[DS] Right On Schedule, Trump Messages He Will Be Arrested & Indicted For J6 – Ep. 3119


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[DS] Right On Schedule, Trump Messages He Will Be Arrested & Indicted For J6
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The people around the world are noticing their wages are not keeping with inflation and it is getting worse and it is accelerating. The strategic petroleum reserves are not going to be refilled, Biden needs them to keep oil prices down.Inflation is much worse than the [CB]/Biden are revealing. The [DS] is now deploying everything they have at Trump. They going to use everything they have to try to keep him from winning the elections. Trump has put out the message that the [DS] is ready to indict him again for J6. This will be the third indictment. The [DS] is right on schedule, the people can now see the [DS] system, and the people are siding with the one man that can stop them. The [DS] knows they cannot win the election so they will use a cyber attack and war to stop it.



  • NEW – Europeans are facing a new economic reality they haven’t experienced in decades. They are becoming poorer, while Americans have grown steadily richer — WSJ

‘Massive US Oil Caverns’ Are Now Empty, Will Take ‘Decades To Refill’ Thanks To Biden 

  • While it took the Biden administration the better part of six months to drain the US oil supply down to a precarious 20-days of emergency reserves (a 40-year low), it will take decades to refill – if that happens at all, Bloomberg reports.


Stroll through the West Hackberry oil facility on the US Gulf Coast and there’s not much to see: some pipelines and other industrial equipment. But buried deep beneath the surface are storage caverns so massive they’re tall enough to house the Empire State Building with plenty of room to spare.

  • Thanks to the Biden administration, these reserve sites are sitting half empty.
  • The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) now sits at 346.8 million barrels – a level unseen since 1983 – out of a total authorized storage capacity of 714 million.

Perhaps even more noteworthy, the emergency reserves are equal to approximately just 20 days worth of supply – an all-time record low…


  • The depleted SPR also means that the US could be vulnerable to oil price shocks. In particular, during domestic supply crunches, America will be left to the mercy of the Saudis, Russia and the rest of the OPEC+ cartel.

Source: zerohedge.com

The price of bread jumped 11.5% in June compared to a year prior, marking a cost increase nearly four times higher than overall inflation. The cost of cookies jumped 8.8% over that period, while the price of beer leapt 5.4%, according to government data.

Taken together, these sharp price hikes stem in large part from grain supply shortages imposed by the Russia invasion of Ukraine, the world’s fifth-largest exporter of wheat, said Mark Hamrick, a Washington bureau chief and senior economic analyst at Bankrate.com.

The most vulnerable families across the continent are bracing themselves… after the Black Sea Grain deal expired on Monday. The deal enabled Ukraine to continue exporting grain out of the country despite Russia’s ongoing full scale invasion. It has helped temper spiralling food inflation across the continent, which disproportionately harmed Africa’s poorest. But that relief has proven to be temporary. FRANCE 24’s Camille Nedelec explains.


  • Over the previous 10 years, Canadian wildfires have burned an average of 805,000 hectares of land each year.
  • In 2023, Over 10,000,000 hectares of land have already been burned.
  • 800 thousand vs 10 million. That’s a 1,150% increase over the average…


Billionaire Warns Hollywood Faces “Absolute Collapse” If Strike Isn’t Resolved 

  • A failure to resolve twin strikes of the writers’ and screen actors’ guilds could lead to “devastating effects” if no deal is reached soon, according to billionaire media mogul Barry Diller.
  • The two guilds have similar issues with studios and streaming services. They’re concerned about contracts keeping up with inflation and about residual payments, which compensate creators and actors for the use of their material beyond the original airing, such as in reruns or on streaming services. The unions also want to put up guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence mimicking their work on film and television.
  • The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents employers including Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and others, has lamented the walkout, saying it’ll hurt thousands of workers in industries that support film and television production.
  •  “These conditions will potentially produce an absolute collapse of an entire industry,” he told CBS News.

 source; zerohedge.com

BREAKING: Oversight Committee Says FBI Supervisory Special Agent Confirmed Key Portions of IRS Whistleblower Testimony – Agents Told to Not Approach Hunter Biden! 

  • Oversight Committee Republicans said a former FBI Supervisory Agent confirmed key portions of the IRS whistleblowers’ testimony.
  • Federal agents were told not to approach Hunter Biden!
  • The Biden transition team was TIPPED OFF about the planned Hunter Biden interview.
  • Per the Oversight Committee:

The agent CONFIRMED key portions of the IRS whistleblowers’ testimony, including that both Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were TIPPED OFF about the planned Hunter Biden interview.

In fact, on the day of the Hunter Biden interview, FEDERAL AGENTS WERE TOLD TO STAND BY AND TO NOT APPROACH HUNTER BIDEN— they had to wait for his call. As a result of the change in plans, IRS and FBI criminal investigators never got to interview Hunter Biden as part of the investigation.

The former FBI supervisory special agent told committee investigators he had never been told to wait outside to be contacted by the subject of an investigation. 

Below are key takeaways from today’s transcribed interview of a former FBI supervisory special agent.

  • As part of the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, there were multiple witness interviews planned for December 8, 2020. IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and the former FBI supervisory special agent were assigned to interview Hunter Biden.
  • On the evening of December 7, 2020, Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent learned that FBI headquarters had notified Secret Service headquarters about the planned interview with Hunter Biden. Additionally, they learned the Biden transition team was notified about the planned interview. This was not the original plan by the career agents, which frustrated their investigative efforts because people found out who didn’t need to know.
  • On December 8, 2020, Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent were notified they would not be allowed to approach Hunter Biden’s house and instead would have to wait near his residence until Hunter Biden contacted them.
  • The former FBI supervisory special agent told committee investigators he had never been told to wait outside to be contacted by the subject of an investigation.
    As a result of these actions, Shapley and the former FBI supervisory special agent never interviewed Hunter Biden.


  • This is why the corrupt prosecutors dragged out the Hunter Biden investigation for 5 years.
  • “So the DC US Attorney’s office declining those charges – David Weiss’s requested special counsel authority being denied and then the statute of limitations then expires in November and December of 2022 so those years are gone and there’s no way to recoup the money from that Burisma income,” Shapley said.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com


‘Creepy’: ‘Sound of Freedom’ critic tied to group rebranding pedophiles


  •  .

Source: wnd.com


Jul 18, 2019 5:15:57 PM EDT
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Worth remembering. Q

Massachusetts Governor Calls on Residents to House Illegal Aliens in Their Guest Rooms

  • Democrat Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey is calling on residents to consider housing illegal aliens in their guest rooms.
  • The so-called “host family strategy” is being put in place to combat the growing homeless population in the state, many of whom are not citizens.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


Geopolitical/Police State

  • NEW – Daily active users on Zuckerberg’s Twitter clone “Threads” dropped from 49 million to 23.6 million in a week.
  • disclose.tv/id/kmpscwylwq/
  • Threads has lost half of its daily active users a week after launch

    Breaking news from around the world.


How is that we spent $877 billion in FY 2022 on defense and Russia spent only 1/10th of that — $86 billion — yet we’re the ones running out of ammunition?

Are American taxpayers are getting ripped off by the military-industrial complex?

Explained | Here’s why Crimean Bridge was targeted twice during Russia-Ukraine war 

  • The bridge is important for Russia from a strategic point of view, as it is the only way Kremlin can keep a hold on occupied Crimea and the southern Kherson region

  • There is a reason why the Kerch Bridge—the bridge connecting occupied Crimea to the Russian mainland—was attacked twice allegedly by Ukraine—the first time in October last year and then on Monday.
  • Ukraine’s much-touted counter-offensive that began in April hasn’t yielded the desired results so far. 
  •  Bridge—a symbol of hatred
  • There’s another reason for Ukraine’s hatred towards the Kerch Bridge. It was inaugurated in 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin amidst great fanfare. It is considered a hated symbol of Russian occupation.


  • Putin vows tougher response
  • President Vladimir Putin on Monday denounced the “terror attack” and called for tougher security measures after Kyiv targeted the bridge linking Moscow-annexed Crimea to Russia.
  • “Another terrorist attack was committed on the bridge last night,” Putin said in televised remarks.
  • “I am waiting for specific proposals to improve the security of this strategic, important transport facility.”


Source: wionews.com 

Ukraine Grain Deal Expires After Russia Quits 

  •  Russia announced its decision to suspend its involvement in an agreement enabling the export of Ukrainian grain.
  • The agreement, which was mediated by Turkey and the United Nations in July 2022, was scheduled to expire officially at 5 p.m. ET on Monday.
  • According to Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for the Kremlin, Russia has no plans to renew the pact.
  • Russia has consistently voiced its grievances regarding limitations on its own food exports. The deal allowed Ukraine to ship grain via sea, bypassing Russia’s blockade of its Black Sea ports, and providing a secure route through the waterway to Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait, enabling access to global markets.
  • This agreement played a critical role in stabilizing global food prices and alleviating the suffering of developing nations reliant on Ukrainian exports.

Source: breaking911.com

What is the Russian Military Doing?

  •   the end of the grain deal, which means Russia is likely to take more aggressive actions in shutting down maritime traffic in the Black Sea that could benefit Ukraine, and the latest terrorist attack on the Kerch Bridge in Crimea. 
  • Russia appears to be employing a micro-version of Sequential Operations, which was a center piece of the Soviet plan that defeated the Nazi armies during World War II:

The concept of sequencing operations to achieve campaign objectives is not unique to AirLand Battle doctrine.

Wagner troops are in Belarus training the army there. More Wagner troops are now in a convoy on their way to Belarus.  A spokesperson for Wagner and one of its top leaders have released videos with essentially the same bottom line: they will defend the fatherland and support Russia’s military and civilian leaders.

Wagner is back and they appear to be positioning to play a strategic role for Russia and Belarus. . . .

Source: zerohedge.com

U.S. national in North Korea custody after crossing inter-Korean border

  • The person was taking part in a tour to the Joint Security Area, the border village in the demilitarised zone
  • A U.S. national is likely to be in North Korean custody after crossing the inter-Korean border during a tour without approval, the U.N. Command said on Tuesday.
  • The person was taking part in a tour to the Joint Security Area, the border village in the demilitarised zone separating the two Koreas where soldiers from both sides stand guard.
  • “A U.S. National on a JSA orientation tour crossed, without authorization, the Military Demarcation Line into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK),” the U.N. Command said on Twitter.
  • “We believe he is currently in DPRK custody and are working with our KPA counterparts to resolve this incident,” it added, referring to North Korea’s People’s Army.
Source: thehindu.com

Cyber Attacks

False Flags

They don’t know it is all a great affirming pretence. They believe you. The child believes they are faulty, they were born wrong, they need fixing. The child believes they like the wrong things, have the wrong mannerisms, are wrong to be who they are and want the things they do. The child believes they can change sex, that they will become the other sex in all ways and means. They do not comprehend forever, they do not predict their own changing moods, and so they give away things they do not even yet understand. The child is ushered onto a pathway of lifelong medicalisation, of elective and medically unnecessary surgeries generously described as experimental, of difficult and life-limiting complications, of always chasing something that can never be achieved. The child is told anyone who does not play along hates you, anyone who does not pretend wants you dead, and that if they do not follow this extreme medical pathway then the only other option for them is death at their own hand. And those who proselytize the new faith of gender identity dare to say these indoctrinated children have consented, that their terrified and confused parents have consented, so all this is fine. “If you think you’re trans, you probably are trans and you need to socially transition and medicalise ASAP or you will die. But if you transition and medicalise and it doesn’t work for you then you were never trans and the fact that you have irreversibly changed your body based on the alarmist, scientifically unsupported, advice of medical professionals is your own fault” People must go to prison for this.



Jim Jordan Threatens FBI Director Christopher Wray with Contempt 
  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) threatened to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress over the bureau’s “wholly inadequate” compliance with two subpoenas issued earlier this year.
  • Jordan wrote to Wray in a letter on Monday:
  • On February 3, 2023, the Committee issued a subpoena to you for documents and information regarding the FBI’s targeting of concerned parents who speak out at school board meetings. Similarly, on April 10, 2023, the Committee issued a subpoena to you for documents and information related to the FBI’s profiling of traditional Catholics as domestic extremists. To date, the FBI’s compliance with these subpoenas has been wholly inadequate and has materially impeded the Committee’s oversight efforts.
  •  Source:breitbart.com
  • The Supreme Court of the United States is considering a petition from a January 6 defendant that has the chance to affect hundreds, if not thousands of cases.
  • The petition for writ of certiorari, a type of appeal to the Supreme Court to review a lower court case, has been filed by a J6 defendant named Edward Lang. Lang contends that he attended the protest at the Capitol grounds on January 6 and was swept up into a riot, where he was compelled to defend himself from violence. In the course of the rioting, he assaulted a police officer, as he contends, to defend himself from harm.
  • As the petition states, the SCOTUS’ decision “will influence scores, if not hundreds, of prosecutions arising from the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.” The legal filing argues that the court should review the case “to rein in prosecutors” who are misapplying federal statutes in a “potentially dangerous manner.”
  • “Individuals appearing at protests to petition for the redress of grievances may likely now feel chilled to exercise core First Amendment rights,” the writ contends. “If the protest turns violent, will they, too, be swept in events and charged with acting in a corrupt manner?”
  • Norman Pattis, Lang’s attorney, criticized the government’s handling of the January 6 cases, characterizing their misuse and abuse of the federal penal code as ‘shocking.’
  • The appeal is based on Fifth Amendment grounds, holding that, “No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Lang has been in custody for over 900 days without a trial.

Source: zerohedge.com

Trump Contemplates Skipping First GOP Presidential Debate: A Bold Move or Political Risk?
  • As the Republican presidential primary approaches, President Donald Trump faces the decision of whether or not to participate in the first debate. With such a comfortable lead in the polls over his closest competitors in the polling, Trump has raised doubts about the necessity of attending the event.

Trump touted his position in the polls as the main reason for possibly skipping the debate, telling Bartiromo:

Well, it’s quite an easy question normally. Ronald Reagan didn’t do it, and a lot of other people didn’t do it. When you have a big lead, you don’t do it. We have a lead of 50 and 60 points in some cases and some of these people are at zero. Ron DeSanctis, as I call him, or DeSanctimonious he’s in the teens now, and I’m at 50 and 60 and 65, and I saw one today at 70. And so you’re leading people by 50 and 60 points, and you say, Why would you be doing a debate? It’s actually not fair. Why would you let somebody that’s at zero or one or two or three be popping you with questions?

  • Trump also suggested that some candidates on the debate stage could be potential options for his running mate or cabinet members if he wins the nomination. He expressed confidence in winning the vote of suburban women based on his policies focused on safety, strong military, low taxes, and border security.


  • The Radical Left is beating us in the ballot game. They have strategically concentrated their efforts on key states, massively expanding their ballot-chasing operations in critical battlegrounds.”
  • “Turning Point Action has Ballot Chase Alliances in our 10 key target states: AZ, NV, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, NC, GA, FL.”
  • Our side has finally UNITED to create an organized STRATEGY that’ll help us beat the Left at their own political games!
  • Thank you @Charliekirk & @turningpointaction 🙂
  • ·My greatest concern for 2024 continues to be a “Black Swan” event that either shuts down or substantially alters the election
  • What will they do this time?
  • WW3?
    Cyber attack?
    New pandemic?
  • There’s no way they allow a traditional vote b/c Trump would win in a landslide
  • We need to be *all hands on deck* to stop their steal
  • No more 3 AM ballot dumps from mysterious vehicles
  • No dropboxes going unwatched
  • We will politically and legally fight like hell no matter what they throw at us

Donald Trump Renews Pledge to Purge Administrative State Employees if Reelected

  • If former President Donald Trump wins reelection in 2024, he will work to deconstruct the administrative state, the apparatus of unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies who write binding rules with, without, or against the law.
  • The administrative state uses its rule-making ability to essentially usurp the separation of powers between the three branches of government by creating a so-called fourth branch of government not created by the Constitution. Nearly 2 million federal government employees in federal agencies make up the administrative state.
  • Trump refers to the administrative state as the “swamp” and the “deep state.”
  • “We will demolish the deep state,” Trump vowed at a Michigan rally in June. “We will expel the warmongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists, Marxists and fascists. And we will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.”


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  • July 18, 2023 at 5:51 pm

    There will not be a Presidential Election in 2024, as Trump will be serving his 2nd term by then.

  • July 18, 2023 at 10:25 pm

    Note: Obama is a “Lord of The Flies.” His followers are attracted to him as flies would be to a pile of dung. His nature is to sow division and conflict. See Beelzebub – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beelzebub

  • July 19, 2023 at 3:37 am

    Trump und Gott gewinnen sie haben bereits gewonnen, so steht es geschrieben in den Gesetzen Gottes. Der ewige Moment des Jetzt.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • July 19, 2023 at 7:40 am

    So, Jack Smith is no longer a good guy, eh? And now you’re also quietly back-pedaling on “Wray the sleeper”….
    We’re guessing, you know the military backs Trump due to high-ranking Generals are in constant contact with you by way of encrypted communications, yes?
    We eagerly wait for you to tell us, “Well, it looks like the military is no longer backing Trump…”🙄
    Look, all of us would’ve loved to have believed this Devolution thing was really in place, but now no one believes the good guys would have let things get this bad, just to “show the people”.

  • July 19, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Speaking WAY too fast. NOT necessary or good.

  • July 19, 2023 at 12:11 pm

    Is it possible to go farther back into the X22Reports archive, maybe the beginning, to see and hear older episodes. Have become a huge fan of X22 over last couple of years and curious about the olders episodes now and how and when it all started. Keep up the Great work Dave.

  • July 19, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    Dave, I have a question ? If the FBI and the DOJ were willfully stone walling the progress of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden so as the time limit would expire. would they (FBI-DOJ ) be considered complicit after the fact ? meaning the time limit would not apply because the crime was still on going. ???

  • July 19, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    Here is a fun fact ignored by the MSM: Russia is the number one grain producer/exporter. The lack of grain world wide is due to sanctions. The Ukies are number five in the list and 90% was going to Europe – when Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and a few others banned the import because the product was so heavily saturated with chemicals it possed a health hazard.
    Yeah, except a majority of residents of Crimea consider themselves Russian, next comes Crimean, last comes Ukie (in at about 15% – I know for a democrat, that is the majority)… also constantly ignored. The bridge has only existed since 2018 – there is a ferry, sea ports and airports, all in usage (plus the rail bridge is still in operation). The west ignored their end of the ‘grain deal’ so why should Russia continue to get screwed over?

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