Flynn News Coming Soon [30], Bread & Butter, [DS] KO – Episode 2032


Flynn News Coming Soon [30], Bread & Butter, Assange?
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The patriot economy is going according to plan, jobless claims have plunged, housing prices picking up, GDP numbers revised for last quarter. This is all part of the plan. The [CB] tried to shut this down but they didn’t succeed. The trade deal with China is not just about trade, its about taking down the [CB]/globalist network. The [DS] is about to use their escape clause, they are trapped, they have been throwing punches at Trump and now they are tiring out, Trump and the patriots are ready to KO the [DS]. The [DS] legal team is now in trouble with the Flynn case, sentencing has been put off, other cases will start to crack. Bread & Butter are the two names of the turkeys for ThanksGiving,  Assange also used the words bread and butter. Everything is set, Trump and the patriots are going to come out punching.

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Current News – 11.27.2019

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Jobless Claims Plunge by 15,000 to 213,000
  • Jobless claims unexpectedly plunged in the week ended November 23, indicating that the American labor market remains strong.
  • Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell by 15,000 to 213,000,
  • The drop in claims is significant because claims had been rising in the two prior weeks. Many economists expect claims, which are a proxy for layoffs, to climb because they view employment as likely to peak soon given the extremely low levels of unemployment and sluggishness in business investment and the manufacturing sector. 


  •  the BEA revised Q3 GDP,  it was revised unexpectedly higher, from 1.9% to 2.1% (2.130% to be precise), and up from the 2.0% GDP print in the second quarter.

  • According to the BEA, the revision to GDP reflected upward revisions to inventory investment, business investment, and  consumer spending. These revisions were partly offset by a downward revision to state and local government spending.


Want Evidence the Fed Stalled the Trump Rally? 11 of Past 19 Days Since the Fed Lowered the Fed Funds Rate the DOW Hit All-Time Highs

  • After President Trump was elected the stock markets exploded.
  • Never has has the DOW risen so much in such a short period of time.  
  • Not only has the DOW skyrocketed since  Trump was elected President, the market’s rise is record breaking.
  • The reality is that it should be much higher if not for the Fed.  The Fed has increased the Fed Funds rate multiple times after leaving the Fed Funds rate at zero for much of Obama’s Presidency.  A year ago this time the Fed was busy trying to create a recession.  After multiple rate hikes by the Fed the markets started a decline.  By December the markets were down by 10% and the Fed decided to raise the rates again.
  • The market reached bottom the day before Christmas thanks to   the Fed.  

  • Since the Fed’s last rate decrease, the markets have reached new all-time closing highs in 11 of the past 19 days.  The Fed should have left the rates alone a long time ago. 


European Central Banks Are Slowly Preparing For Plan B: Gold

  1.    central banks as a sector became net buyers; and Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Turkey, among others, repatriated gold. Mainly from the Bank of England in London and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  •   The current trend is to have a significant fraction of gold on home soil due to the geopolitical environment. 


USMCA Rumblings – After Letter from Mexico to Pelosi, USTR Lighthizer, FM Seade and FM Freeland Meet in DC…

  • Something is shaping up in the political background around the USMCA.
  •   Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) sent a second letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging USMCA ratification.  Team Trump and Team AMLO are working together against Team Pelosi & AFL-CIO Richard Trumka.
  • Essentially AMLO has been saying the labor provisions within the USMCA trade pact are already being put in place by Mexico, and Pelosi should quit trying to hide behind labor concerns to avoid ratification.

  • Most likely, to put pressure on Pelosi Trump has informed (AMLO) that Pelosi is just trying to kill any USMCA compact simply because she is attempting to derail the U.S. economy for maximum 2020 political benefit, or course we know this is exactly what she is doing   
  • This $44bn investment package is why AMLO has been willing to assist the Trump administration on border security etc. President Trump has leveraged major economic benefit to Mexico because in the larger picture the USMCA, in combination with prior ASEAN agreements, is the economic breech that drains China. However, to receive the benefits, Mexico has to be a stable partner on geopolitical issues including immigration, border security, internal corruption and dealing with drug cartels, hmmm, drug cartels we will be talking about this in the next report. 
  • If all goes according to the Trump/AMLO plan Wall Street’s U.S. investment in China will have an alternative in Mexico, and that’s the cornerstone that allows President Trump to begin a more consequential decoupling with Beijing.  [Insert
  • Phase-One of the U.S-China deal, if cemented, will be the only phase; and that phase objective is simply constructed to fill the purchase void for the U.S. Agriculture Sector. China opens the financial sector and makes Ag purchases, in exchange POTUS stalls further tariffs on designated sectors that touch upon Phase-one agreements.
  • Now Trump is really moving to destroy the globalist system, this is bigger than orginally thought, if this all comes together this is brilliant and this will shake the CBs/Globalist around the world to their core.  
  • If the landscape ends were the compass is heading, there isn’t going to be a multi-sector (manufacturing, IP, big-tech, etc.) phase-two or phase-three deal in the U.S-China future. Instead there will be a decoupling of the U.S-China relationship in direct proportion to the opportunity opened within the U.S-Mexico alliance. 





Bloomberg News’s Refusal To Scrutinize Michael Bloomberg’s Candidacy Raises ‘Serious’ Concerns, Former FEC Commissioner Says

  • Bloomberg News announced it won’t investigate its billionaire owner, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, but will continue to investigate President Trump.
  • A former FEC member said the outlet’s editorial policy raises “serious” campaign finance concerns.
  • “If they’re not willing to do any negative stories that might come up about Mike, whereas they are about Trump, then they’re directly helping his campaign,” former FEC Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky said


OMB Official: Ukraine Aid Held Up Because Other Countries Weren’t Giving
  • The House Intelligence Committee released a transcript of Sandy’s closed-door deposition  , which had not been made available before recent public hearings in the impeachment inquiry.
  • Sandy testified that Trump began asking questions about the aid on June 19. He learned about the president’s decision to withhold the aid on July 18th, when he returned from leave. He sought advice from the OMB counsel, because the terms of the Impoundment Control Act set a limit to how long funds could be held. When he asked for the reason for the hold, his supervisor did not know, nor did anyone else. Finally, he said, there was an email in early September that explained the reasoning: “I recall in early September an email that attributed the hold to the President’s concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”
  • Sandy testified that another official took over the approval process for apportionments on July 30. Democrats tried, repeatedly, to probe for evidence that the reason for that decision was related to Ukraine, but Sandy said it was not.
  • Mainstream media, including the Washington Post, led with the story that Sandy testified that two OMB officials had resigned over the hold on Ukraine aid. But Sandy testified that one resigned because of “frustrations about not understanding the reason for the hold” and that the other resigned because of “concerns about actions vis-a-vis the Impoundment Control Act.” Neither resigned because of reasons specific to the president’s approach to Ukraine.


Judge grants temporary hold to McGahn on subpoena ruling

  •  The federal judge who ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to comply with a congressional subpoena put a temporary hold on her ruling.
  • U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said Wednesday she would allow a brief stay to consider whether her previous ruling should be kept on hold as the Justice Department appeals the decision.
  • The Justice Department wants Jackson’s ruling put on hold until its appeal is resolved. Jackson noted that the Judiciary Committee had consented to a brief delay.


The House Will Not Vote On Impeachment. It Will Censure Trump.

As required under House Resolution 660, the Committees are now preparing a report summarizing the evidence we have found this far, which will be transmitted to the Judiciary Committee soon after Congress returns from the Thanksgiving recess.

Chairman Nadler and the Members and staff of the Judiciary Committee will proceed in the next phase of the impeachment inquiry.

  • If the House votes down impeachment Donald Trump wins.
  • If the House holds no vote on the issue Donald Trump wins.
  • If the House votes for censure Donald Trump will have won on points and the issue will be over.
  • If the House votes for impeachment the case goes to the Senate for trial.
  • The Republican senators would immediately call up a number of people for questioning. These would include Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, his business partner Devon Archer, John Kerry who was Secretary of State when Biden intervened for Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky and of course the CIA spy and (not-)whistleblower Erik Ciaramella. It would also be of interest to hear how deep the former CIA director John Brennan was involved in the issue.
  • The Senators could use the impeachment trial to dig into all the crimes the Democrats under Obama committed in Ukraine. They would concentrate not on the Maidan coup but on the aftermath when the deals were made. There surely is a lot of dirt out there and it is not only Joe Biden’s.
  • Then there is Russiagate. Did the Obama administration use illegal means to spy on the Trump campaign? As the issue is related to whatever Trump did there is good reason to include it into the trial.


Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
The mission of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is to safeguard the financial system from illicit use, combat money laundering, and promote national security through the strategic use of financial authorities and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence.

Carter Page Sends Off Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee: Demands Opportunity to Defend Himself at IG Report Hearing or He Will Take Court Action

  • Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to testify on December 11th in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the legitimacy of the Obama FBI junk investigations into alleged links to Russia by Trump and some of his campaign advisers.
  • Carter Page, a one-time foreign policy adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who was targeted by the Obama FBI fired off a letter this week demanding he be given the opportunity to defend himself during this process.
  • Page recently sued the Justice Department, accusing it of violating his privacy by failing to give him an opportunity to examine the report before publication.
  • Carter Page is threatening another lawsuit if he is not allowed to participate in the proceedings.
  • Included in his letter: To this day, the DNC, the media and other Democrats have successfully perpetrated a fraud to destroy Donald Trump – first as a candidate, then as President-elect and now throughout his first term of his Administration. My good name was used as part of that process from the very beginning in 2016, while I have remained all but completely blocked from defending myself. If I am not finally allowed my lawful right of self-defense with respect to the OIG report, I intend to take court action to remedy these unfair proceedings next month.

FBI Mysteriously Uncovers NEW Hillary Clinton Emails – ‘Were the Emails Found on Weiner’s Laptop?’ 

  •   Judicial Watch   released a court filing that revealed the FBI found MORE Hillary Clinton emails.
  • The FBI mysteriously found new Hillary Clinton emails it recently turned over to the State Department that were previously not released.
  • It is unclear where the new emails were found.
  • Via Judicial Watch:


  • The FBI stopped producing Hillary Clinton emails a year ago, but they keep mysteriously finding more emails.
  •  The question is  Were they on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? 


HUGE DEVELOPMENT: DOJ Requests Delay in General Flynn Sentencing Until After the IG Report Is Released

  • Sidney Powell filed a motion in October revealing that General Michael Flynn was indeed set up by the FBI with a political ambush, damaging leaks and altered 302 reports.
  • Powell revealed that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page EDITED General Mike Flynn’s 302 report, then lied to the DOJ about the edits.
  • Sidney Powell said she is asking for all of the evidence they asked for in their original motion to be produced… “And then we will seek to move to dismiss for egregious government conduct. I’m sure the evidence is going to support that. Frankly, we probably have enough already.”
  • On Tuesday the DOJ requested a delay in the Flynn case until the release of the Inspector General report on December 9th.


  • after having previously argued stridently that there was no reason to delay Flynn’s sentencing, the government has asked the long-time federal judge to put both the briefing and the sentencing hearing on hold.
  • Government attorneys presented two justifications for the requested delay. First, they stressed that the court had not yet ruled on Flynn’s pending motion to compel the production of Brady material. As prosecutors note in the motion to delay the sentencing proceedings, Judge Sullivan had scheduled a hearing on the motion to compel for October 31, 2019, but then “canceled the hearing for the Motion to Compel because of the parties’ ‘comprehensive briefing.’”
  • Nearly a month has passed since the original hearing date and the court has not yet ruled on Flynn’s Motion to Compel. The government’s motion, which Flynn joined, stressed that while “both parties share the Court’s goal to move this case along expeditiously[,], [t]he parties nonetheless believe that their sentencing submissions will be incomplete if they are filed prior to the Court’s issuance of its ruling on the Motion to Compel.”
  • This explanation for the delay makes imminent sense: If the court orders the government to turn over more information it could well alter the arguments made in the sentencing memorandum. Alternatively, newly disclosed evidence may trigger other proceedings—such as a motion to dismiss based on egregious prosecutorial misconduct—that need resolving prior to sentencing.
  • What is surprising, however, is that the government agrees with this reasoning. Until now, federal prosecutors argued that the Motion to Compel is a fishing expedition and the evidence sought is immaterial to sentencing. But now, the government seems to accept the possibility that the Motion to Compel has some merit.
  • Also surprising is the second justification proffered for the delay. The Joint Motion notes “that the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is conducting an Examination of the Department’s and the FBI’s Compliance with Legal Requirements and Policies in Applications Filed with the US. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Relating to a certain US. Person,” and asserts that “the parties expect that the report of this investigation will examine topics related to several matters raised by the defendant.”
  •  Until now, government attorneys had argued that Powell’s claims of prosecutorial misconduct were unwarranted or irrelevant or both.
  • Powell thought the government had no other option “This is the government’s only option—short of dismissing the case on its own or producing all the evidence we requested. 
  • “We expect it to include evidence of additional Brady violations,” Powell said. “We shall see.”
  • The Obama holdover heading the Pentagon office reportedly under investigation by the U.S. attorney who is conducting the criminal probe of the Trump–Russia investigation was accused of leaking a classified document, in a recent court filing for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

  • In addition, however, a court filing indicates that ONA’s director, James H. Baker, “is believed to be the person who illegally leaked the transcript of Mr. Flynn’s calls” to The Washington Post. Specifically, the filing states, “ONA Director Baker regularly lunched with Washington Post Reporter David Ignatius.”
  • The filing adds that Baker “was Halper’s ‘handler’” at ONA. 


Mexican Government Responds to President Trump’s Decision to Designate Cartels As Terrorist Organizations

  • The Mexican government has responded to President Donald Trump’s decision to label Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations, saying that they want to discuss weapons and drugs that enter Mexico from the United States.
  • The government said in the statement that Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard intends to call Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to set up a “high-level meeting” between officials from both nations.

“By virtue of the good relations that exist between the two countries, the Government of Mexico will seek to have a high-level meeting as soon as possible to present Mexico’s position and know the views of the United States authorities. As in other issues on the bilateral agenda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will promote dialogue and a roadmap that allows us to move forward to reduce the flow of weapons and money to organized crime from the United States to Mexico, as well as chemical and drug precursors that cross our territory to the north country,”

Fast and Furious rings a bell

“Operation Fast and Furious,”  put into the hands of criminals south of the border some 2,000 weapons, which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American,  

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