Did You Catch It, It Needs To Go Mainstream First, Then We Bring The House – Episode 2037

Did You Catch It, It Needs To Go Mainstream First, Then We Bring It Down
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Trump met on the sidelines with BJ to discuss many different topic, one of those topics was trade. Is Trump negotiating a trade deal with BJ once the UK breaks free of the EU? Trump is preparing for the transition, he is now cutting the expenses of the government. Trump is now attacking the [CB],[DS] from every angle. The [DS] held their fake impeachment hearing. This hearing was part of the patriots plan, it needed to go mainstream first, the people need to be educated on how administration should never work with a foreign government to interfere with the US elections. The hearing explained it all to the people of the US. Phase III is coming, house is about to be brought down. The [DS] understands that this is the storm brought on by Trump. Q drops more bread, arrest coming soon.

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Current News – 12.04.2019

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Trump meets with UK’s Johnson on sidelines of NATO gathering

  • President Trump  met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the sidelines of a gathering of NATO leaders in London.
  • The president tweeted  

  • The White House said that the two leaders also touched on “a range of security issues,” including collaborating to “ensure the security of our telecommunication networks and guard against untrusted providers.”

Source: thehill.com

  •  the Trump administration is expected to announce new measures that would end food stamp benefits for nearly 750,000 low-income folks. The new rules will make it difficult for “states to gain waivers from a requirement that beneficiaries work or participate in a vocational training program,”
  •  Why is Trump doing this, the redistribution of wealth for poor people keeps them in a state of perpetual poverty. 
  • The new requirements would only target “able-bodied” recipients who aren’t caring for children under six.

Source: zerohedge.com


Did you see what the patriots just did, the professors are educated the the population, this fake impeachment is televised on the MSM, they are explaining how a foreign government should never interfere in a US election and the founding fathers warned about this, the professors are now explaining the constitution to the people, this is needed so the people understand how bad this is, how do you educated a public about the constitution, how do educate the people of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, how do you show how elected officials violated these laws, how do you show how important elections are, how do you show how distortions, manipulation to elections takes the right of voters away. Prof Michael Gerhardt gave examples from Nixon, charged him with abuse of power by using the FBI, IRS etc to harass is political opponent.  This is how you educate the people, this is how you pass voter id laws, the professors just educated the people and let everyone know that nobody is above the law, plus the just laid out the constitutional foundation against the [DS] in what they did, we will talk about about this a little later, but first I do believe timing is everything, and we have spoken about Michelle OBama being the candidate that is waiting in the shadows, so today we have this

Michelle Obama Named In People Magazine’s People Of The Year

Source: dailycaller.com

Today as we know Nadler is having Phase II of the fake impeachment, they are putting on the show to try to get the American people behind their agenda, they are checking the polls they are pushing it very hard, remember Nadler tried this with Mueller, and others they couldn’t get traction, so they switched tactics, Schiff had the closed door and public hearing which was phase I, it flopped, now they are hoping this will do the trick, but when you read Schiffs report, it reports on nothing, 

Adam Schiff’s Report Cites No ‘Bribery’ or ‘High Crimes’; Only Tweets
  • The report cites no constitutionally permissible grounds for impeachment against President Donald Trump — other than tweets.
  • Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides that impeachment shall be for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Notably, the Framers of the Constitution ruled out “maladministration” as a reason.
  • In Schiff’s 300-page report, Democrats failed to cite any specific grounds for impeaching the president.
  • Notably, though Schiff and others attempted to argue that the president had possibly committed “bribery” by allegedly asking the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for U.S. aid, there is no discussion of bribery whatsoever in the report — other than references to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s claims that Biden might be guilty of bribery because his son was on the payroll of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.
  • The only references to any “crimes” allegedly committed by the president is a discussion of “witness intimidation.”
  • Schiff and his Democrat majority attempt to argue that President Trump committed that crime by tweeting criticism of several witnesses against him, including calling them “Never Trumpers” and drawing attention to their testimony.
  • The report also cites Trump’s tweets criticizing former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during her testimony, which clearly did not obstruct her testimony and which she would not have known about had Schiff not read them — partially — to her in the middle of the hearing.
  • Shifts report never explicitly accuses Trump of “abuse of power.” But even that is not impeachable — firstly because Republicans have argued that Trump was not seeking a political favor from Ukraine, but exercising a constitutional duty to fight corruption and election interference; and secondly because it is not an impeachable offense.
  • So instead of “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” Democrats are trying to impeach the president on the basis of tweets he posted in his own defense against their own, arguably partisan, inquisition.

Source: breitbart.com

We did find out something out that is very disturbing, Schiff /DS has been spying on Nunes, RG, John Solomon and more. 

RG tweeted out the following

Schiff Team Subpoena’d Call Records from Trump Attorneys Along With Devin Nunes, John Solomon….

AT&T provided the call records, 

  •   in essence Adam Schiff weaponized his committee authority toward the goal of removing President Trump in an identical way the prior administration intelligence officials, DOJ and FBI weaponized their authority toward removing candidate Trump, president-elect Trump and President Trump.
  • It is one long continuum of political corruption, weaponization, and fabrication of evidence to achieve a political objective. 

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Scalise: Schiff ‘spying’ on Nunes with call records 

  •   Steve Scalise said  
  • “It raises a lot of serious questions,”  
  • “I want to know all the people Adam Schiff is spying on,”   “Are there other members of Congress that he is spying on, and what justification does he have? He needs to be held accountable and explain what he’s doing, going after journalists, going after members of Congress, instead of doing his job.”
  • The call records produced in the report show late April calls between Giuliani and the White House, as well as between Giuliani and the Office of Management and Budget. The records also show calls between Parnas and reporter John Solomon, as well as between Parnas and Giuliani and between Parnas and Nunes.
  • Solomon wrote stories for the Hill about Ukraine and Hunter Biden, who was awarded a lucrative job on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings. Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s role in the firing of a Ukraine prosecutor who was targeting Burisma.
  • “I’m interested in why he was doing this,” Scalise said of Schiff. “And under what authority.

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

Prof Turley sums it up Take a listen 

Now we know the IG FISA report is coming out very soon, now we know the majority of the people are not going read it, so what is the MSM doing, they are projecting what they think its going to say attempting to shape the narrative, once it is release they will continue with tactic.  The Truth has a funny way cutting through propaganda.  

The [DS] is now trying to dirty those who know the Truth, Nunes, John Solomon, RG, Flynn and more, Nunes is now going after the fake news media

BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes Files $435 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN over Ukraine Report

  •  Nunes filed a lawsuit this week against CNN; claiming the news network promoted a false story concerning the Representative and Ukrainian officials.
  • “Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) filed a defamation suit against CNN  over a story reporting that the Republican congressman had traveled to Vienna, Austria, to meet with foreign officials and discuss finding dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden  

Source: hannity.com

 Senate confirmed 5 more  judges nominated by Trump

It seems the FBI just keeps losing everything when it has to do with HRC, 

How Convenient. FBI ‘lost Notes’ From August 2015 Meeting with IC Inspector General Regarding Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

  • The FBI ‘lost notes’ from an August 2015 meeting with the Intelligence Community Inspector General about Hillary Clinton’s private server, according to new FBI docs released  
  • A February 2019 email from a Special Agent reveals that a CD containing material and notes from an August 2015 meeting with the ICIG was damaged, therefore the information is considered “missing.”
  • Since the CD was cracked, FBI IT specialists indicated it was unlikely the CD could be copied.
  • The notes from this meeting are also missing
  • Recall, the IC Inspector General found an ‘anomaly’ on Hillary Clinton’s emails when they conducted a forensic analysis of her private server system.
  • Congressman Louie Gohmert said during the explosive July 2018 hearing with FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok that the ICIG found that every single one of Hillary Clinton’s emails, save for 4, went to an address that was not on the distribution list — unrelated to Russia.
  • In other words, China has over 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails which include classified material.
  • ICIG official Frank Rucker and a fellow ICIG lawyer Jeanette Macmillian both warned Peter Strzok about this ‘anomaly’ found on Hillary Clinton’s email server and Strzok ignored it.
  • Now the FBI reveals that a CD containing material about their meeting with the ICIG is damaged and the notes about the meeting are also missing — The FBI is supposed to be our premiere law enforcement agency. Let that sink in.
  • Read part 32 of 32, pages 261- 266 from the FBI Vault here.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

And now we more and more information is being released about key players that are associated with JE.

Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein’s New Mexico ‘Baby-Making Ranch’: Report

  • The Clintons regularly stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s   New Mexico ranch  

  • Bill, Hillary and even Chelsea visited the 10,000-acre estate “almost every year after they left the White House,” according to the Daily Mail. The former first family didn’t stay at the property’s main compound, however – they spent their time in a custom cowboy-themed village Epstein built a mile south of his mountaintop villa.

the Clinton family bunked down in a special cowboy-themed village created by Epstein, which is a mile south of his own luxury mountaintop villaThey’d use one of the two guest houses, which look like they’re straight out of the 19th century.

Pictures from inside Epstein’s main house in New Mexico show a ‘party shower’ for up to eight people with four shelves full of toiletries and oils

Source: zerohedge.com

BREAKING: Norwegian Royal Family Implicated In Epstein Scandal

  • Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit has apologized for repeatedly meeting with Epstein after his arrest on federal underage sex trafficking charges.
  • “I never would have associated with Mr. Epstein if I had been aware of the seriousness of the crimes he committed. I should have investigated his past more thoroughly, and I am sorry that I didn’t”, says Crown Princess Mette-Marit in a statement to Dagens Næringsliv, the leading Norwegian business daily.

Source: nationalfile.com

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

  • Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the U.S. division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG, reportedly committed suicide last month at the age of 55 by hanging himself with a rope in his California residence.
  • However, his extensive ties to  Jeffrey Epstein
  • Epstein moved millions of his personal wealth through Deutsche Bank before his death. He switched to Deutsche Bank in 2013 after his conviction for child sex crimes when even JP Morgan would no longer do business with him.

Source: bigleaguepolitics.com

Convicted Pedophile Charged for Illegally Funneling Money to Groups Linked to Hillary Clinton

  •  George Nader was one of eight people indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington on Nov. 7, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Dec. 3.
  • Remember he was Used In Mueller Investigation  

  • Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, a Lebanese-American like Nader and the CEO of an online payment processing company called Allied Wallet Inc., conspired with Nader from March 2016 through Jan. 2017 to hide the source of more than $3.5 million in campaign contributions that were directed to groups associated with a 2016 candidate, the department said. The true source of the funds, a foreign government, wasn’t identified by the DOJ.
  • According to campaign finance records, the candidate was Clinton. The donations included a $150,000 contribution to the Hillary Victory Fund on April 12, 2016, and a $200,400 contribution to the Hilary Action Fund on July 8, 2016.
  • Khawaja also conspired with six others to hide Khawaj’s excessive contributions to various political committees, according to the indictment. And earlier this year, he obstructed a grand jury investigation of the matter, giving a witness called in the case file information about Nader.
  • The indictment alleges that Khawaja, Nader, and another defendant, Rudy Dekermenjian, attended an event to support Clinton in April 2016. The next day, Nader told the foreign official in a WhatsApp message that he had a “wonderful meeting with the Big Lady,” according to the indictment.
  • Nader is currently in federal custody for allegedly possessing child pornography images.

Source: theepochtimes.com



BOOM! President Trump Calls Out “Two-Faced” Trudeau After Clip Goes Viral of Canadian Leader Mocking Trump When He’s Out of the Room (VIDEO)

  • During a little break at the NATO meetings in London Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen mocking US President Donald Trump with other world leaders — while President Trump is out of the room.
  • Trudeau,   mocked Trump to French President Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Boris Johnson from the UK over drinks.

  •   Trump responded to the Canadian leader, “Well, he’s two-faced.”
  • The US President then went on to add, “And honestly, with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy but the truth is I called him out on the fact that he’s not paying 2% (to NATO) and I guess he’s not very happy about it… Lok I’m representing the United States and he understands that.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com




Q has been posting about the fires in CA, that they were preventable but the corrupt politicians have using the fires to get money from the Federal Government, and where does this money go, into their pockets.  

Lets go back to post 2467




This is a  short clip from the film “Law Abiding Citizen. Q mentioned the tag line “It’s gonna be biblical.” in post 3624, in this clip it says that they are going to take down the the whole disease corrupt temple down on your head. 

It’s Time, arrest coming

the DS knows that this is a storm, take a listen to nadler when he made his opening statement in the fake impeachment



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There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior to the EVIDENCE being dropped.
You have more than you know.