• The State of New York has introduced a blockchain-powered COVID-19 passport.
  • It’s available for free of use by businesses, and the implementation will be voluntary.

Source: decrypt.co

So while the people of NY need to have a vaccine passport to re-enter society

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Biden’s Illegal Migrants and Fake Refugees Are Being Flown Out Across America – 40% of McAllen, TX Air Traffic Now Migrants 

  • And, of course, no one knows about their COVID status!
  • We were sent this yesterday from a reader in Dallas:


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

No Surge In COVID Two Weeks After Mask Mandate Lifted In Texas 

  • After two weeks of lifting its mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at full capacity, Texas is not seeing a surge of new COVID-19 cases.
  • The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) posted on Twitter yesterday that Texas saw a seven-day average decrease in the daily number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.
  • Mississippi also announced it was lifting COVID-19 related restrictions on March 2.

  • In Mississippi, new COVID-19 cases have also been steadily declining 
Source: zerohedge.com

Trump Calls Dr Fauci A ‘Self Promoter’ Says He ‘Didn’t Really Listen’ To His Covid Advice 

  • Former President Donald Trump says he didn’t pay much attention to advice from Dr. Fauci, whom he calls a “media creation”, while making decisions about Covid. 
  • RT reports: Despite Fauci widely seen as a leading voice since the first days in the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump distanced himself from the health official, saying he often ignored his advice and simply did the opposite.
  • “If you really look, I didn’t really listen to him too much because I was doing the opposite of what he was saying,” Trump said, also blasting the doctor as a “promoter more than anything else.”

Source: newspunch.com