•  The stakes are just too high to allow the Senate in Pennsylvania to conduct a 2020 election audit; and all prior corrupt activity must be protected and maintained.  As a direct result the White House is announcing the people behind Joe Biden are immediately dispatching all federal resources to Philadelphia to begin the war against Pennsylvania voters.

  • The Obama regime officials cannot permit the State of Pennsylvania to challenge or expose the scale of election fraud executed in Philadelphia county. They will manipulate every narrative needed, instruct every corporate media ally, call out every labor union and community activist group, pre-position Antifa, trigger every BIG Tech mechanism, activate the DOJ, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and even the U.S. military if that is needed to quell any rebellion.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Reporters Asked if US will deliver ‘consequences’ to Russia for ransomware attacks, Biden says ‘yes’

Following an executive order signing ceremony, a reporter asked Biden “if there will be consequences” for Russia, to which the president responded simply, “Yes.”