• The goal of the leftist group who organized and coordinated the sequence of events behind Frances Haugen is becoming increasingly obvious.  Ms. Haugen first surfaced during a CBS 60-minutes episode where she promoted the idea that government needed to intervene in the Facebook censorship process because the content of speech was not being limited enough.  
  • 48 hours later, Haugen was testifying before congress.   

Source: conservativetreehouse.com

Far Left Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Warns Against ‘Danger’ of Encryption
  •   Facebook “whistleblower”  warned against Facebook’s plans to encrypt its Messenger app and Instagram direct messages, claiming that doing so will make it harder to censor content.
  • Haugen is reportedly worried that doing so would make it harder for Facebook to censor content across the platform. She has further claimed that foreign actors would be better able to infiltrate the platform if messages were encrypted.

Source: breitbart.com