Fear, Panic Sets In For The [DS], They Will Never Try This Again, Targets Locked – Episode 1983


Fear, Panic Sets In For The [DS], They Will Never Try This Again, Target Locked
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The [CB] has destroyed the economy of the US and the world, their economy is now being ripped apart and it is held together by manipulation. This is being done for one purpose and one only, so Trump can continue the work of dismantling the [CB] in his second term. The Fed is exposed and so are the rest of the [CB] system around the world.

AOC has to testify in front of a Judge explaining why she bans people on Twitter. The [DS] is panicking, they do not want RG talking about JB, HB, BO and HRC, JB wrote a letter to the networks telling them not to have RG on air. Trump is waiting for the right time to strike the [DS], he is waiting for it all to blow up in their faces, we are almost there. Once everything is all said and done they will never try this again. The patriots are not working out of weakness they are working from a position of strength, remember this is the art of war. More government employees decide either not to run or have resigned. The countdown has begun, patriots have the next move.

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The [CB] was never meant to last this long, the system will rip itself apart, we can see this happening the economy right now. The retail sector is struggling, more and more stores are closing, do not get this confused with the economy the patriots are building, there are two economies, the CB which we have been experiencing since 1913 and a parallel economy that the patriots are building, this what happened in 71, but the opposite, the economy was connected to gold and the CB wanted us off gold so they created a parallel economy in the 60s called the petrodollar economy and then in 71 took us off the gold standard, so in the CB we are now seeing more stores getting hit hard because the CB system is ripping itself apart. welcome to the end of CB system

  •   Forever 21 filed for Chapter 11 protection in Delaware Sunday night, 
  • Court papers show Forever 21 has estimated liabilities (on a consolidated basis) of between $1 billion and $10 billion. Thanks to Chapter 11 protection, Forever 21 will continue operating as it works out a plan to pay back all of its creditors.

  • Part of that plan, again, according to the filings, will likely involve closing as many as 350 of its more than 800 stores around the world. Most of the closures will focus on Asia and Europe:
  • This means that nearly half of the chain’s 30,000 employees could lose their jobs.

Since June 2015, retail chains have accumulated more than $45 billion in aggregate chapter 11 liabilities in connection with over 80 bankruptcy filings: Reorg tweeted out the following

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  • Forever 21 was founded in 1984, and before bankruptcy operated 815 stores in 57 countries.

Source: zerohedge.com

Now we know The [CB] economy has been kicked down the road since 2008-2009 when the entire system came to a screeching halt, the system does not work anymore, over the years the [CB] and the government needed to manipulate almost everything about the economy. Think about what has been manipulated

  1. The way unemployment is calculated
  2. The way GDP is calculated
  3. The stock market
  4. Precious metals
  5. the interest rates
  6. the amount of currency that is pumped into the economy otherwise known as stimulus
  7. Auditing America’s Gold Reserves

    The Sound Money Defense League is rallying Americans to demand a full and complete audit of America’s gold reserves. Accordingly, we support the Gold Reserves Transparency Act which Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2019.

    The federal authorities who control our nation’s once-vast gold reserves at Ft. Knox and elsewhere have refused to allow a comprehensive audit to be conducted since the Eisenhower Administration!

    We know that the last somewhat credible examination of Fort Knox’s gold was in 1953. Rumors and reports that gold was being bled from Fort Knox to help pay the bills of WWII and the Korean War caused Dwight Eisenhower to reassure America its gold in Fort Knox was still safe. There is no evidence that inspection was a thorough audit (reports said it was a spot check of only about 6% of the gold), but final reports decided all was in order

    A new spate of concern reached Congress when a Washington attorney’s book charged $20 billion in gold was missing, and a popular, grocery-store tabloid, The National Tattler, fanned public clamor for a new audit of Fort Knox.

    This time, the government was ready. It would spend a theatrical afternoon showing off some gold without revealing anything. The event, Sept. 23, 1974, is often inaccurately called the last audit of Fort Knox. It was nothing more than a peek-a-boo glance at the gold in fine Hollywood style.

  8. The Fed never allows for a full audit since 1913

If the [CB] system is so fantastic why so much manipulation, why can’t the American people see in the inner workings of the Fed, why can’t the American people see the gold in Fort knox with a full audit to make sure all is accounted for. 

There is a reason why we have all of this secrecy, the CB and the DS plan was much different than what is happening today, the plan to was to cover it all up like they do everything else, the MSM would never mention, nobody would bring it up and it would just disappear, but everything has changed, they are no longer in power, all the secrecy is about to end and transparency is going to take over, which will lead us to the truth

When Q in post 

Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law.
United We Stand.
We, The People.
It is transparency for everything


The [DS]/MSM are continually hammering at impeachment and pushing the idea that Trump has done something wrong, this is exactly what the patriots want them to do,why, this allows the following to be exposed

  1. it exposes the players in congress that are pushing this
  2. it exposes the msm and how they are involved in covering up Biden,Obama and Clinton
  3. it shows that the whistleblower who is not really a whistleblower, did not hear anything first hand, they used 2nd and 3rd hand sources for the complaint. They DS is holding the identity a secret because they know if it is revealed, the patriots would uncover evidence of who this person really is
  4. it shows that DS has changed the whistleblower form days before to allow this complaint
  5. it shows the Ukrainians did not know about the suspension of funds until a month later
  6. It showed the Ukrainian president was not forced or pushed
  7. it shows the president was completely transparent with the American people

We will be talking about how this entire push by the DS is going boomerang right back at them, but first a judge orders AOC to testif in Person over twitter bans

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been ordered by a Brooklyn Federal Judge to appear in person to explain why she has blocked several people over twitter,
  • I think she has to testify here,” said Judge Frederic Block during a   hearing to discuss a case brought by former politician Dov Hikind, who AOC banned from her Twitter feed.
  • Didn’t a judge already rule that Trump could not block people, shouldn’t this apply to AOC

Source: zerohedge.com

Now RG he is pushing the envelope, he is appearing on many of the msm stations, he is continually telling the story of Joe and Hunter Biden, he is producing evidence and the MSM continually tries to spin the evidence he is producing, even though he is showing them the facts, he is exposing the MSM and educating the people of America at the same time.

RG tweeted out the following

Joe Biden understands what he is doing and he trying  to stop RG, this is real panic, 

  • Joe Biden wrote to executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News to “demand” that Mr. Giuliani not be invited on the air to discuss Ukraine and President Trump.
  • RG tweeted out the following

Source: nytimes.com

Then RG tweeted this out

We need to remember RG is not on defense, he is on offense all the time, hitting the MSM, hitting the Bidens. The patriots planned this and they knew this would be the time to educated the people, the MSM are helping him do this and they don’t even realize it. 

RG was in Ukraine not investigating JB but here was there because of 2016 election meddling, take a listen to Joe D. 

What RG is doing is he is producing facts, documentation, how do you argue against facts and evidence you can’t, the MSM can try but people see through this, lets look at some Joe and Hunter Bidens dealings, this is out of Breitbart

Five Times Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Presented a Conflict of Interest for Joe Biden


  • 1. Joe Biden’s top campaign contributor hired Hunter fresh out of law school.
  • Shortly after Joe Biden was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, his largest campaign contributor, the credit card issuer MBNA Corp., hired Hunter for an undisclosed role. The job raised eyebrows from ethics watchdogs since MBNA employees had just donated $63,000 to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign in what appeared to be a coordinated manner designed to sidestep federal campaign finance regulations.
  • 2. Hunter Biden was on MBNA’s payroll while Joe Biden was writing bankruptcy reform legislation. 
  • In the early-2000s, Hunter Biden remained on MBNA’s payroll as a consultant while his father was writing and pushing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. The arrangement, which did not become public until after the law was passed, started in 2001 after Hunter Biden had left his position in the Commerce Department. Hunter Biden was paid monthly consulting fees, with some claiming they ranged upwards of $100,000, to advise the company on online banking issues.
  • 3. Hunter Biden sought to monetize off his father’s political standing on Wall Street. 
  • In 2006, shortly before Joe Biden assumed the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and launched his second presidential campaign, Hunter purchased a hedge fund called Paradigm Global Advisors with his uncle, James. Although neither had a strong background in finance, James and Hunter believed they could leverage Joe Biden’s political connections to their benefit.
  • Paradigm’s executives claim that James and Hunter Biden saw the hedge fund as a way to “take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give money” to Joe Biden’s campaign account.
  • The entire approach proved unsuccessful after a series of bad investments — including a partnership with a Ponzi scheme. James and Hunter eventually chose to strip the hedge fund of all its assets in 2010, selling them to the highest bidder before shuttering it indefinitely.
  • 4. Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China only days after his father paid an official visit to the country. 
  • As Peter Schweizer, revealed in his bestselling book — Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends — Hunter Biden inked a multi-billion dollar deal with a subsidiary of the state-owned Bank of China in 2013. The deal, which was the first of its kind, created a private equity fund, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) to invest Chinese money overseas.
  • The timing of the lucrative deal has been brought into question as it came only 12 days after Hunter visited China with his father aboard Air Force Two. Officially, the then-vice president was visiting the country amid escalating tensions over islands in the South China Sea and decided to bring his granddaughter and son along. 
  • 5. The Obama-Biden administration helped facilitate the sale of U.S. company with insight into military technology to BHR and a Chinese state-owned defense firm. 
  • Although the deal was approved by the Obama administration, it has not escaped congressional scrutiny. In August, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) launched a probe into whether or not the CFIUS decision was influenced by either Joe Biden or former Secretary of State John Kerry, whose stepson was also involved in the venture.
  • “The direct involvement of Mr. Hunter Biden and Mr. Heinz in the acquisition of Henniges by the Chinese government creates a potential conflict of interest,” Grassley noted when launching the probe.

Source: breitbart.com

The facts are now pouring out, and the DS is having trouble controlling the narrative, this was the plan, they thought the President was in a place of weakness, so they jumped on chance to get him, where have we heard this before, from Sun Tzu

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak

The DS believed they had the upper hand, they never expected Trump to release his transcript, Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, Clinton and the rest thought they had the perfect plan, now the spotlight is being shifted and it is shining on them, lets look at Adam Schiff, we know that he had the complaint, he was using it to build a narrative, but we also found out new information. 

Posobiec: Adam Schiff Sent Staffer to Ukraine 12 Days After Receiving ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint – Met with Obama-Linked Former President

  • Schiff sent a staffer to Ukraine to meet with the former President after receiving the ‘whistleblower’ report.
  • Via Thread Reader App:
  • Jack Posobiec tweeted the following
  • BREAKING: Adam Schiff sent a House Intel staffer to Ukraine during Aug 24-31 just 12 days after receiving the whistleblower complaint. This is the same week Schiff posted his Ukraine military aid tweet – Aug 28

  • This trip was sponsored by a think tank that receives funding from a program of left-wing billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation called “Open Society Initiative for Europe”
Here is Adam Schiff’s signature authorizing the travel, dated July 22
  • They met directly with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who lost to current president Volodymyr Zelensky in a landslide 73-25 victory.
  • Poroshenko was known for his strong ties to the Obama Administration, specifically Obama’s point man for Ukraine:


  • PS: The Co-Founder of Crowdstrike is a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council think thank.

  • The same names just keep popping up.
  • It appears the Ukrainian corruption scandal goes far beyond just the Biden Crime Family. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Now we find out from the Gatewaypundit that pelosi and schiff are connected to a prominent Ukranian arms dealer


  •  Speaker Pelosi and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff are both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer
  1. In 2013 Ukrainian Igor Pasternak held two different fund raisers for Schiff asking for contributions between $1,000 and $2,500 –

Pasternack has also been connected to George Soros –

DEPLORABLE MEDIA@correctthemedia

Congressman Adam Schiff (D) had a fundraiser hosted by a Ukraine arms dealer with heavy ties to George Soros!

View image on Twitter
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  • Pasternak is an arms dealer. He has sold arms in places like Syria –
  • Now we can report that Ukrainian arms dealer Pasternak is also connected to Nancy Pelosi!
  • Ukrainian arms dealer Pasternak met Pelosi at the fundraiser Pasternak held in Washington D.C.

  • Were the Democrats being paid off by Ukrainians? , follow the money

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Trump and the patriots are leading the DS down the path and it is exactly where the want them, Trump is letting the public know that the MSM does not want to touch Biden and that they will defend him to the very end, Trump tweeted out the following

Now we know that Pelosi is going all out on impeachment but it seems she might have just messed up, Benny tweeted the following

So Pelosi may have blown Democrats’ chances of successfully moving forward with impeachment with the statement she made on 60 minutes, if she already knew what is in the call, then she was working to plan all of this with Schiff and others. 

Since the DS does not want the identity of the whistleblower made public, Trump is saying that he has a right to confront his accuser he tweeted out the following

The entire push of this whistleblower is going to fall apart very quickly once the person is revealed, the patriots planned this out and they setup of the DS and now they are trying to recover, it will not work, they have been trapped by their own plan , they are all going to wish they’d never tried this. They are feeling the PAIN

The impeachment push is going to fail, when the propaganda push dies off and the dust settles and those in the house realize that there is nothing there, all those people who flipped and  said yes lets impeach will back off, but those who have the most to lose will not backoff,  

Kevin McCarthy tweeted out the following

Now the Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker decide to resign a day after the whistleblower complaint was released. 

Trump Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker Resigns a Day After Whistleblower Complaint Released

  •  Volker announced his resignation after meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a day after its release,  
  • Volker, who had served in the position on a part-time, unpaid basis since 2017, had sought to help Ukraine’s government resolve its confrontation with Russia-sponsored separatists.
  • His resignation came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sept. 24 announced that a formal inquiry into impeaching Trump was underway.

Source: theepochtimes.com

What we are witnessing is pure panic, This is an all out meltdown of the DS players and the MSM, you know they are panicking when they lashout, they call Trump names, they wish he were dead, they scream, cry and act like morons on live tv, the story they told the American people about Russian collusion was fake, the story they are telling the American people about Ukraine is fake, it all boomeranged on them

GOP Rep. Chris Collins Resigns Amid Insider Trading Scandal

  •  Four-term Republican Rep. Chris Collins of New York submitted his resignation from Congress Monday, one day before he’s expected to plead guilty to charges of insider trading. 

Source; dailycaller.com

U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry will not run for reelection, marking the sixth recent GOP retirement in Texas

  • U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Clarendon, announced Monday that he will not seek reelection in 2020, making him the sixth GOP congressman from Texas to say he’s retiring in recent weeks.

Source: texastribune.org

Geopolitical/Police State

Northern California Resident Charged with Acting as an Illegal Agent

  • The Department of Justice unsealed charges today in a criminal complaint charging Xuehua Peng, also known as Edward Peng, 56, for acting as an illegal foreign agent in delivering classified United States national security information to officials of the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS).
  • “According to the allegations, Peng conducted numerous dead drops here in the United States on behalf of Chinese intelligence officers and delivered classified information to them in China.  His arrest exposes and disrupts an operation by those Chinese intelligence officers to collect such information without having to step foot in this country,” said Assistant Attorney General of National Security John C. Demers.  “Coming on top of our many recent Chinese espionage cases—involving both national defense and intellectual property information—this case illustrates the seriousness of Chinese espionage efforts and the determination of the United States to thwart them.”
  • Source: justice.gov


  • It’s 2019, and a mere couple months after lifting travel restrictions on their own women within the country, Saudi Arabia announced Friday it will offer tourist visas for the first time.
  • It’s part of broader efforts to diversity its economy away from oil,
  • Amid what’s been hailed as a gradual liberalization of Saudi Arabia’s repressive laws and social mores, Riyadh officials also announced an easing of its strict dress code for foreign women, which until now required the body-shrouding abaya robe, still demanded of its own female citizens however (with the more extreme Niqab covering the face). Tourists will still be required to be in “modest” attire, a definition not likely to include bikinis at the beach.

Source: zerohedge.com

Head of Saudi king’s security detail shot dead in mysterious circumstances

  • The head of the security detail of Saudi Arabia’s king Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has been shot dead in mysterious circumstances. Abdulaziz al-Fagham was a Major General in Saudi Arabia’s Royal Guard Corps, whose mission is to protect the senior members of the oil kingdom’s royal family. Al-Fagham served two kings, king Salman and his predecessor, king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and was constantly seen alongside the in official functions. Since much current-affairs coverage in Saudi Arabia’s state-owned media revolves around the activities of the royal family, al-Fagham’s figure was familiar to most Saudis. They were reportedly shocked by the murder of such a familiar figure who was very close to the Saudi royal family 

Source: intelnews.org

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