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Germany homeless problem is on the rise. The MSM/[CB] have been building the narrative that Trump was going to fire Read more
The stock market just hit twenty eight thousand points for the first time, the plan is working. Trump let's the Read more
Trump let everyone know that the stock market has hit another all time high, this make it 21 times this Read more
The [CB]/DS/MSM never thought that Trump would use the secret economic weapon that would boost the US economy, why because Read more
The patriots are in the process of setting up the [CB], I think we are nearing that point where the Read more
The establishment is now warning the parties in the UK that they will be targeted by hackers on a daily Read more
The BREXIT is now proceeding forward, Nigel Farage is set to boost Boris Johnson in the election, the [CB] are Read more
The Trump administration now control the economic narrative, the [CB] was just setup, optics are very important. China put out Read more
The EU is trouble, the [CB] system was never suppose to last this long. The [CB] is completely exposed to Read more