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Everything is happening at once, the BREXIT, the China trade deal and the hit on the [CB] system. In the Read more
BJ is giving the elite and ultimatum, either vote for the BREXIT deal or have another snap election, if they Read more
It seems that BJ has the [CB] and the elite exactly where he wants them, the plan for a BREXIT Read more
The BREXIT is moving forward, we know in the end the EU and the elite do not want this to Read more
The UK voted for the BREXIT, BJ now has to fight for the timing, he wants it by Oct 31 Read more
The patriots are now trapping the [CB] establishment, in the UK BJ has created virtually the same deal TM created, Read more
BJ is now pushing the BREXIT deal on the EU, the deal is very similar to Theresa's May deal, but Read more
BJ and the EU have made a deal for the BREXIT, the deal seems as though it is a duplicate Read more
The MSM is trying to make the people believe that the economy is weak because they are pushing a recession, Read more
Trump and the patriots are letting the people know that the economy is strong, wages are up, unemployment low, new Read more