[DS] Playbook Used Against Them, Think Warp Speed, Looking Glass Was The Signal – Episode 2293


[DS] Playbook Used Against Them, Think Warp Speed, Looking Glass Was The Signal
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The patriots are now in control the economic narrative, once Trump brought the unemployment numbers down to 7.9% it is game over for the [CB]/MSM, they can no longer use this as talking point. The politicians voted on their paychecks very quickly but took their time when it came to the people receiving stimulus. The economic narrative controls how people will vote. The [DS]/MSM moved forward with their latest plan, use the virus to get Trump off debate circuit, stop the SC confirmation and use fear and chaos. This all failed, the patriots already knew the playbook and Trump is now using this to his benefit. Is this about the virus or the election, is this about the riots or the election, it’s all about the election. How do you remove fear, how do you counter everything the [DS] is trying to do, you introduce the cure.

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Just wanted to take a second to point out members of Congress were able to hash a deal avoiding a government shutdown, guaranteeing their paychecks, but can’t agree on a stimulus to help the people they were elected to represent. Pls stop voting for these clowns. November 3rd

House Democrats Remove Funding for Police in Latest $2.2 Trillion Package — But Bill Will Bail-Out Poorly Run Democrat States

  • This week the House Democrats passed the $2.2 TRILLION Pelosi “Heroes Act.”
  • This monstrosity will bailout all of the poorly run Democrat states.
    But it will not fund the police during a time of Democrat rioting, looting and mass violence.
  • Democrat mobs have cost more than $1 billion in damages in the past four months and probably more.
    Thousands of businesses have been destroyed in riots, thousands more by Democrat politicians during the lockdowns.
  • But Pelosi took out all funding for police in her legislation. Those earlier versions included $300 million for Community Oriented Police Services Programs, whose funds go toward hiring additional officers, and $300 million for Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, which allow local departments buy personal protective equipment.



Ds/MSM are calling for a delay of Amy Barrett hearing






Geopolitical/Police State

L.A. Ordered to Pay NRA Six Figures After Losing First Amendment Case

  • A federal court ordered Los Angeles to hand over more than $100,000 to the National Rifle Association after ruling that the city had violated the gun-rights group’s First Amendment rights.
  • Federal district court judge Stephen Wilson struck down a city ordinance aimed at punishing prospective contractors with ties to the NRA as an infringement on the right to free speech and association. On Tuesday, he ordered city officials to pay for the Second Amendment group’s attorney fees, which totaled nearly $150,000.

Source: freebeacon.com

False Flags

Pence ordered borders closed after CDC experts refused

  •   Vice President Mike Pence in March directed the nation’s top disease control agency to use its emergency powers to effectively seal the U.S. borders, overruling the agency’s scientists who said there was no evidence the action would slow the coronavirus,
  • The top Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doctor who oversees these types of orders had refused to comply with a Trump administration directive saying there was no valid public health reason to issue it, 
  • So Pence intervened in early March. The vice president, who had taken over the Trump administration’s response to the growing pandemic, called Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC’s director, and told him to use the agency’s special legal authority in a pandemic anyway.   

Source: apnews.com

‘It never happened’: Cuomo denies causing 6,500 nursing home deaths

  •   Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied this week that his state Health Department’s controversial March 25 order saying nursing homes could not bar admission or readmission to a resident based on a positive COVID-19 test had anything to do with the over 6,500 deaths in those facilities related to the virus.“That’s not why they lost a loved one in a nursing home. Your question — the premise of your question is just actually wrong. People were lost in nursing homes, were lost because that’s where the virus preys.
  • Cuomo has defensively pointed to an internal report conducted by his own state Health Department and widely criticized by medical experts, politicians and family members who lost loved ones in facilities to the virus.

Source: nypost.com

After high court decision, Michigan AG will not enforce COVID orders

  • Attorney General Dana Nessel will no longer enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday that one of the laws underpinning the orders was unconstitutional.
  • Nessel’s decision comes as Whitmer’s team has argued that her orders would stay in effect for 21 days after the ruling, a reference to a 21-day period in which parties can ask for reconsideration. 
  • But opponents have said the 21-day rule doesn’t apply to rulings issued in response to a federal certified question as was the case in Friday’s Supreme Court decision. 
  • Further, the language of the order, clearly calling all orders issued after April 30 to be unconstitutional seems to support immediate effect.
  • Nessel’s office on Sunday made clear the department “will no longer enforce the governor’s executive orders through criminal prosecution.”

Source: detroitnews.com



1+2. President & Melania Trump

3. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr

4. Hope Hicks

5. Kellyanne Conway

6. Sen. Ron Johnson

7. Sen. Mike Lee

8. Sen. Thom Tillis

9. Ronna McDaniel

10. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins

11-13. Three WH reporters

14-24. Eleven staffers from Cleveland debate

25. Chris Christie

26. Nick Lunas


Source: zerohedge.com


President Trump and Top Republicans (But No Democrats) Contract COVID – Now Cleveland Announces Outbreak Connected to Presidential Debate

  • With only top Republicans, including the President, contracting the China coronavirus this week, Americans are curious why no Democrats contracted the virus. 
  • Now authorities have been able to determine that a recent outbreak started in Cleveland at the site of the Presidential debate.  Now let’s see if authorities can tell us who these people are and how this happened.
  •  Source: thegatewaypundit.com





From Joe M

1. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed bypassed the corrupt globalist WHO that were planning on unleashing the Bill Gates poison onto us all.

2. Warp Speed was about to announce its results amid what would have been a firestorm of suspicion and criticism from politicized anti-vaxxers in the Democratic establishment who want us to remain sick.

3. But then Trump himself became “infected”, and he announced publicly the “experimental” treatment he was taking (Regeneron with zinc, vitamin D and the generic version of the heartburn treatment Pepcid).

4. He is the most important man on earth, so he is going to be taking only the most effective treatment known.

5. Look what he just did. He insulated himself from criticism from the fake news who know how it looks to attack a sick person, he tells us what Warp Speed is working on before it is formally announced, he gets better as proof it works, and Harris …





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  • October 4, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Any person that truly looks into the facts knows. I hate seeing our country being torn apart. Like are past, when we are tested we always come through. I will VOTE for America.

  • October 4, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    I do believe that the globalist agenda is about more than the election. It is about enslaving and/or exterminating all or portions of the world’s population. The US election and constitution stands in the way! We must remain vigilant to keep America the beacon of hope for humanity for the glory of God, the original creed manifest in the Mayflower Compact. Peace

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