read more
Trump is rolling back regulations that hurt the economy and make it more difficult for companies to produce and create Read more
Boris Johnson is going to do everything possible to make the BREXIT happen, he might have to bring the house Read more
BJ makes an announcement that the UK is going to leave the EU no matter what, the BREXIT is going Read more
BJ is ready to make his move, he is going up against the [CB] and the establishment and they will Read more
The UK press and the establishment are trying to make it seem like BJ has lost, that there will be Read more
The MSM/establishment are using the same tactics on BJ as they are doing with Trump, they are saying that he Read more
Nigel Farage extends a hand to BJ, during this time both parties should team up and work together to get Read more
The [CB] is collapsing in front of our eyes, they do not have anything to hide behind, their system is Read more
The [DS]/[CB] believe they have BJ, but there maybe one last card that BJ can play and it seems that Read more