Bombshells Dropped, HB, BO Missing? IG FISA Report On The Way – Episode 1992

Bombshells Dropped, HB, BO Missing? IG FISA Report Ready - Episode 1992
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The Fed had no reason to cut rates, the economy is strong they say, so the question is why would they cut rates if the economy is doing better than 2017,2018 where they were raising rates, patriots are in control. The Fed is now fighting amongst each other. Trump and the patriots shutdown the [CB] economic plan, we have now taken back our port. The [DS] are using what every they can to keep their agenda alive. It is now falling apart, it is not gaining steam. RG releases a bombshell to the public. . The [DS] is trying to discredit RG, he predicted this. Ukraine is now investigating HRC emails. IG is ready to release the FISA Abuse report. The [DS] are panicking, the patriots are in control.

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Current News – 10.10.2019

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Fed Didn’t See Economic Reasons to Cut Rates, Admits Cutting for Other Reasons: My Fancy-Schmancy “Fed Hawk-o-Meter”

  • Fed Sent Big-Fat Message on “U.S.-China Trade Tensions” to White House
  • the US economy is strong — consumer spending is “strong” supported by a “strong” labor market.  
  • This means that the Fed didn’t really see a lot of economic reasons to cut its policy rates, but admitted by the way it sees the economy that it cut them anyway for other reasons:


The Fed is now divided, Fed officials are taking sides

  •  Most Federal Reserve policymakers supported the need for an interest rate cut in September,
  • Fed policymakers at the Sept. 17-18 meeting decided, in a 7-3 vote, 
  • The good guys and the bad guys in the Fed are beginning to fight who is in control


China is now at Americas mercy with Pork

Chinese Imports Of US Pork Soar To The Highest Ever As Beijing Faces Food Crisis

  •  China is losing between a third and half of its pig herds as a result of the unprecedented decimation unleashed by African swine fever – less affectionately known as pig ebola – which has sent wholesale pork prices in China soaring to all time highs…
  •  ... China is increasingly finding itself at America’s mercy.
  •   as China’s hog herd is collapsing, Beijing’s imports of U.S. pork exploded to a weekly record.
  • According to USDA data, in the week ended Oct. 3, pig imports soared to 142,200 metric tons, more than 7 times greater than September’s total shipments of 19,900 tons.
  • China signaled it may import as much as 400,000 tons to stem a domestic shortfall, and it now appears that the US may be the easiest source of said pigs, which needless to say grants the US substantial leverage in the ongoing trade talks.


Trump let everyone know that the US and China are meeting for Trade Talks, he tweeted out the following

Then Trump makes a move to take back American Ports


  • Under a long-term deal sealed by the Obama administration, a Chinese  company was set to control the second-busiest container port in the United States. In an unreported Trump administration victory, the Chinese are out after a drawn-out national security review forced a unit of China-based COSCO Shipping Holdings Co. (Orient Overseas Container Line—OOCL) to sell the cherished container terminal business, which handles among the largest freight of imports into the U.S.
  • It all started with a 40-year container terminal lease between the Port of Long Beach in southern California and Hong Kong. The Obama administration proudly signed the agreement in 2012 giving China control of America’s second-largest container port behind the nearby Port of Los Angeles. One of the Trump administration’s first big moves was to get the Communists out of the Port of Long Beach. After a national security review and federal intervention, the Long Beach terminal business, which handles millions of containers annually, is finally being sold to an Australian company called Macquarie Infrastructure Partners. That essentially kills China’s decades-long contract with the Obama administration.
  • The deal never should have been signed in the first place considering the facility’s size, significance and the national security issues associated with a hostile foreign government controlling it. The southern California port is the premier U.S. gateway for trans-Pacific trade, according to its website, and handles trade valued at more than $194 billion annually. It is one of the few ports that can accommodate the world’s largest vessels and serves 140 shipping lines with connections to 217 seaports around the world. The facility encompasses 3,200 acres with 31 miles of waterfront, 10 piers, 62 berths and 68 post-Panamax gantry cranes. In 2018, the Long Beach port handled more than 8 million container units, achieving the busiest year in its history.
  • Removing Chinese Communists from this essential port is a tremendous feat and a huge victory for U.S. national security. You’d never know it because the media, consumed with the impeachment debacle, has ignored this important achievement.



Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 No.1121272
Mack is naming names.
Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).
The ‘Standard’ Hotel.
Helicopter crash.
All related.
Future will prove past.
Feeling ok today?
Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?
Tick TOCK (LLC).


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 205f78 No.1694734
Track ALL suicides.
Example 1:
Think Spade.
Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY).
Trace to Import/Export.
Trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
Trace sale/spin off of Co.
Trace to CF.
Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)).
Who granted?
Expect A LOT more.


The impeachment and WB complaint have hit a major roadblock, the patriots just shutdown it down and  Dems are now saying that they are no going along with the fake impeachment plan, instead of gaining impeachment steam they are losing impeachment steam, the DS players are now acting out, Biden wants the MSM to stop reporting on what happened in Ukraine, Pelosi and Schiff are being caught in a major lie, changing the rules and not following them, the patriots are making them feel the pain, we will be talking about how the patriots just shutdown the entire plan, but first we have another TV news person who is involved in a sexual harassment complaint,

NBC News chief Andy Lack was ‘unrelenting’ when pursuing female employees: report

  • NBC News chief Andrew Lack — once accused of mishandling sexual harassment complaints at the Peacock Network — preyed on female underlings and pursued sexual relationships with them, according to one of his alleged victims.
  • Lack’s alleged behavior is detailed in Ronan Farrow’s upcoming book, “Catch and Kill” —   
  • In it, Jane Wallace, an anchor on CBS’s “West 57th” news show when Lack was an executive producer in the late 1980s, discussed her affair with the then-married newsman.
  • Lack, 72, a close friend of ousted “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer who oversaw his 2017 termination, was “almost unrelenting” in asking Wallace out to dinner “every day for almost a month,” saying he wanted to celebrate her contract, according to the book.
  • “If your boss does that, what are you gonna say?” Wallace told Farrow. “You know if you say ‘I don’t want to celebrate with you,’ you’re asking for trouble.”
  • She said their sexual relationship was “ultimately consensual, but I didn’t just get flirted with. I got worked over.”
  • Eventually, Wallace claimed Lack bullied her out of the job she loved — and lorded his power over her — when their relationship soured.


Biden is now getting hit from all sides, the Senate is calling Guiliani, LG is threatening to have Volker testify and do it publicy, Ukraine has been investigating Biden since Feb

Biden Campaign Throws Temper Tantrum over Peter Schweizer NYT Op-ed
  • Joe Biden’s presidential campaign sent a scathing letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet for running an op-ed by   Peter Schweizer, which laid out the former vice president’s pattern of corruption and calling for the federal government to investigate his dealings in both China and Ukraine.
  • In the letter Biden expressing outrage for printing “a baseless conspiracy theory”   


Then we come to find out that the anti-Trump Ukrainian Ambassador was monitoring JS

Breaking: Fired Anti-Trump Ukrainian Ambassador Was Monitoring Communications of John Solomon and US Journalists Prying into Ukraine! …UPDATED

  • Last week House Democrats called in fired US Ambassador Marie Yovanovich to testify in their sham impeachment proceedings.
  • Ambassador Yovanovich is a noted Trump-hater who blocked Ukrainian officials from traveling to the United States to hand over evidence of Obama misconduct during the 2016 election to President Trump.
  • Yovanovich was US ambassador to Ukraine during the 2016 election when the Ukrainian government was colluding with the DNC and Hillary Campaign to undermine the US presidential election.
  •    John Solomon announced that the former Ambassador Yovanovich was monitoring the reporters digging into Ukrainian lawlessness.
  • There is evidence now that Yovanovich was spying on John Solomon.
  •  this is much broader than is being reported and we are going to be learning alot more


Lets go back to post 3373

Now the DS was trying to put pressure on RG when he was gathering evidence in Ukraine, it didn’t work, RG exposed the Bidens, but now they are trying to discredit him, 

DEEP STATE STRIKES AGAIN! Federal Prosecutors Arrest Two Giuliani Associates on Campaign Finance Violations – Rudy Promises to Strike Back! (VIDEO)  

  • Rudy   warned the deep state on their plans to smear his name, “What I want to tell them is every time you come after me another piece of evidence is going to come out. Because they give me a platform to get it out. And I got plenty more of this. This is what they call evidence, not lies, evidence!”
  • And sure enough, today the Deep State arrested two associates of President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.
  • This is exactly what Rudy predicted would happen.

Business Insider reported:

Two associates of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who allegedly helped him dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden have been arrested and charged with violating campaign finance laws.

The two men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, are Soviet-born and were under investigation by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. 

It’s not yet clear what the charges against them entail and what they are specifically accused of doing.


If you notice the arrest were in NY, NY is also pushing a case to get Trump tax returns. This will not work, truth ,fact and documentation will override all of this. Just because you arrest someone doesn’t mean you have actual evidence of wrong doing, this is a show on the DS part to discredit RG

Think Flynn, Think Roger Stone, Think of the rest…. OPtics

Since Biden has been caught in a lie, where he said he never spoke to his son about his business dealing in Ukraine, he has now changing his story

Joe Biden Changes Story – Now Says He Spoke with Son Hunter on His Lucrative Ukrainian Deals, “I Sure Hope You Know What You’re Doing” (VIDEO)

  •  Joe Biden changed up his story telling reporters, “He did say at one point that it came out that he was on the board. I said, “I sure hope the hell you know what you’re doing.”
  • As more is revealed the worse Joe Biden is going to look.

Take a Listen to what Biden said

Via FOX and Friends:


Then we find out that

Hunter Biden’s Chinese Firm Invested in Company Blacklisted by U.S.
  • Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a private equity firm bankrolled by the Chinese government that is tied to Hunter Biden, invested in a company that has been blacklisted by the U.S. government.
  •  BHR owns a stake in Megvii Technology, a Chinese technology company that designs image recognition and deep-learning software. Megvii, whose technology is in line with China’s efforts to use facial recognition systems to boost its civilian surveillance capacities, is also partially backed by the Chinese tech giant Alibaba.
  • The company, which plans to launch its initial public offering sometime later this year, was blacklisted by the Trump administration earlier this week on the grounds that its technology had been used by the Chinese government to repress the Muslim minorities in the country’s Xinjiang Uighur region 


It continues to get worse for the Bidens, The Ukrainian Parliament News revealed something very interesting about the Bidens

BOOM! RUDY DROPS BOMB ON JOE BIDEN – Reveals Today’s Ukrainain Parliament News — Burisma Holdings Paid Joe Biden $900,000 For Lobbying Activities

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings, according to Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach.
  • Derkach publicized the documents at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency   as he said the records, “describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr.”
  • This was the transfer of Burisma Group’s funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company. Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which   is affiliated with Biden. The payment reference was payment for consultative services,” Derkach said.

Trump responds to Eric,

Eric Trump asks

As we know the WB complaint cannot go anywhere, why Trump released his phone transcript and countered the WB complaint, the DS is getting so desperate to get Trump the WB attorney are now issuing coupons for a rate discount if WBs come forward, this seems right

Whistleblower’ Attorneys Offered Rate Discount for Trump Informants, Ranted Against President on Social Media
  • The law firm representing the so-called whistleblower at the center of the impeachment movement targeting President Donald Trump as well as multiple other anti-Trump whistleblowers was so desperate to find Trump administration informants that they previously offered those who come forward discounted pricing for legal representation. 


Now we know the DS is trying to keep the identity of the WB a secret, they are using the excuse that this person is getting death threat, even though knowbody knows who is this person is, there is a reason they do not want anyone to know who this person is, if this person was revealed, people would dig into who this person is and it would be game over, but Trump does have the right to face his accuser.

Former US Attorney: The Whistleblower’s Identity Is Typically Revealed – Democrats Are Trying to Change the Rules (VIDEO)

  • Former US Attorney Brett Tolman  says the whistleblower historically is revealed after they file their complaint.
  • And typically the whistleblower is interviewed and interrogated by both sides.
  • Democrats do not want the leaker to be revealed because of his far left politics and associations.
    And Democrats know the “whistleblower’s” information is highly flawed. There was no blackmail or threats as the partisan whistleblower suggested.
  • Democrats also do not want the Trump administration to be able to cross-examine their partisan anti-Trump leaker.
    Democrats are also withholding documents from the Trump administration


Trump tweeted out the following

Ukrainian President Zelensky came out in defense of Trump once again, so lets get this straight, we have the phone transcript, and the person Trump spoke to is countering everything the DS WB is saying, so how does the DS have a case, they don’t

“There Was No Blackmail” – Ukrainian President DOUBLES DOWN- Says President Trump Did Not Pressure Him on Burisma or Joe Biden (VIDEO)

The Independent reported:

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has insisted he was unaware of Donald Trump’s decision to withhold military aid before their now infamous 25 July phone call.

“There was no blackmail,” Mr Zelensky said during a press conference on Thursday. “I had no idea the military aid was held up.”

Remember, The issue of whether Mr Trump offered Mr Zelensky a quid pro quo — US military support in exchange for an investigation into former vice-president Joe Biden in Ukraine — is one of the main focuses of an impeachment inquiry underway in Washington.


Trump tweeted out the following

Pence Then makes a move that the DS is not going to like,

  • Vice President Mike Pence says he’s working with the White House counsel’s office to release his own transcripts of two phone calls with Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky  
  • Pence said his conversations with Zelensky would exonerate President Trump from Democrat claims of a quid pro quo. 



Trump and Pence are being completely transparent, now it’s Obama’s and Bidens turn, release the transcript, prove to the American people that there was no quid pro quo, if you Obama/Biden can’t do this it is game over for them 

Now we know that Pelosi and Schiff are pushing the fake impeachment with the fake WB, but the Trump administration just countered the entire fake impeachment push.  Paul Sperry tweeted out the following

Devin Nunes Discusses Partisan Impeachment, Ukraine and State Dept Involvement….


  • Devin Nunes says the following, Speaker Pelosi cannot engage the courts for support against the Executive Branch because the House has not created their judicial authority.  As a result of their lack of a vote to initiate the House “impeachment inquiry” there is no penalty for non-compliance behind any committee subpoena.
  • Attempting to compel testimony that crosses through the separation of powers; and goes even further in an attempt to penetrate the firewall around executive privilege; requires the House -or a committee therein- to carry “Judicial Authority“.

  • “Judicial Authority” is not absolute authority, but rather a legal reference and framework that forms the basis for an impeachment ‘compulsion demand‘ (or subpoena) by the House.  Judicial Authority is the House saying they have a legal basis to make a demand.
  • The reason judicial authority is necessary, is because creating Judicial authority, via the Legislative Branch full chamber votegives the Executive Branch access to appeal any legislative demand via the Judicial Branch (federal courts).

Lets sum it all up.

  • Here’s the bottom line: “Judicial Authority”, granted by a full House vote, gives the House of Representatives more authority in their impeachment construct.  However, “judicial authority” also grants the Executive Branch a path to appeal via the Judicial Branch.
  • Because the Lawfare/Pelosi roadmap intends to subvert judicial authority, it is destined by design to end up running head-first into a constitutional problem; specifically separation of power and executive privilege.  That predictable constitutional issue will end up with arguments to The Supreme Court.  THAT is why the Democrats have been working for months to delegitimize the Supreme Court. that is why the background attacks against the Supreme Court were started months ago.


If you notice their plan is failing on all fronts

Pelosi is facing heat from the Dems, some are turning on her and others want the vote now

House Democrats Break with Lawless Pelosi and Her Secret Impeachment Process – Want to Hold a House Vote (VIDEO)


Now we know that Trump has been pushing Clinton to run in the 2020 election, he is trying to put her in the spotlight, I believe they have something special planned for her, Judicial watch is now pushing Clinton to testify in her email scandal.


  •   Judicial Watch announced that a federal court will soon rule on whether Hillary Clinton and her top aide can be questioned under oath by Judicial Watch lawyers about the email and Benghazi controversies. The court has already granted additional discovery to Judicial Watch and is now considering Clinton’s objections, filed on September 23, to being questioned. Judicial Watch filed its response to Clinton on October 3 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)).
  • The court previously ordered discovery into three specific areas: whether Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server was intended to stymie FOIA; whether the State Department’s intent to settle this case in late 2014 and early 2015 amounted to bad faith; and whether the State Department has adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s request. The court specifically ordered Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers and Clinton aides to be deposed or answer written questions under oath. The court ruled that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”


It is getting real for HRC, JW, Barr and now Ukraine are investigating HRC emails, yes heard this right they are hitting her from all sides, this is why Trump and the patriots want her to run again, it will put her in the spotlight

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says his country will “happily” investigate whether Ukraine interfered in the 2016 US elections – telling reporters that “we can’t say yes or no” without first looking into the matter.


RG tweeted out a bombshell

And then we have Seth Rich, remember when the 

EXCLUSIVE: Despite Prior FBI Statements that Seth Rich’s DNC Computer and Emails Were Investigated, FBI Now Claims in FOIA Request that No Related Docs Exist

  •  FBI said that Seth Rich’s DNC Computer and Emails Were Investigated, FBI Now Claims No Related Docs in FOIA Request.  Attorney Requesting Documents Demands Court Step In.
  • that Texas businessman Ed Butowsky filed a lawsuit where he outed reporter Ellen Ratner as his source for information on Seth Rich. The DNC operative was murdered in the summer of 2016 in Washington DC. His murder was never solved. According to the lawsuit Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks the DNC emails before the 2016 election, not Russia.
  • This totally destroys the FBI and Mueller’s claims that Russians hacked the DNC to obtain these emails.
  • Butowsky claims in his lawsuit:

Ms. Rattner said Mr. Assange told her that Seth Rich and his brother, Aaron, were responsible for releasing the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Ms. Rattner said Mr. Assange wanted the information relayed to Seth’s parents, as it might explain the motive for Seth’s murder.

  • On November 9 2016 Ellen Ratner admitted publicly that she met with Julian Assange for three hours the Saturday before the 2016 election. According to Ratner, Julian Assange told her the leaks were not from the Russians, they were from an internal source from the Hillary Campaign.

  • Butowsky and his attorney, Ty Clevenger, requested and obtained documents from the FBI related to their case which we were able to analyze.
  • According to the duo, they obtained the transcript from former FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki where he states that the Obama White House was the entity that was pushing the Russia conspiracy as early as October 2016 –
  • When Ty Clevenger requested documents from the FBI related to any investigation into the death of Seth Rich, they replied that they never investigated Seth Rich and they don’t even have any records on him –
  • But when documents were requested from the NSA, they replied that they won’t release their records regarding Seth Rich because it’s a matter of national security –
  • So the FBI never investigated the Seth Rich murder even though the NSA said the case was a matter of national security?
  • Attorney Ty Clevenger requested documents again from the FBI related to any communications related to the death of Seth Rich –
  • Update Today October 10, 2019 ==>>
  • Clevenger has requested that the US Department of Justice provide him documents he is requesting based on some new information 
  • So what do we have here
  • 1 The FBI had been contacted by the DOJ about Seth Rich
    2 The FBI had been examining Seth Rich’s computer
    3 The FBI was looking into Seth Rich’s gmail account
    4 The FBI investigated an attempt to hack into Seth Rich’s computer
    5 And, finally, confirmed liar Andrew McCabe from the FBI said there was nothing to the stories regarding Seth Rich!
  •  sounds like the FBI is trying to hide something.


It is being reported by Maria Bartiromo that the   IG Report on FISA “Will Be Released October 18th – As Thick as Telephone Book”…

  •   Maria Bartiromo revealed (and President Trump tweeted) the FISA report by Michael Horowitz will be released on Friday October 18th.
  • If that time-frame for the IG report is accurate, that means the classification review has been completed; any remaining classified information not specifically authorized in the inspector general report, a decision granted to AG Bill Barr, would be placed in a classified appendix that is not available to the public.
  • A publication date in/around October 18th would also mean the time allotted for principal review has expired.  Generally the people whose conduct is under review are granted a preview of the report that covers their activity.  The IG may or may not include any response from the principals outlined.  If the IG permits inclusion of a principal response, the IG usually outlines additional information to rebut or support the principal position.
  • A final draft is assembled only after the OIG administrative referencer makes a final review of all statements of fact and provides citations therein.  T


  • Planned Parenthood’s super PAC announced a $45 million electoral campaign   to defeat President Trump and Republicans in key Senate races.
  • The investment will fund a “large-scale” grassroots organization and canvass, digital, television, radio and mail programs.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387
[D] Party Con:
When you can’t raise money ‘organically’ through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions.
[Example 1]
Planned Parenthood
$1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period.
[Case 1]
PP spent $30 million [disclosed – real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections.
Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election?
D_insider_term: T_WASH
Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding
Lets head down to the border

AMERICA FIRST: Donald Trump Increases Deportations of Illegal Aliens by 453% in Recent Months

  • President Trump is fulfilling his promise to put American First.
  • The president promised to secure the border and despite massive resistance from Democrats in Congress and open borders Republicans he is building a wall and protecting the US border.
  • Increases Deportations of Illegal Aliens by 453% in Recent Months


Trump brings Kirstjen Nielsen back into his administration

  • Kirstjen Nielsen, the former secretary for the Department of Homeland Security who left her post in April, is rejoining the administration in a minor role.
  • The White House announced Tuesday evening the appointment of Nielsen as a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, a Department of Homeland Security entity. The board has up to 30 members from the private sector who advise the White House on best practices for reducing physical and cyberthreats to the country’s critical infrastructure.


Geopolitical/Police State

Trump Issues Executives Orders Designed To Deconstruct The Deep State While Dems Focus On Impeachment

  • President Donald Trump signed executive orders   that are designed to take much of the sting out of what conservatives believe is an out-of-control administrative state.
  • The orders will limit the use of a tool the Trump administration believes short-circuits the rule-making process. They take aim at federal guidance, which agencies can use to explain how they intend to implement policy.
  • Trump is signing “two EO’s protecting the rights of American families and small businesses against bureaucratic abuse as he continues to hold government agencies accountable to the taxpayers,”
  • “Many Americans learn of the rule only when agents come knocking on their door,” Trump said  . “Americans will no longer be subject to hidden rules.”
  • The order gives Americans the opportunity to express their opinion before being targeted with fines and regulations. It will be the agency’s duty to inform Americans of any new rules that might affect their lives and businesses, the president noted.



Now the DS players are panicking over Syria, remember they are watching their plan go down the tubes and they are at risk of being exposed.





More Than Hundred Terrorists Killed Since Start of Operation in Syria – Erdogan

  •  Turkey has now seized designated targets and the military operation is continuing successfully as planned.



George Orwell explains why a society hates those who speak the truth, why people lash out when they hear the truth, the DS knew that if they were able to spread propaganda lies it would have a certain effect, Here is the quote from GO, 

 “The Further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that are speaking it”,  George Orwell

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    Dear Dave,
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    I am a Korean American, mother of 3. I have became a Targeted individual after reporting Catholic priest to CPS and law enforcement in 2016 April. They sliced my puppy into pieces and threw them on my front yard, staged car accident on Christmas, Gangstalked , survallence,implants , DEW attacks… If you are not aware of Targeted individual, please go to Targeted to learn more about this phenomenon.
    Dave, please expose this covert harassment that is running by Deep state CIA, FBI, Fusion center … TI’s are torture 24/7/365. We are put into mental hospital to be silence and discredit. They go after Targeted individual ‘s children too. These criminals are pedophiles.
    Please talk about Targeted individual. Thank you

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