[DS] Prepping Narrative To Cancel Elections, [MO] In Focus, Optics Are Important – Ep. 3253


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[DS] Prepping Narrative To Cancel Elections, [MO] In Focus, Optics Are Important
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The people are now revolting against the installed politicians, the people will continue to fight back, they are awake. The Fed is prepared to cut rates, in the end the market will break. The R’s want Trump to manage the economy, the D’s will be brought to the same realization. [MO] is now in focus, most likely she will be featured in many new articles building her up so she can make her entrance. The [DS] is now prepping the field to try to cancel the elections. Their cheating system is in place, but they will soon find out they have lost the majority of the country, once they confirm this they will then move to phase II of the plan, cancel the elections. Optics are important, Trump and the patriots are bringing the [DS] down this path to have secure elections.



German Farmers Stage Largest Protest Ever, Blocking Roads All Over the Country – Movement Opposes Climate Alarmist Policies and End to Subsidies

  • Farmers won’t accept the ‘planned famine’ engineered by Scholz’s inane climate alarmist policies.
  • German farmers are staging their largest-ever protest, with thousands of tractors blocking roads across Germany,  including in the capital, Berlin.
  • The farmers are demanding that the government abandon plans to cancel agricultural benefits.
  • The rallies are expected to last a full week, and among the first demonstrations across the country, several hundred tractors and other vehicles gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
  • A candlelight vigil is scheduled for 11 p.m.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  •  parking lots”



  • Another batch of documents from a defamation lawsuit related to Jeffrey Epstein were released  
  •  17 new documents on Monday and they are explosive!
  • The new documents reveal there are alleged sex tapes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Richard Branson.

  • According to the witness, Sarah Ransome, Hillary Clinton sent her henchmen to intimidate her friend after she went to the police in 2008 to report she was forced to have sex with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Prince Andrew on video.
  • “She was made to feel like a dirty whore and liar and wasn’t taken seriously,” Sarah Ransome said of her friend.
  • “A couple months later, she was then approached, by Special Agents Forces Men sent directly by Hillary Clinton herself, in order to protect her presidential campaign in 2008. The heavily intimidated her, ruffled her up (luckily she took photos as evidence) and was then forced to sign a confidentiality agreement which ensures that she can never come forward publicly implicating her husband,” the witness said.
  • Also according to the witness, her friend was given a “substantial payout directly from the Clinton Foundation to keep her quiet.”
  • “She was then given a substantial payout, directly from the Clinton Foundation to keep her quiet. She is 1000% certain that the FBI did a cover up and she has the individual names of Hillary’s Special Agent Officers involved in intimidating her. She was then forced against her will to sign a legally binding confidentially (sic) agreement on Hillary’s behalf for her eternal silence. If she breaks this agreement, she is dead,” the witness said.
  • The witness alleged she has footage of the Clinton, Branson, Prince Andrew sex tapes “backed up” on “several USB sticks” and said she has a kill switch just in case something happens to her.
  • “Unfortunately, I cannot send you the footage without her consent due to massive consequences to her safety but I can confirm that I do have footage in my possession. I have backed up the footage on several USB sticks and have securely sent them to various difference locations throughout Europe with only one other person close to me, knowing where their locations are, just in case anything happens to me before the footage is released,” the witness said.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com



  •   on a potential terror suspect that has come across our border and spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to get somebody to investigate it.
  • This is part of my phone call with Border Patrol who suggested I contact the Department of Homeland Security tip line. I truly could not believe what I was told! Not only are Joe Biden, and the Democrats allowing our country to be invaded, this is how incompetent the process for reporting potential threats is. I guess when your priority is advancing DEI, and attacking January 6 patriots I shouldn’t be surprised.
  • We desperately need to get people in charge of this country that put this country first again. I did finally get a congressional office and a different agency to take it seriously and have passed the information on.
  • The only thing I can’t help but think is how many more have gotten through, and we have no idea who or where they are! Pray for our country and getting involved to help save it. #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica
  • Donald Trump is planning to take an 18th-century law meant to target wartime aggressors and use it to embark on a massive program of deportations, insiders in his camp have revealed.
  •  the Alien Enemies Act against undocumented immigrants.
  • The law was introduced in 1798 to target foreign governments’ acting against the U.S. during wartime.  
  • The AEA was enacted in 1798 in reaction to a feared invasion by France, then in the throes of the infamous French Revolution. The Justice Department has explained that “One of the measures of protection found by every nation to be most necessary in time of war is the guarding against internal enemies whose operations are more insidious, and therefore, more dangerous … in many cases, than are the active maneuvers of military forces … . An army of spies, incendiaries, and propagandists may be more dangerous than an army of soldiers.”
  • The AEA is still good law, providing that “Whenever there is a declared war between the United States and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory incursion is perpetrated, attempted, or threatened against the territory of the United States by any foreign nation or government … all natives, citizens, denizens, or subjects of the hostile nation or government [at least 14 years old and not having become naturalized U.S. citizens] … shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained, secured, and removed as alien enemies.”
  • The federal government has utilized the Act during the War of 1812 and during World Wars I and II (when the U.S. detained thousands of alien enemies and removed over a thousand).
  • Numerous federal courts, up to and including the Supreme Court, have upheld the AEA’s constitutionality.
  • Can the AEA be used to detain and remove foreign gang and cartel members? Two primary legal obstacles would have to be overcome:
  • First, the activities of the gangs and cartels would have to qualify as an “invasion” of, or “predatory incursion” into, the U.S. But, the AEA was conceived of as a response to a traditional conflict between nations. And federal courts have so far been resistant to considering illegal immigration an “invasion” for purposes of the Constitution’s requirement that “The United States … shall protect each of [the States] against Invasion.”
  • Second, the AEA can only be triggered by a declared war, or an invasion or incursion by a foreign nation or government. Could the criminal acts in the U.S. of foreign gangs and cartels be considered as carried out by foreign nations or governments? This would be an uphill climb in federal court. Common definitions of these terms would seem to provide a negative answer. However, Moisés Naím has documented the rise of “mafia states”, nations in which “criminals have penetrated governments to an unprecedented degree” and “rather than stamping out powerful gangs”, the “governments have instead taken over their illegal operations” with “government officials enrich[ing] themselves … while exploiting the money, muscle, political influence, and global connections of criminal syndicates to cement and expand their own power”. This has “blurr[ed] the conceptual line between states and nonstate actors”. In such situations, a powerful argument might be made that gang or cartel crimes in the U.S. (if rising to the level of an invasion or predatory incursion) have been carried out by foreign governments.
  • The President should certainly consider use of the AEA as a valuable war-fighting tool during future conflicts, including any possible war initiated by the People’s Republic of China. There are currently almost 300,000 PRC nationals going to college in the U.S. on student visas — one third of all foreign students. Many are engaged in intelligence gathering on campus (especially regarding militarily valuable technologies) at the direction of the PRC. In case of war, there would be no feasible legal means other than the AEA of detaining and removing large numbers.

Source: cis.org

CE’s 287(g) Program

  • The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 added Section 287(g) to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) — authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to delegate to state and local law enforcement officers the authority to perform specified immigration officer functions under the agency’s direction and oversight.
  • The 287(g) Program enhances the safety and security of our nation’s communities by allowing ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) to partner with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify and remove incarcerated criminal noncitizens who are amenable to removal from the U.S. before they are released into the community.
  • ICE recognizes the importance of its relationships with its law enforcement partners to carry out its critical mission.
  • The 287(g) program allows ICE — through the delegation of specified immigration officer duties — to enhance collaboration with state and local law enforcement partners to protect the homeland through the arrest and removal of noncitizens who undermine the safety of our nation’s communities and the integrity of U.S. immigration laws.

Terrorist attacks in America: for what are they waiting?

  • The most likely form of attack won’t be another 9-11 spectacle. It’s possible but not necessary. The best way to strike terror into American’s hearts is many, smaller attacks. Striking many vulnerable targets simultaneously in multiple—or all—states would have the greatest impact, and only one or two terrorists would be needed for each. A theater in Minneapolis, a park in Chicago, a grocery store in Fargo, Times Square in NYC, a school in Tulsa, America is full of soft targets. 
  • Ironically, the best targets are blue states that have defunded, demonized, depopulated and demoralized their police forces, the very states whose politicians and populations are most likely to support open borders and the Islamist terrorists of October 7.
  • More sophisticated actors like Chinese agents and troops will engage in sabotage, taking down electric grids, poisoning water supplies, shutting down the Internet and broadcast lines. Biological warfare can’t be ruled out.
  • So what are they waiting for? Are their plans not yet complete? Are they waiting to coordinate attacks here with attacks on our overseas troops and facilities? Are they waiting to coordinate attacks here with attacks on our allies, like Israel? Are they waiting to coordinate attacks here with attacks on Taiwan, South Korea, or Eastern European nations? Or are they simply waiting for the best opportunity, a time when America will be most distracted, most likely to be caught unaware?

Source: americanthinker.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Appeals Court Blocks California Law Banning Firearms in Public Places

  • Last month a federal judge temporarily blocked a newly signed California law that banned people from carrying firearms in virtually all public places.
  • “The law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September was set to take effect Jan. 1. It would have prohibited people from carrying concealed guns in 26 places including public parks and playgrounds, churches, banks and zoos. The ban would apply whether the person has a permit to carry a concealed weapon or not. One exception would be for privately owned businesses that put up signs saying people are allowed to bring guns on their premises.” AP reported last month.
  • On Saturday an appeals court again blocked the law from taking effect.
  • “A 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel dissolved a temporary hold on a lower court injunction blocking the law. The hold was issued by a different 9th Circuit panel and had allowed the law to go into effect Jan. 1.” ABC 7 reported.
  • “Saturday’s decision keeps in place a Dec. 20 ruling by U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney blocking the law. Carney said that it violates the Second Amendment and that gun rights groups would likely prevail in proving it unconstitutional.” the outlet reported.
  • Newsom’s office blasted the decision from the appeals court and called it a “dangerous decision” that “puts the lives of Californians on the line.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


Delivery of F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine from Denmark to Be Delayed by Up to Half a Year
  • Ukraine will reportedly need to wait up to an additional half year before receiving the F-16 fighter jets promised to the war-torn country from the Kingdom of Denmark, according to the Danish defence ministry.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has long lobbied Western powers for American-made F-16 warplanes, will apparently need to wait longer until the first jets are handed over, with the Danish Ministry of Defense announcing on Saturday that the first delivery F-16 jets will be delayed by at least six months.

Source: breitbart.com 

  • Let me be very clear: You cannot life-extend the Minuteman III [any longer],” he said of the 400 ICBMs that sit in underground silos across five states in the upper Midwest. “We can’t do it at all. … That thing is so old that, in some cases, the drawings don’t exist anymore [to guide upgrades],” Richard said in a Zoom conference sponsored by the Defense Writers Group. Where the drawings do exist, “they’re like six generations behind the industry standard,” he said, adding that there are also no technicians who fully understand them. “They’re not alive anymore.”


Cyber Attacks

False Flags


for vaccinated people is a massive fraud to make it look like the vaccines are working.




EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Call Out Cassidy Hutchinson’s J6 Testimony, Threaten Subpoena If She Does Not Produce Documents

  • Republicans on the Oversight Subcommittee for House Administration sent a letter Monday to the Jan. 6 Committee’s key witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, demanding she preserve and produce all records and mstimony: 

Source: dailycaller.com


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 000000 No.16552853
What is at stake?
Who has control?
Who was surprised?
Who will be surprised?
Use your logic.
Can emotions be used to influence decisions?
How do you control emotion?
Define ‘Plant’.
How do you insert a plant?
Can emotions be used to insert a plant?
Who is Cassidy Hutchinson?
Trust the plan.

NY Dem Rep. Yvette Clarke Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Illegals -“I Need More People in My District Just for Redistricting Purposes” (Video) 

  • As New York collapses under the weight of Joe Biden’s broken border and a neverending stream of illegals stretch resources, at least one NY Dem is celebrating what it means for her politically.
  •  Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY) sees an upside in illegals flooding American cities and said the quiet part out.  More illegals means help for redistricting purposes.
  • “I’m from Brooklyn, New York.  We have a diaspora that can absorb a significant number of these migrants.”

  • “And when I hear colleagues talk about the doors of the inn being closed, no room at the inn, I’m saying I need more people in my district just for redistricting purposes. And those members could clearly fit here.”

  •  the Millions of dollars that went into his “pockets” with money from foreign countries, Joe would be ripe for Indictment. By weaponizing the DOJ against his Political Opponent, ME, Joe has opened a giant Pandora’s Box.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No.7352982
Once C_A always C_A?
Former C_A elected to Congress?
Former C_A running for Congress?
Former C_A running for Senate?
Former C_A elected to Senate?
Former C_A elected to Presidency?
Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
Once C_A always C_A?
@Snowden pre_NSA?
@Snowden base of ops [geo location]?
Whistleblower(s) vs. POTUS?
Former C_A?
Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
What happens if rogue elements of US AB[C] intel agency target [to insert] US political system [President, VP, House, Senate, NSC, US Amb., etc.] in ‘black op’ designated to control friend vs. foe targeting [self-preservation]?


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 No.1145824
Not ‘official’ product – 5 Eyes.
Listen carefully.
No evidence to support POTUS targeting.
Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?

Michelle Obama says fears about the 2024 White House race keep her up at night.

I am terrified about what could possibly happen,”