FISA Works Both Ways, Phones Present, Impeachment Boomerang – Episode 2025

FISA Works Both Way, Phones Present, Impeachment Boomerang
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The patriots are now in full control of the economy, the markets hit an all time new high, the house starts and permits rebound and the Trump confirmed that the Fed is not done with cutting rates and pushing stimulus. He is following the plan of Jackson, it’s time to return the economy to the people. The [DS] continued with their fake impeachment, this time there were two who actually sat in on the call, but the phone transcript was released and they not much to say. AS and AV tried to protect the WB identity but in the process actually projected to the people that they know who it is. The patriots are setting up the narrative that the corruption was in Ukraine but it was BO, JB, HRC and JB. Q drops more bread and confirms all of this .

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Current News – 11.19.2019

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On a YoY basis, both starts and permits surged to new multi-year high growth rates…

  • Permits jumped for both single-family (highest since Aug 2007) and rentals…



The [DS] continued with their fake impeachment hearings today, they had Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindam, both heard the phone call, they did not reveal a crime, or bribery, they revealed that the call was ok, nothing happened, why, because the phone transcript was released and the American people can read it themselves and anything they say now is just their opinion, but what came out of all this is much more important, its how the the patriots are bending the hearings to do the impossible, we will be talking about this a little later in this report but first Q has told us many times that the C_A has infiltrated government and the MSM, Paul Sperry tweeted out the following

Once C_A always C_A?
Former C_A elected to Congress?
Former C_A running for Congress?
Former C_A running for Senate?
Former C_A elected to Senate?
Former C_A elected to Presidency?Q

Now we know the [DS] is still pushing their fake impeachment hearings, it is not going well for them, both Vindman and Williams once again said nothing to show that the President committed a crime or as Pelosi and Schiff are pushing offered a bribe

But what is very interesting is that the republicans are carefully bending the hearings in a different direction, if you notice they continually bring up Joe Biden, Burisma, Hunter Biden and they ask those if they knew anything about since many of these people should know everything is going on in Ukraine, 

Take a listen to Nunes 

The Republicans are now setting up all these people, the patriots have it all, they know they are not telling the truth. They are continaully pushing the corruption of the Bidens out into the public realm, they are using the MSM against them. 

Now Vindman’s boss Morrison was very concerned about him not going to him with his concerns about the July 25th Call , Sean Davis tweeted out

Here is Jim Jordan questioning him on why he did not go to his boss first.  Take a listen

Now Nunes was asking Vindman questions, AS interrupted because the questions Nunes was asking would give away the identity of the WB that nobody knows, Take a listen to Nunes and Schiff.

Sean Davis tweeted out the following

Byron York responds to Schiff response that the whistleblower has ‘a statutory right to anonymity.

So if nobody knows who the WB is, how then could Schiff or Vindman know exactly when to cut off the question about the WB, this would be impossible.  

Rep Zeldin tweeted the following

Mark Meadows tweeted the following

Sean Davis noticed something very interesting that Vindman said because it is exactly what the WB said

Now we know that the DS have been trying to use different words that resonate with the American public, they found a word it’s bribery, the problem is that during the testimony of these people the word bribery was not used, Rep Ratcliffe, looked through 3500 pages of testimony and the word bribery does not show up in all those pages, the only time the word bribery shows up is when they were talking about Biden, Take a listen


Now the MSM, they are trying to make the case that the President is using unauthorized diplomatic channels, foreign policy is off, 


IG Michael Horowitz Will Testify About FISA Report to Senate on December 11th…

  • Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham has announced that Inspector General Michael Horowitz will testify About the 500+ page FISA report on Wednesday December 11th, 2019.
  • Considering the end of the principal review phase on Friday November 22nd; and considering the Thanksgiving holiday of November 28th; this likely puts the publication date for the report on/around Monday December 2nd, with testimony the following week.
  •   According to the Pelosi calendar the last day for the House of Representative is Thursday December 12th.


White House Releases Memo on Trump’s Health After Unannounced Walter Reed Visit

  • The White House has released a memorandum from President Donald Trump’s doctor late Monday, dispelling speculation about the president’s unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend.
  • The memo from the president’s physician Dr. Sean Conley said Trump’s visit to the medical center was part of the “regular, primary preventative care” that the president received throughout the year. It dismissed speculation that Trump was brought to the hospital for chest pain and said he was not evaluated or treated for any “urgent or acute issues.” 


Lets talk about what is happening with JE

Two Federal Prison Guards Arrested in Connection with Epstein’s Death

  • The two guards are expected to be charged with falsifying prison records after turning down a plea deal last week.
  • The two prison guards, who were working overtime, broke protocols and failed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes even though he was previously placed on suicide watch, then removed from monitoring shortly before his death.
  • The guards reportedly falsified the prison logs to make it look like they were carrying out their duties and checking on Epstein every half-hour. 


The question is were they working with others, then we have the following

Epstein Accuser Says Ghislaine Maxwell Threatened Her: ‘There’s so Many Ways to Die’

  • Maria Farmer was living in New York City when she met Epstein and Maxwell at an art show. Farmer, an artist, sold one of her paintings to Epstein, and the man offered her a job working at the front desk of his New York City townhouse.
  • Farmer said she was sexually assaulted while staying at Wexner’s estate. When she tried to escape the next day, a member of Wexner’s staff confronted her.
  • “His exact words were: ‘You’re not going anywhere. You are never leaving. You are never leaving,’” she told CBS.
  • She called her father and he helped her flee.
  • Maxwell later called Farmer and threatened her. ‘There’s so Many Ways to Die’

>>6572364 (/pb)
Under protection.
Threat is real.
Key to DNC ‘source’ ‘hack’ ‘187’.
Trump recently pardoned “Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance, one of two U.S. Army officers granted clemency  by  Trump, was released from prison in Kansas on Friday night & reunited w/ family members. the msm and others are freaking out, but lets look at the facts, Julian’s Rum tweeted out the following

Phones were present.
FISA goes both ways.
Information warfare.

Clinton Foundation Continues To Hemorrhage Money Following Hillary’s Loss

  • The Clinton Foundation’s revenue dropped to a 16-year low in 2018 and reported a third-straight year of losses, a trend that began in 2016 when Hillary  
  • The Clinton Foundation reported $30.7 million in revenues in its recently-released 2018 Form 990 tax return, the lowest figure posted by the charity since 2002 when it raised $25.6 million.

Clinton Foundation revenues from 1998 through 2018. Source: Clinton Foundation Form 990s. (Andrew Kerr/Daily Caller News Foundation)


3 thoughts on “FISA Works Both Ways, Phones Present, Impeachment Boomerang – Episode 2025

  • November 19, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    Is it now day 1,034 of the Trump administration and still NO ONE has been indicted for sedition/treason. We keep hearing about tick tock and “incoming”. I call BS. NOTHING has happened to the traitors. Dream on. We are officially a “banana republic” where the laws only apply to the little people. Trump is controlled opposition.

    • November 20, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      Dear Mr. F. DiTullio,

      The infiltration of the Deep State into almost every level of our government and nation took years, decades, possibly over half a century. They are embedded worse than a tick and extraction will not be easy or simple. As Q has alluded to, nothing less than martial law will be required to do a complete roundup of all the criminals, send them to military tribunals for them all and a summary military execution by hanging or firing squad will suffice to end this insurrection. Our legal system is still far too compromised (even in spite of the many appointments Trump has made) and with too many DS loyalists who will let these criminals off with little to no consequence.

      Getting rid of every single one of them and doing it quickly, even overnight, is sadly a pipe dream, as much as I too would like this to happen. Bottom line, we must not let one single, solitary bad actor walk away from this, a case must be built to ensure they all HANG and that every one of them is discovered, caught, sentenced and summarily, HANGED for treason and sedition. None of this is happening near as fast as I would like, but ultimately our nation hangs in the balance, we will never get another opportunity like this again in our lifetime or possibly EVER. We cannot squander this and it must be done right, airtight and with no mistakes.

      You can believe whatever you like ultimately, but this is our only and best chance to avoid a very bloody 2nd civil war and possibly a UN invasion of the Russians and Chinese on pretense of the “Kigali Principles” that would ultimately destroy this nation. So I am going to be patient, we still have one year of Trump in office until the Democrap bastards try to steal the 2020 elections. Until then, prepare, pray and hope this is all isn’t just a LARP, that the military is truly involved with Q to pull off this “operation” and send all these DS criminals straight to hell… Otherwise, what will come next will be bloody, horrific and utterly life-changing for us all, for then it will be up to each and every one of us personally to fight to preserve our Republic.

      • November 21, 2019 at 1:05 am

        You – Sir – are the Embodiment –

        of Pure Wisdom

        You are Correct in Every Sense of the Word

        Spot On –

        And So – It Is.

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