Arrest Made, Durham Ready To Bring Down The House, [DS] Insurgency, Countermeasures – Ep. 2892


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Arrest Made, Durham Ready To Bring Down The House, [DS] Insurgency, Countermeasures
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Biden tries to use the disaster in Florida to push the climate change agenda, big fail, the people know the truth. Pelosi plan to setup blind trusts has failed. The [CB]/[Biden] administration are now trapped in their own agenda. Trump set it all up and now the people see the truth. The [DS] is in trouble, one by one their system is being dismantled, the election fraud is now being exposed, an arrest was made thanks to Catherine and Gregg. Durham is ready to push forward, indictments are coming. Trump and the patriots are now prepared for the scare event and the real insurgency by the [DS] players. Countermeasures are now in place.



  • The legislation, formally titled the Combatting Financial Conflicts of Interest in Government Act, won’t see a vote before the Nov. 8 election takes place. Pelosi had said she would bring it to the floor in September, but the Democrat-led House left for recess on Friday after passing a continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded through Dec. 16.
  • “We didn’t have the votes,” she told Just the News at the Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards gala on Saturday evening. “I wish we would’ve had the Republicans to vote for it because we’re almost there, but there are a few of our members who just, Steny has said he doesn’t want to vote for it, but I can only lose three votes.”


White House is “Having a Spasm and Panicking” as OPEC Agrees to a Major Cut of 2 Million Barrels a Day

  • The new normal in the US of a gallon of gas is surging past $4/gallon again. Before Joe Biden the highest recorded gas price was $4.10 per gallon in 2008. Under Joe Biden the average price of gas in the last 6 months is way above that previous all-time high.

  • The price of a barrel of crude oil soared to $88 per gallon following the news earlier today.
  •  use official, the talking points were being drafted and exchanged by staffers and not approved by White House leadership or used with foreign partners.


  • Saudi Arabia gives massive middle finger to Joe Biden. OPEC just announced massive oil production cuts, 2 million barrels less per day. The Biden administration has been begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. Biden has been emptying our reserves to flood the market to temporarily artificially lower gas prices before midterms. Now, just weeks before the midterms, gas prices will Spike



Trump plays key role in brokering historic oil deal

  • President Trump played a key role in the historic agreement between the world’s largest oil producers that trims global production by nearly 10 percent, according to Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette.
  • The deal reached by the so-called OPEC+ group, which ends the price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, reduces global output by 9.7 million barrels per day in May and June, helping to ease a global gut exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Production will also be reduced by 8 million bpd from July through December and 6 million bpd from January 2021 through April 2022.
  • Trump was “personally involved throughout the process” and “showed his skill at dealmaking,” Brouillette told reporters on a Sunday evening
  • The production cut gives so much needed relief to a U.S. shale patch that has been devastated as West Texas Intermediate crude oil has plunged 62 percent this year, putting many companies in the sector on the brink of extinction. The S&P 500 Energy sector has seen its market capitalization fall by 43 percent this year to under $659.1 billion.
  • “This is a significant agreement that will foster increased stability in energy markets to the benefit of both American energy consumers and producers,” Mike Sommers, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, said in a statement.



Hochul: ‘I’m Not Sure’ Where ‘People Leaving New York’ Will Go, It’s ‘the Safest Big City in America’ 
  • During  an interview  New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) stated that while “the horrific crimes that we’re seeing” keep her up at night and are “frightening” people, “New York City is still the safest big city in America. Look at Chicago, look at San Francisco, look at Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington. People leaving New York, I’m not sure where they’re going to go because we are the safest big city in America.”
  • She continued, “But you have to look at the fact that this has been a nationwide phenomenon. Since the pandemic, crime has gone up everywhere, not just one state that happened to have some changes in their bail laws. So, we have to look at this in an honest way and say, well, New York City is still the safest big city in America. Look at Chicago, look at San Francisco, look at Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington.  ”


They Need to Be Sent Back to Their Home Country” – Gov. DeSantis Speaks Out After Three of the Four Arrested For Looting In Ian Aftermath Are Illegal Aliens

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a very public stance against looters in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane damage Ian left in its path.
  •  The governor warned those seeking to “ransack people’s homes” that the state is heavily armed.
  • “I can tell you in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home,” DeSantis said. “And I would not want to chance that if I were you — given that we’re a Second Amendment state.” The New York Post reports on the arrests:

Four Floridians have been arrested and charged with looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian as hundreds of thousands of residents and business owners in the Sunshine State look to recover from the crippling storm.


  • “And we’ve had four looters that were arrested, I guess a couple days ago, and they need to be brought to justice. We’re not going to tolerate it.  But you know, three of the four are illegal aliens. And so these are people, that are foreigners, they’re  illegally in our country.  And not only that, they try to  loot and ransack in the aftermath of a natural disaster.”


  • Now he says he realizes, through whistleblowers who have come forward to Republican members of Congress, that the FBI buried his damning disclosures about the Biden family, and feels that the four-year investigation into Hunter Biden by the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, is dragging out indefinitely.
  • “The reason why I’m sitting here is I’ve been sitting on my hands for two years, great legal counsel, and they’ve been advising me to let the process work, you know, let the DOJ, let US Attorney Weiss in Delaware and the FBI in Baltimore and, apparently, Delaware work through it.
Bobulinski alleges that Hunter and Jim Biden “defrauded” him and two other partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar, of at least $5 million.
  • “And you know, almost on a monthly basis I’d have that debate and argument with my lawyers [asking] when are the facts coming out? The American people deserve the facts.”
  • “When I … found out that Tim Thibault, the FBI agent that was assigned to run point on all the information I and my lawyers provided the FBI, had walked out of the building, I was sort of flabbergasted,” says Bobulinski, a decorated former US Navy officer with top-secret security clearances from the National Security Agency and the Department of Energy. “You know, like what? This is crazy. Like when are the American people going to get the facts on all this? …
  • “The fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election.”
  • Bobulinski’s allegations of fraud revolve around a contract between a Delaware firm he set up in May 2017, Oneida, owned by him, Jim and Hunter Biden, Walker and Gilliar, to form a joint venture with CEFC, the Chinese firm that was supposed to give them $10 million of working capital.
  • He alleges that Hunter Biden copied the contract and diverted more than $5 million of the Chinese money into his own pocket.
  • “It appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and the Biden family really copied the same document down to typos [and] the serial number and they removed [the name] Oneida Holdings [and] replaced it with Owasco, which was [the name of] Hunter Biden’s law firm or business that he operated,” Bobulinski


Geopolitical/Police State

  • According to a recent SEC filing [LINK HERE], Elon Musk is now back to supporting the purchase of Twitter as the first step in creating the “everything app.”

  •  We already know the infrastructure of Twitter’s operational database is tied into portals with the Dept of Homeland security {citation}, and now Musk wants to use that central infrastructure to create an all-inclusive “everything app”?
  •  The business model of Twitter just doesn’t exist as a free social media discussion platform while running the ultra-expensive data processing system needed for millions of simultaneous users.  A global chat that requires exponential database responses as an outcome of simultaneous users is just ridiculously expensive. {Go Deep} However, if the computing system and massive database were being subsidized by the U.S. government, then the viability of the ‘free coffee‘ business model makes sense.


  • Why would Trump PUBLICLY congratulate Bolsonaro on a runoff?
  • Doesn’t really seem something to be excited about, especially as the incumbent who almost had an election stolen from a far-left maniac.
  • Trump could have done it privately, but he made sure to make it a public spectacle. Why?
  • Because Trump wants us to pay attention to the situation in Brazil. The “congratulations” wasn’t for Bolsonaro, it was for us. Trump is drawing eyes onto the situation.
  • This reeks of a white hat op.

Danielle D’Souza Gill@danielledsouzagill

Trump Congratulates Brazil’s Bolsonaro On Forcing Runoff Against…

Trump Congratulates Brazil’s Bolsonaro On Forcing Runoff Against Leftist: ‘Outperforming Fake News Polls’ – DC Enquirer

On Monday, Forty-fifth President Donald Trump congratulated the “Trump of the Tropics” Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, on “outperforming fake news polls”


Taiwan Says China Wants to ‘Normalize’ Increased Military Activity


  • Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said  that China is seeking to “normalize” its stepped-up military activity around Taiwan, including Chinese flights over the median line, which came in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visiting the island.“In the future, the activities of Chinese Communist military aircraft and ships entering our air defense identification zone, crossing the median line, and approaching maritime areas close to the island will gradually become more normalized,” t


Biden Admin Gifts Further $600+ Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

  • The Biden administration confirmed Tuesday it will send a further $625 million in direct military assistance to Ukraine to help it secure its borders. Advanced HIMAR rocket systems, 155mm Howitzers, armored vehicles, and ammunition top the list deemed critical to Kyiv’s defense against Russia’s invasion.
  • The aid comes as Americans continue to suffer from the domestic challenges presented by food shortagesinflationgas prices, and a porous southern border flooding the country with almost five million illegal immigrants.


Zelensky Signs Decree Ruling Out Peace Talks With Putin as ‘Impossible’ 



Ukrainian PM Zelensky Posts Twitter Poll Labeling Elon Musk a Russia Supporter After Musk Calls for Peace in Ukraine  

  • On Monday Elon Musk posted a tweet urging a de-escalation in the Russian War on Ukraine.
  • Musk fears any escalation would cause great harm to not only Ukraine but the world.

Elon Musk also posted a poll on the end-game in the war. In response to his question Elon Musk was slammed by his pro-war critics.

The worst reaction came from Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany who made it personal.

Andrij Melnyk (pictured) told Elon to “F*ck off.”

In response to Musk’s question Ukrainian Prime Minister Zelensky posted his own poll suggesting Elon Musk is pro-Russia because he wants peace in the region.

Musk has donated Star-link satellites to Ukraine during the invasion at no cost to the country.




  • Defense officials fear Russian President Vladimir Putin may flex his military power by testing a massive nuclear torpedo called Poseidon, a report said.
  • NATO reportedly issued an intelligence report to its members and allies warning that the Kremlin is planning to test so-called “doomsday” nuclear torpedo drones, a senior UK defense source told the Times of London on Monday.
  • Poseidon is a long-range undersea nuke designed to hit coastal cities at extremely long range by traveling to targets underwater.
  • Such a test would be carried out near the Ukrainian border in the Black Sea so Putin can prove he is willing to make good on his threat to “use all the means at our disposal,” including weapons of mass destruction, sources told the paper.
  • The Russian military has also pitched the submarine-based nuclear torpedo as a tactical weapon for use against carrier battle groups and other surface ships.
The Poseidon underwater drone is estimated to carry a 2 megaton nuclear warhead.

False Flags

Pfizer Is Now Experimenting With mRNA Flu Vaccines.

  • Pfizer Inc. entered into a Phase Three clinical trial for a new mRNA-based influenza vaccine, which will rely on the same controversial technology as the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.



HUGE! Election Company Konnech CEO Eugene Yu Arrested in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data of Election Workers – Sent to China!

  • Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested today in Los Angeles County  in connection with “theft of personal data.”   The alleged stolen data belonged to poll workers and was the subject of TrueTheVote’s “PIT” in Arizona last August, where Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips singled out the company.
  • During the PIT in August, Phillips and Engelbrecht had alleged they were cooperating with the FBI in Michigan about data being sent overseas by this company.  The investigation quickly started to turn on them after the FBI started to distance itself from the investigation.
  • Journalist “incognito” Kanekoa has covered this company and researched them better than anyone.
  • Here is the link to the LA County website.

The theft of data only impacted the election workers, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.  The LADA seized hard drives and other digital evidence from the Michigan software firm with the assistance of Meridian Township Police in MI.  The LADA is seeking Yu’s extradition to Los Angeles.

TrueTheVote, the election integrity firm that produced the data and information used in 2000Mules, was spot on when they said they found our data was being shipped off to China:

“Konnech distributes and sells its proprietary PollChief software, which is an election worker management system that was utilized by the county in the last California election. The software assists with poll worker assignments, communications and payroll. PollChief requires that workers submit personal identifying information, which is retained by the Konnech.  

Under its $2.9 million, five-year contract with the county, Konnech was supposed to securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it.

District Attorney investigators found that in contradiction to the contract, information was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.”



  • “China was illegally involved in the administration of the 2020 election”
  • What was called a conspiracy theory days ago is now verifiable fact, and from the Los Angeles DA’s office no less
  • @greggphillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of @truethevote are American heroes
  • Now we need to further investigate and prosecute foreign interference in the 2020 election and DECERTIFY the proven fraud!!

Q 1197
“Midterms are Safe”
Watch CA

DJT 10/3/22 shouts out @greggphillips and Catherine at @truethevote

Q 2344 10/4/18 (4 year delta)
“Are you ready to see arrests”

Eugene Yu is arrested

@MistyG17 @The_Authority

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Some Bush White House Tapes Lost, Archivists Say (Published 1993)

A report by the Federal archivists who collected thousands of White House computer tapes in the waning hours of the Bush Administration indicates that several sets of the tapes, ordered preserved by a…

The New York Times

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

National Archives loses hard drive with Clinton era records –

The National Archives — a repository of important government documents, including the U.S. Constitution — has lost a computer hard drive containing large volumes of Clinton administration records, including…

Donald Trump Appeals to Supreme Court Justice for ‘Emergency Order’ in Mar-a-Lago Documents Case

  •  Trump’s legal team asked Justice Clarence Thomas to issue an “emergency order” that would “restore an outside reviewer’s authority over about 100 documents found at Mar-a-Lago with classification markings during the Aug. 8 search,” Politico reported.
  • “Such a move would make it easier for Trump to continue to pursue claims that those documents, some marked ‘Top Secret,’ or with even more restrictive classifications, should not be in the hands of Justice Department investigators because they are subject to executive privilege or for other reasons,” the outlet noted.
  • A Supreme Court victory for Donald Trump would uphold part of Justice Aileen Cannon’s decision to include the approximately 100 purportedly classified records in her original order and keep them under review.
  • “Any limit on the comprehensive and transparent review of materials seized in the extraordinary raid of a President’s home erodes public confidence in our system of justice,” Trump’s attorneys Christopher Kise, James Trusty, Evan Corcoran and Lindsey Halligan, wrote in the 37-page filing.


  • Now, the Trump legal team is seeking an end to the charade by appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.


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    Well, I can’t speak for everyone, and I am certainly no fan of the Ds… But here in Texas, price for a gallon of reg. gasoline is more or less 2.90, as of this last week-end (and based on experience the prices are a tad less in Oklahoma). Mostly because the state tax per gallon is ‘reasonable.’ As for the price per barrel (a measurement of 27 gallons) it all depends on the crude; some is in the 80s some a little higher. And I personally doubt the depletion of the Strategic Reserve is having all that much influence; it is the market – supply and demand plus the psychology of speculators (the commodities auction activity which some times makes no sense/example: OPEC+ announced a cut in supply so instantly the base price rises, not based on producer costs or actual final demand).
    Of course, the WH believes they can tell OPEC what to charge (like telling the grocery stores what they can charge for their food). Try that and they will show you the door. A much better solution, and far more realistic, is to open up our own oil fields and by-pass having to purchase from OPEC. That, makes too much sense, ergo completely beyond the D’s mental capacity. And no; wind mills will not make up the difference.
    Oh, and as for E. Musk… his ‘peace proposal’ was exactly what the Minsk Accord said. You know the treaty signed by Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France and violated, by Ukraine, in 2014 at the behest of the USA. Too late Elon. I guess keeping up with current events is sometimes difficult. Yeah, this ‘war’ has been going on for eight years, not counting the placement of bio-weapons labs in the country in the 2000s.

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