• Nancy Pelosi, Susan Collins, Joe Manchin, and others have also dishonestly claimed that Kavanaugh misled them on Roe, either during his confirmation interview or under oath. “Every single one of them said under oath that they would actually preserve Roe,” Kirsten Gillibrand lied in May. “That is absolutely fraud, and there should be consequences.”
  •   What did we hear during the hearings? When asked about Roe, Gorsuch noted that “a good judge will consider it as precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court worthy as treatment of precedent like any other.” When Kavanaugh was asked what he meant by Roe being “settled law,” he answered that the case was “entitled the respect under principles of stare decisis.”
  •   Everything the Supreme Court decides is settled law until it unsettles it. Saying a case is settled law is not the same thing as saying a case was correctly decided.”

Source: thefederalist.com