[DS] Is Running Out Of Time, Patriots Set The Trap, & Are Nudging Them Into It – Episode 2006


[DS] Is Running Out Of Time, Patriots Set The Trap, & Nudge Them Into It
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The elite are starting to realize that the BREXIT is not going the way they want, they are trying to delay, they do not want a vote, why because they know they don’t have a chance of winning. The US economy is doing better than ever statistically, Trump and the patriots are ready to seal the deal on China. The Fed just realized that they have know way out of this, and the former Fed official has done an about face and says they need to cut. The [DS] is running out time, the patriots have cornered them and they are nudging them into the trap, they have taken the bait and they are now going to vote. The [DS]/MSM have been trying to explain away the killing of Baghdadi. Trump is set to release video footage of the raid. This plan was set to show the [DS] they cannot win, the patriots are in control now.

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Brexit: Elections Likely After Johnson Calls Macron, What Happened?

  • Johnson and Macron agree on a 3-Month extension after a phone call initiated by Johnson.
  • What Happened?
  • The Tories, Liberal Democrats, and SNP are all on board for elections.
  • Rather than attempt to press through the Withdrawal Bill that would be loaded with amendments, Johnson instead has decided to press for elections.
  • Making Sense of the Contradictions
  1. Johnson is so far ahead in the polls that he would rather gamble on elections.
  2. The Liberal Democrats desperately need elections to pick up seats from Labour. That is their second agenda. Their first agenda, outright staying in the EU is dead.
  3. A Johnson win would strengthen the case for another Scottish Referendum
  4. Labour does not want an election now but has to pretend that it does
  • It appears they finally realized that. They have also given up hope Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would ever work with them.
  • Did Johnson Cave In?
  • It may seem like it was Johnson, not Macron who caved in, but we have not seen the final extension wording yet.
  • Alternatively, and more likely, Johnson has simply decided to gamble on elections, running on a Get Brexit Done platform, vs Corbyn’s majorly inept proposition of seeking a deal and campaigning against it.

Source:  moneymaven.io/mishtalk

  • President Donald Trump said  that negotiations for the so-called phase one of the United States’ trade deal with China were “ahead of schedule.”
  • “We are looking probably to be ahead of schedule to sign a very big portion of the China deal, and we’ll call it Phase One but it’s a very big portion,” Trump said. “That would take care of the farmers. It would take care of some of the other things. It will also take care of a lot of the banking needs.”.

Source: politico.com

  • In late August,   former head of the NY Fed, Bill Dudley, broke the golden rule of central-banking elitism – he publicly crossed the line into politics, arguing that “there is even an argument” that the Fed should crush the economy (arguably by hiking or not cutting rates) and start the next recession, thereby preventing Trump from getting re-elected.

…”this manufactured disaster-in-the-making presents the Federal Reserve with a dilemma: Should it mitigate the damage by providing offsetting stimulus, or refuse to play along?”

Dudley’s advice: “If the ultimate goal is a healthy economy, the Fed should seriously consider the latter approach”, i.e., defy the president.

Source: zerohedge.com

  • Financial markets are pricing in a 90pc chance of a cut to 1.75pc 
Source: telegraph.co.uk


  • Freshman Rep. Katie Hill is resigning from Congress after facing allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers in her office and on her congressional campaign,

Source: politico.com

It was odd to see so many Democrats and their media counterparts suggesting Hill had done nothing wrong but was, in fact, a victim. Last year, the House prohibited lawmakers from having sexual relationships with their staffers.  the prohibition was introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and took immediate effect, thanks to the #MeToo movement exposing inappropriate relationships and payouts from lawmakers.

Schiff warns Trump is inviting impeachment by blocking witnesses

  •  Adam Schiff   Trump’s effort to block a former national security aide from testifying in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is strengthening the case for impeachment based on obstruction of Congress,
  • “A private citizen cannot sue the Congress to avoid coming in when they are served a lawful subpoena,” said Schiff, who is leading the impeachment inquiry.
  • These are not subpoenas they are letters, they do not have a vote on an official impeachment hearing so these letters do not hold any penalties.

Source: politico.com

Pelosi announces vote on moving impeachment proceedings to the public phase on Thursday

MUST READ… THE LIST: 8 Ways the Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Schiff’s Sham Impeachment Are Identical, Corrupt and Unconstitutional

  • The Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings of President Trump held in the basement of the Capital are very similar in numerous ways.
  • 1. Both Begin in the Ukraine –
  • The Mueller special counsel was created based on a bogus dossier with connections back to the Ukraine. 
  •  Adam Schiff’s dungeon impeachment sham is based on this exact same scenario.
  • 2. Democrats Are Behind the Beginnings of Both Shams
  •  Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier that was used to surveil candidate and President Trump and which was the basis for the Mueller Witchhunt.
  •  The ‘whistleblower’ who started the sham is widely suspected of being an Obama CIA spy in the Trump White House.  This individual, suspected to be Eric Ciaramella, approached Congressman Schiff before filing the faulty ‘whistleblower’ report.  If Schiff’s CIA ‘whistleblower’ is outed and if he was spying on President on behalf of Schiff, then they both should be held accountable for conspiracy and treason under the Espionage Act.
  • 3. Both Shams are Based on Fake or Non-Crimes

 There is no evidence on the public record that Mr. Trump has committed an impeachable offense. The Constitution permits impeachment only for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Founders considered allowing impeachment on the broader grounds of “maladministration,” “neglect of duty” and “mal-practice,” but they rejected these reasons for fear of giving too much power to Congress. The phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” includes abuses of power that do not constitute violations of criminal statutes. But its scope is limited.


  it is apparent that  Trump has neither committed a crime nor abused his power. One theory is that by asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Kyiv’s involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and potential corruption by Joe Biden and his son Hunter was unlawful “interference with an election.” There is no such crime in the federal criminal code (the same is true of “collusion”). Election-related offenses involve specific actions such as voting by aliens, fraudulent voting, buying votes and interfering with access to the polls. None of these apply here.

  • 4. Both Shams are Led by Corrupt and Criminal Actors –
  • 5. Both Shams Involve Tampering and Threatening Witnesses
  •   six out of eight events involving Russians in the Mueller report were set ups by the Deep State.   
  • 6. Both Shams Utilize Illegal Convenient Leaks to the Media
  • 7. Both Shams Involve a Complicit and Rabid Mainstream Media
  • 8. Both Shams are Hell Bent on the Destruction of the US Constitution

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Barr: FBI director is helping in Trump-Russia origins investigation

  • Attorney General William Barr said Monday his right-hand man, U.S. Attorney John Durham, is making progress in his investigation into the Trump-Russia inquiry origins, with help from FBI Director Christopher Wray.
  • “As you know, I’ve said previously that I felt there was a failure of leadership at the bureau in 2016 and part of 2017, but since Director Wray and his team have taken over, there’s been a world of change,” Barr said. “I think that he is restoring the steady professionalism that’s been a hallmark of the FBI. I really appreciate his leadership there.”

Source: washingtonexaminer.com


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 466abe No.979213
  • we now have mass public unrest (on and off) in: France, Spain, and that 24% AfD vote in Germany, and Brexit in the UK; Algeria; Iraq: Lebanon; Egypt; Russia; Hong Kong; Venezuela; Chile; Ecuador; and Bolivia. Plus deepening polarisation in the US – and one could add the middle-class disruption of Extinction Rebellion in Australia, Canada, and others.

Source: zerohedge.com


  • President Trump called Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) “the biggest leaker in Washington” to explain why he did not inform the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee ahead of time about the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Source: thehill.com

Take a listen 

(UPDATED) Obama Photographer Pete Souza Insinuates Trump Staged Baghdadi Raid Situation Room Photo

  • Former Obama White House photographer Pete Souza posted about a White House photo of President Trump in the situation room during the Baghdadi raid, insinuating the photo was staged based on the reported time of the raid in Syria Saturday and the metadata embedded in the photo.
  • Famous 2011 Souza photo of President Barack Obama taken the the day of the bin Laden raid:

  • The Trump photo was originally posted Sunday morning by senior Trump adviser Dan Scavino
  • Souza noted, “The raid, as reported, took place at 3:30PM Washington time. The photo, as shown in the camera IPTC data, was taken at “17:05:24″.”

  • After lighting a fire online insinuating the photo was staged, Souza tried to walk it back over several tweets, finally saying after nearly two hours, “Just to be clear, I didn’t say it was staged. Trump himself said he didn’t arrive to the Situation Room until “around 5pm”. So it’s definitely possible the photo was taken during the raid.”


  • Newsweek’s Jeff Stein, “Trump was golfing during Baghdadi raid, data and pool reports show, and later staged photo with generals to suggest he watched it in real time.”

  • UPDATE: Sousa acknowledges reporting that puts the time the photo was taken was during the raid, but no offers apology: “The latest reporting from the NYT: the helicopters left Iraq at 5PM (Washington time), and they reported it was about a 70-minute flight to Syria. So actual raid had to happen some time after 6:10PM.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Trump Considers Releasing Parts Of al-Baghdadi Raid Video

  • President Donald Trump told reporters Monday that he might release part of the U.S. military raid video that resulted in Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death Saturday evening.

Source: dailycaller.com

  • Two men believed close to the Islamic State’s top leadership were taken alive during the Saturday night US special forces raid
  • “There were two adult males taken off the objective, alive,”  They’re in our custody and they’re in a secure facility,”

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley. Image source: Reuters
  • Gen. Milley also confirmed during the briefing that segments of the video imagery from the Baghdadi raid would be made public once it is subject to a declassification review, following prior comments made by President Trumps saying he’s mulling release of the video.

Source: zerohedge.com

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